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Social Year: 1999-2000

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God's messages are translated by a member of the community, who is not a professional translator. H.E. Mons. Claudio Gatti has recognized the supernatural origin of the apparitions (Decree of 9/14/2000), but he has given the ecclesiastical approval only to the messages in italian, because he is not responsible for errors involuntarily made by the translator.

September 1999 Messages

Rome, 14th September 1999, h.11:50 p.m. (message of Our Lady)

Marisa: "Are you also celebrating our Bishop?".

Our Lady: "My beloved sons, God chose your priest and ordained him Bishop. In the history of the Church it’s the first time that God gives the same great gift to your priest, after having ordained Bishops St. Peter and the Apostles.

My son Jesus said: "For years and years you have been under the moggio, now that’s enough, I ordain you Bishop and I give you all powers".

For Don Claudio it won’t be easy to carry on his episcopate, because the world doesn’t want to understand that God can do whatever He wants and in every moment.

God gave the episcopate to Don Claudio, because, only as Bishop, he can accept and bear all the difficulties and he can carry on the great mission which is known only by Us of the Heaven, by the Bishop and the visionary, my two creatures.

The secrets which your sister keeps are very heavy for her and very difficult for the Bishop. Look around yourselves: God elects the Bishop, God ordains him without asking for his permission, but where are his brothers? Where are those who always received a good word by this simple and humble Bishop, but great before our eyes?

The Bishop is on the cross like Jesus, but the cross gives joy and saves the men who want to be saved.

The cross can be suffering, but it gives you the salvation for eternal life. Hail cross, hurrah for the cross.

The first great Eucharistic miracle took place in 1995 and it repeated in the following years.

In 1998 the Eucharist poured out blood, because the heart of my son Jesus exploded of love for all the men of the Earth.

Maybe you have not yet realized that the triumph of the Eucharist has begun for a long time, just like the purification, that continues yet. Man is silent, man doesn’t convert his heart, because going a way with God is difficult, but you, who went this way, go on, convert your hearts, don’t come back. The "Yes" you said to Jesus, let it be for ever. You must not fear. The Mother never told you that you will enjoy, She always told you that you will suffer, but suffering is also joy, it is love; this is the planet Earth.

Sometimes people who don’t believe are better than people who believe. The man who says he believes, causes sufferings. Someone keeps on sending forward other people to do evil, to throw stones, as you know well. Yes, I will tell your sister how things have gone and she will report it to H. E. the Bishop, only to him.

Unfortunately the great men behave like this: they hide themselves and send forward the little men. Marisella, you thought that this was the last Satan’s stroke. No, this is the stroke of those people who try to destroy you. You were a little frightened, but everything passed away. Not those people who threw stones fell into sin, but those people who sent them. Enjoy this feast, enjoy the new Bishop and love him, like you repeated in your prayers, because he loves all of you, like Jesus and I love all of you.

Take the cross made by the young people and give it to the Bishop. Stand up, Marisella, take the cross".

Marisa: "Yes, but what does it mean?".

Our Lady: "Do what the Mother tells you".

Marisa: "OK, I have given it to the Bishop".

Our Lady: "Well, you cross must be like this: a cross with many flowers that perfume, that give joy and help you to go on. It is not a heavy cross, a dark cross, but a cross of light, of flowers, of love, of scent. Each one of you has to carry the cross with all the joy, even in the difficulties and adversities of life. This newly-ordained Bishop won’t be accepted, I said this many times and out of envy and jealousy he will suffer much and will arrive to say: "Why can’t God, my All, do what He likes? Who are you to oppose God". Priests, bishops, cardinals, theologians, everybody will have something to say against Don Claudio, especially those who don’t love the Eucharist. On the contrary, those who aren’t good, will fear and will be silent. This is the real cross; the cross adorned with flowers, the cross that gives joy. Those who had this idea, this thought, have understood that the cross with flowers is joy.

This desert will burst into flower.

No, Marisella, the Bishop must raise the cross.

My beloved sons, enjoy not only this moment, but every day of your life. Help the Bishop, pray for him. If somebody has yet something inside that goes wrong, because he doesn’t behave well, let him ask for pardon and go on. Love each other, be united one with the other, don’t make small groups, but love the Bishop altogether and give glory to God the Father, to God the Son, to God the Holy Spirit. I give my best wishes to the little Jacopo who is four today and he arrives fourth, as I said yesterday evening. First there is the exaltation of the cross, the Eucharistic miracle, the election to the Episcopate and then the little Jacopo. Best wishes by the Mother, Jacopo, best wishes to you.

