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Social Year: 2000-01

3,000,000,000 souls converted

God's messages are translated by a member of the community, who is not a professional translator. H.E. Mons. Claudio Gatti has recognized the supernatural origin of the apparitions (Decree of 9/14/2000), but he has given the ecclesiastical approval only to the messages in italian, because he is not responsible for errors involuntarily made by the translator.

September 2000 Messages

Rome, 8th September 2000 - h.6:30 p.m. (Mary’s nativity - Letter of God brought by Our Lady)

Our Lady - It is my feast today, it is the feast of the nativity of the little Madonna. I was a little creature, as little as the children you have had; today the youngest child is Samuele. Think that the little Jesus was the half of Samuele, whose name suits him well. I remember that my mum tried to embellish me, although God had already created me beautiful. I had some very beautiful little dresses, even if they were only two: one for the week-days and an other one for the great feasts with many scallops that came out; I enjoyed all this. I remember my birth, because God wanted me to see it. God let me be born, because I had to be the mother of Jesus, the Saviour of the world, the Messiah, the one who loved everybody and as you know well, the one who died for everybody, for each one of you, for all those who live in the world. You must seek the Paradise. All the men, christians and not christians, if they resepect their values, if they believe the one who is reputed God by them, they can save themselves. Not only the catholics can save themselves, but also those who belong to other religions. The religions are different, but God is unique, is one; God is the one who created us. If the hebrews, the muslims and all the men who belong to other religions lead a normal life, if they try to respect the values of life and to love God and the neighbour, they can save themselves and they also will enjoy the Paradise. Why not? Only the one who causes sufferings voluntarily, the one who doesn’t love or slanders and defames, he won’t enjoy God. There are many bad men. Many times I said: pay attention to jealousy and envy; this is valid for all the men of the Earth, of any religion or race. These men will never reach the joy of enjoying God.

Rome, 14th September 2000, h.10:30 p.m. (Letter of God brought by Jesus and Our Lady)

Marisa - There are the three Jesus!
Jesus - My child, you can’t kneel down but those who are in the Heaven and you who are on the Earth, if you can, kneel down and bent your head before the Trinity.
I, Jesus, speak in the name of the Most Holy Trinity. God the Father, God the Holy Spirit, I, God the Son, the angels, the saints and above all my and your Mother, Mary, the Mother of the Eucharist, rejoyced for the obedience done. You signed the decree, Excellency, you obeyed God as usual. You also obeyed the men of the Church, but they threw you into the mud. Drop it, like We already told you and obey God, obey Us. God created the man, God is the absolute master of Heaven and Earth.
In this great day you have given joy to the Most Holy Trinity, to the Mother of the Eucharist, to all the angels and the saints. It’s late, but here in the Heaven there is a light that doesn’t blind, as you see, Marisella. I would like this light to enter your hearts; it’s a light that warms the heart of those people who approach it. When you received the Eucharist in communion that Our Lady and I brought into the thaumaturgical place, you smelt the scent and felt a great heat in your heart. This is God!
No man of the Earth ever saw God. You saw, through some images, the God of Heaven and Earth, Who loves the man, Who still holds his arm, because He is waiting for conversions: and these are late coming. You enjoyed, but We also enjoyed. You see close to Me popes, bishops and priests. Many souls are present who were saved through your sacrifices. They surround the Mother and look at you, as if they were saying: "Come on, brothers, think of the eternal enjoyment".
Today it’s the feast of the exaltation of the cross, it’s my feast, it’s the feast of each of you. I told you: the cross is joy, it isn’t suffering; death is life, it isn’t suffering. Who made a spiritual walk he understands that dieing is living and the cross is joy. These souls pray for you. You recognize your brother, St. Padre Pio, St. John XXIII, St. Pius IX, Pius XII, Paul VI and the great Don Enrico.
When you spoke with Don Enrico of the suspension a divinis, he answered you: "I present you the chalice for the holy Mass and the pyx". Remember that day.
My beloved sons, my adored sons, I haven’t words to thank your bishop who obeyed God, signing the decree. Not all of you understood the importance of this decree. The bishop ordained by God obeyed God signing the decree. Come on, you aren’t alone, he who is with God is with the Paradise, what do you fear? You are with the Paradise.
Five years ago the Eucharist came out of the crucifix: you enjoyed and then you suffered much. There were other eucharistic apparitions and many other sufferings, until the 11th of june 2000, the day when God put his seal with the last eucharistic miracle: after the consecration of the host, where I am present with my body, blood, soul and divinity, blood came out of it. I am the Son of God, I am the Second Person of the Most Holy Trinity, I am that Jesus Who those people slandered, defamed, spit, wounded and Who died on the cross. I repeat you: death is life, cross is joy.
Best wishes to everybody and thank you. I am Jesus, I enter the priest, the priest enters Me and We are all the same.
Our Lady - I am your Mother, thank you for the obedience done to God, Most Reverend Excellency, my beloved favourite priest and for all that you do for the souls, for the Church, for everybody.

October 2000 Messages

Rome, 1st october 2000 - h.10:45 a.m.

(Letter of God brought by the Holy Spirit )
God the Holy Spirit - I have come today, the third Person of the Most Holy Trinity, the Holy Spirit, in order to speak about Myself. The Holy Spirit comes and blows wherever He wants, calls up souls, offers gifts and no man on the Earth may say: "Yes for me and not for him". We choose to whom gifts are given. It is Us, God One and Three that send gifts. Just as the wind, so the Holy Spirit blows wherever, whenever and the way He wants, nobody commands Him. But sometimes, my beloved children, it seems, or is a fact, that someone demands from God something that is not in His mind.
We have reached the point where man commands God. Mary, Mother of the Eucharist, in the letter given to you said: "God is placed in the second place, not by you, but by the authority. According to men, first comes the ecclesiastical authority and then God. His commandments, the precepts of the church, are not revered, the sixth commandment is not obeyed and those who fulfil the third one, they do it out of habit".
You cannot figure out how many, many men do not obey the sixth commandment, and when I say men I mean women as well. Neither the sick is respected.
Today I wish to deepen my talk about the elderly people. A baby is fondled, held in arms and cuddled, the aged is placed aside, you remember about him once a year, maybe twice. How many elderly people are thrown aside and are living alone? Their sons have no time, are busy and full of activities while moms and dads wait for them. Do you need to wait until the elderly dies in order to gather altogether around him? This is a serious sin.
My beloved children, you know that the letters I give you in this place are addressed to the whole world, to all the people of the Earth. Try to visit an aged person: he cries, he has many sons, but they do not go and pay him a visit, he is alone. Try to stay close to him for an hour or so. The elderly people tire you, they do not hear, the elderly people do not understand; oh no! Sometimes they understand more than their sons. And when the elderly people do not understand, then you have to love them all the same and be close to them, and give some of your time.
I have never talked to you like this about the elderly people, but God the Father wanted Me to speak about them today.
When Mary died she was old and was never alone. Elizabeth, St. Elizabeth, the mother of John the Baptist, died at an old age. Zachary died at an old age. Today men think only about themselves, they have everything. Who are the elderly people for them? They are nothing, by now they have lived their life. No! We do not think like that. The elderly people must be respected, they need company, they need somebody to pay them a visit and this somebody must be their sons, their relatives, but these are not around them. The elderly people cannot have friends because they are old, relatives are busy with their own occupations. How many poor elderly people are thrown in hospitals, especially if they come from far away countries.
The talk is always the same: there is no charity. And when this is missing, everything is missing: you can make a lot of donations, you may help a lot of people, but if you have no love, if you have no charity, you have done nothing. Read the letter of St. Paul: "You can do all the nice things of this world, but if there is no charity you have done nothing". It is Me, the Holy Spirit that blows wherever I want and say to many moms, dads and young people: go to them, give them an hour of your time and God will bless this work of yours, moreover, besides being an act of charity, it is also a duty.
My beloved children, this letter has touched on many subjects: first there was a private message and then a letter from God: We ask only love from you, you ask for peace, but you are the first not to give peace among yourselves.
Let me give my good wishes to grandmother Iolanda, her birthday is tomorrow. This woman is bathed in prayers and pains and nobody knows how much she is suffering and praying. Ninety-four years of suffering and prayer. She prays for her children, for her grandchildren, for all of you here, she prays for whoever asks for prayers and her prayers go to God mainly for the bishop. Best wishes grandmother Iolanda, thank you for what you are doing for the Church, for the bishop, thank you for the prayers for your children, your grandchildren, for everybody.
Our Lady - The Holy Spirit has gone away and what God the Holy Spirit has said is very important, though concisely, he has touched on many subjects. I have come here now to give you, grandmother Iolanda, my best wishes. Best wishes of holiness for all the prayers, for all the sufferings that you offer for the Church, for your children, for everybody, but mainly for your bishop. When someone comes into the room, you say: "I am saying this rosary for the bishop"; actually you mean: "His Excellency". We enjoy about this. Keep on praying for His Excellency, he has great need of it. And all of you learn how to love and then pray, learn how to respect and then pray. Thank you.
Together with my and your bishop I bless you, your dear ones, your sacred articles. I send a kiss to the children and to the babies still in their mother’s womb.
I hold all of you tight in my heart and I cover you with my maternal mantle.
Thank you, little Marisa, for the passion you are offering.
Go in the peace of God the Father, God the Son, God the Holy Spirit. Praised be Jesus Christ.
Marisa - Bye bye, She has gone away, Don Claudio.

Rome, 15th october 2000 - h.10:40 a.m.

(Letter of God)
Saint Joseph - God has called me, spouse of the Mother of the Eucharist, humble and simple worker and said: "Joseph, go and deliver the letter to my children". God says that the privilege given to you has not been given to anybody else; nobody else enjoys so many apparitions, receives so many motherly reproaches and is the recipient of brotherly corrections and so much love as you are. Jesus, since he was borne and up to the present day, never looked for glaring things, He only did his Father’s will. Also my two little children always do the Father’s will, just as you do. Sure, human nature rebels, groans and moans, but this is normal because you live on planet Earth. You must try to help one another; but beware: do not cuddle one another, you have to help one another. Someone thinks only to his family, even if he is not able to give fruitful advises because there is too much difference between parents and sons. Someone widens a little his glance to include friends and relatives. Someone is totally committed to you. When a reproach or a correction is needed, then the bishop must do it, he cannot keep silent, that would be a lack of charity towards you and such lack of charity is not nice.
Faith, hope, charity. Faith is attained through prayer, hope gives you the assurance to go and enjoy God, charity remains forever, even when God will take you to Heaven: God is love. There is no other person that loves like God.
My beloved spouse loves you, She reproaches you, She makes motherly corrections because God wants this.
You sometimes look only at the people next to you and are ready to tell them everything. Instead you do not speak to God because you do not see him.
Speak to God, but before speaking to him, love your neighbor; I am not referring only to your family group, I am not referring only to your friends and relatives, but to everybody. You must love everybody, especially the most needy people, the ones who suffer, those who are alone and abandoned and I mean the elderly and the poor people. How many poor people you have in the world!
God was waiting for half of mankind of planet Earth to convert, regrettably such conversions did not take place. It is useless that newspapers write that thousands, millions of people gathered for a day and then everything is over. Instead you are more fortunate, because of your smaller number, your priest can better direct you. When there are a lot of people, how can one follow who is behaving right or wrong? I have already told you that when there are so many people, argumentations and sometimes squabbles occur, shoves are given as well. Those who organized such huge gatherings, what have they got? Glory? But glory belongs to God and to you as well if you are united with Him. In order to be totally united with God you must love the people of the Earth. What is the use to have treasures and billions if then you lose your soul? Catholic radio stations receive many billions a year, the Vatican has the treasures, the men of the Church have mansions and villas while there are children dying of starvation and have no medicines.
Everywhere there are wars; man is killed just like a blade of grass that must be cut. No! God has chosen you for this mission and will not abandon you, but He must reproach you if there is something wrong. Bend your head and say: "My God, it is true, I made a mistake!".
Don’t you think that your sister suffers when she cannot come down? Today she was ready to come down but the weather did not allow it. Because of her illness she cannot stay among the people or go out when there is bad weather.
You are still privileged compared to millions of people who spend money to go from one shrine to another. They have big churches, what have you got? A tent that cannot be used when it is raining, but this is not important, love is important.
God has made many promises and He will keep them, believe me, but He is waiting for the conversion of men. Every time He shouts: be converted and love one another.
I wish you all a good holy Mass. Wishes to the woman… and to the pregnant women. When my beloved spouse was expecting baby Jesus, I used to caress her womb and when our hands crossed, we rose our eyes to heaven towards God and we recited psalms.
This is the beauty of motherhood: to unite man and woman while caressing the little baby in the motherly womb.
Thank you, my beloved sons, for your presence here. In spite of the bad weather you came to listen to the letter of God, and God will bless you one day.
Our Lady - Together with my and your bishop I bless you, your dear ones and your sacred articles. I bless all the children, the sick, the elderly, drug addicts, prisoners and alcoholics; how many, many people there are to be blessed. I hold all of you tight in my heart and I cover you with my maternal mantle.
Saint Joseph - The Mother is spreading her mantle on each of you. Go in the peace of God the Father, God the Son, God the Holy Spirit. Thank God for the opportunity given to me to come and bring his letter. Praised be Jesus Christ.
Marisa - Bye, bye, Saint Joseph. Don Claudio is happy when you come. You appeared to him once only, show yourself all the time!
Saint Joseph - He will see me all the time according to God’s will.
Marisa - Bye Bye, they have gone away, Don Claudio. Saint Joseph was beautiful and was looking at you, not me.
Don Claudio - We have a feeling.

Rome, 22nd october 2000 - h.10:40 a.m.

(Letter of God)
Marisa - Help our sick people. You must give them strength, strength to the people close to the sick and to their family, because the person who dies, if in a state of grace, goes to Heaven, but the people left behind, relatives and friends, are the ones who suffer most, help them all.
I don’t know if I will see you again, if my life ends today. Won’t I see you anymore? But if you want, help those who remain and give them much strength.
Our Lady - My beloved children, thank you for your presence here, your sister wishes to leave you this spiritual will of love and peace.
Don’t be angry with anybody, don’t be jealous and envious of anybody; by now you know that envy leads to malice and malice to slander and defamation. All starts out of jealousy, jealousy of the more capable brother, jealousy of the relative because he earns more, jealousy of whatever belongs to man.
Don’t be jealous. You know that jealousy leads to envy and envy leads to malice, to wickedness, to slander and defamation. By now you know the story of these my two beloved children and you know that many priests, bishops, cardinals and many souls have accused, slandered and defamed them only out of jealousy and envy even if they have everything in their hands: power, money and positions.
Your sister wishes to leave you this spiritual will: always love and help one another, do not slander anybody, don’t be envious, do not criticize, do not mistake criticism for brotherly correction; the brotherly correction goes to everybody, small ones and grown-ups. You often mistake the brotherly correction for criticism; it is a brotherly correction when the reprimand comes from the bishop. If someone is ill-disposed and criticizes the brother then he is not worthy of God, he is not worthy of his love, as God is love and loves everybody. He loves also those who misbehave up to judgment, but when the judgment comes, then there will be really weeping and screeching of teeth.
You are fairly well, but there are people who are sick, very sick and they will not see the next day. If a soul, before breathing his last, asks for forgiveness to God and unites himself more with God, then he will be saved; whoever dies in God’s arms is saved.
You must have a deep thought about this and say: "Between good and evil it is better for me to accept what is good"; you ought to be a little astute: "If I had to die today, between good and evil I would be seeking what is good, I would be seeking God’s love".
Marisa - Me too, little Madonna, I would like to die in your arms, when I was little you used to pick me up in your arms, to cuddle me and we played together with the angels.
Today I want to be in your arms, because, in spite of everything, I love you, I love you very much. If these are natural sufferings I must endure them, I must not complain, mustn’t I?
Our Lady - Yes, it is human to complain, little Marisa, to complain for such a great pain is human, so you do not have to worry, you may complain, you may cry.
Marisa - I wanted to go in the middle of your and my flock. Will this flock ever become big?
Our Lady - Yes, all will be forthcoming for those who know how to wait, surely it doesn’t apply to you, Marisa. My beloved children, increase your prayers.
When you are in a church do not look at what your brother is doing, whether he is praying or not, whether he is sitting or standing up. Only God must be there for you when attending the holy Mass.
How nice it is to talk to Jesus and listen to the holy Mass with deep involvement! The soul, when in a state of grace, listens to Jesus in his heart and talks to Him, as he would be seeing Him.
When you are in a state of grace, talk to Jesus and you will feel Him in your heart. Try to see Him, to talk to Him, to knock and ask for help, such a help that many men on Earth do not ask, such a help that they say they don’t need because they feel in order.
Did you see how many millions of people came to Rome for those days of celebrations, but what was left out of it? Nothing, nothing. Man does glaring things: this is not what Jesus taught, rather, you have to listen, meditate and live the Gospel. The attendance of the biblical catechesis leaves much to be desired; when there are some curiosities you are present, when there are none you are not present and thursday you were not present.
I must say that you have not realized the importance of the biblical catechesis, the importance to know your Jesus. Knowing Him means to be able to talk to Him and wait for Jesus to speak. Occasionally, it is my feeling, it appears that the letter of God goes in at one ear and out at the other and you do not live what Jesus says. How many times I have told you that when you come out of the church you must think over what you have listened during the apparition, the reading, the holy Gospel, the homily; talk about this. Do not stop at the gate and talk, almost shouting, and discussing about topics not related to spirituality. Do not waste your breath, save it for God, leave it out for the moment you pass away; then you will understand how important is love, how important is to love each other and to pray. Isn’t it, Don Claudio? Don Claudio, do not feel down for your sister, she belongs to God by now, she is not of this Earth. If she was of this Earth she would not be suffering like that. I urge you, my beloved children, to make an effort to meditate this letter of God and above all, to accept the spiritual will. Do you wish to embrace Jesus and Our Lady? Do you wish to go to Heaven? Live up and accept the spiritual will, it is very nice and wise too. Thank you. Together with my and your bishop, who is enduring a lot of sufferings, I hold you tight in my heart and I cover you all with my maternal mantle. Go in the peace of God the Father, God the Son, God the Holy Spirit. Praised be Jesus Christ.
Marisa - Bye bye. Here I am ready, do with me whatever you want, I have nothing to ask, God’s will be done. Bye bye.

Rome, 24th october 2000 - h.7:10 p.m.

(Letter of God)
Marisa - You said it was your wish to celebrate today the seventh anniversary of the beginning of the public apparitions, but I did not know whether I had to inform the people, because sometimes they are very busy and if they do not come with their own heart, but are coerced, you aren’t happy.
Our Lady - Little Marisa, I couldn’t but celebrate today; as there is great feast in Heaven, you, on Earth, must celebrate as well. You postponed everything to the last Sunday of the month and this is right because there are people who work, but you shouldn’t have overlooked the 24th because on the 24th of October 1993 there was my first apparition open to everybody, but I do not wish to reproach you. You did a good thing to inform the people, and whoever was able to come, he came. Someone, even being able to do the sacrifice of coming, he didn’t, but who is sick or is far away or has to work, he couldn’t come. If God told me: "Mary, appear to my children", would you suffer for it?
Marisa - On the one hand I would suffer because those people that came all the time would not be present, on the other I would be very happy. Did God tell you that?
Our Lady - No, God said nothing. Besides, I wish to tell all of you here that God never said anything to any visionary on the Earth when there will be the end of everything. He never spoke about the three days of darkness and whatever ensues from it. God only asked for prayers in order to have half of the people of this Earth converted, at least. This detail, the conversion of all men, is left aside. If one goes to mass and receives Communion does not mean that he is converted. To be converted means to love and do God’s will. All of you here, you are now just a few, while when I appeared the first time there were priests, nuns and a lot of people. Today priests keep on diminishing and to be fearful; they haven’t got, as yet, the courage to unite their strength and say to everybody: "Wake up! You are falling down, in the deepest". My love for you and everybody is immense. You have kept on toiling along for the last seven years. At the beginning everything seemed to be easy, then the great men of the Church came and reached the point to remove the holy Mass, remove the Eucharist and define the eucharistic miracles as "fair-ground marvels" caused by evil intervention; they said every sort of things. Even so, you are still here and the apparitions continue; it does not matter whether you are ten, twenty or a hundred, what matters is that the Mother of the Eucharist is known in every place. You just cannot figure out how many souls know the Mother of the Eucharist now, how many prayer groups have formed with the name of Mother of the Eucharist.
Marisa - Why don’t you appear to him?
Our Lady - Don Claudio, you saw my outline but you were not satisfied, do you wish to see me just as you saw my beloved spouse Joseph?
Don Claudio - Yes, I do.
Our Lady - Aren’t you expecting too much? You will see me, you will see me when God would grant it, now you should be happy that you saw me as an outline. My beloved young people, your and my beloved bishop says: "former young people", you came despite the difficulties, the weariness, the work and the study; regrettably there is someone among you that placed God in the second place, actually, in the last place and this is serious. For someone who has received a lot from God, from the priest and the visionary, first comes all the rest and then, if there is time, comes God. I am going to give you a small, but rather important, example: on Sunday I gave a strong and painful message, someone even cried, but who thought to make a phone call, at least, to the bishop, in order to have some news? Only two or three phoned. The others said they did not ring up to avoid bothering him. Also in Marisa’s room you can enter two or three at a time, you cannot get in as a crowd for she feel suffocated and breathing becomes difficult. Her suffering is huge, she is suffering in her body, in her spirituality and her morals, stigmata are distinctively painful. Even so, your sister felt almost guilty because she did not inform you, afterwards, with my heartening, she spoke but did not invite the adults to join in, because it is harder to trace them, but only the young people. 24th October 1993: so many people were present at that time, but they came only to see the visionary, to ask for graces and to recite, they did not come to pray. A few, after the apparition, went away even though there was going to be the holy Mass, which was later removed. These people no longer came for three and a half years. God was weary of this and said: "You must celebrate the Mass, you must celebrate the Eucharist". Don Claudio started to celebrate the Mass again and the vicariate raged with harder blows.
After that, came the most difficult and hard days when Don Claudio brought to the vicariate the Eucharist that had bled, the same Eucharist that is now before you: he knelt down and offered it to the bishop who, with a fit of temper and a grim face said: "Throw away that chunk of bread, it is devilish just the same as the place where you gather". Then he went on: "Either you throw away that chunk of bread or we are going to suspend you a divinis" and the priest was suspended a divinis. Once again God got weary and said: "I ordain you bishop! I give you the fullness of priesthood for you are the bishop of the Eucharist". How many sufferings, how many slanders and defamations battered my two children, but here they are: the bishop with a limping health and the visionary… you know too well her condition, but I am not going to make you sad, rather I wish to thank you for the effort you made in order to get here. I ask you to pray. Ask God to let your sister come down on Sunday, for it is a long time that she does not come down.
Marisa - Excuse me, cannot you ask Him about it?
Our Lady - I am playing my part, they play their part.
Marisa - Right, but if you go to God and say to Him: "My God, my All, do you let Marisa come down?", He will tell you yes or no. God’s voice is full and loud, the bishop has a loud voice too, if he wants, he can give a shake just as well, meaning not to frighten, but because he wants to be heard. May I ask you to feel a bit better and may I recommend you Domenico and Silvano and all the people who phone me, who give me pictures and those who are sick? I, even if I am worse than they are, I must listen to them, I must help them.
Our Lady - Yes, little Marisa, When one feels ill must step aside and listen to the others. Now I leave you with your holy Mass, sing and glorify God.
Marisa - At least once will you tell me yes? Look, I have the dress ready. Won’t you tell me when, more or less, are you going to take me away? For Don Claudio asked me about it. Mother of the Eucharist, will you let me see the four grand-grandchildren that are going to be born?
Our Lady - I will ask God about it.
Marisa - Right, but do not talk to Him with a soft voice, ask Him aloud: "God, heal Marisa". No, I do not wish to be healed, although it would be better to heal; I made a mistake, just say to Him: "God, let her see her grand-grandchildren".
Our Lady - Now let us say altogether, before the Eucharist that bled: Our Father…
Yes, today you say the Hail Mary even if there is Jesus the Eucharist. My beloved sons, my wishes to you as well and thank you for your presence here. Together with my and your bishop I bless you, your dear ones, your sacred articles. I bless those who are far away, I bless the sick. I hold you tight in my heart and I cover you all with my maternal mantle. Go in the peace of God the Father, God the Son, God the Holy Spirit. Greetings. Thank you.
Marisa - You know that I asked her about that matter…
Don Claudio - I heard it.

