Eucharist Miracle Eucharist Miracles

Social Year: 1994-95

The triumph of the Eucharist has started

God's messages are translated by a member of the community, who is not a professional translator. H.E. Mons. Claudio Gatti has recognized the supernatural origin of the apparitions (Decree of 9/14/2000), but he has given the ecclesiastical approval only to the messages in italian, because he is not responsible for errors involuntarily made by the translator.

Below is reported the text of the most important parts of Our Lady' s messages (sometimes also messages of Jesus) which, during 1994 and 1995, have concerned:

- the announcement of the TRIUMPH OF THE EUCHARIST;

- struggle and outrages against the Eucharist. General attitude with regard to the Eucharist.

Below is also reported the almost complete text of earlies messages, concerning:

- the announcement of the EUCHARISTIC MIRACLE;

- after the first Eucharistic miracle.

On 14th september 1995 and also on 7th and 22nd October and 26th November and 8th December 1995, the Holy Host became suddenly visible between the hands of Marisa Rossi to the people gathered in Via delle Benedettine 91, Rome. These events are explained in the following messages.



25th March 1994

"Pray, let the Eucharist triumph, without the Eucharist there is nothing. The Eucharist will triumph."

10th April 1994

"Pray, pray in order that the Eucharist triumphs in your hearts, in the heart of Priests, in sisters, in visionaries, in the heart of great politicians and in the heart of mankind all over the world. When the Eucharist will triumph everything will be very beautiful."

1st May 1994

"Today my message is centered only on the triumph of the Eucharist."

7th May 1994

"I invite you to let the Mother of the Eucharist be known, to pray in order that the Eucharist triumphs. I invite you to love. How sweet is the word love! You can love if you want it, I shall help you to love."

22nd May 1994

"In every apparition I speak about the triumph of the Eucharist, the Eucharist will triumph. I speak to all the visionaries about the triumph of the Eucharist in the world, but I never find written anywhere the announcement of this triumph."

24th May 1994

"Pray to Jesus, my Son, pray for the triumph of the Eucharist. To love the Eucharist is something wonderful and great, but not all human beings feel this need, this necessity."

29th May 1994

"I am the Mother of the Eucharist, and I invite you all to pray for the triumph of the Eucharist."

26th June 1994

"I invite you to pray so that the Eucharist will triumph."

17th July 1994

"These apparitions are the most important, the most difficult and the most fought, but Jesus Christ will triumph, the Eucharist will triumph."

31st July 1994

"Up to now God has spoken very much about the triumph of the Eucharist. The Eucharist will triumph, but only at the cost of my son' s blood. Yes, the Eucharist will triumph."

7th August 1994

"My beloved sons, I invite you to pray for the triumph of the Eucharist. Do everything you can do, so that the Eucharist triumphs. There will be such a lot to suffer before, but I only ask you, little human beings, little sacrifices. Yes, the Eucharist will triumph, but you have to pray, you have to accept these very small pains that God gives you."

18th August 1994

"The Eucharist will triumph, and you, if you are with My Son Jesus, go on, cheer up! Let my Son Jesus triumph, you should fear nothing."

21st August 1994

"I ask you to pray for the triumph of the Eucharist. The Eucharist will triumph, but there will be a lot of sufferings, bitterness and disappointements."

16th October 1994

"Open your heart to my Son Jesus, let Him come in every day, pray so that the Eucharist triumphs."

3rd December 1994 (message of Jesus)

"The Eucharist will triumph through many battles and many sufferings. You my little sons, you who live in the grace of God, you will be united to My Mother, to Me, her Son, to God the Father, and to the Holy Spirit."

18th December 1994

"The Eucharist will triumph, but will be necessary to suffer very much, and God knows from whom He can ask suffering."

1st January 1995

"I am the Mother of Jesus, I am the Mother of the Eucharist. The Eucharist will triumph."

6th January 1995

"After the great trial, the hard trial, that my two children (NOTE: Don Claudio Gatti and Marisa Rossi) are living, the Eucharist will triumph, the truth will triumph."