Best wishes to grandmother Jolanda, who keeps on suffering in that bed of sorrow day and night.

Best wishes to you all and thank you for your presence here.

With my and your Bishop, I bless you, your dear ones, your sacred articles. I bring you all tight to my heart and I cover you with my maternal mantle.

Go in the peace of God the Father, God the Son and God the Holy Spirit.

Praise be Jesus Christ.

Best wishes and have a good Holy Mass".

Marisa: "Bye, bye. She has gone".

Don Claudio: "Are you pleased?".

Marisa: "And you?".

Don Claudio: "Yes, I am".

Marisa: "Even if stones were thrown to us?".

Don Claudio: "Also to Jesus they tried to throw stones".

Rome, 19th September 1999, h.10:40 a.m. (message of Our Lady)

Marisa: "When can I say this? Surely you are not as smiling as on the 14th; your sadness is also ours.

Can I recommend you all the people who asked for your help? But today I would like to recommend to you all the intentions of the Bishop, which are ours and also yours. Until here anything doesn’t arrive, we all will be sad".

Our Lady: "So, dear Marisella, what do we do with the 6500000 converted souls? Doesn’t this make you happy? I am suffering for a very serious personal situation and you know which it is, Marisella. You have not spoken not to let the Bishop suffer, now it is the time to speak".

Marisa: "Listen, can I make a maternal warning to you? When you speak about my personal matters, say them only to me".

Our Lady: "Thank you for the maternal warning, Marisella, I refer what God tells me. You know that it is God who sends me, who says: "Go to my thaumaturgical place, bring my message" and I come".

Marisa: "But doesn’t God ever give you the message that we are waiting for? Why is God thinking yet? And when He thinks, how is He?".

Our Lady: "Now I make a maternal reproach to you, Marisella: tell me these things when we two are alone. My beloved sons, thank you for your presence here. You are very few, notwithstanding here there have been the greatest miracles, God told me that many people don’t come because the place is small, because there is not the possibility of leaning down and eating, because there is nothing, so they have not understood that the place is thaumaturgical, because is present Jesus the Eucharist who bled. They keep on looking for the best for themselves and they put God in the second place. Then many complain because the Mother repeats herself. But how can’t I repeat myself if they always put God in the second place? God calls some souls and asks them to suffer for the conversion of sinners; they truly suffer. Many wonder: "Who is God?". Do you know which is the answer? "God is the one who gives me a job, he is my boss, the one who gives me to eat". None of these people truly understand who God is. God, who created man, is not understood, only in the moment of need they address My All, because - they say - God understands, God is merciful. So they invoke God continuously.

My beloved sons, by now I have given, I have brought you many messages and if you gathered them, you would make a poem, all that the great poets wrote, because it is the great God’s poem. Read the messages again very slowly, beginning from the Catchesis of God up to the latest messages, read again the passages of the Eucharistic miracle and the latest ones about the Episcopate, there is everything: from the Sign of the Cross to living in a state of grace, to receiving Jesus the Eucharist in a state of grace.

It harms us of Paradise very much that also some priests don’t teach the creatures, to the repentants, how to live in a state of grace, to receive Jesus the Eucharist in a state of grace, because some of them don’t believe in the Real Presence after communion and others don’t believe in it also during the consecration. This is the true reason for many people don’t come, because they are asked to live in a state of grace. You, who have been going this way for a long time, never betray Jesus. You, the grown-ups, have not yet said: "I said yes", like the young people, because there has not been time yet.

I invite you to respect the time-schedules, because if you arrive late everything is shifted and the Holy Mass can’t be celebrated speedly because it is late. No, the Holy Mass must be celebrated with calm, with meditation and gathering. Mass can’t be celebrated speedly, songs, prayers and the offertorial procession can’t be shortened because it is late. It is up to you, my beloved sons, to arrive in time. If it is said that the meeting begins at 9:15, why should it be shifted to 9:25, 9:30? Come at 9:15, so the Bishop will end the catechesis in time and you will begin the Rosary, then you will take part in the apparition and finally in the Holy Mass. Those who have family must be respected, also those who must cook, because you eat, don’t you?".