Rome, 26th october 2000 - h.5:00 p.m. (Letter of God)
Marisa - St. Joseph has come! Why isn’t the Mother with you?
Saint Joseph - It is me who came, my beloved children, to tell you to do the triduum for the seventh anniversary of the apparitions of the Mother of the Eucharist. The letter of God is a very important and painful letter.
The Jubilee has been organized only to attract people to Rome and for money. How many, many billions have been spent. They keep on celebrating the Jubilee for every category of people. Why don’t they celebrate for all the needy of this world? Why don’t they let the poor come to Rome to celebrate the Jubilee? Why don’t they give them to eat and a financial and spiritual support? The people attending the Jubilee have raised their prayers, if we want to call them prayers, only during those days they were staying in Rome, but once back home they have resumed their usual lifestyle: running for money and leisure and placing God in the last place; this is not nice. Men keep on competing on who earns more, who has more power and who ranks higher. They talk, organize conferences and meetings but what do they give to the people who need everything? Nothing!
Your Mother did not feel like coming. I ask you to do the three days of the triduum for the conversion of the great men, for those who say they believe, but they don’t. The souls chosen by God keep on suffering and to be harassed at home and outside, everywhere, but finally the glory will be theirs. God doesn’t need anybody, but he chooses some beloved souls in order to have men’s conversion. You often think about your children, about your parents who are not converted, but they are more excused than the great men of the Church for they received everything from God, they have studied and know the love God gave them.
Recognize yourselves in the cross that gives life, resurrection, joy. The devil keeps on winning, shrewdly he keeps on penetrating in man’s heart in the most unconceivable moments.
My beloved children, you must have a lot of courage. Why don’t people come to this place? Because they say there is nothing. But here the eucharistic miracles took place and hosts bled! But they are unaware of all this or, even worse, they are not interested. Instead, they keep on going to other places where our Mother doesn’t appear anymore, because there is something to see, which has nothing to do with the supernatural. Here, instead, we come to pray.
How many times God said: "Come to pray, here there is only prayer and love, if you have no love it is a waste of time".
My beloved children, accept this letter of God and bring it to the people who, for good reasons, could not be present. Say that the great men think only to money and power.
God is still merciful, but when his justice will befall then the situation will be sad for those people who did not love but could love, for God gave them intellect and He exercised patience; He even healed them from diseases that do not generate any pain. To others, instead, He gave spiritual, physical and moral sufferings and they do not complain; silently they carry a heavy cross for you, for your sons, for your beloved ones and for all the children. I say it again: do the triduum to the Mother of the Eucharist, at least, and celebrate her name on Sunday.
God was unhappy that on 24th October, as the priest did not talk about it, only a few remembered that it was the anniversary of the apparitions and this is depressing. In other places, when there is the anniversary, there is a feast even without any prior notification by anyone. Instead, you have been cuddled a bit too much, you always wait for the bishop to say: "Today we do this or we do that"; nobody thought the on the 24th of October it has been seven years since the apparition of the Mother of the Eucharist in this place. A place so much slandered and so much fought against. In spite of everything, my two beloved children continue to carry on their heavy task. Who, among all of you, thoroughly understood what is the great mission of these two little children of mine and how great is their suffering? You do not think about it, but you are ready to cast judgments and this is not nice.
Whoever so wishes may do the triduum to the Mother of the Eucharist, to the Mother of Jesus, to me beloved spouse. I thank you in God’s name. You are just a few because the people are pulled from one side to the other until they no longer understand anything; but whoever has seen, on 11th June while the priest was celebrating the holy Mass, the blood coming out of the host, he cannot draw back. Yet, somebody did just that because he was reprimanded with a fatherly reproach. My beloved children, whoever behaves like that it means that he did not understand anything.
Maybe you don’t even realize how big is God’s love towards you all and how many graces He granted here in this little thaumaturgical place, in this holy place. But beware: Satan can creep into in any way. Pray and love each other.
Thank you, my beloved children. Together with your bishop I, Joseph bless you all. Go in the peace of God the Father, God the Son, God the Holy Spirit. Praised be Jesus Christ.
Marisa - Isn’t Our Lady coming at all?
Saint Joseph - No, little Marisa, make this small sacrifice, today she will not be coming. Aren’t you happy that I came?
Marisa - Yes, but Our Lady is Our Lady.
Saint Joseph - Right, but I, Joseph, am Joseph. You are right, Our Lady is very important for everybody, especially for you. Bye, my sweet daughter, bye.
Marisa - Bye to you too, bye.

Rome, 29 october 2000 - h.10:30 a.m. (Letter of God)
Marisa - Also today I see you in your Sunday clothes.
I take this chance to recommend you everybody, especially those who are sick in body and spirit and are waiting for the graces from God. I pray God that He gives the graces to these souls who are in need and suffering in hospitals. I recommend you all the people who have come here, all the people present and those who turned away, we cannot know why, but I wish to recommend them to you as well.
Our Lady - Yes, my beloved little Marisa, and best wishes to you for it is your feast.
Marisa - What’s my feast for? The feast to be ill? Thank you anyhow.
Our Lady - I am coming down here with the whole Heaven for you and for the others too, even if they do not see me; the whole Heaven is coming down to this thaumaturgical place. You do not undertand up to what point it is so important that the Heaven comes down to this thaumaturgical place. Those who did not understand all the miracles that took place here, did not understand God either. Those who turned back because of a simple fatherly reproach, did not understand God, they did not come here to pray, to ask for help, but only to stand out. This is not a place where man can stand out. Have you ever seen anytime your sister standing out? On the contrary, it is just the other way round.
My beloved children, I thank you for your presence here. It has been seven years, three days and a few hours since my first coming to this thaumaturgical place to bring you the letters of God. During the past seven years thousands of people went to this place but you didn’t even realize it. I wish to tell you not to keep on repeating: "Let us pray for the triumph of the Eucharist". For you all and for the overseas countries, Europe, Asia, Africa, America and Australia, the Eucharist has triumphed, also in Rome has triumphed, but the great men are the ones who do not want to acknowledge it. But today they let the people worship the Eucharist. They do not mention the source, but they invoke the Mother of the Eucharist; this happened thanks to the sufferings of my two beloved little children and thanks to your prayers, which are never lost. There are so many, many people waiting for prayers. If your prayers don’t arrive to your sister they will reach other people. Keep this well inside your mind: your prayers are never lost, God knows what to do with them.
People change, new persons come and sometimes one should start everything again, as it is done in some places where the apparitions have ceased and the same things are repeated over and over. Here your bishop keeps on explaining the new letters of God and some of them are not easy. Remember when I told you not to ask so many whys, you will never find the solution; today I tell you again that we do not know, but God knows what He is doing and what He wants to do. Surely you will be the privileged people of God, the same as John the Evangelist.
When Jesus died, He left John and the Mother with you. He left me, calling me woman, woman of all women, of all the people; than he called John who took everything in his hands.
John was the only apostle, the only bishop under the cross. Who was John? He is everybody’s brother, everybody’s friend, this was said on the cross. While Jesus was dying, He was still thinking to mankind. But who, in that moment, did obey the dying God? Not even the miraculously healed people. And are you complaining if priests do not answer? Go on thoroughly with your duty, pray for them and then God will know how to do justice.
Be faithful, faithful in loving, in helping one another, in working in this little thaumaturgical place. Maybe this is the reason why God doesn’t make the big church, as you wouldn’t be coming here to do your duty. There is the one doing more and the other doing less, someone with words, others with actions. Who operates with actions, praying and offering to God whatever he is doing, is closer to God.
You should not worry for your sister, sure you pray, but you must also remember that she was told, more than once: "You will be happy in Heaven"; this is why I brought with me the whole of Heaven.
The woman who God called will be happy only in that place. Don’t you think she longs to be with you, to come down and celebrate? But God thus wanted, let us not ask why. We know that He will make her happy in Heaven and this is a beautiful thing that not everybody is told.
I ask you to pray mainly for priests, you cannot figure out how many were converted. It is easier for a non-believer to convert than for a believer who says he is, who says he loves God and celebrates the Holy Mass. You must pray for these people, my beloved children.
This is enough. Alleluia, alleluia, alleluia. Best wishes and enjoy the feast. Thank you for your presence here. Together with my and your bishop I bless you all, your beloved ones, your sacred articles. I bless grandmother Iolanda who together with your little sister Marisa and the bishop are the most in need of help. I bless all the children, also the ones who talk all the time.
I hold you tight in my heart and I cover you all with my maternal mantle. Look, little Marisa, how my mantle is spreading.
Marisa - Sure, it covers the whole world.
Our Lady - Go in the peace of God the Father, God the Son, God the Holy Spirit.
Marisa - Do not go away as I have no pain when you are here. I have no pain, haven’t I?
Our Lady - You, little Marisa, are just like a bud opening more and more every day under God’s eyes.
Marisa - Agreed, but do not go away as I am feeling well now, if you go my pains will start all over again. All right, I haven’t got much strength.
Our Lady - Praised be Jesus Christ.
Marisa - Couldn’t you have given me the strength to come down? Now you go away and all pains will start all over again: supernatural and natural pains.
Our Lady - Marisa, my little Marisa, do God’s will.
Marisa - Yes, bye. I will never end If I have to kiss everybody. Best wishes to you as well, best wishes to you all. All right, all right. Bye everybody. Don Claudio, they have gone away, there was the whole Heaven.

November 2000 Messages

Rome, 16th november 2000 - h.5:10 p.m. (letter of God brought by Our Lady)
Our Lady - I want to speak about the obedience. How is possible that nobody, neither the superiors, has understood what obedience is? How many times I told you: obedience yes, but not with blackmail? If one of you realizes that the superior is blackmailing, you must not obey, because you don’t obey God and God must be always put in the first place.
In these times it is often repeated: "That person was obedient, that other one was not obedient". None of you understood that when st. Padre Pio said: "I obey", he obeyed the Almighty God. When he realized that the superiors were blackmailing him, he rebelled against them, because he had to obey God. I have given the example of Padre Pio, because he is one of the last canonized, but I could give many examples. You must obey the superiors when they ask you it with love, not with blackmail. But remember that first of all you must obey God, Jesus, the Holy Spirit, the Mother of the Eucharist and soon afterwards your spiritual director, your bishop, if only what they say is asked with love, not with blackmail. When a superior says: "I don’t want you to go to that place, otherwise I punish you", this is not obedience, but blackmail.
Padre Pio said "I obey", but then he did what he had to do and he carried on the work that God inspired in his heart; Don Bosco and the other saints did the same. You have arrived at the third millennium and you all must be more mature and responsible. The great men have pocketed milliards, your bishop hasn’t pocketed anything and he continues his life as usual and nevertheless he also has arrived at the third millennium! You must obey God.
Between the bishop ordained by God and the Pope ordained by the men, who is greater? When St. Peter was ordained Pope by Jesus, he was a great man; your bishop was ordained by God, but he is not considered a great man. The great men, bishops and cardinals, don’t want to understand that who is ordained by God is much greater than the one who is ordained by the men. How did your bishop reach this greatness? Through the obedience to God; he could not say no to God.
My little flock, who goes a spiritual way, he must say: God’s will be done! Even though grumbling, even though feeling some rejection, first of all you must obey God, then the men, but without blackmail, without violence, without profaning the heart, the soul of the man; God doesn’t want this.
Slanders and defamations continue. I didn’t want to speak about this anymore, I just wanted to speak to you about the love that Jesus, that God has for you. Love, love, love; obedience to God, obedience to God, obedience to God. Who are these superiors who give orders and say: "Either you do what I say, or I dismiss you and I send you away"? The Church is property of God, not of the men! Nobody can say: "You don’t enter my parish because you go to that place". Is maybe the parish theirs? It is of God! The Church is of God and man can do nothing. They complain because the bishop says the truth. I, Mary, Mother of the Eucharist, speak, Jesus speaks and they blame your bishop. No.
If you have understood this message, if you have understood the importance of the obedience to God, the importance of obeying, but not with the blackmail, then you are on the right track. If one obeys for fear of the superiors, men and women chosen by God, he has no merits. Bishops and cardinals are not superiors just for giving orders, for pointing at somebody and saying: "Either you do what I say, or you are suspended a divinis; either you don’t go to that place, or I send you away, or you don’t belong to our congregation anymore". They don’t say that God told us to love. God speaks about love.
I repeat myself: God still keeps on being merciful, but he will be just and then there will be weeping, weeping and weeping. Remember that if your bishop had to rise his voice to make you understand that you are wrong, you must accept it because this is not blackmail, this is love.
My beloved children, I hope very much that you have understood well what I want to say; don’t misunderstand God’s words, don’t misunderstand God’s letter, because God’s letter is only love. Don’t you have anything to tell me, Marisella?

Marisa - Yes, I wanted to recommend to you Selenia. I wanted to recommend to you the future mothers, all the sick, all the people who recommend themselves to my prayers. But today, after God’s letter, I want to recommend to you all the great men of the Church, the great men of the State, the superiors, all those people who don’t love Jesus. It is one my thought, sorry, Madonnina, if I allowed myself to tell you this.

Our Lady - Don’t worry, Marisella, don’t worry, we of heaven know very well how things are going. The Church will split, there will be truly much, much, much weeping and they will shuffle their knees as far as my son Jesus, asking for mercy, but it will be too late, too late.
Lucky you who God gave a bishop so full of love for the souls. Bishop ordained by God, bishop of the Eucharist, bishop full of love for the souls. Lucky you.
How many people tell my Marisella: "Lucky you who have a so good priest, who helps you". I also say: lucky you.
With my and your bishop I bless you, your dear ones, your sacred articles, the sick. I bring you all tight to my heart and I cover you with my maternal mantle.
Go in the peace of God the Father, God the Son, God the Holt Spirit.
Praised be Jesus Christ.
Best wishes to you all and put into practice God’s letter, don’t only listen to it, but meditate it.
Praised be Jesus Christ.

Marisa - Bye bye. Excellency, she has gone away.

Rome, 21st november 2000 - h.6:30 p.m. (Letter of God)

Marisa - How beautiful you are! Your parents take you to the temple and recommend you to Anna the prophetess. You are very beautiful, very little.

Our Lady - My beloved children, I am the little Mary. My parents are taking me to the temple and you are seeing , little Marisa, a most beautiful view: my dad and my mom take me to the temple to pray.
You also come into the house of God to pray for all the intentions that you know. They are very important intentions in need of your prayers.
God, in his letter, says that this is God’s field. Did you understand? This little corner of the Earth is laughed at, neglected and gathers a few people who have great love, this is God’s field, of my and your God, of my All. The love God gives to you is very important.
Your sister is suffering the passion. Her stigmata are invisible for she asked them not to be seen; sometimes God allowed them to be seen so man may understand how great was His suffering. But she asked that nobody might see them in order to feel free. I suffered the passion as well, I suffered the stigmata with my son Jesus, but nobody has never seen anything as everything was within me and invisible to men. When in the temple, together with mommy Anna and daddy Joachim, I prayed God very much for men to convert. Is it so difficult and impossible for men to gather the nations, religions and races? How many times I said in the messages that we are all children of God even if we do not belong to the same religion and to the same race because God is love and He loves all men.
In the day of my presentation in the temple I unite with you to pray the Almighty God for the conversion of the great men of the Church and of the State, for the sick, drug addicts, alcoholics, detainees and all the little children in hospitals. Pray for each other, any of you needs a great deal of help.
Men have not understood, as yet, the great Eucharistic miracle. It is easier to go and see a person with the stigmata or to reach the places where Our Lady cries, where the statues cry and where there are a lot of people. Here only a few people come because men do not understand the Eucharist. What is the Eucharist for them? They go to places where man sings, prays and celebrates, but not to places where man loves the Eucharist and prays and where so many Eucharistic miracles took place; the last one, on 11th June, is the most important.
Don’t they believe in Don Claudio’s episcopate? But then, why has God performed this great miracle? He said: "Everything was done" because by now, after the great miracle of the Eucharist that bled during the Mass celebrated by the bishop, there is nothing greater and men must love Jesus the Eucharist and feel love towards men and pray for those people who cause your suffering.
My beloved children, regrettably, if you do not deeply understand the Eucharist, you cannot understand anything. I wish you to love the Eucharist always and to bear witness. To the people who do not believe in the episcopate, say: "Why, during the Mass celebrated by the bishop, has God performed this great miracle?".
Remember, my beloved children, that even if a priest is not in a state of grace or he is excommunicated, the Mass and the consecration are still valid.
As a consequence there cannot be any excuse to reject Don Claudio’s episcopate and any excuse that man finds is false; God wouldn’t have performed the miracle if Don Claudio had not been bishop. God ordained him bishop and this gives much trouble for if he were acknowledged by the Pope, everybody would have to run here; they will run, but when it will be too late.
My beloved children, now, together with my mom and my dad, I am going back to the Father, we go to pray, to sing and recite psalms and hymns.
We pray for you as well; all the angels and the saved souls pray for you. God has chosen this corner of the Earth: this is God’s field, this is his thaumaturgical place and it is not important if you are a few or a lot, it is important that your bishop carefully looks you after.
Thank you for your presence here. Are you just a few? Never mind, don’t worry, do not feel down about this, but think only to love and pray.
Little Marisa, don’t let yourself go. You already suffer so much; leave everything in God’s hands. He knows what He is doing. God the Father, my Son Jesus and the Holy Spirit did not go on retirement; the people living on planet Earth retire. God knows and will always know what must be done and no man may disregard it and say: "It is impossible to be ordained by God, for it is the Pope, hence men, who ordain the bishop". No, God may ordain bishops if He wants it.
Men have ordained cardinals, monsignors and other things; the apostles were ordained bishops by God, thereafter men were ordained bishops by Peter the Pope and the apostles. Men grabbed whatever they wanted by ordaining cardinals and monsignors. Your bishop has been ordained by God, as he loves the Eucharist and the souls. Do not forget it.
Do know how to answer when someone tells you that it is not possible for God to ordain Don Claudio bishop. Now they phone saying: "We accept everything, but not the episcopate". And why not? Who are you? For them God is not in command, Jesus is not in command and the Mother of the Eucharist is not in command, but men are in command of God.
Together with my and your bishop I bless you all, your beloved ones, your sacred articles, and all the sick people present here. I hold you tight in my heart and I cover you all with my maternal mantle.

Marisa - Now you have no mantle because you are little, you have only the little dress and the long tunic.

Our Lady - Yes, but I am the Mother of the Eucharist, little Marisa, and I have got the mantle.

Marisa - I do not understand all that much, anyway…

Our Lady - And I cover everybody with my maternal mantle, even those people who didn’t come.
Go in the peace of God the Father, God the Son, God the Holy Spirit.

Marisa - Our Lady’s mom and dad are beautiful while they appear old in the small holy pictures. Why old? Here they are beautiful, very beautiful; maybe, as you say, because the soul is beautiful.
All right, bye. Help me though, as it is not easy to endure everything. Are you going to help me a little bit? Give the balance to the bishop. Do you know the 100%? Let us say that 99% is to help him and 1% for me, is that all right? Why are you smiling?

Our Lady - Yes, come on, Most Reverend Excellency, come on. Let us accept what your sister said: "99% for you and 1% for her".

Marisa - One per cent? Let us make three. Three per cent? I don’t know if you are acquainted with mathematics. Three per cent for me and the 97% for him.

Our Lady - All right, don’t worry. Little Marisa, and now another small sacrifice, another suffering, you must hear the Mass by radio.

Marisa - It has been two months, since 14th september that I no longer go down. Maybe you haven’t got a calendar; I don’t know how it works in Heaven because when I have come with you we have only sung and recited psalms. We were walking along those avenues without a beginning or an end.