23rd April 1995

"I have taken you by hand, little by little, I have got you ready to speak about the triumph of the Eucharist, about the triumph of truth. You don't need to be afraid or fear."

14th May 1995

"You have to pray so that the Eucharist triumphs, so that my Eucharistic Son Jesus, comes back to this holy place. Pray so that the great men of the Church give back the Eucharist to this little chapel, that I call "The little jewel" of my Son Jesus. Pray, wrench this grace from Almighty God."

15th May 1995

"Why is the triumph of the Eucharist unknown to most people, while consacrated Hosts are profaned and black masses are celebrated? Why are the beautiful things of Almighty God concealed?"

26th May 1995

"My Son Jesus looks at you with much sweetness and much tenderness. My Son is the "White Jesus", He is Eucharist. Here the Eucharist will triumph, here the truth will triumph, but you must go on praying. You must pray still more."

28th May 1995

"Here, in this miracolous place, in the end the truth will triumph, and those who will be united with God, they will receive great joy in their heart."

25th June 1995

"You have to accept the great sacrifice to have been deprived of the Eucharist (NOTE: because of temporary denial by the ecclesiastical Authority of Rome, in december 1994, to celebrate mass in this place), but you have to go ahead, because on the end my Son Jesus will triumph."



19th May 1994

"Pray because there are people who celebrate black Masses and take the consacrated Host and trample it under foot."

24th May 1994

"There will be much disagreement in consequence of this title (NOTE: Our Lady wants to be given the title of "Mother of the Eucharist")."

29th May 1994

"My beloved sons, believe in Me, that the consacrated Hosts continue to be trampled on."

26th June 1994

"I invite you to pray, so that the black masses come to an end."

29th June 1994

"The Eucharist, rather than being the Sacrament of love and of meeting between God and the men, frightens men, frightens the priest who consacrates but the Eucharist will triumph, the Mother of the Eucharist will triumph, and your fight will triumph. My children, there is first the great garden of Jetsemani, but I always shall be with you, I shall come with you step by step, and always help you. The devil, shall never triumph over you."

31st July 1994

"Pray for priests. Why are priest afraid of the supernatural?"

7th August 1994

"I ask you to pray for priests, because they must speak about the Eucharist, they have to make people understand the importance of the Eucharist."

16th October 1994

"The Eucharist, the Body and the Blood of my Son Jesus frightens, but you, my beloved sons, if you are here, it is because you love my Son Jesus. And you, my beloved priests, you must be united and you must not be afraid when you have to speak about the triumph of the Eucharist."

5th November 1994

"Sometimes, to believe in the supernatural frightens people very much, and so the triumph of the Eucharist scares. And you, my beloved sons, are you afraid of my Son Jesus? No, you aren't. Welcome Him in you heart. Your heart should be like a craddle for my Son Jesus, so that He, coming there, He would find rest and say: "Finally, someone loves Me".

5th March 1995

"People traple down my Son Jesus, in the Blessed Sacrament of the Eucharist, with the greatest ease and they outrage the Eucharist and make fun of It, and rail against this priest (NOTE: Don Claudio Gatti), because he speaks about the Eucharist. Offer this Holy Lent for the conversion of sinners, so that Eucharist triumphs, so that my favourite sons (NOTE: the priests) truly love the Eucharist. Pray very much, for this great and beautiful mission, because a long and hard battle, a consuming suffering, is taking place. But after that my Son Jesus will triumph, the Eucharist will triumph, the truth will triumph."