Marisa: "Do you also eat? Not now, but before you did".

Our Lady: "So I tell you it truly like a mother: respect the time-schedules, don’t drag the time-schedules. Also when there is the daily Mass, it begins at 6:30 p.m., why do you arrive at 6:35? Do you truly need those five minutes? When you arrive to an important party you arrive early, at least to have the first places, why do you arrive to Jesus late? Why don’t you race to arrive early? If you arrive before Jesus five minutes earlier, you pray alone. You shouldn’t arrive late and then do eveything in a hurry and say: "The Mass is too long"; this is not beautiful.

My beloved sons, am I or not your Mother? I speak to you like a Mother, I am the mother of Jesus and you mother.

Try to assimilate what I say, my words are very simple, suitable for everybody, I don’t use the difficult words of the vocabolary to show that I know everything, I speak like you, in a simple manner, because simplicity is a very beautiful virtue that together with humility leads you to holiness.

Best wishes to everybody, best wishes to you, Excellency, I know that maybe the most difficult period of you life begins, but we are close to you even if you have to run to the hospital for any reason. You always run, first you ran with your bag to the Vicariate, today you run from a hospital to an other. You will say: do I exercise my Episcopate this way? Yes, also this way, because your sister is very ill and you support her with love and you help grandmother Iolanda with much love. What you do for grandmother Iolanda is not done by anybody. You and Selenia, nobody else. Grandmother Iolanda is in great need, because she suffers much".

Marisa: "Listen, if your mother had suffered much, would you have removed her suffering?".

Our Lady: "No, Marisella, on the human point of view, no.

My beloved sons, I recommend you to participate in the Holy Mass as if it was the last of your life and don’t be in a hurry, because I have noticed that when you say to be in a hurry and the Mass is long, then you go out and speak. Someone does it. God sees everything and He has given to me also the joy of seeing everything, of knowing everything, so I see also these things".

Marisa: "So do you know also when the moment will arrive? I am tired of waiting, the 16th is near. OK, let us not speak anymore about it, let’s trust in God. God won’t betray us; we try to put God in the first place, as much as we can, because we are human, as you said. So we do our best to put God in the first place, but can God put us in the second place? I don’t know if it is right, but you understand everything, so you will understand also me. And today I need a very great help and you know why. You must help me very much, because the mission is very difficult. Please, let me feel well, otherwise I won’t be able to speak. Smile!".

Our Lady: "My beloved sons, there is someone who doesn’t respect the Bishop, who doesn’t respect the Bishop continuously, in everything. Respect, love, help him.

Together with my and your Bishop I bless you, your dear ones and your sacred articles.

I bring you all tight to my heart and I cover you with my maternal mantle.

All those who are leaving have a nice trip".

Marisa: "You are concerned with everything, but you don’t tell us what we want to know".

Our Lady: "Marisella, now be quiet.

Go in the peace of God the Father, God the Son, God the Holy Spirit.

Praise be Jesus Christ".

Marisa: "Do you like my voice? Can I tell you this? Thank you.

OK. Bye, bye, please help me. Bye, bye.

Don Claudio, I don’t succeed in letting her tell me when everything will happen".

Don Claudio: "The moment will come".

Marisa: "I don’t succeed in letting her say anything".

Don Claudio: "She will speak at the right moment".

Marisa: "No, She is impish, come on, let’s say it. Can I say She is impish?".

October 1999 Messages

Rome, 2nd October 1999, h.5:40 p.m. (message of Our Lady)

Marisa: "Well, I have many things to tell you. You read inside my heart and you know all the difficulties, the sufferings, the accusations, you know everything. Sometimes we ask you with our heart broken in two: "Which is God’s will?". What else shall we do to have the reward, not for us, but for all those who love you, who love Jesus. What shall we do?

You told us to be happy, to sing, but it is very difficult.

I had asked you to let me feel good on the 16th, I asked you it with all my heart and I notice that also this help has not been yet given to me. I don’t ask you anything else. You know our intentions".

Our Lady: "Now I speak for you, Marisella".

Marisa: "You always say that we shall talk, but this talk is not done. You are right, man doesn’t answer, man doesn’t believe in the Eucharist, but what else can we do?".