Our Lady - Now you will take part in the Mass by radio and you will receive the Holy Communion. I will stay here with you and with your mom.

Marisa - All right, thank you. Bye. She has gone away. You know, I spoke to her about the 100%. I wonder, did she understand?

Don Claudio - You asked too little for yourself.

Rome, 26th november 2000 - h.10:45 a.m. (Letter of God)

Marisa - Today is your feast and all of us send you wishes. It is the feast of Christ the King, but you have no crown, for you said you do not wear it.

Jesus - Yes, I am your Jesus, Christ the King. I am King, but without crown. I would like that all men were kings without crown, without power or wealth to enjoy true life.
It is nice to be king, but it is necessary to live in honesty, in sincerity, in humility. I would like that all of you were kings as I am, as the love that you feel for the Eucharist is great and this is what it matters. You had many miracles that were not acknowledged by man, but you must not worry about it. I know what it is happening, what they are saying, what will take place, I know everything, you must only decide to have holy patience. In the last letter my Mother told you that this is God’s field; if this is God’s field it is also your field, for you are God’s sons. Sometimes it is not necessary to be great theologians, Mariologists, to have all those big qualifications that make you laugh, little Marisa; it is not necessary to read in the books or to study, for what I want is love to the Eucharist. Are you realizing that your prayers are fulfilled little by little? Now how many people are beginning to talk about the Eucharist, to attend the Eucharistic adoration, it was only a while ago that one would have heard no word about it! The laymen are the ones who love the Eucharist and attend the adoration. Your prayers, your little and big sacrifices are pleasing to my Heart. I thank you for all the prayers you say and for the intentions you put; prayers never go lost, even if they do not reach the person concerned.
Today, the feast of Christ the King, falls the fifth anniversary of the great Eucharistic miracle.
Little Marisa, it isn’t four, it is five years.

Marisa - What can I do, Jesus, I am always wrong, I never get it right. I am a muddler.

Jesus - Who understood the great eucharistic miracle five years ago? Did you notice that everybody runs when someone hears something? And then? I repeat what my and your Mother said: if a little statue sheds tears, if it sheds blood, if the sun turns - and sometimes it is not the sun turning, but an optical illusion - the people run and even go through financial hardships and vigils. Who came running for the Eucharist? When the miracle was announced many people ran, but when there was a eucharistic miracle we kept quiet of, who was there? Who was there when I was born in a stable? My dad Joseph cleaned it corner to corner as I was going to be born, but who was there? The humbles, Mary and Joseph; then the shepherds arrived, but at the beginning there were my mom and my dad.
When the eucharistic miracles took place you were just a few compared to the population of the city of Rome and the whole of Italy and the Eucharist did not run away; it didn’t go away because you were a few, but remained among you and it is still among you.
With the miracle of 11th June, when God said: "Everything was done", God placed his seal on all the miracles and confirmed, once more, the episcopate.
Of all God’s actions, the one that bothers most was the granting of the episcopate to Don Claudio. Do we have to make him a Pope then? It would bother in the same way.

Marisa - Jesus be good, let us have a little breath.

Jesus - Yes, anyway my speech is very straightforward, is meek and everybody can understand what I want to say. I do not talk like a great theologian, a great Mariologist, no, I talk in simple terms and I go down to your level. Therefore be happy to live these experiences and these delights that nobody has got.

Marisa - Did you stop talking? Jesus has gone away, now Our Lady is coming. Are you celebrating as well?

Our Lady - Yes, little Marisa, we are celebrating, a double celebration, in Heaven and on Earth. As my Son Jesus mentioned, even if you are a small group, as the shepherds when He was born, we are celebrating; we sing and recite psalms to God the Father, God the Son, God the Holy Spirit, Who you must call upon every day by singing or praying.
I notice that you have drawn the host and the three doves that you, Don Claudio, have seen. But the small doves circling around the Trinity you forgot to have them drawn. The Eucharist you saw lit up the whole sea. Congratulations, the decoration is very nice and simple just as the surroundings where Jesus was born and just as simple as this place is; everything speaks about simplicity and humility.
My beloved children, thank you for your presence here, thank you for your love to my Son Jesus. Thank you for this fifth anniversary of the eucharistic miracle. The greatest eucharistic miracle is the one that took place during the Holy Mass, when the bishop saw the bleeding host while he was making the consecration: God wanted it. God performed many, many miracles, but there is somebody who is not thinking to the miracles, but to himself; it takes so little for not coming any longer, this is touchiness.
Anyway, I am queen without crown, as humble and simple as you are; as humble and simple as this decoration that you have done.
Look, little Marisa, who is next to me?

Marisa - Yes, the one who people always compare to our bishop.
Tell the truth, padre Pio, when the superior told you: "I order you to give me the money", did you say yes?

Padre Pio - It is true, I disobeyed, I said no!

Marisa - Do you see, yet, you became a saint, this means I can become a saint as well. God told you to say no and you obeyed Him.

Padre Pio - Yes, little Marisa, little sister of mine, but men are just like that: one day they carry you up and the next they carry you down.

Marisa - To us, men carry us always down. The great ones, you understand what I mean.

Padre Pio - Come on. For sure, the suffering you have exceeds mine by far, for to me the stigmata were discharging at least.

Marisa - All right, but do not say it around. Keep quiet, padre Pio. Do you know you are quite handsome? This relieves me: If I go to Heaven, after the purgatory, I will become beautiful. It is the soul that must be beautiful.
Now all saints keep quite. There are also the popes: Paul VI, Pius XII, there are a lot of them. Here they are, thank goodness they do not have the mitre on their head today. It is rather expensive, I enquired about it at a time. Our bishop doesn’t want it.

Our Lady - Right, altogether now let us recite God’s prayer with outstretched arms and looking up in the sky.
Together with my and your bishop I bless you, your beloved ones, I bless all the sick and those who are leaving this planet Earth, but are going to be delighted and will no longer suffer. I bless the sacred articles I hold you tight in my heart and I cover you all with my maternal mantle.
Go in the peace of God the Father, God the Son, God the Holy Spirit. Praised be Jesus Christ.

Marisa - May I ask you one thing? But where has Jesus gone?

Our Lady - He has gone to the Father, little Marisa.

Marisa - All right, bye. Give Jesus a kiss on my behalf. All right, bye. Don Claudio, I spoke with padre Pio.

Don Claudio - I did hear it. He didn’t obey to his superiors.

Marisa - He didn’t, but he obeyed God.

Don Claudio - Me too. I did the same thing.

Marisa - Why his is recognized and yours not?

Don Claudio - It will be recognized after death.

December 2000 Messages

Rome, 17th december 2000 - h.10:40 a.m. (letter of God)
Our Lady - My beloved children, thank you for your presence here. You know that with the last Eucharistic miracle everything was done and the episcopate was confirmed. In the letter of God something strong is written: those who believe and they can’t come to the thaumaturgical place because they were forbidden, but they pray for your bishop and for the great mission, one day they will come and they will save themselves; instead those who don’t believe, who slander and defame the people who are very united with my Son Jesus, they won’t save themselves. They keep on saying: "Don’t go up there to that madman", as your bishop was defined, but also Jesus was defined mad. They say with irony: "Only those who go there, they save themselves"; oh no, all those who believe, pray and don’t slander nor defame, they will save themselves. Are a lot those who don’t believe and are not silent, but they slander and defame with great ease. These are the great men of the Church, followed by the parish priests and vice-parish priests. If the bishop speaks ill, the priests speak ill; if the parish priest speaks ill, the vice-parish priest speaks ill. Well, they won’t be able to save themselves, because they profane the Eucharist. The Eucharistic miracle of 11th june was too evident, it happened under the eyes of everybody. If they see the spinning sun, even due to an optical illusion, they believe the miracle, instead if they see the blood coming out of the Eucharist during the consecration in the Holy Mass, they are not converted. You believe because you saw, but someone who also saw, he doesn’t believe anymore, because the parish priest doesn’t believe.
But how is it possible to listen to the people who slander and defame? Unfortunately your bishop is not yet understood thoroughly even by those people who say they love him and who come here every day. You can’t understand his grade of preparation, his sacrifice, his studying; Don Claudio retires in his study to give you the best, because he wants to bring you to holiness. He made novenas and prayers and when you shall recite them together nobody has the text. This is a serious lack of respect, because you have not understood how much your bishop gives you, how many hours he spends to prepare himself and to study to give you the best; no priest does it, none spends hours to prepare himself to give everything to the souls. Every time a group comes here I hear the people who say: "Lucky you who have a so prepared and disposed bishop". You have him, but you don’t appreciate him. You have a very weak love. Even when you listen to the messages, at that moment you are moved, but then when you go out everything ends and envy, jealousy and gossip start again.
The great Eucharistic miracle of 11th june is known everywhere in the world. Why does the greatest part of the foreigners believe, while the italians keep on speaking ill of it? How can the devil win God? Isn’t God the strongest of all? Can’t He do whatever He wants? Can’t He take your bishop and raise him? Can’t He do whatever He wants with all the men of good will, with those who truly love? Rejoyce, sing, because who goes this way, who does what the bishop says, because God speaks through him, he prepares the way towards the Paradise, towards holiness.
This letter of God is very important. Who comes here and then he gossips, he doesn’t behave like a true christian. The people who come to this place are always the same, the other ones don’t come, even having read all the letters that were sent, because the vicary of the Pope forbade to come; he said that what happens here is fruit of magic and of satanic intervention. For fear everybody stand at attention, nobody comes forward to contradict the cardinal, because they say: "God speaks through him". Can God speak through one who profaned the Eucharist? Never forget that the vicary of the Pope ordered to throw away the Eucharist that bled and he said this phrase: "It is a phenomenon of the booths of the fair, it is a satanic intervention. Those people are possessed". They treated your bishop exactly like my son Jesus was treated. At the beginning they accused the visionary and they said she was mad, heretic, schismatic, possessed; now they accuse the bishop. What springs up inside these people? Jealousy, envy and fear that all the people come here, to your bishop. But people will come here, even if unprepared, because nobody spoke to them about the Eucharist. Nobody speaks to them about the Trinity using very simple and comprehensible words.
You have received much. Remember: the more you receive, the more you must give. If you receive ten, you must give one hundred. Instead you receive and you give one; no, this is not for the Lord.
This is the letter of God, to which your Mother added something. Love, love, love, love, love, love. Love wins everything, but the true, simple, sincere and loyal love. So really you will be sons of God.
Come on, Excellency, the Trinity, the Mother of the Eucharist are with you.
Remember to say the "angel of God", the prayer that I taught to Marisella when she was very young.
Marisa - Can I ask you a question? Should I go to the hospital? Should I suffer there too?
Our Lady - With my and your bishop I bless you and your dear ones. I bless you, grandmother Iolanda, who love and pray much. I bless your sacred articles.
I bring you all tight to my heart and I cover you with my maternal mantle.
Go in the peace of God the Father, God the Son, God the Holy Spirit.
Praised be Jesus Christ.
Marisa - Bye-bye. Don Claudio, have you listened to the letter of God?
Don Claudio - Yes, I have.
Marisa - Why am I not able to speak now?

January 2001 Messages

Rome, 1st january 2001 - h.10:30 a.m. (Letter of God)
Marisa - Best wishes, Mother of God, Mother of the Eucharist, Mother of Jesus and our Mother. We want to be the first to give you our best wishes.
Our Lady - Best wishes to you, my beloved children, I see you are a bit sleepy, but God will reward the sacrifice you made by coming here to this thaumaturgic place. God will keep his promise. You would ask: "When?". Yes, you are right, when? I am always with you, whenever I come on this Earth and also when I am in Heaven to pray and sing before the Trinity with angels and saints. When we look at the world, we always pray for you all, men of the Earth.
At first, many people got closer to my Son Jesus, but then, a few withdrew because of lack of seriousness shown by the men of the Church and of the State.
You know the gentleman from Naples has been acquitted, because the men of the Church have a power even stronger than politicians. There were many people who did not believe him; those who believed him did so only for money and self-interest.
You know that many of my favourite children do not behave well and I, as I am their mommy, suffer more than you do. These people play with the Holy Mother Church and with the simple people, with the poor in spirit, with those who don’t know how to answer to theological speeches. Instead you are up to the task to speak and converse even with the priests boosting their theology, with the Mariologists and with all the people who studied. This is why I have always said that the biblical catechesis is important: what you know today you did not know a few years ago. Oh, you know more than many priests know, believe me! This makes me suffer for when God calls up and gives the vocation, he expects something great. If they received one hundred they must give one thousand, instead, there is somebody who has received one hundred and gives back ten or even nothing because in today’s world it is important to have power and money. When the faithful notices these things, he backs off, for he hasn’t received a good upbringing and says: "If they behave so badly why should I behave properly?". Instead, if the priests behave badly you must pray for them; do not turn away from the Church just because one is not good or the other betrays. Sometimes also the committed laymen do not behave well and the simple faithful turns away from the Church. My beloved children, you must not go to the church for the priest, for the bishop, for the cardinal, but go for your own sake, to pray, to be with my Son Jesus who today I hold in my arms; He is a little one and looks at you with bright eyes, shedding a very great light. You must attend the biblical catechesis, go to confession for it is a sacrament and, as any sacrament, gives you the strength and courage to go on. Go for Jesus don’t go for men, because the one who attends the Mass to be seen, to draw attention to oneself, has got everything wrong. My beloved children, I thank you for your presence here; I thank you because, in spite of everything, you manage to come to this thaumaturgic place. God will reward you.
Thank you for what you have done for baby Jesus. I thank you for everything. Pray for your near and far away brothers, for the priests, for the renewal of the Church and that everything is according to God’s will, as God has taught.
Little Marisa, mustn’t I say that there is little Nicolas playing with the little angels?
Marisa - If you can don’t say it…
Our Lady - He is here playing. You asked me to be quiet, but I cannot, he is here!
Marisa - Hello little one.
Our Lady - As the first day of 2001, pray for each of you. This is not going to be a day dedicated only to eat or entertainment, but to prayer as well. When you can, pray together or retire for a moment in your room and pray, Jesus will help you. Turn to Jesus so that whatever he has promised for everybody will soon come.
Pray! There is no need to say long prayers, do not read them on books written by other people, speak to Jesus with your heart and in simple words. Jesus has no need of prayers said by the great scholars or by the great Mariologists; you speak to Him, ask for whatever you need, speak to the little babies gone to heaven so that they may help their parents, their grandparents, their relatives. Pray for everybody. I ask you an intention, pray for a family that in this moment is enduring a great deal of suffering; it takes so little to say: "Jesus, help this little family, Jesus help that child, especially the sick people". You Nicolas, help all the children.
Together with my and your bishop, my beloved spouse, together with all the angels, saints and the small children I bless you. I hold you tight to my heart and I cover you all with my maternal mantle.
Go in the peace of God the Father, God the Son, God the Holy Spirit.
If I asked so much suffering to your sister is for the good of you all, for the Church. Pray for her and for your bishop.
Praised be Jesus Christ.
Marisa - Bye. Don Claudio, I spoke to Nicolas.

Rome, 6th january 2001 - h.10:35 a.m. (Letter of God)
Our Lady - My beloved children, I have nothing new to say but to repeat that regrettably the conversions of the great men of the Church, priests, nuns and committed laymen are late in coming. You are right when you say I ask you only sufferings and prayers, but don’t you think that we are more interested than you to have the world changed in all and everything? You are quite aware that everything goes to rack and ruin and nothing goes right.
Often there is a question that springs to your heart: "Why doesn’t God make up his mind and do what He has promised?" I, as your mother, can only say: "You are right to think it, to shout it and also to cry about God not deciding. Why is God waiting? Oh, there are many reasons, they are endless".
Men, as you see, don’t behave properly in front of my Son Jesus the Eucharist. In many churches people get in absent-minded, they laugh, they talk before the Most Holy Sacrament. Priests, nuns and laymen get in a church as they were going to have a get-together among friends. The church is a meeting place between Jesus the Eucharist and man. Before Jesus the Eucharist men must concentrate in deep adoration, praying, and you must intervene if someone doesn’t behave properly; you must intervene even if it were the Pope to joke or laugh in the church before the Most Holy Sacrament. Nobody must misbehave before Jesus the Eucharist.
What can I say to you? I am almost afraid to ask you again to pray, and not to get tired of praying. Someone, even if he has written "yes" in the little card, has turned away; he did not understand that the great Eucharistic miracle of 11th June is part of the Church history. First it was given the episcopate to Don Claudio and then in his hands took place the great miracle that you have seen. Those who saw the miracle and turned away did so because they say nothing happens and nothing comes about. My beloved children, this message is for the entire world. Turn around: is there love between wife and husband? Is there love between parents and sons? Is there love in the Church? Is there love among politicians? Is there love for the poor, the forsaken children and the elderly? No, God is love and has proved it in every way. It is not true that God doesn’t love because what He has promised has not come about: God loves everybody, but you, men of the Earth, how do you return God’s love?
The three Wise Men went to the grotto to bring their gifts, you come here before Jesus to pray, to bring your heart full of love, charity, understanding, humanity. The more the men of the Church misbehave the more the good people turn away as they think: "If the men of the Church misbehave, why should I fight? I behave properly, I love my family, I work and this is enough".
There is a ring held tight around you and it seems you are alone to carry forward this mission: the great love towards Jesus the Eucharist. Surely, there are other groups working towards the same aim, but they are too few compared to the people who do not love God.
At the beginning, your sister would come joyful to the apparition, she couldn’t wait for it, she would rejoice, but now she is afraid because she would like to have, for the bishop and for you, something that never comes. The small flock decreases and shrinks because men have not deeply understood what God wants. People say yes in a moment’s elation, but then it is enough the slightest thing and they break down, touchiness, envy and jealousy spring up.
This letter of God is for every men, not only for the people present here. I fear to say it, don’t grow proud, but you are better than those people who should be guides and shepherds of the flock. But, as you walk in the right pathway, the one that God desires, I must reproach you even if you make the slightest fault. I wish to act in this way with you, I have always done like that.
It may appear to be almost of no use, but I must say it to you: come on, courage, pray, don’t let yourselves go.
I know that you are feeling down, my beloved bishop, and I know that your moral suffering is greater then physical suffering, but if you break down all the youngsters will break down, I don’t say former youngsters because for you they are still your children and together with them this little flock will break down. Come on, you know I am with you, how many times did you feel my presence? These times of dejection do come around, it is natural, it is no fault from your side, you do not offend God, nor my Son Jesus, nor me, you do not offend anybody. The moral suffering is harder than physical suffering, hence to say courage, to say to go on and to pray is to say all.
See how the small flock has shrunk! Why? Because men don’t go where only a few people gather, but they go where there is a crowd, even if nobody prays, but they talk, they laugh and joke. They were able to stay for two hours under the rain in St. Peter, instead, here I heard complaints about the cold. What else do you want more from these two children of mine who alone have been carrying on for many years a difficult and hard mission? Are you cold? This is not cold. They made a tent in order to have a larger church, they closed it and I still hear people saying: "It’s cold, we need a heater".
Why do you complain here for every slight inconvenience, while if you go to any other place, to any shrine, you stay in the open, in the cold, in the sun or in the snow and you don’t say anything? If you think to pray you cannot feel cold. If the people going in the rain or snow to pray, to speak, to laugh, to talk about their experiences they lived through, don’t feel cold, why do you complain? What do you want more? Here we cannot do more!
God has promised a big church "Mother of the Eucharist" and you are aware, without the need to say the same thing over and over again, that nobody here asks for money. They must build new churches in Rome and they do nothing else but to ask for money. To whom do they ask for money? To politicians, to actors, to the ones who have millions, millions and millions. Here, on the other hand, in this thaumaturgical place where there is no money circulating, but there is only prayer and only love, you keep on asking for more expenses in order to feel comfortable.
You must give your love to your bishop who has given much to everybody, and, whenever you asked for his help, he never turned away. Yes, he really gave so much to whoever asked for his help, even if his morale is low, in pieces more than yours, for, my beloved little daughter, they do not speak too well of him and you. The most grievous sin is that they believe in the miracle of 11th June for they may no longer doubt it, but are afraid to acknowledge it, otherwise people would come here. They are afraid to lose people, for if they are few the collection would decrease, while if they are a lot the collection would increase. Try to figure out what a large collection you have in churches attended by a lot of people. If the number of people decreases, the men of the Church lose collection and power. This is why they fight, slander, defame, they speak abruptly to the faithful who are not able to answer to the people who studied theology, unless they are prepared as our young people or as you grown-ups who have attended the catechesis. Find me a priest who can make the catechesis as your bishop; find me a priest who is always keen to help you; for serious matters, of course, not for nonsense. Sometimes people come to your sister to enquire whether they have a spell or an evil eye. No, these enquiries are not to be made, neither to the bishop, nor, least of all, to the visionary who is not familiar with these matters; it is better to be familiar with God’s matters.
I would like to wish you a nice Epiphany, but, my dear bishop, my heart is breaking as well. Then from the deepest of my heart the following words blossom "love, courage, strength"; everybody has a cross in one way or another, small or big, according to the strength you have.
Today I have baby Jesus with me and my spouse Joseph as well. All the angels and the saints are here with me, but you are the ones who received, where are you? You are the ones who always asked for, where are you? Then I ask you here: what has your bishop not given you to make you walk the pathway of holiness? Everything, he gave you everything!
My wishes to everybody, have a nice Epiphany.
Marisa - Not even today are you going to give me baby Jesus?
Our Lady - No, little Marisa, offer this sacrifice as well.

