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The ecclesiastical authority did not reveal the third secret of Fatima

On May 12, 2000, in the Church people were awaiting what the Pope would have said the following day in Fatima about the famous third secret.

The Mother of the Eucharist helped us to live well also this delicate situation: "Today, after much time, I ask you to pray for the Holy Father. He doesn't want to reveal the secret of Fatima, he leaves it to the successor".

On May 13, millions of people attended the live broadcast eucharistic celebration of John Paul II in Fatima and they listened to the papal homily.

At the end of the solemn Eucharistic Concelebration, presided by John Paul II, card. Angelo Sodano, Secretary of State, made an announcement in portuguese in the name of the Pope.

The vision of Fatima concerns especially the fight of the atheist systems against the Church and the christians and it describes the huge suffering of the witnesses of faith in the last century of the second millennium. The events to which refers the third part of the secret of Fatima seem to belong to the past by now.

When the last images of Fatima faded on TV, only one question resonated from end to end in the Church: "Has the third secret been revealed?". The directly concerned person, Our Lady, answered this question, appearing to Marisa in the afternoon, in the presence of many people: "The third secret of Fatima was not revealed. Each one of you knows what to think in his heart and what to say. Crying because this secret wasn't revealed is useless. Instead I invite you to pray, so that who must do God's will, he does it, but time goes by. The men of the Church said that the third secret of Fatima is not catastrophic. Also the second secret, that concerned the second world war, was not catastrophic, still according to the ecclesiatical authority, but millions of men died. If the third secret is not catastrophic, and so my beloved children, I don't know how to define it".

In Fatima card. Sodano had made this announcement in the name of the Pope: "In order to allow the faithful to understand better the message of the Virgin of Fatima, the Pope entrusted to the Congregation for the Doctrine of the Faith the task of making public the third part of the "secret", after the preparation of an opportune comment".

In fact on June 26, Mons. Tarcisio Bertone, secretary of the Congregation of the Faith, and card. Joseph Ratzinger, prefect of the congregation itself, made a crowded press conference in the Vatican to publish the so-called third secret of Fatima in its entirety. Everybody knows what was said by the Prefect and the Secretary of the Congregation of the Faith, for this reason we abstain from repeating it, but they don't know what was said by Jesus, Head and Founder of the Church, about the behaviour of the clergymen with regard to the third secret.

Jesus, who spoke on June 26, is the same who inveighed against the priests and the pharisees. "My beloved children, when I asked you to pray for the men of the Church and for the one who doesn't do God's will, I wasn't joking. Priests aren't converted, they keep on doing evil and ruining the Church which is not theirs, but mine. The Church is of God and of those who love. Some of you would like to know something more about the secret of Fatima, but I can't, for the moment. Secrets are secrets. The men of the Church turned the third secret of Fatima into a ballast of words, lies and strange stories. They humiliated the simple and intelligent man who loves".

The day after Jesus spoke again about this subject: "Keep on praying for this secret that was not integrally revealed".

Recently on October 28, 2001, Our Lady has spoken again about the third secret of Fatima.

"Do you remember when the men of the Church spoke about the secret of Fatima and I immediately said in a message that nothing was true of what they had said? Also in that circumstance they tried to play with God in a negative way. Now slowly everybody is realizing that this secret was not revealed. Instead priests and great clergymen keep on playing with the secret of Fatima, involving the poor sister Lucy, who is old by now and ascribing to her false affirmations: "I told a lie, I was wrong"; the poor sister Lucy says this in order to defend the great clergymen, the great men. Do you remember when cardinal Ratzinger, monsignor Bertone and monsignor Fisichella spoke about the secret of Fatima? Many of you thought: "But if it was not catastrophic, why has it been hidden for so many years?". Many years have passed, many popes have been on Peter's throne and you have realized that the secret was not as simple as they said, because the trial of God has begun, war has broken out, earthquakes have happened, terrorists have hit hard. Only after all this has begun, after the war has broken out, after the terrorists have hit, after the earthquakes have happened, they also have begun to speak. Where is the truth? Only the Pope and those who read sister Lucy's original letter know it. Who knows a secret, he can't reveal it with much thoughtlessly, as do many priests who affirm they know the secret of Fatima. What do they know? The secret must be kept, until God decides to reveal it. You sister keeps many secrets that we entrusted to her and she keeps silent, since she was a child she has known some secrets and she has never spoken about them with anybody, because God gives her strength and support not to reveal them".

Finally, on November 3, 2001 the Mother of the Eucharist said:

"Don't speak about the secret of Fatima yet, because no secret of Fatima was revealed. The great and little men bluffed and they still keep on bluffing. Excepting the secret of the war, no other secret was revealed even here where I appear as Mother of the Eucharist; the ten secrets are still taking place and they are not beautiful. The secret of Fatima was not revealed. Sister Lucy's letter is not true; that poor woman has never said she told a lie, she can't say: "I told a lie", it is the same as if your sister said: "I told a lie, it isn't true that I see Our Lady", in order to free herself from all worries and sufferings. They let that poor, sick and old nun say all that they want, because she is cloistered and because she must obey. Now do you remember when I said: obedience yes, blackmail no?

Put into practice these teachings: obedience yes, blackmail no; never obey with the blackmail.