Our Lady: "You did much, very much and you have received many slanders and defamations. The great men speak about the Eucharist out of spite against you and to show that I, the Mother of the Eucharist, don’t appear here; they can’t show this. Instead you can show that the Eucharist truly appeared and was brought here. They try to show that the messages are not authentic because speak about the Eucharist and they get together to speak about the Eucharist.

These are very difficult and hard moments. The purification continues, accidents, earthquakes, hurricanes continue, many things are happening in the world. You should thank God that your beautiful Italy is not yet touched. But attention: woe betide those who keep on mocking God. The purification will arrive all over the world, in different ways, you are yet under God’s wings.

I have asked God to give you that peace and serenity that each man needs. But those men who keep on despising his fellow creature, who keep on slandering and defaming, killing his sons and parents, they can’t expect anything good. Even if in this moment it seems that you are a failure, you have not failed. The proof is great especially for you two, my beloved little children, the proof is a painful torture. But is it God or the people who are next to you, the priests and the nuns who enjoy speaking ill, who get together to speak ill, who cause your sufferings? I don’t speak ill of my priests, I give maternal warnings because they are all my favourite sons. If these maternal warnings are not accepted, they will never have God on their side.

Last Sunday I spoke about the rotten apple and the withered flowers; anyone with ears in his head can hear that! You shouldn’t wonder who it is, it is enough to make a conscience examination. But what leaves much to be desired, I will repeat it for ever, is charity towards the neighbour, love towards the neighbour; this is the most serious sin, this is an offence to God and man. Lacking charity, not loving the brother is a serious sin".

Marisa: "It is not easy. I speak to you as Marisa: I forgive those who have caused sufferings to us, but I don’t feel to love them, so am I sinning seriously?".

Our Lady: "No, Marisella, I don’t mean this. I am speaking about man who causes sufferings voluntarily, who knows that doing some actions, he lacks charity voluntarily; enjoying the sufferings of the brother is a serious sin.

I know your situation, it is not understood by everybody, it is not understood by those who don’t live with you. But he who has lived with you for some days, he knows very well how is lacked charity towards you, how the Bishop is mocked, how the Bishop is disobeyed, how the Bishop is not respected. Let’s put on one side the priest and the Bishop; respect man. Learn how to respect man, anyone he is: christian or not christian, practising or not practising, all of them are God’s creatures. Thank you.

With my and your Bishop I bless you, your dear ones, your sacred articles.

I bless you, grandmother Jolanda I wish you all the best from Paradise. And thanks for the sufferings that you offer for the men, for the conversion of priests, for the Church. Thank you, grandmother Jolanda, your holiness and your martyrdom are agreeable to God and the men. I send you my motherly kiss. And best wishes again.

I bring you all tight to my heart and I cover you with my maternal mantle.

Go in the peace of God the Father, God the Son, God the Holy Spirit.

Praise be Jesus Christ".

Marisa: "I haven’t told you anything, but you can read inside.

And then let this marriage be celebrated as we like. Bye, bye.

She has gone away".

March 2000 Messages

Rome, 9th March 2000, h. 5:40 p.m. (letter of God brought by Our Lady)

Marisa: "Thanks, Mary, for your coming. I recommend you all the sick people, in particular today I want to recommend you all the priests, from the Pope to the most little priest, as you say; all the consecrated souls and all the visionaries, we are not like you want us to be, but we will do our best to love more and more Jesus the Eucharist".

Our Lady: "My beloved sons, thank you for your presence here. Today it is the great feast of your priest, but especially, as your bishop says, it is the feast of priesthood; each priest should celebrate the feast of priesthood. Jesus said: "I am in you, Don Claudio and you are in Me", it is the same for all the priests who live in a state of grace. When God gives me his letter, He just tells me to help you, to teach you to love, to forgive, to live in a state of grace every day of your life.

I see that you are living well the great trial of God and this makes the heart of my son Jesus happy and my heart too.

When I told you: celebrate the priest, make a great feast, I meant especially the spiritual feast: the Holy Mass the Holy Communion, the prayer, some sacrifices, some acts of mortification. On last Sunday I told you about the act of mortification of the cigarette; it is very simple to make it for love of the priesthood, to let the souls called by God convert truly. God keeps on asking for the conversion.