13rd April 1995 (Thursday before Easter - message of Jesus)

"People continue to outrage consecrated Hosts, and some also outrage the priesthood. The man who doesn't live in grace with God, who doesn' t love God, who doesn' t love his fellow creatures, outrages the priesthood. The priesthood is outraged by those who don' t love the Eucharist. The shutter priests, who live in grace with God, and who love the Eucharist and souls. I am your Jesus I am often outraged by priests, by sisters, by young men, for the sheer enjoyment of offending Me. If they outrage the consecrated Hosts, it means that they believe that I am present in the Eucharist. This a very bad action. You must pray, love and forgive those who outrage the Eucharist, you must help priests who are outraged. To live in grace with God, costs very much to some priests and for this reason some priests try to disturb the priest (NOTE: Don Claudio Gatti) who lives in grace with God. They cannot prohibit the celebration of the Holy Mass without a very important reason for the Church. In this place, there is much love for Me and for My and your Mother, for people who come and for all souls. I have been removed from the Tabernacle and I have been taken away (NOTE: from the chapel in Via delle Benedettine 91, Rome, in december 1994). But I am still here with you, and at last I will go back to God the Father. They will yet outrage Me, but finally there will be the triumph of the Eucharist."

15th May 1995

"Why is the announcement of the triumph of the Eucharist still unknown to many people, while some outrage consecrated Hosts and officiate black Masses? Why are the beautiful things of Almighty God concealed?"


29th June 1995 (message of Jesus)

"I have given Holy Communion to this child so that you realize that I, Jesus in the Eucharist, am always here present, though ecclesiastics have taken Me away. This is my own evidence: I am here with you. Today you can' t see the Host. I am present here with my Body and Blood. I am with you. God, the Father will let the Eucharist triumph at first here, in this miracolous place and afterwards He will accomplish all over the world the great Eucharistic triumph."

1st July 1995

"My son Jesus and I, have made the announcement. At the time the Eucharist will be visible here to all the people, at that moment the triumph of the Eucharist will come about. You will see the little consecrated Host reign over this holy and miracolous place. My beloved sons, I invite you to pray for this very great, very important and very beautiful event. God the Father has granted this great miracle to this place, which is small, hidden, simple, humble, and without fanaticism. God has cast a glance at this much maligned, much criticized and much troubled place."

2nd July 1995

"My beloved sons, God the Father has decided the moment for the triumph of the Eucharist."

10th September 1995

"When the Eucharist triumphs, you will be able to see it, but it will depend on you, on your heart, this ability to see it, that is, that you are in grace with God. If you are not in grace, if you don't observe what God the Father has said to Me, and I have shared with you, you won't be able to see the Eucharist. The Eucharist is a great gift, it is all in heaven, on the Earth and everywhere. When the Eucharist is visible, the priest (NOTE: Don Claudio Gatti), you (NOTE: Marisa Rossi) and you all, will feel a great joy. However, men who are not of God, will continue to cause you pain."


15th September 1995

"My beloved sons, after the great gift God has given to you, after the triumph of the Eucharist that you have seen, I don' t want to distract your hearts from the comtemplation of the Eucharistic miracle. Anyone who believes in the miracle goes ahead quite simply and with love, but anyone who doesn' t believe continues to go backwards and to slander. Love the Pope, and obey bishops, who are united with the Pope. Jesus in the Eucharist will come back again among you and you will have to adore Him and to thank Him. When somebody approaches you to mock and to criticize, you have to speak with courage, calm and love about the triumph of the Eucharist, and if he doesn' t pay attention to you, then you have to pray for him. God the Father, God the Son, God the Holy Spirit, has granted to all the people who were present this joy of the triumph of the Eucharist."

17th September 1995

"It' s a great joy for Me to see you here, together to pray with much happyness for the great triumph of the Eucharist. I am you Mother, and I still repeat to you that it' s not a sin not to believe in the apparitions, but you, who have seen the triumph of the Eucharist, you must believe in the Eucharist. Don' t get discouraged when men, even ecclesiastics, are against you and persecute and befame you. Don't be troubled, you are with God, you have my Son, Jesus-Eucharist. You have seen the great gift that God has given to you. Be delighted, enjoy and cheer you. My little flock, pray fot the triumph of the Eucharist, so that all people may believe that Jesus in the Eucharist is always present Tabernacles of the Churches. This request is above all for the priests, because they celebrate the Mass and have my Son Jesus in their hands. The man who lives in grace, is in Jesus, and Jesus is in him, and they are one and the same."

