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"You are the Mother of the Eucharist"

This is the title of the book about Our Lady's life. Why this title? Because with this name the little Jesus called his mother on the day of his circumcision, when he was only eight days old. There are many other whys that come to our mind when we think about the life of Our Lady, Mother of Jesus and our Mother; to try to answer to some of these questions we have asked them directly to the Bishop Claudio Gatti and to Marisa Rossi.

When was the task of writing Our Lady's life announced to you?
Marisa - On the 27th of June 1990, in Makarska, Our Lady annonuced to me that soon I would have known her life and I should have written it with the priest.

Why writing Our Lady's life?
Don Claudio - Once Our Lady herself told us that, for her wish, the Evangelists, writing the Gospel, had to concentrate their attention on her son Jesus and she had to stay in half-light. In fact, Our Lady said about herself: "I am like the moon that shines in the sky at noon when the sun shines with all its brightness". Our Lady wanted to stay in the half-light to let her son Jesus stand out, but it is also right that the children know their mother's life better. We must consider this book as a gift that the Lord gives to mankind because, knowing their mother's life, her childhood, the meeting with her beloved spouse Joseph and the years of silence in Nazareth, everybody can love more because he knows more: in fact the more Our Lady is known and loved, the more Christ is known and loved.

How did the dictation of the book happen?
Marisa - The book is not made all in the same way: some parts have been dictated to me personally by Our Lady who I saw next to me, other parts are descriptions of scenes of her life - some of which are very detailed - that I saw happening under my eyes, other parts have been dictated to me through interior locutions, that is, I could hear Our Lady's voice that came from my heart.

Which emotions did you feel while you were writing this book?
Marisa - The emotion arrived before starting to write the book, when Our Lady announced to me that I would have written her life; then I felt a very great emotion, knowing her life has been marvellous. Describing all this is a little difficult; in addition the emotion and the joy have united with the fear of being inadequate for a so great task.
Don Claudio - Every time I read the book, when Marisa gave me the manuscript to correct the grammar and the sintax and anyway every time I came into contact with the book, I felt an intense emotion, because in front of my eyes opened scenarios that I neither could imagine: for example the kindness and tenderness in the relations between Mary and Joseph. We are accustomed to imagine Our Lady often as detached from us, to see her as Our Lady and not as a woman; instead from the book that She herself dictated, the woman Mary emerges, Mary who is happy to see her spouse, who is sick when he is afar and who intensely rejoyces when she is united with him in prayer and communicates to him some supernatural experiences. I would like to attract your attention on the great equilibrium of St. Joseph. I think no other person, who has not been helped by God, can live with naturalness and authenticity the experience of Joseph. Seeing in front of himself a child who is one day, forty months, six years, seven years old and so who needs care and attention and at the same time knowing that child is his God; at first kneeling down in adoration and then standing up to dry his nose, to clean his hands, to adjust his clothes: in my opinion all this makes Joseph an enormous, marvellous and very great figure.

Will you write other books after this one?
Marisa - This is the first volume of Our Lady's life, of the private life with her son Jesus, but She has already announced to me that there will be a second part of her life, the public one with Jesus and the apostles. In addition She has announced to me that She will make us know her virtues, to let us understand her figure of woman so that we can realize that, if we want, we also can reach her virtues.
Don Claudio - Now I would like to make a question to Marisa: in the second volume, after the Ascension of Jesus to Heaven, will Our Lady keep on telling us her life and the first steps of the Church in the world?

Marisa - She hasn't still told me this; She has announced to me the second volume of the book and She has said that the narration will arrive up to her death.
Don Claudio - So this means that She will tell us the first steps of the Church in the world and her relations with the apostles.

What impact will this book have with the catholic world?
Don Claudio - Our Lady spoke about this impact in an apparition, reserved to the group of our young people, on the 27th of december 1998. In that occasion She assured this book will do a great spiritual good, repeating what She herself had said when She began to dictate the book to Marisa: "This book will do a great spiritual good, but unfortunately there will be some problems and sufferings due to envy and jealousy, Marisa and Don Claudio will suffer because unfortunately the envy is always daughter of the devil who always tries to destroy the works of God". To approach this book in the right way, to have spiritual advantages, Our Lady asks us to have a state of mind full of sincerity and humility; only in this case the book will do a great good. I don't want to dwell upon the aspect of the suffering and of this opposition caused by the jealousy, but right now I want to enjoy the certain fact that many souls will be converted reading this book.
Marisa - Yes, many souls will be converted, but when the theologians will read it, surely they will have something to object because this book started from Me, Marisa, a simple creature who has not a great culture.