Sometimes God asks and sometimes He orders and says: "I want you to be bishop, I want you to celebrate the Holy Mass, I want you to celebrate all the sacraments. When God says: "I want", a beautiful soul answers: "Yes; yes, my God, I am all for you; totus tuus, I am all yours. When God asks for permission to do something and He tells us: "You are free of accepting or refusing", then you are as free as the birds who fly in the sky. I repeat, when He says "I want", you must obey; this is the true and great obedience to God. All the angels and the saints of the Paradise celebrate this day, feast of the priesthood, feast of your priest and bishop, together with you all who love him, my little flock. God keeps on sending Me in your midst. You are few, but simple, humble, good and you do your best to love Jesus the Eucharist. By now you have made the great jump: you love Jesus the Eucharist with all your heart and Jesus thanks you for this and He is happy because you show to love Him, in spite of all the sufferings and especially in spite of the great trial. Thank you, thank you with all my heart. Thanks to you also, Don Paolo, who, through your witnessing, are next to our priest, to your priest; love him the most possible. Choose your way, come on, because time goes by. Thank you for all that you have done and you are doing. Thank you, my little flock, my young people and thanks to little Jacopo who, in spite of everything, plays, but he is present. You know who this little Jacopo will be!".

Marisa: "Listen, there is Samuel too".

Our Lady: "Well, now let’s keep him tranquil inside the maternal womb".

Marisa: "I, Marisa, want to thank you because you let some things disappear and I am happy; I am happy this way because I feel all myself of God. I said yes, I repeated it many times, even if sometimes the discouragement is stronger than my yes. Even today I repeat: yes. And I thank you for all your love for me. But you could have taken a better person than me. Tell Jesus that He could have taken a better bride".

Our Lady: "Now celebrate the priest attending the Holy Mass with all your love, make the Holy Communion in a state of grace and then rejoice because the situation will change. In this moment everybody is blessing you, my dear bishop and everybody wish you well, profundly and a great strength. Don’t discourage, because all the Paradise is with you.

I am keen on repeating a teaching. Someone will remember that when the visionary asked me if an apparition was true, I rebuked her and I said: "Who are you to ask me this? You are worth only those fifteen minutes of the apparition". To no visionary I speak about an other visionary. He who speaks ill of a visionary, I repeat, he who speaks ill of a visionary, it means that he has never seen Me or that he has finished to see Me. Remember well these words, they are very important. The catholic radios keep on speaking about apparitions, even if now they don’t say names. Remember: No visionary can speak about another visionary, especially he can’t speak ill. When a visionary speaks ill of another visionary, he is not a true visionary. So, when you hear speaking ill of a visionary, don’t listen, on the contrary you can also say: "This doesn’t come from God, but this comes from the devil", because the devil is always ready to let you fall into temptation.

My beloved sons, the Mother thanks you in the name of all the Paradise for all that you do for this community, little in the eyes of men, but great in the eyes of God.

Thanks, Don Paolo. To you, Don Caudio, a thanks as great as you are for us. With the priests I bless you, your dear ones, your sacred articles.

I bless Jacopo, Samuel, Davide Maria and all the children who are not present. I bless especially sick people, suffering people, the prisoners, the drug addicts, the alcoholics; I want to bless everybody indeed in this day of the feast of priesthood.

Go in the peace of God the Father, God the Son and God the Holy Spirit. Praise be Jesus Christ".

Marisa: "Bye bye. Today I have been good, I have asked you nothing. Yes, yes, all right. Don Claudio, She has gone away".

Rome, 12th March 2000, h.10:45 a.m. (letter of Jesus)

Marisa: "Jesus, you have come! I recommend you all the people who ask for your help. You are dressed in your Sunday best! Our Lady, St. Joseph, all the angels, the saints and the saved souls are present".

Jesus: "Yes, my beloved sons, I am your Jesus and I have come to celebrate with you the feast of priesthood. I am priest for all eternity. I knock the door of the hearts and I call the souls to consecrate themselves to God, woe betide those who don’t answer the call of God. I am the one who gave the priesthood, who gave the Episcopate, I love you all. Have you realized that the planet earth is sick, very sick and that the great men are always responsible, not the poor, the little and humble men.

Many times my and your Mother said: "This planet earth is very sick and it will become sicker and sicker", you realize by yourselves how sick it is nowadays, because man runs only towards the welfare, the power and the armchair.