Rome, 14th january 2001 - h.10:45 a.m. (Letter of God)
Marisa - As always I wish to entrust you all the people who need you and your help. Also those suffering morally are in need of your help. You know how many people have been entrusted to my prayers and how far they are from your Son Jesus. Also the sick are a lot, they look for help and strength to endure the sufferings, great and hard at times. You may plead with God for all of us.
Our Lady - And you, little Marisa, are you suffering?
Marisa - I just say as the bishop would say: "I leave the answer to you". Now I am not feeling well. If you lightened the sufferings I would be feeling a bit better, I could pray more as prayers wears me out.
Our Lady - My beloved children, thank you for your presence here, thank you for accepting the gift that God has given you: not to close the Holy Door. You may benefit from this great gift, but you must confess and receive Holy Communion. It is a very great gift not given to any other church, not even to the biggest, not even to the one where the Holy Father is; pray for the Holy Father.
All the gifts that God has given you, from the first, the apparition, up to the last one, the great Eucharistic miracle of 11th June, have not been given to anyone else, nobody had all these gifts. God gave them to you so you would grow up, to lead you to holiness, but, first of all, because He laid his eyes on this thaumaturgical place that He loved from the very beginning. Surely, as you are living on planet Earth you are having difficulties and sufferings, you endure spites, as the theft of the crucifix and the offensive anonymous phone calls. Nothing is spared you, until you live on this Earth.
You think: "God can do at once what He wants", but how could many of his children be saved? Most of all, How could Jesus accept that his children live in sin and won’t enjoy Heaven in the future? When one of your sons misbehave you reproach him, you mend his way, you cry, you pray, you do your best to help him. Also God must do his best to save his many children who are lost. God gave you everything. Why do you stop on a single issue? It is hard for you, but it is harder for God to see so many doomed men.
The men of the Church plan big prayer gatherings in big places, they do everything but pray. Those people going in these places pray little or nothing. They are neither guided nor helped for they are too many. You, instead, as you have been guided and helped one by one, are closer to God, for your bishop has made Him known to you in any possible way. Do not sink, you must walk on your own as well, you must do apostolate, otherwise what apostles would you be? You must do apostolate towards everybody, without fear. Why are you fearful? I still do not understand why Christians are afraid of speaking, while non-Christians are ready for everything. You must have more courage: Christians must not be fearful, a Christian must be identified by his commitment, his actions, from the help he gives to the other, even if he is not understood, even if he is rejected. You must think you laid the seed that will be harvested in some other place. Do not feel down, it is not nice and it is not right. Do not blame God because He hasn’t made out his mind to do what he promised. He gave you everything, He didn’t give to other groups what He gave you.
I ask you to pray for the visionaries as well, for they too seek wealth and luxury, they try to have everything and give nothing. Some of them are no longer visionaries, yet, they are followed by many people because they keep on saying: "Our Lady told us to do this or to do that", yet, I didn’t say anything. If someone wishes to do something, he must not ask in the name of Our Lady; I know it is easier to ask in my name, but you are never going to do that. God knows what He wants and what to do; He will keep his promises, but first He wants the conversion of his children, maybe not all of them as it would be too difficult and time-consuming, but the conversion of those who received a lot, at least, for it is easier to join the Kingdom of Heaven for the non-believer.
Look, little Marisa, who is here with me?
Marisa - Daddy is here, by now you always carry the Baby with you. There is also granddad Agostino, grandmother Speranza. And who are all of those? Are they my mommy’s sisters? Then I will be going to Heaven as well!
Our Lady - Little Marisa, little Marisa, little Marisa!
Marisa - Yes, I know. I identify that one: she is auntie Lucia.
Our Lady - And this one is grandmother Carmela.
Marisa - I didn’t identify her, is that one Fabio?
Our Lady - Little Marisa, he is little Stefano.
Marisa - All right, but they are alike. My goodness, you brought all our relatives and all the parents of the people who are here! I identify that one, he is Daniela’s dad; I cannot remember all the names. There is Silvano, there is Bruno, and who is that one?
Our Lady - Are you happy to see your dear ones and bishop’s as well? These people didn’t have any help, nobody taught them the Gospel, yet, God was merciful and saved them. They did whatever they could. The parish priests can bring financial aid to the poor, but they must teach and let God be known as well. Instead, they go and give aid, they toast and then they come back to their parish, without any spiritual aid.
Marisa - I didn’t understand this one very much.
Our Lady - I just wish that none of you loses faith in God, from your leader down to the smallest, Samuele at the moment and Emanuele later.
Marisa - Listen, may you say to Nicolas to pray for his parents?
Our Lady - Marisa, he is already praying a lot, don’t you see? My beloved children, courage, keep on doing the Holy Door, so long as God will leave it open, but you must do it in a state of grace. I will never get tired to tell you to love each other. Thank you for your presence here.
Together with my and your bishop I bless you, your beloved ones, your sacred articles. I hold all of you tight in my heart and I cover you with my motherly mantle. Go in the peace of God the Father, God the Son, God the Holy Spirit. Praised be Jesus Christ.
Dear little Marisa, also today you must endure the suffering of staying in your room. You didn’t ask for anything.
Marisa - What could I ask? By now I have realized what is waiting for me. Bye. Don Claudio, you smile, at last, when I look at you.

Rome, 18th january 2001 - h.5:10 p.m. (Letter of God)
Our Lady - My beloved children, thank you for your presence here. Still today, after 2000 years, man does not believe in my virginity. They want to remove from the Hail Mary prayer the words: "blessed is the fruit of thy womb, Jesus".
After 2000 years of history they keep on fighting me. I do not feel like saying the reason of this fight against my virginity. I was virgin before, during and after the delivery, as you rightly say in the holy litany that your bishop composed: "Always virgin Mother of God the Son". They shout abuse at me blessed in Heaven.; but I suffer when I come down on Earth. You must deepen the understanding of the sacraments; every sacrament gives or increases the grace. Those who have received the sacrament of matrimony or orders leave much to be desired. You must receive properly the sacrament of confession. It is a grievous sin to go to Communion not in the grace of God.
Do you remember when there were wars and earthquakes passed? I asked you to do the small sacrifice of the cigarette, the small sacrifice of television, the small sacrifice of fasting. Regrettably, those who could do the small sacrifice of the cigarette didn’t do it.
You demanded so much from God and you kept on asking: "Why God, why God, why God?". But you never did the small sacrifice that was asked of you, The same as if God would have spoken to other people. The letters of God are for everybody.
Those who God called little apostles and are going to sustain the Church must pay attention. See how easy is to fail, while you are ready to say: "God, why?". What have you done? You are people of prayer, you attend Mass every day and take the Holy Communion, you are good people compared to many others, but Heaven help me if I ask you something for you are ready to answer: "I am unable, I cannot, I need to relieve myself". Please be seated, excellency, for you are tired. Take the bishop and the visionary as an example. They really would need to relieve themselves and hence they would need a cigarette. Instead, they keep on doing their duty gritting their teeth, maybe crying and complaining to the One who is all for them. They continue to embrace this cross so heavy, so full of thorns and pains.
In the evening when you go to bed, make an examination of your conscience, pray and then, while talking to God, say: "My God, who did I love today?". You are able to do great things, great sacrifices, but you didn’t do a small sacrifice I asked in the name of God, neither during the earthquakes nor for all the sufferings that you are enduring because of the great Vicariate. Nobody said: "I do the small sacrifice to abstain from smoking". Besides, as one person used to say, cigarettes are bad for the pocket and for your health.
Marisa - It was me.
Our Lady - Yes, little Marisa, it was you who said that… It is a very small sacrifice, but a great one in God’s eyes and may help you to do a lot of good.
There are no other points to be added, it is enough you ponder on these.
My wishes to the lady who is going to have a baby and to the lady who is celebrating her birthday. Say a prayer for the deceased lady who left the Earth today.
Thank you, I love you very much, my beloved children, and I am very happy when you make a small sacrifice when God asks for it. It is good for you, for your beloved ones, for the Church, for everybody.
Go in the peace of God the Father, God the Son, God the Holy Spirit. I bless you together with my bishop and my beloved spouse Joseph.
Marisa - Don’t you cover us with your maternal mantle?
Our Lady - Sure, even if I don’t say it, I hold you tight in my heart and I cover you with my maternal mantle.
Marisa - Bye, It looks like you are in a hurry today.
Our Lady - The less I talk the more can your bishop talk. All of you haven’t understood, as yet, the importance to know God’s word in order to set an example and bear witness and to answer to those people who feel great. Bye, little Marisa.
Marisa - Bye. Are you going to bring Him all the time? Bye.

February 2001 Messages

Rome, 11th february 2001 - h.5:10 p.m. (Letter of God)

Marisa - I entrust Jacopo to you very much, Samuele, Beatrice, Doctor Giuseppe and all the sick people at home and in hospital. I entrust everybody to you and the children in a special way. Do help Jacopo and Samuele.
I know, you don’t say anything, but it would be nice to know something when I ask it to you.
I specially entrust Anna to you. She loves you very much and she is in hospital.
All the people coming here love you, although with their imperfections, for we live in the world and we are not perfect. None of us is perfect. Maybe little Emanuele is perfect. Are you happy Emanuele is here? But his parents go away, they take him with them and I am left alone.
Our Lady - His parents cannot leave him with you…
Marisa - Do you remember that famous day?
Our Lady - That’s enough, little Marisa.
Marisa - There are many sick people, Maria Teresa as well, if I made a listing of all of them, I would never be over.
Our Lady - My wish is for the sick people to heal first in their heart and then in their body.
Marisa - Do heal both the body and the spirit, so we are over with it faster.
Our Lady - My beloved children, thank you for your presence here. My motherly love towards you is so great and strong that I always come by each of you to help you, even if you do not see me, especially when, along the way, you stumble on thorns and stones that make you fall. If during the day you come across some difficulties, do not give up, but go on and say a prayer. Satan comes into you and makes you fall if you give up. You don’t want this, do you? When you have worries, delusions or family squabbles and you do not want to fall, pray the Almighty God to help you and you will see that the devil, even if he tempts you, will not be able to do anything.
Sometimes the fight against the devil is difficult, for he is smart. But he is also stupid, as your bishop says, for God is stronger than him. Nevertheless, if he finds some weak creatures who don’t seek God’s help, he is ready to lure them and let them fall.
These teachings are very easy and everybody can understand them. There is no need to read so many writings about the devil or temptations. The devil comes into the people who are not in a state of grace and wins over the creatures who let themselves go, who feel down and see all black, for he sees open doors and an easy path. What I am saying applies to all of you present here and to all the people of the world as well.
How many times men kill for a zilch, for envy or jealousy. When they no longer have the grace, when they do not have love then they fall a prey to hate and conflict. Instead you must go over the small misunderstandings and the small daily annoyances. There will always be disappointments on planet Earth. Jealousy and envy, as I told you many times, lead to slander and defamation, lead to moral killing: and this is very grievous.
Someone in one way, someone in another throws a stone to kill and fails grievously to charity; this is bad. I cannot avoid saying these things, for God is love, the Mother of Eucharist is love and I cannot keep quiet, I must speak. You must help each other. How many times I stated that you must not form closed groups and you must not go round only with people you deem good and willingly you speak to, leaving aside those people you deem unpleasant. Get closer to the suffering people. I say this because you are following a very nice path and it would be a pity to destroy it for want of charity, which might appear trifles in your eyes but not in God’s eyes. Besides, if God has given you this letter, it means that they are not trifles but grievous faults. God has been hurt because some people destroyed something He wanted to create. This is the reason why I told you not to buy out people by means of presents. Whoever cannot make a present, whoever hasn’t got the means to spend money is placed aside. Men seek the ones who can give and if they don’t love, it doesn’t make a difference. I want first love and then the presents. I want a present as well, I want your heart. Love comes first, and then the present; love each other first and then you may exchange presents. Those people who have a clear conscience have nothing to worry about, everybody answers to his own conscience.
I wouldn’t like always to talk to you about love and charity every time I come down on Earth. Try to make a step forward. Obey God and the bishop, it is easy to obey. You must rationally think like this: "Is God telling me something through the bishop? I shall do it". If what the bishop asks of you is hard and heavy then talk only to him about it, not to others. I have always told you that you are wrong when you talk it over among yourselves, for you do not have neither the gift of introspection nor the gift of discernment. Do not act like little mistresses and make room for the bishop, or talk directly with the concerned person, but not among yourselves, for you may not understand what God says in his letters if the bishop does not explain them to you first. My beloved children, I love you so much and I must say all these things. Isn’t it, little Marisa?
Marisa - Yes it is, anyway you always talked to me like that. I want to ask: Am I so bad?
Our Lady - But what are you saying?
Marisa - Yesterday the doctor told me that I cannot walk any longer and that I cannot get up from bed on my own, unless you intervene. He even said: "Why don’t you ask it to God?". So I am asking you: let me walk a little bit, not for me, but to relieve the people who are in this home, especially the bishop. Take me away if I must live like this, as I am a burden.
Our Lady - The doctor is right, you must not get up, and you must not strain yourself as your heart may suffer from it. That’s it, little Marisa, you must obey the doctor.
Marisa - Thank you, I knew that already! The doctor told me to ask you if you might help me and I answered that the gift is not for me, but for others, nevertheless I am going to ask it to you: can you help me a little bit? You must do it for the bishop and for my mammy at least.
Our Lady - I will ask God the Father.
Marisa - Yes, go and ask God the Father. What are all those children doing all around you? They are playing. Just look at who is the leader? He has his mother’s character. He is lovely, he is really lovely. You are really lovely. All children are lovely.
Our Lady - Little Marisa, when you feel down, when you think about this child, think about Emanuele.
My beloved children, thank you for your presence here. Today is the celebration of Our Lady of Lourdes and the bishop says the Holy Mass for the sick people present here and also for the ones who are not present. You are given the eucharistic blessing for you and for the sick people, pray for them. Best wishes to everybody from your Mommy.
Marisa - Our Lady is only one, but I see three of them now: Our Lady of Lourdes, Our Lady of Fatima and the Mother of the Eucharist, but you look all the same!
Our Lady - Sure, Little Marisa, for it is I all the time. Together with my and your bishop I bless you, your beloved ones, all the children, especially the sickly. I send a kiss to Jacopo, to Samuele and to his little family that is enduring fairly hard days.
I hold all of you tight in my heart and I cover you with my maternal mantle. Go in the peace of God the Father, God the Son, God the Holy Spirit. Praised be Jesus Christ.
Marisa - Now the three Our Ladies take the children’s hand and go to the Father. Only the Mother of the Eucharist is still here.
Our Lady - Don’t we greet each other, little Marisa?
Marisa - Bye. Will you let me walk a little bit? Otherwise I won’t manage… All right, whatever God wills. Since I was born I say over and over: "I leave it to you". My mommy is right, I was already sick when I was sixteen months old, I was dying and today I am still living, but I am vegetating because I am doing nothing.
All right bye. Bye beautiful.
Don Claudio I said to her: "Bye, beautiful".

Rome, 18th february 2001 - h.10:40 a.m. (Letter of God)

Marisa - You brought with you the angels, the Saints and all the saved souls.
Our Lady - There is also your brother Padre Pio.
Marisa - Yes, I recognize him.
I wish to ask a question: in order to come to Heaven do all of us have to suffer? Is it only through suffering that we acquire Heaven?
Our Lady - What are you referring to, little Marisa?
Marisa - You read in men’s heart and you know what I am referring to.
Our Lady - No, in Paradise go the ones who do God’s will. A lot of souls are called up to offer their own suffering, for the conversion of the sinners, but in Paradise go the ones who fulfil God’s will.
My beloved children, ask yourselves every day and in every place you are: "Am I doing God’s will", and you will feel the answer in your heart. When you receive Jesus the Eucharist in a listening and meditating manner, you will hear Him speaking, but you must be quiet, very quiet.
There is another issue I deem important: do not speak badly of someone; man kills more with the tongue than with the sword.
But what is the tongue after all? It is a small hidden member of the body, yet, it manages to hurt so much with slander and defamation; all men of this Earth are concerned with this as I know that the letter of God reachs the world over.
Do not speak badly of someone especially if they are not present. Speak with the concerned person or with your bishop; the others may talk with their priests and if they are in the grace of God, they may give you all the explanations you wish to have. Remember what happened on 18th february 1996: first, your sister, in abeyance to God, ate the grass, then the Trinity came down and finally the host settled on her hands. You all enjoyed about this, but some men, not in a state of grace, have immediately slandered and defamed.
Today you celebrate this eucharistic miracle, but how much suffering did you have to endure for the Eucharist? They slander and defame because you love my son Jesus. They behaved in the same manner with my son Jesus: if He healed the sickly they slandered him because it was on a saturday; if He didn’t heal them He wasn’t God’s Son.
Jesus too, according to men, was always wrong, but you can give a lot, for you received a lot. You had the luck to have, close to you, a priest who teaches very well; his biblical catecheses, as I told you already, are a whole poem.
Many come from Rome and also from outside Rome in order to listen to him, but you must try to put into practice what he explains during the catecheses.
My beloved children, this letter of God is very beautiful, for there are many small motherly rebukes and there is the caress of the mommy.
This night I took your sister in the hospitals to see how much suffering is in there. She attended to many suffering children, some of them were alone, they didn’t have anybody near them.
Go and pay a visit to the sick people, do not leave them alone, they need your help, for if there is no charity in you, your actions are dead.
God is love. Just as you keep on asking the whys of God, also ask yourselves why God loves you so much.
Padre Pio - My beloved sister, it is your Padre Pio speaking and loving you.
I see that sufferings keep on increasing and are much greater than mine. You suffer more than your brother Padre Pio.
Marisa - Don’t say it, Padre Pio! Yes, actually…
Padre Pio - It is useless to hide them, those sufferings cannot be hidden. It is humility to say: yes, I suffer, I have a lot of pains.
Here there is my child Joseph. God gave him a very beautiful mission, just as He gave to his beloved bride. And he must do, he must give, he must help, especially those people with difficulties. Whoever embraces God, embraces the cross and when they see sick people, suffering and on their deathbed, they suffer a great deal.
And then the Mother calls you to go on, she keeps you tight to her and gives you strength and courage. Pray for your child, you get everything through prayer; the holy rosary is a powerful weapon that changes everything.
Our Lady - My beloved children, enjoy this anniversary of the eucharistic miracle, enjoy and love it, pray and have a conversation with my Jesus as I used to do when He was in my motherly womb.
Marisa - Bye, bye Padre Pio. Bye.

Rome, 22nd february 2001 - h.5:00 p.m. (Letter of God)

Marisa - I entrust to you all the sick people, also in our community there are some of them.
Giorgio and Iolanda: the two children Iacopo and Samuele. There are many, many people asking always Our little Lady for help. We too are here, your small flock, asking for spiritual and material help.
Our Lady - There is also grandmother Iolanda, I know well. And how are you little Marisa?
Marisa - What must I say?
Our Lady - Don’t you ask anything?
Marisa - Not for me. How many times did you tell me that you would make me happy in Heaven? By the way, must I go through purgatory?
Our Lady - No.
Marisa - I am happy about this, but I ask for a little respite, only to allow the bishop to breath, for he is quite worried about the situation.
Here is the son of hope and miracle.
Our Lady - My beloved children, thank you for your presence here. Thank you for the love you have for my Son Jesus, for your bishop and for your little community. It is true, you are a few, but you grow in the love of God, notwithstanding small difficulties, misunderstandings and sometimes rumbling of storm.
My beloved children, the moment of God is near, according to his time. You know very well that in 1917 God foretold that something very big was going to happen, but not everything has happened as yet. This is also due to the fact that the Fatima message was not disclosed in its integrity, the most important points have been omitted. Nobody dared to say the secret, not even the popes. Quite a few popes had the secret in their hands and they didn’t disclose it. The secret doesn’t consist of what they wanted us to know. How many years have gone by and they keep on faking the whole thing, while you have been waiting for something great and beautiful for one year. You had already the triumph of Eucharist, the triumph of truth, for also those people, who say they don’t believe, believe; as I already told you, they are afraid to lose power and money.
Your bishop didn’t get rich with the apparitions, he kept his simple and hidden life as he always did. Many got rich by saying: "Our lady said… Our Lady asked…", and millions and millions kept on pouring in their homes. Everybody gets rich, the cardinal gets rich, the bishop, the priest. They are interested to become cardinals or bishops in order to get rich. It is very painful and very depressing for me to say these things. This behaviour is not nice, is not christian, this isn’t the lifestyle that my Son Jesus taught to pope Peter. The apostles remained humble, simple, poor; they kept on living as before when they were fishermen and tax collectors. Also your bishop didn’t get rich, he is the same as before, when the apparitions were not open to everybody. Whatever God has given to the bishop and the visionary, home included, has remained as it was. What have they got more? The Mother of the Eucharist’s basilica? It is so beautiful to pray and think not whether you are in a large church or under a big tent. The important issue is to love and love each other as God loved you.
Sometimes, when misfortune strikes, you lay the blame on God, but He is love and you cannot blame Him for what it is happening, it is nature running its course. Is God making your sister sick? No, God will make her happy in Paradise but the disease will run its course, the same as everybody else. I beg you, when you have a big cross, a big suffering, do not lay the blame on God, He has got nothing to do with it. God is true love, He wants peace, He wishes whatever may render men peaceful, but unfortunately the world does not go well. Just think: men are billions, 30 million of converted men are few in comparison. To you it seems a nice number, for you are a few and you have done a lot with prayer, sacrifice and suffering.
Do not get discouraged, keep up with the morale, do not lay the blame on God, I beg you. To lay the blame on God means to lay the blame on the whole of Paradise. You love God, even if sometimes you feel temptation and upset in your heart. God loves you and his Mother loves you. I have asked to bear witness, but somebody is afraid of it, he is afraid to speak and this is not nice. You will attend the Holy Mass, and you will pray for your Mother’s intentions, which are your intentions after all. Try to learn all that your bishop tells you in the bible catecheses and learn to read the gospel at home as well. It takes little time to read the gospel, especially to read the page that your bishop has already explained.
What else may I say? You have all my love and I send my blessing to the sick people. Together with the bishop I bless you, your beloved ones, your sacred items. I bless all the sick people.
Marisa - How comes Emanuele always cries when you come?
Bye, all right, I get down to it, but the spirits are rather low.

