Eucharist Miracle Eucharist Miracles

Second appeal of God the Father to mankind

Rome, 1st november 2000 - h.10:45 a.m.

Marisa - Dear me, how many people! Today it is the feast of all the saints, also of the saints who are on the earth. Who of you speaks now?

God the Father - I, God, spoke to you one year ago and what I said has arrived almost everywhere. You know the reason why I spoke to you.

I said: "Woe betide those who offend this thaumaturgical place; woe betide those who destroy the bishop; woe betide those who don't believe the Eucharistic apparitions". Many Eucharistic miracles happened under your eyes.

I am God and I can do whatever I want. I could destroy the world and make it again with few souls and few priests; few, but saints.

I don't want the suffering caused by the men to keep on persecuting you.

Only I can convert the people who say they believe.

I have come to thank you for the good you try to do, even if there are still some little things that are not going right, but these things don't offend me. The great men offend me continuously. I said that, before starting my great interventions in the world, at least half of the men had to convert, but the conversions are still few.

Today the great men of the Church think to be better and more perfect, because they are celebrating the Holy Year and they have been able to gather in Rome all the classes of people; instead they are far from Me, because thay have continued to keep steadily the power in their hands and to accumulate money, the mean money that destroys man.

I, God, am happy to see you gathered under a shed; here come Jesus, Mary, Mother of the Eucharist, st. Joseph, padre Pio and all the angels and the saints; I haven't said saint padre Pio, Marisella, but padre Pio because it sounds more ordinary for you. How many saints have come and spoken to you and especially to you, Marisella!

Attention: you keep on going down and collapsing, but it is not right, it is not beautiful, because this means that your trust and faith in Me are wavering.

You try to look at Me, my child, but you don't see Me, you can't see Me.

Marisa - Yes, I know it, the bishop explained to me that no man, until he is on the earth, can see God. But, hearing your voice, it seems to me that I see you, but I don't see you. Will I see you one day?

God the Father - Yes, of course, you will see me very soon and will see Me also all the men of good will, all the men who have accepted my warnings.

Do you think that I left you? No, I didn't; if I had left you, the Mother wouldn't have been with you so often. Also st. Joseph, st. padre Pio, all the angels and the saints are always with you. When st. padre Pio was beatified, where was he? Wasn't he with you? When the great men made spectacular feasts, weren't the angels and the saints with you? Wasn't the Mother of the Eucharist with you?

Don't believe those people who say that the Mother of the Eucharist appears in an other place, the Mother of the Eucharist appears only in this thaumaturgical place.

The men of the Church have read the messages and they have taken possession either of the title "Mother of the Eucharist", or of all the ideas that your bishop had and that he put in writing. Never mind, this doesn't offend anybody.

They make believe they don't believe, but the majority of the priests believe this thaumaturgical place. The foreign priests phone, write, come and they fear nothing, on the contrary the italian ones fear a little and the roman ones fear much. But woe betide, woe betide, woe betide, because the Paradise is closed for those who fear.

I am God and there is no other God, but not for this reason the hebrews, the muslims and the members of all the other religions won't come to enjoy the Paradise. They also will enjoy it if they love their God, who after all is always Me.

Come on, my beloved children. The saints around me wish all the best to everybody, especially to the sick, to those who are in a bed at the hospital, to the prisoners, to the alcoholics, to everybody, because God loves everybody. I repeat: woe betide to those who kill, woe betide to those who scandalize one of my children. As the Gospel says, it is better for them that they attach to their neck a big stone and throw themselves into the sea, because there is nothing to do for them.

Best wishes to everybody, love each other and love us.

Excellency, come on. Like Jesus, you also seem to be a failure, but you are not. Like Jesus won the world, you also will win and arrive where I have promised to you.

Together with my and your bishop and with all the heavenly court, I, God, great and merciful and tomorrow just, bless you.

Our Lady - I am your Mother, after God has spoken I have nothing to say.

I hold you tight to my heart and I cover you with my maternal mantle.

Go in the peace of God the Father, God the Son, God the Holy Spirit.

Praised be Jesus Christ.

Marisa - Bye-bye. This kiss is for God who I don't see and this one is for you all. Bye-bye.

Excellency, she has gone away. All the Paradise has gone away. There were many priests.

Don Claudio - This is comforting.

Marisa - Of course there were the popes and many saved souls. How big is the Paradise! It is immense!