Oh, how many, how many creatures put God in the second place, not to say in the last place. God called this little and humble priest, today bishop ordained by Me, to help the souls and to bring the Word of God to them, because he lets the Word of God be understood. Have you realized, at least those who attend the biblical catechesis on thursdays, that he makes a poem with each word. Yes, Don Claudio is the man of the Eucharist, he is the priest of the Eucharist, he is the bishop of the Eucharist. Oh, if all my favourite sons walked on the same way! I have given example in everything. Giving hisself to God doesn’t mean thinking only to pray closed in the church, no; man can give himself to God in any way and the greatest and most beautiful way is abandoning himself to God and living sufferings, joys and the love.

You shall wrench your teeth, it’s true. You shall pray, it’s true; and at least you, my little flock, be united. Do you remember St. Paul’s letter? If you don’t love each other you can make any action, any deed, anything that can also make good to man, but everything is nothing. For this reason Jesus asks you to pray and put God in the first place, always and to everybody, little and great. If you don’t put God in the first place, sooner or later you will realize that you are nothing and you will just worry of running towards the money and the power. Remember that this letter of God is for everybody, also for the Japan, isn’t it, Don Paolo? You try to make much good, but sometimes your goodness and humility are not understood and you suffer for this, you are nearly destroyed, I would say, but since you love God, you have the strength to bear everything. My little flock present here, I thank you for the feast that you try to make at the very best you can for my and your bishop, it is a feast not only for him, but also for you all and for all those who participate in it.

You repeat: "I love You, Jesus"; how many creatures say the same and they would like to do their best to be good. But words are of no importance, actions are important; I always pushed on actions up to the cross which is not death, as I already told you, but it is joy and resurrection, it is life. Love the cross just like I loved it, just like I embraced it. Am I maybe asking you for too much? Be tranquil, I repeat what the Mother said: "I am not asking you for great sufferings, I am not asking for the martyrdom of love, I am not asking you to be victims of love". I just ask you to love each other as I love you. Love each other and then you will realize how everything is easier.

Thanks my beloved sons, if you, little by little, will put into practice this letter of God the Father in which cooperated God the Holy Spirit and I, God the Son; and Mary, the Mother of the Eucharist; this name is great, beautiful, solemn. Everyone who receives the Eucharist, loves Jesus, he has the strength, he has the courage to face life that sometimes seems everybody makes it hard and difficult. Don’t look at yourselves, look at the Earth planet; it’s sick, very sick. I repeat you, Don Claudio, my beloved bishop: I am in you and you are in Me, just like I am in any priest who lives in a state of grace. When you consacrate I am inside you and you are inside Me, We are one and the same. When the moment of consecration comes, be more collected as ever, think that I am present that the priest is present and that we are only one thing. Thank you for your presence here, rejoyce as much as you can; don’t you, Marisella?".

Marisa: "It’s not so easy for me, but I want to repeat You what I told You many years ago: if You treat all your brides as you treat me, You will have less and less of them. Do You smile? But it’s the truth".

Jesus: "Yes, it’s true, Marisella, I have less and less of them and many don’t live in a state of grace, this hurts me. You don’t know that my popes: Pius XII, John XXIII, Paul VI, John Paul I, the popes who did so much good, suffer seeing that the Church is more and more on the wane. None of the great men of the Church realize this or doesn’t want to realize this; but you know many things, because by now either the Mother or I and the priest, don’t hide anything more, because it’s good that you also, my dear creatures, know how the world goes, how the Church goes. Thank you. Together with my dear priests I bless you all, your dear ones, your sacred articles.

I bless this little statue, but it’s much important because it’s the Mother of the Eucharist. I bless all the sick children. Bye bye, Marisella".

Marisa: "Bye bye, Jesus".

Our Lady: "And I, your Mother, bring you all inside my heart and I cover you with my maternal mantle. Go in the peace of God the Father, God the Son and God the Holy Spirit. Good Holy Mass; attend it with all your heart and I repeat: as it is the last of your life. Praised be Jesus Christ".

Marisa: "Bye bye. Thank you for all the gifts You give me. I mean suffering. Bye bye.

Excellency, She has gone away. Everybody has gone away. They were dressed in their Sunday best".

Don Claudio: "They also will celebrate".

June 2000 Messages

Rome, 13th June 2000, h.6:40 p.m.