24th September 1995

"God the Father has awarded a prize to my beloved sons, and to you all. Just as on the feast of the Exaltation of the Cross, the Eucharist triumphed. Don' t listen to people who don' t speak well, who are ready to criticize and to ironize but pray for them; if they ask you for an explaination, give it to them, or send them to the priest. Pray for priests, because they have not always understood their own mission. Pray for the important men of the Church. Jesus in the Eucharist has come among you. He as come out of His wounded side, that you haven' t seen bleeding. Your sister (NOTE: Marisa Rossi) saw the blood coming out of the deep wound, and also the Eucharist and the whole Church and all the Sacraments. What more do you want? Before this miracle the simple and humble man, listens and prays and is converted; the man who is proud and who wants to have the first place, is not converted. I, their Mother, invite you to pray for them; don't judge them, but pray for them. Your sister at every apparition will receive the Holy Communion, but you will be able to see the consecrated Host only when God the Father will decide so. This will take place either next Sunday, or on some other day. Today only your sister will be able to see the Host, because she only receives Holy Communion. Here there is no Eucharist; here it isn't possible to celebrate Mass, but my son Jesus in the Eucharist is always present; He is invisible to you, but He is visible to Me, and to your sister and afterwards will be visible to the priest (NOTE: Don Claudio Gatti). Jesus in the Eucharist is not a puppet, so that you can amuse yourselves. Jesus in the Eucharist will appear when God the Father decides it. And when He appears there should be neither screams or confusion, but only quiet harmony, silence, peacefullness and love. Jesus in the Eucharist has triumphed and will continue to triumph, because all the Churches must be united to Peter, but for you it will be a very long and very difficult way. Don' t be troubled and go on."

Below, the most important parts of the 7th and 22th October 1995 apparitions are reported.

7th October 1995 h.17,30 Feast of Our Lady of the Rosary

(message of Jesus. At the beginning of this apparition, the Eucharistic miracle happened)

Today someone of you saw the Holy Host: I ask you the real conversion, pray for all the men of the world, for the conversion of the sinners, for my and your Pope, never feel tired of praying! Say the Holy Rosary, it is a powerful tool to cailm the conflicts between men. You know how much my two sons (note: Don Claudio and Marisa) are calumniated and defamed because of this my presence here. Their mission is very big, but very difficult. Pray because the men of the Church understand the importance of the sacrament of the Eucharist.
These are very difficoult and hard times, then the Eucharist will triumph! The great trial at first, then the great love to Me, to Jesus Eucharist.
My sons, don' t forget that calumny and defamation are mortal sins.
Where are my priests? Where are my brides? Where are the consacrated souls? Where are the committed laymen, who say to be faithful and then they are the first ones to befame? Where are they?
This is a great miracle that God did, but men don' t want to understand! The men who studied history and who know theology, don' t want to understand! I invite you to give example and witnessing, don' t be afraid! The true sons of Jesus must not be afraid!

22th October 1995 h.10,30 (message of the Our Lady)

" Your Mother comes between you to pray with you. The messages of God the Almighty have finished, but I will keep coming between you to remind them to you, so that you can walk toward holiness. I don' t want to frighten you, but times are very hard and your beautiful Italy doesn' t go right.
You must understand that there has been the Eucharistic miracle here, the greatest miracle in the history of the Church! My dear sons, have you understood the importance of the Eucharistic miracle that happened here?
You, my dear sons, have answered to my call and you have come here; but I don' t see my priests, my nuns, the brides of my son Jesus!
I am your mother and I worry for everything that happens in the world: I appear here and speak about Rome, I speak about Italy. Every apparition stands on itself and every tool that God has chosen has a particular mission to do. I just ask you to help these my two sons (note: Don Claudio and Marisa) ".

Below is the report of the 26th November Eucharistic miracle.