Rome, 25th february 2001 - h.10:40 a.m. (Letter of God)
Our Lady - My beloved children, thank you for your presence here.
I have come among you to bring the letter of God, to give you courage and to encourage you to accept whatever God sends. You must learn to accept everything, to offer and to suffer. Keep on praying, loving and accepting the small misunderstandings, helping these two beloved children of mine engaged in such a great mission, so hard and so much suffered, and whereupon the men of the Church seem to have achieved a victory, for everything around you is crumbling. But if you are with Jesus, if you are with the Mother of the Eucharist, none of these men can do anything to you, unless they put up a trap even for… and then everything would be difficult for you and also for God, for He would have to bitterly intervene and many, many souls would be lost.
The fight, for the time being, has come to a halt because they achieved what they wanted. After all, who are you bothering? You are a small flock and the thaumaturgical place never had large pilgrimages. God laid his eyes on this small place, on this small group of praying and loving souls and if God laid his eyes here, it is because he knows what it is going to happen. Pray, so that God would not throw everybody down to hell, for men keep on going on and fighting in order to gain power. It seems that everything is crumbling, but, Don Claudio, nothing has crumbled just around you. It is important to go on with the mission, it is important to spread and let people know the letters of God.
And you, little Marisa, do not be afraid; what are you afraid of? By now you know you won’t be happy on this Earth, but in Heaven only; what are you afraid of, what do you fear?
Marisa - I fear for the priest not fore me, for I would like to see him fulfilled, as you promised, but we are crumbling. They tell me to ask you to make me feel better. I know I cannot ask anything for me, but many people pray for me, and then in order to make them happy, I ask you to make me feel a little bit better. The wish to see me a little bit better off, and be in their midst. We are a small group. I am not ashamed to tell you I feel really sick, and the bishop wishes I asked you for me, to help me. I know by now that the gift I have is not for me, but for the others, but I obey my spiritual director and I ask you what he commanded me to say: "May you make me feel a little bit better? Just that. Make sure the bishop triumphs, for we are all tired, your small flock is tired, your young people are tired to wait; I beg you, plead for us with God the Father, God the Son, God the Holy Spirit,tThank you.
Our Lady - My beloved children, I invite you to have courage and faith in God. Together with my dearest bishop I bless you, your beloved ones, your sacred items.
I hold all of you tight in my heart and I cover you with my maternal mantle.
Go in the peace of God the Father, God the Son, God the Holy Spirit.
Praised be Jesus Christ.
Little Marisa, during lent God has decided for abstinence. I will be coming here, in this thaumaturgical place for everybody, on sundays and thursdays only.
Marisa - That too? And how am I going to manage?
Our Lady - God is going to give you strength, grace and courage.
Marisa - What else may I say? Fiat. What must I say?
Bye. Do you greet also her?

March 2001 Messages

Rome, 15th march 2001 - h.5:10 p.m. (Letter of God)
Hymn "Canticle of Our Lady" is being sung.
Our Lady - Yes, only God is holy, only God is mighty. You are waiting for something big and beautiful that God promised and I am getting tired to say over and over again that God will keep his word.
Now I am going to tell you something nobody knows about. Yesterday your sister was dying and God said to me: "Mary, go and bring back to life that creature, for the church still needs her". I came and I saved her in the name of God because the Church needs her. You ask yourselves: "What is the use of a creature like that for the Church?" [1], for you know that men follow, praise, sing and shout that saint, good and martyr is the one who has got thousands of people around him. No, holiness is here, in this place [2]. You did not ask anything and you did not expect anything; you are only waiting for God to implement what He promised and waiting for his hand to fall, but because God loves all men, He cannot do this, as yet. He has saved this creature because there is a need of her. God doesn’t need her, the men of the Church need her, for they keep on going forward, they go on holding their power positions and storing money. It seems that everything is running well for them while everything around you is crumbling down or, as somebody I know says [3], everything has already crumbled. Yes, from the human point of view you might speak like that, but spiritually speaking you may not, for God would feel bad about it. If He has laid his eyes on you, if He has called upon these two poor creatures in order to save the Church He will have his reasons; when, how and why all this will take place, now I cannot tell you. Do not believe that where a lot of people go everything is good, great and holy. No. When my Son Jesus was born in a cave He was alone, there was nobody around, yet, He was the Messiah, He was God. He did not seek the crowd around him, He was seeking love, that love I ask you every time I come. Love each other, do not love your friends only, but love everybody, also the ones who are not your relatives, the ones who cause your suffering and slander you.
I wish to say it again - and I speak as a woman, as one of you - that all would be much easier if instead of this big city God had chosen a small place with few people and one bishop only. But who are we to advise God what He must choose? He chose Rome, a dechristianised city that should grow not with power and wealth, but with love. He chose these two beloved children of mine in Rome and entrusted them with a great mission full of suffering. My beloved children, you can’t understand and you could not have endured this suffering. I ask you, together with my beloved spouse Joseph, to whom you are saying the novena that in every place it is seeing the attendance of a few people, to pray for these two dear beloved children of mine and mainly for your bishop. He did not want to be a bishop [4], but God chose him by saying: "I order you bishop, I want you to be bishop in order to have the fullness of priesthood" and also: "Carry with you the cross, the ring and the crosier, there is no need of many episcopal insignia" [5]. The fullness of his priesthood is holy, is good, is great, as God willed.
Yes, I know, there are moments when everything crumbles, there are moments when you say: "God has forsaken me, God has disappointed me" [6]. Speaking from the human point of view I would speak as you do, for to complain like that is not sin, God is not offended, my beloved children. Me too, in your place I would say: "God has disappointed me, God has forsaken me". Spiritually speaking though, God does not disappoint, God does not forsake, God knows what to do. He postponed everything in order to save some more of his children and to reach three billion and a half of converted people, half the population, albeit it is quite difficult, quite hard to achieve it.
Your bishop wonders: "With so many men on this Earth why has God chosen two poor creatures like us?". I say: "With so many priests on this Earth there was no one near him". Actually your bishop has no aids, neither within nor outside home. Many mock at him, but God gave him a good intelligence, and the gift to go into souls, to read into hearts, therefore he cannot be deceived. Those who mock at him sin grievously and those who take communion in mortal sin perpetrate a sacrilege. My beloved children, how many sacrileges are perpetrated in the world, especially by my dear beloved children who continually slander and defame and then they celebrate the Holy Mass. Whoever doesn’t love his brother, whoever rejects him, sins grievously.
My two beloved children, in order to live in a state of grace, suffer all the time, they cry when they are alone, they do not wish to be seen and to be a burden for the others. You celebrated his priesthood, but who was aware of your bishop’s feeling? You thought to fill your stomach and not everybody noticed how your sister and your bishop were getting along. Suffering, bitterness and disappointment continue. They endure the moral suffering and the big bodily suffering. Pray for them. Say, with all your love, this novena that will come to an end in a few days, for my beloved spouse, for my two beloved little children, for yourselves, for your relatives, for your families, for your children. Sometimes the children are not understood when they are good. To be good means to suffer, but it is better to be good and to suffer than to be bad and live in a state of mortal sin.
My beloved children, this letter of God is really beautiful, ponder it if you can. It is some time that I have not been asking you to read God’s letters.
Read the messages, put them into practice and God will reward you.
Together with my and your bishop, great bishop of Heaven and Earth, I bless you. I hold all of you tight in my heart and I cover you with my maternal mantle. I bless the young people that were unable to come, those who are far away and those who work; I bless the little children.
I hold all of you tight in my heart and I cover you with my maternal mantle that spreads wherever my children are. Go in the peace of God the Father, God the Son, God the Holy Spirit.
Praised be Jesus Christ.
Bye, little Marisa, you have been good not to cry, your throat was bursting. Bye, my daughter.
Marisa - Bye. Excellency, she has gone away.

*** NOTES ***

[1] Because of the great suffering of Marisa and for the community prayers there were 200.000.000 converted people, as the Mother of the Eucharist and St. Joseph reported it.
[2] Because the members of the group are committed to put into practice the teachings of the Gospel, the guidelines of God’s letters and the bishop’s catechesis.
[3] The Bishop Claudio Gatti
[4] This was repeated many times by our bishop
[5] It is shameful to spend so much money for clothing and for episcopal and cardinal insignia.
[6] The bishop and the visionary have admitted that many times they were on the brink of closing everything and withdraw to a private life of silence and concealment, because overwhelmed by suffering.



Rome, 25th march 2001 - h.10:40 a.m.

This is the faithful transcription of the dialogue between Our Lady and Marisa that took place in the presence of H. E. Mons. Claudio Gatti and a lot of devotees.

Marisa - Haven’t you brought God’s letter?
Our Lady - Joseph, my beloved spouse, take the Eucharist and give it to little Jesus.
I have brought the letter of God. I know what you wish to know. God is asking you: what shall we do?
Marisa - You from on high? How should I know!
You may say to God I said many yes, many, but now I do not feel to keep on saying yes, for I have run out of strength, I have run out of courage. My yes, enounced in 1973 and repeated ever since, when I accepted the suffering that God wanted, was only about me. Now however I am aware that after nearly thirty years the suffering involves our bishop as well. You commanded your bishop to say the H. Mass in our chapel, after three years and a half since he last said it, and he obeyed. You told our bishop to keep on obeying God and we have always obeyed.
You are looking at me with a smiling and sad face, and yet, I wish to tell you that we never asked anything. God has decided to give our priest the episcopate; He said to him: "I ordain you bishop in order to have the fullness of priesthood and I give you all powers" and our priest with a crying heart and bitterness said yes, I said yes, all of us have always said yes. But what have you done to help us against the men of the Church? All of us have said yes, great and little, first of all our bishop. I am sorry to talk like that, my beloved Mama, I am sorry, but we are tired. Those who do not understand it may even go away, but we are tired of this situation: the more we behave well, the more we keep hiding in our little church and the more we are condemned, defamed, slandered. And now we have received a letter full of calumnies and defamations, written by the men of the Church.
Excuse me, forgive me, but this is the bitterness and the crying of your daughter speaking also on behalf of the bishop. Where has all the love gone you say to have for the bishop? By saying: "We love you, you are great, you are obedient, you are honest"? And in the meantime we get heavy blows from the men of the Church. We are with the Church and we are chased by the men of the Church; what are we going to do? We do not know anymore. I tell you more, little Mother, today I came down because our young people covered with planks three flights of stairs in order to bring me downstairs. Six, seven boys helped me to come down, on the wheelchair, to bring me downstairs, for it was your feast. I came down mainly for them, for all the work they have done for the whole of yesterday till late in the evening. Only the boys know the effort they have done. For them I came downstairs, I am sorry, but I wouldn’t have come down for other reasons.
I always obeyed you ever since I was a little one, I always said yes, I never said no; nor did the priest. Do you remember when you ordered him to leave all ladybirds and cubs and go where you sent us? They were four hundred, he left them and we went where God willed; we left behind many things in order to follow God, to obey God. There are many people that may bear witness on the fact that we always obeyed God. And what have the men of the Church done? They have even defamed the last Eucharistic miracle, the miracle that took place in the hands of our bishop on June 11, 2000. They defamed everything. I know that they have, first of all, offended God and you, however they are not able to do anything to both of you, but to us yes, to us yes. We have no longer any strength to go ahead. Whatever the bishop says, I am tired and I do not want to deal with it any more, no more, no more, I can’t cope any more.
This is the letter, which you from Heaven surely know very well, that portrays us, who teach to love the Eucharist, as Cains, as murderers. They charge us of spoiling the people. I don’t know what we are going to do, I don’t know, I don’t know, and, from the way you look at me, I understand that you don’t know either. What are we going to do? They send us spies, they check where we go and they don’t greet us if we come across them. We go in shops and if a person recognizes us flees away. Even some doctors recognized us and did not respect us as patients. What are we supposed to do in order not to die on this planet Earth? Our cross is huge, I can’t cope with it any longer, believe me. With all the love I feel for you, I can’t cope with it any longer. Also our bishop says he cannot cope any longer. None of the people that love us and are still close to us can endure the sight of our suffering. How many people went away when the men from the Vicariate spoke badly about us. How many people left us, yet, we gave everybody a word of encouragement, a gesture of love, a sign of affection.
What are we going to do? Do reply, what are we going to do? What are we going to do? Don’t you reply? Go to God, ask God who told us to obey Him. We have done whatever He asked from us, we always said yes. Today, little beloved Mother, I say no, I can’t cope with it any more; my flesh is tortured, I can’t cope with it any more. I have always accepted everything: passion, bodily and moral suffering. Never has any visionary suffered as we do; on the contrary, they did enjoy, they got bigger, they were able to implement several projects. We, here we are. We are the same as before the apparitions. What have we got more? The big tent, the Basilica that God likes so much. We have no power, we have no church, we have nothing, we ask nothing, we want nothing.
I beg your pardon, I am sorry to talk to you like that, for we always loved each other, but the suffering is so big. It has been many years that I suffer and I am not afraid of suffering, but you promised me that I would have always suffered and the priest would have triumphed. Instead he is condemned by everybody: great and little. They send letters to parish-priests and threaten them: "If you go to see that one we suspend you a divinis". The parish-priests spread the word to their deputies and they don’t come here either, otherwise they are suspended. Yet, millions of souls converted, because of our suffering, but where are they? Send at least one of them to us so he may help.
Why don’t you reply? Tell us what we must do. What shall we do?
When you said to me: "Jesus wants you to live the passion", I said yes, I never pulled out of it. Had I to suffer to save a soul? I said yes, I have always said yes, but today don’t ask me anything, for I don’t feel to say yes. Speak, I beg you, at least do speak; you too, send no letters. To whom have the men of the Church sent letters full of calumnies and defamations? To a poor bishop. What is he doing wrong? He makes the Eucharist be known and loved. Here we are, just a few, what are we doing wrong? Why do we pray? Did you see that many now do the Eucharistic adoration, but they do it to place us in an unfavourable light. In fact they say: "It can’t be true that Our Lady reproaches us saying that we do not love the Eucharist, because we do the Eucharistic adoration". What are we going to do? Why doesn’t the Pope intervene? They want us to understand that the Pope approved the whole lot, even if his name doesn’t surface. Why is the Pope looking for the crowd only? Why does he love the big parades? Those people invite the singers in order to have a lot of young people.
Our Lady - Thank you, Marisa, little Marisa of ours, thank you for what you have said. It is true, as you have said, but God does not want to kill his children; does not want a second Noah’s ark, with which only very few people could be saved; He is waiting for the conversions to take place.
Marisa - And we? What shall we do?
Our Lady - God told you to go on and care not about these people. If the bishop wants to write to the bishops of Italy, answering point by point to all the lies that are contained in the official statement of the I.E.C., he may do it.
Don Claudio - What’s the use of it?
Marisa - But they won’t answer, on the contrary, they will beat us up more. What shall we do? We are waiting for a reply of yours. I don’t know if we are going to comply with what you said, leave it to us whether to answer or not to answer. Leave it to us to do as we feel.
Our Lady - All right, little Marisa, you are free to do as you feel.
Marisa - However I feel sorry, we had to celebrate the Mother of the Eucharist today, we highly regarded this feast, instead we are all exhausted by this painful situation. We are waiting for a firm, sure, encouraging reply; I don’t believe I am demanding too much. It has been many years I don’t manage to sleep because of the suffering I offer for the Church and for the men of the Church. But who am I? I am a simple laywoman; take some priests, convert them, you can make them do what you did to us.
Our Lady - May I talk, little Marisa?
Marisa - Yes, yes.
Our Lady - My beloved children, first of all the poor attendance of people gives me much suffering, because it means that with so many miracles God has performed in this thaumaturgical place even those people that came here did not understood anything. I say it again: "It is easier to run and see a weeping or bleeding little statue than to run and see my bleeding Son Jesus the Eucharist". You are here to celebrate the Mother of the Eucharist, do celebrate then! The letter that has arrived is an official statement and is full of falsehoods. They tricked all they could to get you to close down, to wear you out, to bring you to death. But I told you already that they wouldn’t succeed to bring you to death, because we are with you. It is right to reply to this statement, Excellency, because, up to the last end, you said what you thought, with truth and honesty, because, of course, you are in the truth, but remember that they won’t answer.
You hoped that this was Satan’s last blow; oh, it would be ominous if it were Satan’s last blow, for it would mean that there is no more time for other conversions. Moreover, what they have added at the end of the statement is to be meant that they are ready to torment you, always acting under cover, by never showing themselves, they send the others ahead. Cardinal Ruini had plenty to rejoice, for he signed the statement as president of the I.E.C. and not as the Pope’s vicar; this means that they are progressing, gaining power, hoarding money and you, my two beloved children, you know who they are.
Beloved bishop, I do not want to command you to write or not to write, you are free to do as your heart feels. I may only advise: write so the truth may triumph, and whatever you write will be on record. You may do what Filippo and little Marisa thought about Internet, in the website. In the future all the people will have to know that these two angels of mine died for the Church. All the people present here are free to help them.
Thank you, Samuele, for your greetings, thanks, because you greeted me. And you, little Marisa, don’t you greet me?
Marisa - I love you and you know it, however I had to say what I had inside, I am sorry for it, however I had to say it. I have to defend the bishop, I have to defend him because I said yes and he suffered, had I said no he would not have suffered; I am to be blamed because I always said yes. If I hadn’t accepted he would not have had to suffer; I always said yes without thinking that the great suffering was in store for him.
Our Lady - That’s enough now, little Marisa, it is enough. Do you want to join the Holy Mass as if it was the last of your life? Do you wish to celebrate with me the Mother of the Eucharist at the best of your capabilities? I love you, never forget it.
Marisa - But we love you too, it just that I do no longer agree to say again yes, because I feel guilty of bringing don Claudio to the immolation and destruction, because I always said yes to you. I had to say no, but I didn’t feel like, it seemed bad to say no to God, and I always said yes. But now I can’t cope any more. I hope the people here understand my frame of mind.
Our Lady - Surely they understand you, little Marisa. Those who do not understand you indicate that they haven’t understood anything of your life. Be quiet, in this moment think of yourself.
Marisa - Is that so? And everything I have given till now? Since I was born, for a reason or the other I always suffered.
Our Lady - Shall we pray God the Father altogether with the prayer that Jesus taught all of us? Come on, little Marisa, stretch your arms and look towards God the Father. Recite the jaculatory prayer Jesus likes so much: Eucharistic heart of Jesus, you know, you can, you see, attend to our needs, help us with your grace. Mother of the Eucharist, pray with us.
My beloved children, forgive me if I have spoken to you like that, but I am the Mother of Heaven and Earth, me too, I have to obey God; do forgive me, your mother asks to be forgiven.
Marisa - No, you don’t have to ask to be forgiven, we just want a more solid help; we look like lambs gone astray, we no longer know what to do.
Our Lady - Together with my and your bishop I bless you, your beloved ones, your sacred items. I hold all of you tight in my heart and I cover you with my maternal mantle.
Go in the peace of God the Father, God the Son, God the Holy Spirit.
Praised be Jesus Christ.
Little Marisa, did the bishop understand what I said?
Marisa - Did you understand?
Don Claudio - What am I supposed to understand, that all the suffering will continue? May I ask a question? Ask Her whether I might do it.
Marisa - Can he ask you a question?
Our Lady - Yes, of course.
Don Claudio - We have reached the point I feared: to be condemned by the men of the Church. I asked God not to allow reaching this stage: to have all the Italian Church against us, the Congregation for the Doctrine of the Faith and the Congregation for the Clergy. What does this statement mean to God? For me it means one thing only: we are being condemned by the Church, which we love so much and we are ready to give our life for it. You didn’t tell us what to do. Must I write to Ruini and waste more time? Must I write to the Italian bishops who fear their chairman? I fully share what my sister said. Yes, it is true we feel abandoned, thrown in a stormy sea, overwhelmed, crushed by the waves. And we shout as the apostles: "Lord, wake up or else we perish". I never spoke in this way, before my brothers and my sisters, but I feel this is the moment to do it. I am confused, God pulls me on one side, the Church on the other. Is this what God wills? I do not feel like keeping on fighting and you know the reason: because all the men in leading positions were placed there by the Pope: at the Congregation for the Doctrine of the Faith, at the Congregation for the Clergy, at the presidency of the I.E.C. I want a clear word from you: shall I fight against these people who were appointed by the Pope and who say the Pope is with them and not with us? Can you answer me?
Our Lady - The Pope is not with them, the Pope was deceived just as they tried to deceive you. They are stronger and, humanly speaking, they go on and they widen their circle more and more. Then you have to be with them or against them. But who is against them? Nobody, for they are all scared. I would like that you at least, would not give up fighting and become as one of them. The Pope knows only what they want him to know. He knows about this statement too, but at the moment he can do nothing and he doesn’t know everything. You know how they keep him on his feet and whereas before he was a strong Holy Father he is now a weak Holy Father. By now he is in the hands of these men of the Church and they deceive him as they please. They feel strong and powerful, and they want us to understand that the Pope too has approved that statement, but it is not true, it is all Mr Ruini’s nasty plot.
Dear Don Claudio, if you wish, close everything down. You are thinking: "I have lost thirty years". No, you haven’t lost thirty years, you have saved many souls. Will these people allow you to close down or will they be with you? This is the time to seriously make up one’s mind: either to be with you or with the freemasons; this is what I can tell you. I understand your point of view, I put myself in your place, in the place of all of you, for I know the Church has reached its most critical moment of its history. Never before has happened that on a visionary and on a simple priest ordained bishop by God would pile up so much envy much envies and jealousy up to the point of slander and defamation. Saint Padre Pio, Saint Bernadette and Saint Joan of Arch suffered nothing compared with you. No saint in Heaven, no man on Earth suffered as the two of you. This suffering has saved many souls. You ask me: "Why don’t they come here?". They can’t, they are prohibited, or else, if they are priests the suspension a divinis will become effective, if they are lay people, other punishments. You have saved many souls, you have reached 200 millions, they are not a few, my dear bishop, my beloved bishop, my dear little Marisa.
Marisa - Did you say 200 millions?
Our Lady - Yes, 200 million souls. You, little flock, to the bishop’s and little Marisa’s great suffering you have added your prayers, sacrifices and fasting to get to this big figure: 200 million souls.
Marisa - But will we ever see one of these souls at least?
Our Lady - What about the Salesian who used to come here?
Marisa - He too?
Our Lady - He is with them, he went with them because the secretary of the Congregation for the Doctrine of the Faith, Mons. Bertone, is a Salesian…
Marisa - Did we get up to this point? Do tell us how things are going.
Our Lady - You have a sharp intelligence. Don Claudio, Most Reverend Excellency, have you got still something to say?
Don Claudio - No, I don’t know, I am much confused, I am torn apart. I feel the joy for the conversion of millions of people, but... I am not able to talk, I can’t manage it, for I have a lump in my throat.
Our Lady - Do you wish to attend the H. Mass and celebrate the Mother of the Eucharist? And you, my dear beloved priest, bishop ordained by God, do you wish to say the Holy Mass with all the love you have always shown?
Don Claudio - Yes, yes.
Marisa - But we are waiting for your help. We wish to know what we have to do. Do we have to close down? What shall we do, shall we disband everything and go far away? What shall we do?
Our Lady - Stay where you are, even if this would bring you to death.
Marisa - If this is the point we have to reach, I say no, I rather prefer to close down, I don’t know about the bishop. Do you want to close down?
Don Claudio - No, never, this is not what I want, I do not want to close. I only say again that I do not want to be considered as the man who is destroying the Church, I do not want this, I just cannot accept this, it is beyond me. I love the Church, and to be singled out by my confreres, by the seminary fellows and by the priests of Rome as the man who is destroying the Church, is something I just cannot accept and you know it.
Our Lady - But you know just as well that a big revenge against you is in progress, because of your courage and strength with which you defend the truth and protect the Eucharist. How can a single man destroy the Church? They will destroy it, they talk nonsense. How can you all alone destroy the Church? They write against you to hurt you, for revenge. You know that Mr. Ruini said: "I will take my revenge and I will crush him", and he is getting to this point. Hence be quiet, as you are not the one who is destroying the Church. The intelligent person, whoever reads in Internet, those who know you will never say to you: "You are destroying the Church". Can the Church be destroyed by a simple bishop and a handicapped visionary? Excuse me, little Marisa, if I talk like that. Oh, it takes much more than that; they destroy the Church. You have to be quiet, let them say, let them do. Surely, this is one of Satan’s blows, but they are not over yet; they will be over only after you will have closed everything, but God does not want this even if He has left you free to decide. Well before God spoke, you, my dear bishop, said: "I don’t close" and you, little Marisa: "I do close". We, pardon me, accept the decision of the superior.
Marisa - Sure, because now you feel comfortable with the one of the superior, but you won’t accept the decisions from those superiors, where the Holy Spirit speaks.
Our Lady - No, little Marisa, the Holy Spirit does not speak in them, be quiet, for is not the Holy Spirit that speaks in them, it is something else, is the one who first revolted against God.
Now please, Excellency, if you have no more to tell me, get ready for the H. Mass. Actually, today I want you to bless me, my beloved spouse, the angels, the angel children I have about, the saints, the Popes, I ask you on our knees to bless all of us. Come on, I am before you and little Marisa. Do bless us, my dear beloved son.
Don Claudio - The blessing of God the Father Almighty, Son and Holy Spirit descends on you and remains for ever, amen.
Our Lady - Praised be Jesus Christ. Little Marisa, don’t you give me a kiss today?
Marisa - Yes, anyway I always do what my spiritual director tells me to do. He said yes and I give you the kiss.
Our Lady - Does it come from your heart, little Marisa?
Marisa - Of course, even if my heart is wholly unhinged I give it to you.
Our Lady - Samuele, sing to God.
Marisa - If you make him suffer I wouldn’t know whether he would sing. Bye. Have I been nasty? I told her everything I had in my heart.
Don Claudio - You told her what was right for you to say.