From the letter of God brought by Our Lady

Our Lady - My beloved sons, you have to live with joy the great Eucharistic miracle of Sunday; rejoice at that miracle, spread the information out, talk to people about it, show them the photos. By now it is time of conversion for those people who don’t believe or who make believe they don’t believe, because they cannot but believe in a so great miracle. This miracle must arrive at the Holy Father; the letter will never pass, but the fact of speaking continuously about all that happened in the thaumaturgical place, can make it arrive also at the ear of the Holy Father. I will play my role, you play yours.

Today I have come to bring the letter of God, because my son Jesus is speaking with the Trinity. The three Jesus, as you call them, Marisella, have reunited to speak and they give glory to each other. I saw you, I saw your emotion last Sunday, but will this emotion, this joy last? Will all that you saw stay in your hearts? This is the greatest miracle of all the history of the Church. Who doesn’t believe this miracle, he has the devil inside. Who has the devil, he can’t accept the miracles, but he thinks only to himself.

Rome, 14th June 2000, h.6:40 p.m.

From the letter of God brought by Our Lady

Jesus - Marisella, last Sunday I performed the great Eucharistic miracle for the Bishop of the Eucharist, because he loves Me immensely, for you, my beloved bride and for my little flock.

I could have performed the miracle in a famous shrine, where many people gather but instead I performed it here for you, because you deserve it, because you love Me.

I want the Pope to do the will of God the Father, of God the Holy Spirit and of Me, God the Son; only this way everything will be easier for everybody. One of the letters you wrote, my beloved Bishop, had to reach the Pope; I can’t intervene every time.

Those men of the Church who see the photos of the miracle should shout in a loud voice: "My people, what have we done? We are killing some people who truly love the Eucharist". Also the Pope should shout: "My brothers, what have we done?".

I give my approval and my support to the letters sent to the men of the Church. Let the letters go where they have to go; but for those who outrage this letter, who speak ill about this letter and about its content, Paradise doesn’t exist.

I am sorry to tell you this, but this is what is contained in God’s letter, in our letter. For those who will keep on speaking ill, mocking, offending, slandering, calumniating and defaming there won’t be Paradise; God is merciful, but finally He will be right with everybody, especially with those who received graces, who received the gift of priesthood, who had the chance of studying and who know very well that the miracle of last Sunday happened through the intervention of God. Woe betide them, little and great, if they won’t accept the great Eucharistic miracle, happened during the Holy Mass celebrated by my and your Bishop.

I said: "Woe betide those who slander my Bishop"; they slandered him and there won’t be peace for them. They can go on television, on the newspapers, wherever they want, but how long will they live yet?

You have never heard Jesus speaking like this, but unfortunately my priests make me live the passion every moment again. God looks for some souls and lets them live my passion to save these people, but now that’s enough, that’s enough, it is time to change, we are in 2000 year.

You have celebrated the birthday of the Church, but where are my beloved children?

The true priest lets the souls eat himself, he dedicates all himself and in any way to souls, he is ready to die for Jesus, for the Mother of the Eucharist and for the souls.

Send these letters, my dear beloved priest, Bishop ordained by God, Bishop of the Eucharist and then abandon yourself to God, as you have always done.

You, my dear little flock, pray for this mission that never finishes, pray for these my two children. The moment that something explodes has come, but woe betide them, woe betide; believe me, the "Woe betide" of God is terrible.

Rome, 16th June 2000, h.6:40 p.m.

From the letter of Jesus

Jesus - My beloved sons, everything is done, everything is done by Heaven and Earth. Now man, if he wants to save himself, must accept the interventions of God and ask Him for pardon for all his life. Yes, everything is done by Heaven and Earth.

You, my beloved sons, have done much for the good of souls and I, Jesus, who see everything, who read inside your hearts, can say that you have done it with much love and suffering.

August 2000 Messages

Tossicia (TE), 15th August 2000 - h.7:30 p.m. (Assumption of Our Lady - Letter of God brought by Our Lady)

Marisa - You are dressing your Sunday best, all gold. The angels and the saints are around you. Jesus and your beloved spouse are present, because it is your great feast.