About one thousand people coming from different parts of Italy expected for a special event. In fact, during an apparition that had taken place at the beginning of the month, Our Lady had announced that the Eucharistic miracle would have happened on that day. So a lot of people were called and the most important TV's and newspapers were informed. Several priests and some bishops were present too.
Well, the Eucharistic miracle took place, as announced, but this time though many journalists and TV operators were present, none registered exactly what happened and all the people too have been able to see the Holy Host only when it was already visible, that is, not at the moment in which It appeared. In fact this time Our Lady appeared to Marisa when she was still inside of her house, then Marisa opened the door and after a few seconds Our Lady gave her the Holy Host that became visible. But in that moment all the videocameras were off, because the cameramen were still preparing them. Then Marisa in ecstasy walked out of the house and, surrounded by many photographers and cameramen, she reached all the people in the garden.Once there she gave the big Holy Host to Don Claudio who put It in the ostensory and he gave the blessing of the Most Holy Sacrament to all the people. Finally, after adoration, the Host was carried in procession and placed in the chapel, where people went for adoration which continued for more than 48 hours without interruption. It stopped when the Vicariate ordered Don Claudio to consume the Host.
It is important to note that Don Claudio Gatti, in the press conference after the miracle, explained that the Commission of Enquiry will decide if these events are supernatural only when they will have come to the end. But Our Lady has promised to appear in Via delle Benedettine as far as Marisa Rossi will live. This means that the Commission will be able to decide only after Marisa' s death.

3rd December 1995 (message of Our Lady)

" My beloved sons, thank you for your presence here.
If you want to make a sacrifice, kneel, but if you are tired or if you have pain stand up: your Mother sees you and my Son Jesus sees you. I invite you to get ready for my feast day (8th december), but above all for the coming of my little Jesus. The Mother invites you, all the time, to get ready by means of the prayer, the sacrifice and acts of mortification, but above all, I urge you do not let the Devil come in: this is the moment in which the Devil can easly worm one' s way into you.
Do you want him to win? Don' t leave him place, don' t hear him. You have to speak good. When the speech grows longer, that will do, this is the moment in which the Devil penetrates. My invitation is: PRAY! Get ready for the feast day of the Virgin, but above all get ready to receive the Holy Child.
Just I prepared small shirts and small clothes (for Him), so you make acts of mortification and sacrifices, thus you get ready to dress the Holy Child with much love and charity.
Pray for people who are the cause of your pains, don' t speak bad, don' t hear and report what could be bad realized and interpreted. Go on in the love of God the Father, God the Son and God the Holy Spirit.
Enjoy, my beloved sons and always cheer up!
The Holy Child came with humility, afterwords Jesus will come at the end of time, beautiful, lightening and all white dressed and at the end of time, He' ll come to judge you all.
Now you show the intention of receiving His mercy in the Holy Confession. Don' t use the confession to speak about people; in the confession everyone must speak about himself. The confession is between God and man by means of the priest.
Pray so that you can be able to receive the joy, live this joy, love each other in the joy.
My beloved sons, I urge you not to leave an empty place, because the Devil can easly worm one' s way into you. The Mother who is seeing you all praying here, is with you all, She prays with you and She loves you one by one. Love the priest (note: Don Claudio Gatti), love the bishops and the priests who are united with the Pope. Today the Pope is called John Paul the Second and NOT THE FIRST OR THE THIRD, but John Paul the Second! (note: this remark seems to be very important for the future).
Pray for my and for your Pope.
Pray for the peace, there is no peace in the world, in the Church, in the families, because they don' t want it.
I invite you to pray for each of you with your Mother and with your Jesus, My Jesus. I give my kiss to children and to sick people.
I also bless your sacred articles.
I bring you all in my Heart and I cover you all with My maternal mantle.
Go in peace with God the Father, God the Son and God the Holy Spirit.
Praise be to Jesus Christ ".