April 2001 Messages

Rome, 1st april 2001 - h.10:40 a.m. (Letter of God)

Marisa - The angels and the saints come forth two by two and last comes the Mother of the Eucharist.
I entrust you all the people who need God’s help. His will always be done, but how hard is to do God’s will! Once it seemed easier for me, now it is all the more complicated.
Our Lady - Certainly, little Marisa, the more you grow in the eyes of God the greater the mission and the harder it is to go on.
Marisa - If I am not wrong thursday you said God is preparing something. Is it something about us or for those men?
Our Lady - I understand what you mean but you must not worry, leave it to God. Do as you always did, abandon yourself to God.
Marisa - May God do what He wills, but I am a little creature of the world, and I no longer feel to say yes. In spite of my no you let me endure two days of passion. Then it is clear that even for you I count for nothing.
Our Lady - You succeed little Marisa, in spite of all, to make me smile.
Marisa - I would like to smile and all of us as well.
Our Lady - It is not good for you to dig up and talk over and over again on the same subjects. You suffer a lot, but we too, when we are on Earth, suffer as you do. We would like to help you a lot and for the umpteenth time I say it again to you: God always keeps what He promises. You do not know God’s time, but He always keeps his promises.
Marisa - Has He kept that promise from 1973 till 2001? Is God’s time so long? Then when will we go to heaven, if the time is so long?
Our Lady - My beloved children, thank you for your attendance here, for the love you show towards this place, towards your bishop and your sister; you have to show it even among yourselves.
Today is a bad and good day; three years ago, on the very first of April, your bishop was suspended a divinis for he did not throw away the blood-stained Eucharist, brought in this thaumaturgical place. Man can’t suspend a priest because he doesn’t throw away the Eucharist. You know he was ordered to throw away the Eucharist, which the men of the Church defined as: "circus freak, chunk of bread". I ask each of you, even if you are not priests: what would you have done in his place? Would you have taken the Eucharist and thrown it away? Here it is: the bishop has not done this, but he was suspended a divinis.
God has been waiting for three yeras and a half, during this time your bishop did not say any public H. Mass, then God intervened and forced him by saying: "You have to say the H. Mass". The men of the church blackmailed him: "If you deny what you have seen, if you say to the people that you deceived them, if you say that those hosts were brought by the devil, we will make you bishop and we will give you everything", but your bishop did not give in to blackmail, he was not interested in becoming a bishop, he was not interested in the power and all the rest and answered: "No, this never".
I hope that some of you would succeed to understand how hard this has been on your bishop who felt as Christ on the cross. The Church pulled him on one side and God on the other. But to whom did he have to obey? To God and this is what he did. Then God intervened again and with a triumphant voice, with a voice as strong as thunder said: "I ordain you bishop", without asking his permission. Only he knew what was happening in his heart for he knew how the men of the Church would have reacted: they would have never believed it.
After the Episcopal ordination the great Eucharistic miracle took place. If the miracle took place on June 11, 2000 and Don Claudio was ordained bishop on June 20, 1999, it means that God has confirmed the Episcopal ordination that is holy and great.
Men did not turn their attention to the Eucharistic miracle, of which you have written in the book "You are Bishop ordained by God, Bishop of the Eucharist", but they dwelled on his episcopate, on the fullness of his priesthood. What is wrong to have one more bishop, in giving the fullness of priesthood to your favourite priest as well? Where is evil? Where is the disobedience? Cannot God do what He wills? Don Claudio was convicted again. Will this story come to an end? You still have to pay your contribution, my beloved children, then the story will end and a new time will begin, a new story.
We are in Lent, keep on praying; do the Stations of the Cross more slowly, with more love, meditating what you say, without rushing; it is not by ending five or ten minutes before that you gain something. Pray, offer to God your big and small sacrifices, your fasting, those who can do them; there are so many little sacrifices and so many things to do. There are people called up to a mission of spiritual suffering, which is much more difficult, pray for these people.
We are near Palm Sunday, when Jesus will triumphantly enter Jerusalem. Even today we repeat the same scene: first they shout "hosanna" and then "crucify". There are people who say hosanna to your priest, there are people who believe him, but cowardice is so great and fear is so great that many dare not making a simple phone call and say: "I am not coming, but I am with you". Remember what happened to Jesus: after having so many people around Him, He was left alone with his mama, with some women and with St. John. Your bishop, even if many people trailed this place, is left with a small flock; however he is more lucky than Jesus because the bishop has more people around him.
Never get tired, pray. Even if someone suffers very hard, isn’t it little Marisa? Pray, my daughter, pray and suffer a lot.
Thank you for your attendance here. Together with my and your bishop I bless you, your dear ones, your sacred articles. I bless all the children present here, the sick children, the sick young men.
I hold all of you tight in my heart and I cover you with my maternal mantle. Go in the peace of God the Father, God the Son, God the Holy Spirit.
Praised be Jesus Christ.
Marisa - Bye.

Rome, 7th april 2001 - h.5:10 p.m. (Letter of God)
Marisa - My dear little Virgin Mary, I entrust you all the people who ask to be remembered in my prayers: the list is becoming longer and longer. At the moment I wish to recommend you Giuseppe, you know he is very weak, give him strength to endure this test and allow mama Anna to come soon among the saved souls.
Our Lady - When reciting the Our Father you must keep your arms outstretched.
My beloved children, you cannot figure out what great joy you gave my Son Jesus when you made this day of Eucharistic adoration; you cannot realize his joy in seeing his children pray. There is someone who wavered, some thoughts have caused some distractions and someone closed their eyes, but Jesus is just as happy about this, for you are men of the Earth. So many times I told you that you may fall asleep in Jesus’ arms, however you must not take advantage of this and let yourselves go so easily. If you feel the need to close your eyes and sleep, do have a rest with Jesus, but then start again to pray and converse with Him, do call for help and say: "Jesus, when will be the end of all this? When will the great men of the Church convert?". Do not let yourselves go, otherwise the devil, as you know, is ready to penetrate with great ease; you are not able to understand how easy it is for him. Close every door, window or small opening through which the devil would be able to get in and pray.
My beloved children, the joy of this day is all that great for us too; a lot of souls are being saved thanks to your sister who is living the passion night and day. You know that for her it will be like that till Holy Friday night. From Monday to Wednesday she will be fasting as well, she will have a pause on Thursday, feast of priesthood, and she will be back fasting on Friday; only Saturday evening she will be able to eat again. If God asks for this, He will give her strength to bear it; however she will have to listen to her spiritual director, who might decide otherwise and say to her: "God has asked for this, however I order you to stop fasting"; God is not offended. We in Heaven are longing for this and we will give her all the strength needed to save souls. Little Marisa, we are flying the time: today we have reached 300,022,000.
Marisa - I am not even able to say the number! Is it 300,022,000?
Our Lady - My little flock, the credit for all that is yours as well, because you worked and helped out this mission, but first of all it is His Excellency’s who suffers, prays and works. I hope that the recipients of the letter will understand. Do not expect anything, but if something will come about, all the better. My beloved children, now you will join the Holy Mass and anyone who can do it may continue adoration till the late hours; keep wake and pray with my Son Jesus to fall not into temptation.
Your bishop will make the adoration at home with the sick people; he will be a little with you and a little with them, because they need to pray and they have the right to be together with my Son Jesus to adore Him, just as you do. Thanks for the souls you manage to save.
Together with my and your bishop I bless you, your dear ones, your sacred articles. I bless this crucifix that takes the place of the stolen one. A long time has gone by since the pious women gave it to the bishop, who forgot to have it blessed because he was so tired. If they will take this one as well, to sell it or place it in their home, be happy and glad, do not worry.
I bless you all, I keep you tight in my heart and cover you with my maternal mantle.
Go in the peace of God the Father, God the Son, God the Holy Spirit.
Praised be Jesus Christ.
Marisa - Do not rush away, wait a moment; may I ask you something?
Our Lady - Little Marisa, I know already what you want to ask.
Marisa - You said that 300,022,000 souls converted and this is beautiful; you spoke about the crucifix and about the saved souls, but is the time approaching? Bye. Don Claudio, do you see how she does? She hugs all the babies and goes away together with the angels.

Rome, 8th april 2001 - h.10:50 a.m. (Letter of God)

Our Lady - My beloved children, thanks for your attendance here. Today is a day of glory for my Son Jesus, it is the day when man sings "Hosanna, hosanna, to the son of David". A lot of people sung hosanna while Jesus triumphant went into Jerusalem! He saw all those people, some of those had received graces and miracles, but among them there were also those who jeered at him and those who looked for a way to capture and kill him.
The joy and the happiness of my Son Jesus was so great that when he cast his glance and stared at a person, this felt something within and converted. I told you about this because even among you it may happen that someone, by staring a person in a good way and looking deeply into his heart, may succeed to make him understand that you love him and you bring him to conversion and when this is achieved it is difficult to turn back.
As I already told you, those people who convert are better than those who say they are converted, for this reason the campaign of prayers and sufferings that you are doing for the conversion of many, many men on Earth is so beautiful and great.
When yesterday I told you the number of converted people some were amazed, but other instead were almost unconcerned and said: "Anyway we have to get to three billion and half". Someone even thought: "Is it up to us to save them all?". I answered: "Yes, the bigger task is here, in this thaumaturgic place; many souls will help you, but they will not be at your level, not to such a high level, so elevated". The biggest and most glaring contribution starts from here; for this reason I asked the visionary to fast for the whole week, but on Thursday, for Thursday is the feast of priesthood and it is a great feast; you know that for her the passion will continue till Friday night.
Why am I saying these things to you? So you may pray for her, so that she could have the strength to endure everything. Also today she is not feeling well, she is sick: she has some serious problems, yet, she wanted to go down to be among you. Then it is up to us in Heaven to help her. In the meantime pray for your dear ones, for the souls of departed. Entrust yourselves to the people who went to Heaven as they are able to help you and pray for you, in the same way they are able to come down to you, caress and kiss you. You pray, and in turn they pray, so that their intentions fall back on you. How many times I said: "Pray in accordance with my intentions", but my intentions are yours, hence my prayers are always for you. Come on, my beloved children, I do not wish to hold you any longer, because you also have to shout: "Hosanna to the Son of David".
My beloved children, your sister in her heart has recommended all the people who entrusted to her prayers. Even if she didn’t say it, I read in her heart and I didn’t give her time to say it, as I know what she wants and what she thinks.
Come on, don’t be frightened if there is rain, if there is the sun, if there is the moon, the stars, the wind; these things don’t have to worry you. When there is rain enjoy it, when there is the sun enjoy it; because in a few months, when it will become warmer, you will complain because it is too hot. Go forth without fear, without wavering. Do whatever you are able to do, with chants, with prayers; remember that to sing is to pray twice, if the chant is well done, if you sing with your heart, with love, surely not by showing it off. Since the chant is twice the prayer, you strengthen the chanting more and more, but above all you strengthen the love towards everybody.
Together with my and your bishop I bless you, your dear ones; I bless your sacred articles.
Marisa - Don Claudio, do you know who is here?
Our Lady - I carry all of you tight in my heart and I cover you with my maternal mantle. Go in the peace of God the Father, God the Son, God the Holy Spirit.
Praised be Jesus Christ.
Marisa - Bye. She left in a hurry, probably she too is busy up there.

Rome, 15th april 2001 - h.10:40 a.m. (Letter of God)
Marisa - Jesus risen from the dead! How beautiful you are, Jesus! Also your Mama, your Dad, the angels and saints are present: all the holy children are crowning around you.
Jesus, I have many sick people to recommend to you and you know that in this last period a lot of people have been sick; I entrust you Giacomo, Jacopo and Samuele, make sure they also may enjoy Holy Easter as everybody else. I entrust you all the sickly in hospitals and all those people who recommended themselves to my prayers. Jesus, let us raise as well, not together with you, for it would be too nice and great, but after you. For your sake we tried to do everything at its best and I know you are happy, pleased about this, as your Mama told us. Jesus, help the sick people, there are so many and help also all the people present here; even among us there are some sick people. If you want you can do it, for you are God!
Jesus - I have come to give you my blessing after the resurrection, then I will go back to the Father. I bless you all, my beloved children. The Holy Spirit may descend on all of you.
Marisa - Send your Spirit, my Lord!
The three Jesus are coming here! How beautiful! It was a long time I didn’t see all three of you together.
(The Glory Be is recited three times)
Marisa - They got one within the other and went away.
Our Lady - My beloved children, I am your Mama; I thank you for your attendance and for everything you have done in these days, for the way you have prepared everything to give glory to Jesus who was being sentenced to death. Today Jesus has risen from the dead and came in your midst to give you His blessing. Remember that just his presence is always a continuous blessing.
Some time ago I told you that something was going to happen; try to raise your hand along your head, then bent it slightly forward: here we are, the hand of God has descended a little more. But I have something more beautiful to say to all of you; little Marisa, I beg you, do not make mistakes with numbers!
Marisa - Write down. 725 million and 500 thousand.
Our Lady - Well done.
Marisa - If we go ahead so fast I rather have the passion every day, so we get sooner to the finish line.
Our Lady - No, little Marisa, you have suffered too much, my daughter. You suffered the passion till last night, then you did more than we asked for.
Marisa - Yes, all right, but now I am not interested; the main point is that we have got to 725 million and 500 thousand converted souls: I hope I said it properly.
Our Lady - You are a little flock, but just think what this little flock has done. Let’s leave out, to the any possible extend, what your sister and the bishop have suffered, but the credit is also yours, of your prayers, of the work you have done here, with love. You too have saved souls; you need not do big things to save a soul, little sacrifices suffice. You have been aware, on your own, that is easier to convert a distant person than a relative of yours; this is the reason why your Mama tells you always to never get tired of praying. Remember the love: you will find love in Heaven as well, for you will meet God, who is love.
I have nothing more to add but to send greetings to all of you, to your families, to your dear ones, and also to those who do not believe, but this is not important, give my greetings to everybody on behalf of Our Lady, on behalf of the Mother of the Eucharist.
The letters of the bishop have arrived; as usual some have been accepted and kept as relic, others torn apart, others… I prefer not to say it, because Easter is already a little hard for you. That letter is able to convert the most hardened sinner, the farthest unbeliever or atheist, but those people who say they are men of God, that have been chosen and called up by God, that had the gift of the Holy Spirit, they will keep on fighting against your bishop. The God’s hand is coming down slowly, for God is still waiting for conversions. My little flock, look where you got in a short time. There are also other people praying for the men of the Church, but the greater task was given to you; you should be happy, happy that God entrusted this mission to you.
Courage, all Heaven is with you, isn’t it Nicolas?
Nicolas - Yes, my little Madonna.
Marisa - Could you send him by his parents to help and take them along?
Our Lady - He often goes to help and take them along. Yesterday your sister has done a really great heroic act, but she will have to do an even grater one. Pray a lot for the day April 28; pray a lot because your sister has to take a bigger step and if she goes over that everything will be more peaceful for everybody.
I hope you have understood what I said, you know of whom I am talking about. Help your sister with your prayer.
Thanks for everything, my beloved children, thanks for the joy you have given my Son Jesus, thanks for everything you have done on Holy Thursday, Holy Friday and Holy Saturday; thank you for everything. You were just a few, but this is not important; those few people gave glory to God and love Jesus the Eucharist, they love the Holy Spirit. Together with my and your bishop I bless you, your dear ones, your sacred articles. I bless also the Easter eggs you all have received.
Marisa - They didn’t give it to me because I have a high level of glycaemia, so the bishop said. However, if they donate me an egg I look at it and I don’t eat it.
Our Lady - Little Marisa, it is nice to see you always joking with the youth, in spite of the pain and suffering.
Marisa - If I don’t do like that they are all flabby. Do you know what flabby means? How do they say?
Don Claudio - Weak.
Marisa - All right, I don’t say anything more, because if I start talking…
Our Lady - All right. Shall we recite together the Our Father?
I hold you all tight in my heart and I cover you with my maternal mantle.
Go in the peace of God the Father, God the Son, God the Holy Spirit, hallelujah, hallelujah.
Marisa - Bye. I entrust you again the sick people who are here, those in hospitals and at home. You are beautiful, also Jesus was beautiful. Bye.
Don Claudio, first came the risen Jesus, then came the Most Holy Trinity, finally Our Lady and with her there were all the saved souls and the children.
Don Claudio - 725 million souls converted.
Marisa - And 500 thousand. Do not forget the number: 725 million and 500 thousand. But when will we get to three billion and half?