Our Lady - Thank you for your prayers, thank you for the whole rosary that you said, thank you for the sufferings that you offer every day; thank you on behalf of all the Paradise. The letter of God says that you have to read and meditate the parable of the weeds of the field, you will find there what is present up to now, in 2000 year, all over the world: much weed that must be removed. For this reason God still doesn’t decide to intervene; there is much, too much weed, that must be removed. How? Little flock, you all, who know the apparitions of the Mother of the Eucharist, who know the eucharistic miracles, who try to live at your best, you can remove the weed committing yourselves to reach holiness. You are few compared with all the weed which is in the world. The men do things in a big way and especially, as I already told you, spend a lot of money. They speak about everything, but not about God, not about my son crucified, who gave his life for all the men, they don’t pray. Which reason pushed all these poor young people to come from afar? The joy of spending some days outside their homes, of having free board and lodging, of spending no money. How many, how many millions the responsibles spent to embellish, to make the flags, to give food to these poor young people and they don’t speak about God, they don’t speak about Jesus who died on the cross for each one of them, for each one of you. I address you, as God says, help to remove the weed. This evening read the parable of the weeds of the field, it is so beautiful when you gather together to read the Bible. You must know well the Holy Scripture to know God. Remove the weed by means of prayer and sacrifices; remove the weed which is spread all over the world. I already told you that the converted people are a lot, they are more than 15 millions, but the unbelievers and those who belong to other religions are more numerous. The converted catholics are few, very few. Thank you for all that you do to help this poor Church that seems to lean against only two poor shoulders. Remove the weed, remove the slanders, envy, jealousy, touchiness and love, love all those who are not able to love, who don’t know Jesus. Oh, if they also could know him, if my priests spoke to them about my son Jesus, about your Jesus. No, they think to squander money and, I repeat, in the meantime children, women and elderlies keep on dieing and wars go on. Everybody is worried for the war in Iugoslavia, that is not at peace yet, but you must worry also of the far nations that are at war.

Thank you, Marisella, for the passion that you have lived in great silence. You have seen that your legs are still signed. Thank you if through your prayers, your sacrifices and your sufferings, you will be able to remove the weed, as much as you can. If all the believers were able to remove the weed, the situation of the world would be better. If God intervened now, it would be a bad, very bad sign and very few people would save themselves. Do you remember Noah’s ark? Do you want an other Noah’s ark? No. Pray to save many souls, to save your children; many of them need conversion. You do what you can and if they don’t listen, you have no fault, because you have given all that you could give. When we hear you praying, singing, laughing, shouting for joy, even if for somebody the pain penetrates a far as the end of the bones, we are happy and pleased.

Through the Eucharist you enjoy, feel and see how much the Lord is good. Is it true, Marisella, that many times you grumble because Jesus doesn’t love you?

Marisa - Do I have to say the truth? He doesn’t treat me well as bride. On the other hand, even if I don’t speak, you read inside and you know what I think, what Don Claudio thinks, he would like to ask you many things, but you never tell him: "Don Claudio, do you have something to tell me?". He has something to tell you.

Our Lady - Yes, but today it is a feast day, so we’ll speak about it an other day.

Marisa - As you want.

Our Lady - My beloved bishop, I know that sometimes you grumble and you are right, but keep on loving and suffering. Your brothers don’t behave well and in their midst there is much weed; take this load on your shoulders and go on. Marisella, I have said everything, after the lashes and the sufferings of the passion of this night, for which we thank you, other souls have converted, but they were not catholics, they were one million souls.

Marisa - Listen, if every time I suffer the passion I save one million catholics or not catholics, I don’t know this, at the end will the weed be removed? What do you think? Jesus smiles. Don’t smile, my dear spouse, because you complain that you have few spouses. I believe it, if you treat all them like me, be tranquil that you won’t have neither one. I tell you it with simplicity, because just like I speak with His Excellency, I speak with You.

Our Lady - My beloved sons, thank you for your presence here. Spread this message on Internet and let it be known by the men who can remove the weed: it is much, much. Together with my and your bishop, for the moment, I bless you, your dear ones, your children, the young people who are at the camping, the children Jacopo, Samuele and the children who are inside the maternal womb. I bring you all inside my heart and I cover you with my maternal mantle.

Marisa - It is big, big, it covers everything.

Our Lady - Go in the peace of God the Father, God the Son, God the Holy Spirit. Praised be Jesus Christ.

Marisa - Bye bye. Now we attend the holy Mass as you want, but if you give me some more voice I can sing.