31st December 1995. h.10,30 a.m. (message of Our Lady)

" My beloved sons, God allows the cross, but men put on the cross. Everything God does, there are always men ready to destroy it. Jesus the Eucharist has come here, in this little place the eucharistic miracle happened, the eucharistic apparition, but not everybody has accepted it. Who doesn' t accept it must be quiet, who speaks and speaks bad of these apparitions commits a sin; who speaks and speaks bad of the apparitions without having taken cognizance of events, commits a sin; and people (note: here in Rome) continue to offend my son Jesus and my two sons (note: Don Claudio Gatti and Marisa Rossi) who have been chosen by God; and people do it with great ease and just to enjoy doing it.
What a lot of times I said you: my beloved sons, NOW IT IS TIME FOR CONVERSION! You don't believe in the great purification and so, when will you convert yourselves? When will you be able to truely examine your coscience? When will you be able to love Jesus without hesitation and fear? Why do you always lay the blame on my two sons who are humble and simple people? They have been chosen by God and you must respect them! If there is no respect, if people speak bad on them, that' s a sin. So, don' t come here, go to an ather place! Here you must come only to pray. Here the great eucharistic miracle happened and it was indeed a very great sign for God' s eyes and for men' eyes, but only for simple and humble men, who really love God, who really love my son Jesus, who really love the Holy Spirit. My beloved sons, it is time for conversion. For many years I have been repeating: it' s time for conversion, what are you waiting for? Are you waiting for troubled times? I have demanded you to pray, to love just TO AVOID THE CATASTROPHE and sad moments for everybody. PAY ATTENTION, GOD COULD ALSO GET TIRED OF MANKIND THAT HE LOVES INFINITELY!
I would like to invite you, just in this moment, to examine your coscience for the whole past year and to ask Jesus forgiveness. What a lot of Holy Communions are received without having the grace of God! What a lot of times the Mother of the Eucharist told you to receive Jesus Eucharist in grace! Many people say that Our Lady repeats Herself too often. Yes, it is my answer, I REPEAT MYSELF JUST LIKE A MOTHER!
Receive my son Jesus in grace and with love; observe the charity which is the greatest virtue. Between obedience and charity, you have to choose the charity towards all the people and also towards who make you suffer. Listen to me, my beloved daughter (note: Marisa Rossi), this is the reason for which your pains don' t decrease, but they increase every day, to help my son Jesus to bring this heavy cross (note: Marisa always lives suffering). And now collect your thoughts in prayer and in your hearts examine your coscience and ask God his forgiveness; if you have heavy sins, make a good holy confession. Don' t receive my son Jesus without having made a good and holy confession. I will collect my thoughts with you, with my husband Joseph, with my little Baby Jesus, with the angels and with the Saints. Just now examine your coscience and if somebody doesn' t know how to do, the priest (note: Don Claudio Gatti) can explain it. Afterwards go, go into the churches to receive my son Jesus. In this place there is not the Eucharist (note: the Vicariate has temporarly suspended the celebration of the Mass), but Jesus brings the Eucharist, I bring the Eucharist and the angels bring the Eucharist. Who doesn' t believe is off the beaten track. You have to repeate frequently this little and simple prayer: I am so sorry with all my heart for having offended you my God and I beg your pardon for all the times I have not been able to love you entirely; my Jesus I beg your pardon for me and for all the people, if during this year I have not been able to be faithful at 100%. I beg your pardon.
IN THIS THAUMATURGICAL PLACE THE GREATEST MIRACLE IN THE HISTORY OF THE CHURCH HAPPENED, THE EUCHARISTIC MIRACLE, THE EUCHARISTIC APPARITION. God has chosen this place for this event and for this reason God, many years ago, asked me to inform you all that these apparitions are the most important, the greatest, the most troubled and the most fought againist especially by Clergy. They don' t work by the light of the sun, but secretely or, under track I would say. You have to pray, PRAY SO THAT THIS EUCHARISTIC MIRACLE BECOMES WELL KNOWN ALL OVER THE WORLD.
Tomorrow I will be here with you at the same time, to pray with you and to start together the New Year. I invite you to pray for the people who don' t love Jesus and who enjoy themselves in the sin. But you, amuse yourselves with love and joy and without offending my son Jesus! Pray for the people who offend my son Jesus especially during these days! With the priest I bless you all. Go in the peace of God the Father, God the Son and God the Holy Spirit . Praise be Jesus".