May 2001 Messages

Rome, 3rd May 2001, h.5:10 p.m. (Letter of God)
Our Lady - Little Marisa, we meet, at last, at the bible meeting.
Marisa - Why do you hold in your hands the banners of all the sacraments?
Our Lady - Because the sacraments are not respected. Only the holy baptism because it is received by babies and the extreme unction are respected. Sacraments are seriously offended. The holy confirmation is only received so that the marriage may be celebrated.
The marriage, when celebrated in a state of sin, leads to downfall. Many approach this sacrament so that they may say: "I got married"; they are concerned about the outward beauty, but how is the soul? During confession they say what they wish to say and the rest remains within the penitent because he is ashamed; they receive the holy communion in a state of sin, they get to the church at the end of the mass and receive the communion just to say: "I do it as the others do", not knowing that they receive my son Jesus. The people who receive the Holy Communion without knowing what it means are millions. These sacraments are forgotten, they are not lived.
God the Father also said to me: "Few obey my commandments, the law of God". Everything that concerns the Church, everything that leads to holiness is bothering both the priests and laymen, then they organize big festivals, these are announced from microphones and everybody, as sheep, go and receive the Eucharist. What is the Eucharist? It is not a piece of bread to send down or to throw away; the Eucharist is Jesus in body, blood, soul and divinity. Who does respect the commandments? They say to love God, but few respect the law of God. You, little Marisa, have said a very nice sentence: "If we manage to convert a billion people, may the rest be converted by others?". If you get to a billion, the other two billion and a half people by whom will they be converted? Where will my son Jesus go and knock? To the priests who are not ready to sacrifice?
Now you understand why there are not many people here: because this speech is a nuisance and is not accepted. When men have to talk about God, about the commandments and the sacraments, they answer: "No, it is not for us", but when a concert, organized by priests, is performed, a great deal of people are present, for it is not a nuisance, on the contrary, they enjoy it. You would say: "But does our Mama come always to us to reproach?". I am not reproaching you, I only want you to understand that when you walk the path of holiness, the laws of God and all the sacraments have to be respected literally. It is a nuisance to attend mass, go to confession, not to look at another woman, obey the sixth commandment, love God and your neighbour as yourself, this is a nuisance, is tiring. On the other hand the holy rosary is recited, they even recite three of them at the time, because people get together. Rosaries are being mumbled and perhaps they do not attend mass, they do not go to confession and do not have communion. That’s why, when I come down on Earth among you, there is so much bitterness in my heart, but not because of your fault, my dear little children, no. When a mother sees that her beloved children do not respect the law of God, she suffers. The laymen, the ones attending the parishes, they feel to be someone, they support the parish-priest, they do not respect the law of God, but try to stand out, to be someone. They say: "I know the bishop, I am a friend of the bishop, I help the parish-priest, I collaborate in the parish, I, I, I…", and the commandments? Who does respect the commandments? People do not come here, because here we speak only about prayer, about love, about the commandments of God, about the law of God, about the sacraments. Here we do not talk in the church, while in other places they do talk, and nobody has the courage to say: "Keep silent because there is Jesus". Nobody does it, everything is fine as long as there are people.
Then I say to you, my beloved bishop, be happy as you are and as are those people who come here to pray, to love, because they love Jesus the Eucharist.
Oh, your Mama would like to tell you so many things so that you understand how great is the love of God and how God is loved so little by everybody. Yesterday evening I also said to you: if you would try to place some posters announcing that some big singers are coming here, you would see the garden to quickly fill up with people, everybody would come to hear the singers, not to pray. No, God doesn’t expect this from you who have followed a certain path, be happy as you are. You are just a few, it is true; it hurts one’s heart to see so few people; even those people who have received graces no longer come here, for it is tiring to pray, to talk about God and about Our Lady. However if there were a big happening everybody would run, not here though, where the greatest Eucharistic miracle took place. They would not come back here, for they do not feel clear within themselves. How can, the people, talk about the Eucharistic miracle if they not even know what it is? These Eucharistic miracles are a nuisance for the priests. Even those people who saw the Eucharistic miracles with their own eyes backed off, for they did not know what to say and what to do any longer, for their soul was not clear.
How many times I said: never betray my son Jesus. Once I invited you to write your yes in a letter and the basket was full with yes. Everybody wrote yes, and now where are all those people? Why did the Eucharistic miracle turn them away? Because they were not clear; whoever is clear has no fear, but enjoys God’s interventions.
Jesus - Who ordained Saint Paul bishop, Excellency?
Don Claudio - You, Jesus?
Jesus - I, Jesus, came here, and I am near to the Mama who is talking to you. Next to me there are the apostles, but above all there is Saint Peter, the head of the Church and Saint Paul. I stopped Paul who was going to kill the Christians. I blinded him and then I gave him back his sight. I ordained him bishop, just as I have ordained you.
Our Lady - However, Don Claudio, your episcopal ordination is all the greater, for it came from God who said to you: "I ordain you bishop!". God came to this place: ordained the bishop who in the future will ordain other bishops and priests as well.
Marisa - But we will have to wait for Jacopo, for our youth will have a lot to do.
Our Lady - The time will come when you will have to work, my beloved bishop, but you will have also the strength to fight and struggle, but remember that the first clash, at the beginning it will be much difficult and hard for you; only these poor, but holy people will be near you.
Marisa - Wait a moment: in how many years? Because…
Our Lady - Little Marisa, you always try to make me say something. I am not little Marisa, remember; I won’t fall in it.
Marisa - All right, I won’t fall in it either, I just tried.
Our Lady - Be happy, be really happy of what you are, even if nobody is perfect, only God is. Make always a step forward, as I have said to you in some other times: a step forward, never backward, you must never give in, never fall into a crisis and if you do, if you let yourselves go, you must recover at once, at once. See how good is Jesus, He came to give the desired news to your bishop and then He went back to his father with his apostles. I am here with my angels, with the babies, with the saints and the holy popes; the ones who are not sanctified by the Church, for us they are holy popes all the same. Isn’t it Nicolas? Give your little hand to Our Lady.
Marisa - Why is he always with you?
Our Lady - Little Marisa, it is a question you must not ask, you know the mission of this baby.
Marisa - It is true, but I always fear to make a mistake.
Our Lady - Now, while you are in deep meditation, pray my and your Jesus to help all the people that don’t know how to love or who withdraw from God if something happens. You might have some sad and painful moments, this is life on earth; in heaven it will not be like that, in heaven is all another story, isn’t it little Marisa?
Marisa - Yes, but I told you not to take me ever to Heaven, because when I come back down, I see all the darker. All right.
Our Lady - Don’t you want to open the little box?
Marisa - I don’t know, shall I open it?
Our Lady - I bless these wedding rings, but the love of the married couple is not as great as I would wish, as Jesus would wish. If there is no holy mass and communion there is no love.
My beloved children, come on, don’t be disheartened, go forth and pray. During this month many couples receive the sacrament of marriage, but for many of them it is only the day for a great feast because the joy doesn’t last. That’s why I say that the sacraments are not respected by anybody. Pray for the couples that begin the marriage life, above all pray for their bond to remain always strong and be united with Jesus.
With my and your bishop I bless you, your dear ones, your sacred articles. I hold you all tight in my heart and I cover you with my maternal mantle.
Go in the peace of God the Father, God the Son, God the Holy Spirit.
Praised be Jesus Christ.
Welcome, little Marisa, to the bible meeting.
Marisa - So long as the boys are there to help me to come down, I come. I have missed so many bible meetings. I am sure I am the worst in the class. Bye, bye, Nicolas.
She has gone away, however Jesus went away first, with the apostles.
Don Claudio - She came to say what I was expecting since a long time.
Marisa - He went away with the apostles, instead she remained surrounded by all the children.
Don Claudio - What was Our Lady holding in her hands?
Marisa - She was holding some stripes with the names of the sacraments. Then, when she was talking, the children held them. When she talks she gesticulates.

Rome, 6th May 2001, h.10:45 a.m. (Letter of God)
Marisa - You are always on time. Also today I wish to entrust you the sick people: Amadeo and his dear ones, Mercedes, Beatrice and his family, Don Enrico, Anna, Maria, Giuseppina and all the people who ask for your help. As always, I entrust you all the sick people.
Our Lady - My dear children, thanks for your attendance. Today I am going to say again what I told you on Thursday when I spoke about the sacraments and the commandments, they are the law of God; put them into practice, study them and, if you do not understand something, ask the bishop. When the relatives are not against it, it is easy to be baptized and receive the extreme unction, but all other sacraments are received by everybody without care and not in a state of grace. A lot of adults receive the sacrament of confirmation only because they have to marry and the sacrament of matrimony only to say they are married, but there is no love between them. A long time ago I told you that it is nice when a couple walks together in the spiritual life, but if one of them goes forth and the other wavers or doesn’t want to walk, the couple starts to lose unity and to stumble. This happens when the marriage is celebrated just to say that one got married or that the twin spirit has been found, but if the spiritual path is not walked together, they will start to argue and quarrel and spoil the relationship.
Whatever happens for the marriage, takes place for the Holy Order: how many people get to priesthood without conviction? They receive priesthood only out of fear for the opinion of friends, relatives or town and after a while either they withdraw or have a double life. This isn’t fair. Whoever does not respect the sacraments is in a state of serious sin. How do many people receive the Eucharist? They go into the church at the moment of the Holy Communion, they receive it and quickly go out, speaking about futile issues with the host still in their mouth. That’s why I say the sacraments and the commandments are not respected and obeyed as God wills. If God is love, what do you give to God?
Sometimes sufferings and misfortunes do turn up and, at once, men hurl themselves against God, but what is his fault? Misfortunes may happen so long as you live on this planet, everybody may have problems. Not everybody has the great suffering, but it may happen that a beloved relative passes away or that somebody hurts you, this is part of planet Earth; what has God got to do with these sufferings? God is able to do whatever He wishes, but do not forget that He gave men the freedom to do good or evil. Why in hospitals when everything goes well doctors are praised, but if there are complications then God is to be blamed? How many people all over the world speak like that! You must know how to answer to these people.
God gives his help, but it is up to you to do whatever you want, for He deems you are people who know how to live, adult and intelligent. For anything that happens you cannot blame or praise in accordance with the progress of the situation: this is not right!
Today little Samuele celebrates his birthday; just as with his baptism also for his party he had to wait a little while. Today the family and even we in Heaven celebrate, sending him many wishes, isn’t it little one? Wishes go also to his brother Jacopo, his parents, to the two angels and to the one who often comes down to kiss them. Jacopo, Mama blesses you and all children. Raise your children and nephews making them acquainted first with their guardian angel, then Mama and then Jesus, little by little.
My beloved youth and my beloved adults, Mama thanks you, in spite of your imperfections; as I have already said, everybody has some of it, nobody is perfect, only God is. Help each other, do not be touchy if a person reproaches you, rather, accept the correction. If your brother reproaches you, answer: "Thank you for bringing it to my attention"; this is true charity towards your neighbour. Believe me, at times it is not pleasant to reprimand people because you suffer, but whoever does it to good intent is showing his love. Charity will be along with you until Heaven and will remain with you forever.
I hope that this simple letter of God will be understood by everybody and that you will succeed, little by little, to put it into practice and to round off those corners all of you have; isn’t it little Marisa?
Marisa - That’s all I needed, I have got so many corners!
Our Lady - You shouldn’t have had to come down, don’t you know it?
Marisa - When you came you said to me: "If you feel like, go downstairs", and I answered yes. I thought I have obeyed. Didn’t I?
Our Lady - Did you tell the bishop?
Marisa - Yes, I even bothered him. May I say this word? All right, can you help me now? I am not asking to be healed, but just an aid. On Sunday I cannot remain in my room all the time.
Our Lady - Don’t you want to save some souls?
Marisa - Yes, I do, but I don’t have to stay in my room all the time.
Our Lady - Do you feel cold?
Marisa - A little bit.
Our Lady - What if I would say to you to go upstairs now?
Marisa - No, I beg you. I laboured so much to come down, even the boys had to work hard because they pulled me downstairs with ropes.
Our Lady - All right, this time you may stay downstairs together with the others, but you must cover yourself up because it is cold.
Marisa - Don Claudio, how does she know it is cold?
Don Claudio - When she is on earth she is as we are.
Our Lady - My beloved children, thanks for your attendance. Together with my and your bishop I bless you and your dear ones; I bless the babies, I send a kiss to little Samuele and to the little brother. I bless these sacred items. Take the cross, little Marisa.
I wanted you to take the cross because the statue of the Our Lady is heavier.
I bless these items together with Jesus, with his presence he gives his blessing.
I hold all of you tight in my heart and I cover you all with my maternal mantle. Go in the peace of God the Father, God the Son, God the Holy Spirit. Praised be Jesus Christ.
Marisa - Now are you going to give a little kiss? Bye. Don Claudio, she has gone away. She asked me to carry the cross because it is lighter, on the contrary the statue of Our Lady is heavy.
Don Claudio - I won’t be able to sustain it either.
Marisa - Then she was right.

Rome, 15th May 2001, h. 6:40 p.m. (Letter of God)
Our Lady - My beloved children, thanks for your attendance. I have come to greet you; now I will be calling upon my beloved spouse Joseph to speak.
Saint Joseph - Today the letter of God was given to me, your Joseph, the bridegroom of the Blessed Virgin Mary. I love you all and from Heaven I also see many ugly things and few beautiful things that happen on Earth. For this reason, as God has always asked in his letters, I ask you to pray and to do acts of mortification, as fasting and abstinence. I urge fasting only to the people who can do it, whoever is in good health, not anyone who is taking many medicines, isn’t it little Marisa?
Marisa - Always me?
Saint Joseph - You cannot do what I ask the others to do. I, the bridegroom of the Virgin Mary, congratulate with you all, because even if you are a few, you have done much during these first fifteen days of the month dedicated to my beloved bride.
Just count how many people came, how many people no longer come and how many are not doing the Marian month because of work, weariness or distance. What can I say if God has chosen this place and no other? Our Lady appears here every day and not in other places because this place is thaumaturgical. Probably you haven’t understood, as yet, the meaning of this term, even if the bishop spoke at length about it: this is a holy place, where you may have some graces, always in accordance with God’s will. When will you succeed to do always God’s will, in any moment of the day and not only in the great occasions? God doesn’t want great things from you, He only asks you to live in a simple way, doing God’s will whenever it is necessary.
The main point is to love, because love embraces everything, saves and helps all the people.
This morning I brought your sister to Rumania together with two babies; in that place there is poverty and much wickedness in the people. Children grow as if they were some little beasts, yet they seem to say: "What can we do?". Many have been baptized. Believe me, going to these places is hard and difficult. Babies feel the lack of affection, of food, of clothing and of all that is useful to every creature of the world.
How many creatures enjoy and live in comfort, but how many live in poverty instead!
Many billions were spent for the Jubilee and for the youth that came to Rome, yet, the children continue to die from hunger. How much poverty is there in neighbouring Rumania, in Africa, in Yugoslavia, in Palestine, especially in Gaza! All of you wouldn’t be enough to help your neighbour in these places. When all of you will work, God will ask you something more.
You know it, little Marisa, He asked it to you already.
Marisa - He asked the bishop, not me.
Our Lady - Pray for these babies and for their mamas, they suffer from hunger, thirst and they are not clothed because they have nothing to wear. Children go in the middle of garbage to pick up something to appease their hunger. Oh, what a grief!
You would be wondering why God is doing nothing about these people, but He cannot intervene every time, the people in need are millions.
Marisa - Must I call you Joseph or Saint Joseph? Why don’t you send to these places the nine hundred thousand converted people? They are many, they help and do God’s will; they were saved thanks to prayers and sufferings, now they should give something. God’s will be done.
Saint Joseph - Little Marisa, the way you talk amazes me more and more every day. When I hear you talking to my beloved bride I smile behind her, for it is a show to see you talking with such simplicity and naivety.
Marisa - You say this too! But did I ever grow up in my life?
Saint Joseph - Be happy as you are, for happiness is waiting for you and you will have a great joy. My beloved children, if you are not able to do anything for these people, pray for them. Thank you.
Our Lady - Together with my and your bishop I bless you, your dear ones, your sacred items. I hold all of you tight in my heart and I cover you with my maternal mantle.
Go in the peace of God the Father, God the Son, God the Holy Spirit.
Praised be Jesus Christ.
Why are you so moved, little Marisa?
Marisa - Mainly I am moved for what I saw this morning.
Saint Joseph - Now listen to the Holy Mass on the radio.
Marisa - Is this God’s will too?
Saint Joseph - Yes, little Marisa, also this. The others should join the Holy Mass.
Marisa - Bye, Saint Joseph, may I give you a kiss? Is perhaps Our Lady jealous?
What I said! Have they heard me?

Rome, 27th May 2001, h.10:40 a.m. (Letter of God)
Marisa - Jesus, are you coming today as well? For today is the feast of Our Lady!
Jesus - I have come to celebrate Our Lady, your Mama and mine.
My beloved children, thank you for your attendance. It is your Jesus, it is my love that speaks to you. I thank you for everything you have prepared for my and your Mama, for the Mother of the Eucharist. Yes, it is true: the Immaculate opens the history and the Mother of the Eucharist closes the history. What a joy to see you here gathered to pray, especially in this month where we always recommended prayer, small and big sacrifices and fasting for the people who could do it. The purpose of it is to have men converted, not only Catholics, but also the members of all religions and all races. All of you must reach for the love of God, as He loves each of you. God loved all men, he did not make any difference between good and wicked people and He has given me, his Son, for all of you, completely. I died on the cross, I gave all my being and my body for each of you. Give some little gifts to me, to the Mother of the Eucharist, to all the angels, the saints and the saved souls all around me.
Live this day with all the love you can both in the sacred and profane things. I exhort you: let every action you do to be dictated by good manners, respect, humility and simplicity. You do not have to be great men, but you need simplicity, humility and serenity so that you may give serenity to those people who are being celebrated.
Marisa - I wish to offer this bunch of roses, Jesus. I don’t know if the bride ought to give it to the bridegroom, however I wish to offer it to you all the same.
Jesus - Give it to the Mama, for it is also her celebration.
Marisa - What does it mean? Shall I go on the altar to bring it to her?
Jesus - Maybe I am asking you too much, but someone could help you to climb the steps and bring the flowers up to the statue of the Mother of the Eucharist, Davide could be the one.
Then I will be giving you very important news that will make all of you happy. Be happy and enjoy as much as you can.
Now come, little Marisa, and bring the bouquet, as you call it, to Our Lady.
Marisa - You always wish us to do everything for the Mama and we do it too, always.
Jesus - Today God, in his letter, has nothing to say to you but to wish you a holy celebration. As I already told you yesterday evening, your sister has gone through a very intense night of passion. In this day dedicated to the celebration of the Mother of the Eucharist and to the enthronement of her statue, I declare that, due to the suffering, due to the small and big sacrifices of my two children and of those who prayed with all their love, you have reached one billion conversions.
(The gathered people applaud with joy and intone hallelujah songs to the Most Holy Trinity as a thanksgiving token)
This is the great announcement I have brought today to you. My beloved children, my little flock, you are not many, on the contrary, you are quite a few compared with those going to other shrines, yet, you have succeeded to convert in a short time one billion souls of every religion and race, not only Catholics. This is a great grace, it is a really great miracle that you attained one billion of converted people in your small way, with your humility and simplicity.
Marisa - Listen, Jesus: I am not even able to write it down, because sometime ago I knew the numbers, but now I really don’t.
Jesus - You write down one.
Marisa - One, then one, two, three zeros, one, two, three zeros, one, two, three zeros. And here I stop, I don’t know how to go on. Don Claudio?
Don Claudio - Correctly you spoke, so I think.
Marisa - He said he thinks I spelt the number correctly.
Jesus - It is not important if it was correctly said, the main point is that you understand you may attain great results when you want to, even in your small way: when you are at home, walking, at a party, at a supper or to cook around the stove, as my Mama used to do and taught your sister how to prepare the sauce.
Marisa - Please don’t mention all these details, or else it seems I am unable to do anything.
Jesus - Here is it: with your little actions you gave a lot to God the Father, God the Son, God the Holy Spirit. I know you wish to entrust all the souls who need my help, but do not worry, I already read in your heart and with my presence I have already blessed the small medals, I blessed each of you and above all the babies.
Marisa - Very well.
Jesus - Courage to all of you, my beloved children, keep on celebrating; clap your hands for the billion of converted souls.
Marisa - Jesus has gone away. Now the Mama of Heaven and earth has come.
Our Lady - I am here just to thank you. Together with my and your bishop I bless you. I exhort you to respect your bishop and priest, for there are no other priests who give their life for the souls. I bless you, your dear ones and your sacred items.
I hold you all tight in my heart and I cover you with my maternal mantle.
Go in the peace of God the Father, God the Son, God the Holy Spirit.
Praised be Jesus Christ.
As always I say it again and again: "Attend the Holy Mass and receive the Holy Communion as it were the last of your life. And you, Right Reverend Excellency, say the Holy Mass as it were the last of your life, even if I know you already do it, you know that every Mass of yours saves a soul".
Marisa - Bye. They all have gone away, Don Claudio. I didn’t know how to write one billion.
Don Claudio - Anyway you said it correctly.

Rome, 29th May 2001 - h.6:40 p.m. (Letter of God)
Our Lady - My beloved children, today, more than ever, you have grasped the importance of prayer and why you pray. Many priests, bishops, archbishops and cardinals are the same as the one who betrayed the Church. There are many of them, even if they make no noise for they are simple or not known. This archbishop is known all over the world and the situation is worrisome because everything may turn over and take away a lot of souls. To you I ask to pray for these souls, for these people that naively followed the man who was saying to be with God. Everything may change if he wants, just as you are able to come back to normality if the man who feels to be the president of Italian Episcopal Conference would change.
The world keeps on going bad, misfortunes continue to take place for a reason or another, hate and grudge increase. When there are souls who are good and docile, then they are slandered and defamed.
To you I ask the constant prayer, total abandonment to God and love to the One who created us.
What can I say more but to repeat again and again to pray, pray, pray for the souls?
Those souls who are more frightening and give more worries are the very souls who lived in contact with God and with men; these are the people who then betray with great ease. It is easier for a true sinner to convert than one of these people.
Pray for all those souls who followed this path and who now are not following it any longer.
Stay in the Church, stay with God.
Together with my and your bishop I bless you, your dear ones, your sacred articles. I hold you all inside my heart and I cover you with my maternal mantle.
Go in the peace of God the Father, God the Son, God the Holy Spirit.
Praised Jesus Christ.
I bless you, little Emanuele, together with your little cousins.
Marisa - Bye. She has gone away.

June 2001 Messages

Rome, 3rd June 2001 - h.10:35 a.m. (Letter of God)
Marisa - The three Persons of the Most Holy Trinity are present.
God the Holy Spirit - I, God the Holy Spirit, invite you to pray with me: Come Holy Spirit…
My beloved children, I am God the Holy Spirit, the Consoler and I send my wishes to you all as well. The great feast of the Holy Spirit is quite important; the Holy Spirit is not known like God the Father and God the Son, on the contrary, many fight and sin easily against Him. Invoke every day the Holy Spirit: "Come, Holy Spirit, Spirit of love, enlighten my mind, inflame my heart, strengthen my will"; it is such a short ejaculatory prayer that it takes only a few seconds to say it. You cannot figure out how many educated people, how many high prelates sin against the Holy Spirit and anyone sinning against the Holy Spirit commits a very serious sin. The Mother of the Eucharist said over and over again: "Receive my Son Jesus in a state of grace; whoever is not in order must not take Him, but first he must go to confession. When you receive Jesus in your heart, be silent, speak with Him, and try to listen to what He says. Through the Holy Spirit Jesus speaks to the pure, holy and graceful souls, because I, the Holy Spirit, shed the light. You have to ask for the seven gifts, they are very important.
Don’t sin against the Holy Spirit; your bishop has explained what means to sin against the Holy Spirit, but probably you do not remember it, because you take in a lot when you are on the spot, but, once you go out from here, you forget everything; this is not nice.
I, God the Holy Spirit, the consoling Spirit, Spirit of love, love you all, as the heavenly court, the angels and saints love you all.
Pray for the beatification of Pius XII and Paul VI; pray a lot, especially for Pius XII to whom many calumnies and many defamations were addressed, but also for him now starts the process of beatification; for this do call up the Holy Spirit, allow me to do my part as well. There are not only God the Father and God the Son, but God the Holy Spirit as well; there isn’t just the Mother of the Eucharist, but God the Holy Spirit as well; let me also do something and I will do great things for you.
Thanks and greetings to everybody. I invite you to celebrate on sunday June 10th with all your heart, in memory of the Eucharistic miracle that took place in the hands of your bishop during the Holy Mass; it is a very great miracle that never occurred in the history of the Church.
My beloved children, the month of June is full of feasts and unfortunately for someone every sunday will be busy. On June 29th you will be closing your social year and you will realize how much you are missing the bible meetings, the novenas, the vigils, gathering together and praying. Further on, God willing, in September everything will start again, it is up to you not to get lost during the summer season.
Bye, my beloved children, I go and I leave you with the Mama.
Our Lady - My beloved children, I, your Mama, have nothing to add to what God the Holy Spirit said, I have come to give you my motherly embrace and to hold you tightly in my heart.
Together with my and your Bishop I bless you, you dear ones, your sacred articles, and these little Madonnas present here. Little Marisa!
Marisa - This time I haven’t said anything and I haven’t thought of anything either.
Our Lady - I bless all the sacred articles you wear and the ones you keep in your handbags. I bless the children, even those who shout and scream.

Rome, 13th June 2001 - h.6:40 p.m. (Letter of God)
Saint Anthony - Little Marisa, as you always do when Jesus and Our Lady come, let us pray God the Father Almighty so that He may help all of you on Earth, especially all my brothers.
My beloved children, I am Saint Anthony. In order to be recognized I have to say: I am Anthony, declared saint. I worked much to earn the holiness, but above all to help the souls. You too may reach holiness if you put into practice what our Jesus and our Mother of the Eucharist have taught you. All around me are all the saints and all those people who have been beatified recently. Haven’t you recognized me, little Marisa?
I know you are smiling for reasons that only we two know; here next to me there is also Padre Pio who is looking and smiling at you. He knows that you are suffering the passion, which will last till sunday, then it will start again on monday, until we manage to save the men of the Church. Together with you there are other souls who pray, they offer to Jesus some small sacrifices and do adoration, but they are really a few. Since you all have started the eucharistic adoration, as Jesus and the Our Lady have asked, also several parishes have started adoration. Do you remember when quite sometime ago your bishop said: "When I will have my own church, there will be a twenty-four hour eucharistic adoration"? Well, even this idea has been pilfered from him; the bishop says many beautiful things that are pilfered by great and little priests, but do not worry about this, the main point is that there is conversion of souls and, as our Jesus and our Mother of the Eucharist said, people keep on praying and adoration is done more and more. You must think of loving the souls.
The letter of God is short, but important; by now everything is based on love, adoration and prayer; only through all this conversions arrive.
Be happy, because you are on the right path, even if sometimes someone falls, but the main point is to raise again and return at once to Jesus and call for help; as Jesus and Our Lady say the main point is to love, not to stand out, not to grow proud, not to play the peacock. Those people who say to know everything, when receive a small rebuke they burst with pride and touchiness and this is bad, because it does not allow walking.
I retire together with the other saints and I leave the place to the Mother of the Eucharist.
Our Lady - My beloved children, thanks for your attendance. Even if you are just a few, strengthen your prayer for those people who do not come here and do not pray.

Rome, 16th June 2001 - h.6:45 p.m. (Letter of God)
Jesus - My beloved children, thank you for your attendance. Today is the eve of the feast of Corpus Domini, even if the Church has moved it to sunday. I wish that, in this eve that is ending, you would keep on praying for the people in need; pray while always living in a state of grace. You know how many times the Mama said: "Whoever does not live in a state of grace has the demon within", but this applies only to the people who know the gospel and attended the bible meetings: because those who did not know the gospel and to whom nobody taught how to love Me, Jesus, they cannot have the demon, because they have no responsibility. The demon goes into those people who know Me and the gospel and sin consciously; the demon throws them headlong in a very deep abyss from where it is hard to raise up again, if they do not have humility, simplicity and honesty to listen to the man to whom was entrusted the mission by God to speak to the souls, who had the gift to penetrate into the heart, who was ordained bishop by God. You cannot figure out how many people call up because they need a priest who follows them, who listens to them, but they do not find him. There are good priests, even if it is not easy to meet them. I know where you can find the priest who follows you with sweetness, steadiness and even hardness when needed. If he wants to save the souls the priest has to be strong, hard and sweet in the same time. Therefore if someone is not in a state of grace and knows the holy gospel, because has followed the bible meetings, has the demon within. But whoever lives in a state of grace, whoever receives Me, Jesus, will not let the demon get in, the demon who is always ready, hanging around and wandering round and about in order to penetrate the souls. See that this never happens, because you cannot understand the joy of relishing the Heaven.
The Saints - All of us in Heaven are happy, we love each other and love. The blood Jesus shed He shed it also for us, we gathered it and guarded in our heart in order to go up to Heaven and enjoy God forever.
Marisa - Are you speaking altogether? Excuse me, Jesus, but they spoke altogether and I could not understand.
Jesus - Yes, they speak altogether, because they have known the gospel, they put it into practice, they loved the Eucharist. Look at Saint Tarsicius and all the saints who loved the Eucharist. These babies who died before taking the Eucharist, today they bring it forth in their hands, triumphant and give glory to God the Father, God the Holy Spirit and Me, God the Son. I am man-God; as a man I suffered and just as a man, when I come on Earth my heart bleeds for the sins of men.
Help each other with prayer, but the prayers of those not in a state of grace do not reach Me. You must help one another and, as in this moment the saints give glory to God, so you too can give glory to God. Until you will be on Earth, you will have some difficult moments, some moments of weakness, but it is enough to pick yourselves up, run to confess begging forgiveness and approach the Eucharist. Make a true, sincere and simple confession.
When your sister was little and did some little mischief, she ran to the priest, took him by the arm and pulled him and asked to confess her: they were only child imperfections, they were not sins. You too must do like that, run to a priest, take him by the arm and say to him: "Father, confess me, because I have sinned and I want to live in a state of grace, I want live with Jesus".
Marisa - Jesus is going away.
Our Lady - I am your Mama; what my Son Jesus said is very important. Jesus and I speak with simplicity to all the people; it is not necessary for you to have studied a lot to understand God. Jesus speaks with much simplicity, I speak to you with much simplicity; in the letters there are not big words from illustrious theologians or from expert mariologists.
I beg you about tomorrow, do what your bishop will say you and pray, pray a lot. You know that to attain a second billion it requires a great deal of time, a lot of prayer and a lot of suffering. I am with you all.
Do not worry, Little Marisa, we always help you, when you endure the passion.
Marisa - Thank you.

Rome, 21st June 2001 - h.6:50 p.m. (Letter of God)
Our Lady - Praise be Jesus Christ, my beloved children, the Mama is speaking to you. Jesus is moved for the meditations you did. You gave the best you could give, speaking about the holy gospel, about Jesus. It is a great joy listening to souls who prepare themselves to talk to Jesus. You have presented your meditations with humility and simplicity, thank you for the love you show to Jesus.
The Mama invites you to pray for Carol who will receive my Son Jesus in her heart on sunday. She has come here from Sweden to receive Jesus, because they don’t have a priest who guides them; she is not italian, but she is one of you. When she will receive my Son Jesus in her heart, pray for this creature, for her family, for all those who are searching for love and someone who guides them to holiness.
In this moment Jesus is praying and He is happy, because you have given a great present to Him. Who is Jesus praying for? For all those who are in need. But you don’t have to take advantage and ask more remissions, because He can’t give them, otherwise prayers, sacrifices, acts of mortification, love and sufferings would come to an end. Jesus doesn’t need all this, He can do it all by Himself, but since He loves you, He invites you to work at his harvest with Him, so you work with Him and for Him.
Many souls need prayers, I am speaking about souls all over the world, of any religion or race, good or bad, it is not important. If all priests spoke properly to the souls, oh how many graces would be achieved! How much joy, how much happiness in Heaven and Earth! Unfortunately the work for the souls leaves much to be desired, for this reason I invite you to keep on praying and adoring. The greatest prayer is the adoration before Jesus the Eucharist, especially before the Eucharist that bled for all men.
June is coming to an end, how many gifts Jesus has given to you! How many beautiful sentences, full of love, of peace, of joy He prononunced! When He speaks to everybody, everybody listens in his own way, but everybody must make an examination of his conscience.
I am looking at my Jesus who keeps on praying with the face ruled by sorrow, also your bishop’s face is ruled by sorrow, but he has much joy, much love and he wants to save souls very much. This morning in Kenia he baptized at least five hundred souls. He baptized, spoke about Jesus and sowed the words of the holy gospel. What a joy is to see a so great love!
Jesus is opening his arms and rising his eyes towards the heavenly Father is praying: Our Father…
My beloved children, thank you for your attendance, your love, your meditations. Attend this Holy Mass for all the children who die of hunger, for the mothers and all the sick. Do adoration, do adoration, do adoration. Have you noticed that your example has arrived to the television? Now on TV they broadcast first the holy rosary and then the eucharistic adoration. How long have you been setting this example? Everybody get from here, this should give you joy; your example let also the others do the adoration; this makes my Son Jesus happy.
Best wishes, Carol, best wishes to all of you who have done this adoration in silence.
Marisa - Bye. How beautiful is to see Jesus praying!
Don Claudio - Let’s take example from Him.
Marisa - Dear me, he was really very beautiful. He has not spoken, He has just prayed.
Don Claudio - The example is as important as the word.

Rome, 29th June 2001 - h.10:40 a.m. (Letter of God)
Jesus - Aren’t you excited when singing the Magnificat to my and your Mama? I believe that there is some excitement in you and your Jesus understands and appreciates everything. Before me are kneeling those people who were ordained, one year ago, extraordinary ministers of the Eucharist, from the older to the younger ones, and if some of you thinks he is not in order, it is not true. You, my dear little children, are all in order, and you may celebrate the first year since you have become extraordinary ministers. You brought me with you, you brought the Eucharist to the sick people and to the ones who were unable to come to church. You have to rejoice if your Jesus tells you that all of you are in the condition to be extraordinary ministers and to bring me to the souls in need.
My wishes are for all of you, but it is natural that the greatest wishes go to my and your bishop for his second year of episcopate, lived among struggles and sufferings, among joys and pain. This entails the earthly life: suffering and joy; the joy to give to the others, the joy to help the souls, the joy to have been ordained bishop by God. Who after Peter and the apostles was ordained bishop by God? I have next to me Peter and Paul; and as you often say, Little Marisa, they are beautiful. If you turn around you see that in Heaven everybody is beautiful, we are all beautiful; you will be the same if you will keep on walking, step by step, towards holiness.
You know better than Me that there is no age to die, one may die at any time, at any hour and at any age, hence you have to be always ready to reach holiness. Isn’t it, Peter and Paul?
Marisa - Yes, they smile. They were two scoundrels, then they became saints, we too are now scoundrels and later we may become saints.
Jesus - My wishes, Most Reverend Excellency, go to you for all the love you have towards the souls. Someone is singing for you. Children sing and keep on singing, they run around Me and give glory. I am here with all the children, the angels, saints and saved souls. Little Marisa, did you want to know about Emilio? Emilio is here!
Marisa - Emilio? Who? Doctor Prisco’s son?
Jesus - All the saved people, also those who died in these latter times, are here with me. There is my and your Mama, there is my daddy who in the books is called putative father. This name doesn’t appeal to Me either, I prefer to call him Daddy, as I have called him since I was a baby.
My dear children here present, love your bishop, even if sometimes you make him somewhat… and he wants you to remove the carpet during Mass for it is dirty; this must not happen. The altar where my body is laid must always be tidy, clean, in order. These are not recommendations that are up to Me, man-God, to make, because sometimes even my and your Mama has reprimanded you about this.
Are you aware that even for the flower expenses the providence never failed? Hence all must be tidy, clean, and if someone is not able to come for cleaning he must tell somebody else. Is the little chapel small? Do you want the Mother of the Eucharist’s big church? And what do we do if you don’t clean it? Should we pull it down?
Marisa - I did not see the carpet, however if His Excellency has done what he has done it means that it was really dirty.
Jesus - The bishop wants the church and the altar to be tidy and this is right; for where my body comes to rest everything must be neat, clean and in order.
I don’t want to dwell any further, I have the joy to wish you all to have a nice feast, to His Excellency Monsignor Claudio and to all the extraordinary ministers as well. I say it again: you are in order for the celebration of the first anniversary of extraordinary ministers.
I take the babies and retire leaving the place to my Mama.
Marisa - Is He going away? Doesn’t He say anything to me?
Our Lady - My beloved children, it is your Mama talking to you; put into practice what Jesus said.
Don’t cry, little Marisa, why are you so moved?
Marisa - I don’t know, I am worried about so many things.
Our Lady - Do not worry. Thanks to the lady who was able to skilfully paint the picture.
Thanks to all of you for what you are doing for this church, for this basilica. I am not going to say again what Jesus said, anyway the carpet was really dirty.
Marisa - That’s all right, that’s enough for now.
Our Lady - I say it as your Mama, to bolster your spirit high. Do what Jesus said. Peter and Paul were standing next to me, they admire you and admire the strength your bishop has in order to bring forth this mission all alone, so hard fought by the men of the Church, so hidden because they do not want to understand it. He has got all of you near him, a little flock that in spite of everything loves him so much.
(The present children sing and play)
Do you see the children, as in their own way they give glory to God and are happy and pleased? At times they cry, at times they sing. You must do like that as well, become children again, do not look at the age; I reached a nice age too, but in the spiritual field we are all young, all beautiful if so you wish, but you must always live in God’s grace and then the age does not matter, isn’t it granny Iolanda? You must be just united with Jesus, pray, love, love a lot, as you have done during this novena where you have been really good, for this you deserve the conversion of two billion soul. You must not settle down, you know that the final rush is always quite difficult for anything, get down to it; I am not saying you have to do novenas and adorations all the time, for you would get tired, however it is better if you do it.
Marisa - You always say not to do it, however if we do it is better, and you lead us in troubles because what must one do? Do you allow us to go and have a bit of rest now?
Our Lady - Yes, but you have to do what the physician said, keep it in mind!
Marisa - I do what the physician said, I have to obey all the time to everybody in any case!
Our Lady - Cheer up, congratulations to the extraordinary ministers; as Jesus said you all are in grace in order to celebrate this anniversary. Best wishes to my beloved bishop, His Excellency Monsignor Claudio, wishes and thanks for all that you do for the Church, for the souls, in concealment, in silence, as Jesus wills, for it is in this way that souls are saved, in concealment and silence.
Marisa - Don’t they speak?
Our Lady - They had no permission from God.
Marisa - The saints are so ugly in the small holy pictures while they are really beautiful in Heaven. Moreover they aren’t short, they are tall.
Our Lady - Children enjoy so much when they play together! Isn’t it Jacopo? Why aren’t you no longer sending the kiss to the Little Madonna? You are grown up, while Samuele and Emanuele are still small, but they sing just as good.
Thanks to everybody for the novena that you did for my son Jesus. Did you see that when you want, you know how to give, you know how to do, and in a short time you have attained two billion of converted souls? Keep this number firmly in your mind, it is very important.
My dear children, I know that today you celebrate also the closing of the social year; assimilate in your heart what you heard, read during the summer season, even on vacation, some of the Gospel. Were you aware that the child was reading the Gospel to the children the other day? Do the same, do not be ashamed, it is a trifle to read a page from the Gospel, in this manner you may store up more and more, and who knows if in September you will be more capable than your bishop?
Don Claudio - If only it were true!
Marisa - Jesus always places the words inside him, and out of every word of the Gospel he makes a poem. When he says: "Do you have anything to say?". What are going to say?
Our Lady - It is fine, then have a nice feast for the closing of the social year. Do the brotherly agape, be it really a brotherly one, I beg you! Celebrate in good harmony as far as you are able to, for among you there is someone with spiritual sorrows, someone with physical aches, someone with both of them, however to have a smile for everybody is nice and gives joy. Be glad and rejoice in the name of the Lord.
Together with my and your bishop I bless this ring that you, Don Claudio, shall wear on your finger, always, and because of this they will know that you are the bishop of the Mother of the Eucharist.
Come on, Little Marisa, put it on the bishop’s finger.
Marisa - I am ashamed of me.
Our Lady - I bless you all, I bless the children and I send a kiss to all the present children. I keep all of you tight in my heart and I cover you with my maternal mantle. Go in the peace of God the Father, God the Son, God the Holy Spirit. Praised be Jesus Christ. A good Holy Mass to you all and best wishes again to you all.
Marisa - Bye-Bye.

July 2001 Messages

Roseto degli Abruzzi (TE), 15th July 2001 - 7:00 p.m. (Letter of God)
Our Lady - It is important to sing the hymn of love, but loving is more important. Today, for you, there is in Heaven a great feast that no man on Earth can understand. I thank you for all the sacrifices that you have done in order to come and celebrate our two little children much beloved by God. They are carrying a very big burden on their shoulders.
To say thank you seems almost to say nothing, but it says everything. Thank you very much, thank you because you are all present.
This morning I did the counting of how many souls converted during these thirty years that my two little children lived together, with plenty of sacrifice, love and suffering. I said Filippo had to do the counting, but he was not present. Two graduated engineers are now present.
Marisa - Yes, but they are not good at numbers.
Our Lady - I said what I had to say. We attained a good number of converted souls, thanks, above all, to the two of you, for in these years you have given a lot to the souls and you never strutted, nor you grew proud, nor you tried to stand out: you always remained in silence and concealment. I said in a letter of God that every time you celebrate the H. Mass, my beloved Bishop, you save a soul. During your trips, during your wandering from town to town and from nation to nation, you saved many souls by sowing rosaries and prayers everywhere. Today you are on holiday, so to speak, but who understands what you are suffering and what you are enduring? I don’t want to talk to you always about suffering, but also about joy, even if sometimes it seems difficult to see it, in both the two of you, my dear children and in the youth. They too are sorely tried by examinations, by the work and by many other sufferings and worries. I know it is hard at times to bow your head and say: "Yes, my God, I do everything for You". But these two jewels of mine did it, even if they grumbled, puffed, wept and almost rebelled. Then they went on because love wins everything.
Remember that to attain three billion conversions is something, but those people who still have to convert are, I dare to say, the worse men that are on Earth. It is time then to increase prayers and sacrifices. Everywhere you are, pray and offer everything to the Lord; He will be the one to decide when the time will come, in the same way as He decided for Teresa for whom you, Little Marisa, prayed so much and as He decides for many other people; if it is God’s will the grace will arrive, but He is the only one to decide when.
I have no words to thank you once again for what you have been doing today and that you will keep on doing. Even if you are far away one from the other, keep on praying and above all keep on loving each other. Unfortunately in this great feast there are some little clouds going around: if you have received much, you have to give as well; you cannot only receive. What leaves to be desired is the insincerity, the lie and the need to stand out and grow proud in some of you; I will repeat endlessly that unfortunately even among you these things happen. I wish that little by little you will understand that you must be sincere, loyal, always say the truth, even if sometimes it may cause great sufferings. I repeat once again that the parents are not the ones begetting you, but those who love you, who bring you forth and give all their love just to help you. This applies to those people who love my Son Jesus who now comes down in your midst with God the Father and God the Holy Spirit.
Glory to the Father to the Son and to the Holy Spirit…
Here the Trinity is present to bless you, my dear little children.
Jesus - I, Jesus, will be in a short while in your midst during the H. Mass and I will go into the Bishop; he and I form one thing only, because love is great, love cements. I bless the babies and allow Me to bless grandmother Iolanda who with a burden and suffering that you could not understand, keeps on sowing prayers on Earth for the two dear little children of mine. The Church relies on her too, just the same as it relies on you all as well, in a light manner for some and somewhat heavier for others. For this is God’s will.
Marisa - Yes, I understand.
Our Lady - Let children sing, remember that they never bother, the adults are the ones who bother. Today I must thank Iolanda too, she puts herself out to help you celebrate and Giovanni who, in silence and concealment, tries to give all the time. All of you have given something, one way or another. Your bishop has given all of himself for you. I know you don’t want me to say it, little Marisa, but you also have given all of yourself for your young people, for the little babies and for so many suffering souls. You always entrust me everybody, even if you don’t know them and God appreciates it very much.
Marisa - I wanted to understand if we got to three billion.
Our Lady - All your effort of these thirty years is such that you attained three billion conversions, but what is left is the most difficult part, the most compromising, for the great men not only won’t convert, but try to destroy those people who converted. Today we have attained three billion conversions.
Marisa - What are we supposed to do for the others who are left?
Our Lady - You know that even in the small earthly things whatever is left is always harder and more difficult. Now is the moment to strengthen your prayer because those people who must still convert are the hardest. Among them there are mainly those people celebrating the H. Mass, just because they have to do it and are not in God’s grace and those people who receive Jesus not in a state of grace.
Marisa - But then what must we do?
Our Lady - Go on, the Church lays on your Bishop’s shoulders, the visionary’s, grandmother Iolanda’s and all of you, some more and some less. There is somebody who can give more and somebody less, but everybody tries, in a way or another, to help this poor Church, where it seems there are many souls, but if those people celebrating the H. Mass do not believe…
I would like to send an embrace to Jacopo, to Samuele and to Emanuele, for God loves the babies very much, his babies.
My dear children, time runs fast and you have to go back home; word of thanks from all the Heaven for what you have been doing. Enjoy these three billion conversions that were attained mainly thanks to the bishop and the visionary. But you don’t know that the half of conversions of this latter time are on the shoulders of a 95 year-old lady, for what she has done and for how much she has suffered. My wishes go to everybody because the feast is for everybody, in Heaven, as it is here among you.
During your way home, keep on praying, talk and give glory to God the Father, God the Son and God the Holy Spirit.
Together with my and your bishop, I bless you, your dear ones, the children and your sacred articles. I hold all of you tight in my heart and I cover you with my maternal mantle.
Marisa - Altogether they are blessing…
Our Lady - Go in the peace of God the Father, God the Son, God the Holy Spirit. Praised be Jesus Christ.