Eucharist Miracle Eucharist Miracles

The Mother of the Eucharist presented our Bishop with a lock of her hair plaited with the hair of Jesus and St. Joseph

This is the only authentic relic of Our Lady

On January 31, 2007 the Bishop, entering Marisa's bedroom, smelt Our Lady's characteristic perfume. Looking around himself he saw on Marisa's chest a lock of hair and more loose hair. This lock is made of plaited hair of Jesus, child and adult, Our Lady and St. Joseph.

This was a great joy for the Bishop and Marisa, even more because the previous relic, an Our Lady's hair, had been stolen by the devil.

This relic is unique in the History of the Church and by God's will it performed, the following day, the first miracle. Marisa, after a day of acute pains, in the afternoon was struck by a deforming arthrosis at her right hand, so that her fingers had been benumbed and become contracted and the strong pain had struck also her arm. The Bishop put the relic in Marisa's hands and in a few seconds the pain ceased and the fingers got to normality.

On August 4, 2001 the bishop and the visionary, accompanied by some members of the community, went to the marvellous valley extending between Catelluccio di Norcia and Forca Canapine, in order to take a relaxing walk and breathe the salubrious air of the surrounding mountains.

When they arrived to a quiet and solitary stretch of road, everybody got off the car and began to walk. Marisa, who was going on crutches with difficulty, suddenly let them drop and started running along the road with a free and easy step.

Our Lady had come, she had taken her by the hand and let her walk. Mother and daughter, keeping each other by the hand all the time, talked for a long time, laughed and joked. For the bishop what was happening was not a novelty, but it was for the people present who were happy and moved.

After about half an hour Our Lady invited Marisa to sit down again in the car, she embraced her and went away.

When Marisa recovered from the ecstasy, she told the people present what she had lived. The attention of the bishop was attracted by a black hair that, laid down on the visionary's chest, contrasted with the white pullover that she was wearing. None of the people present, observed with attention by the bishop, had black hair. It was natural for the bishop to ask himself: "Whose is this hair?" that also emitted a particular and intense scent.

It was not either possible to make as if to answer, because a gust of wind blew the hair off, in the discorcertment of the people present.

The bishop looked the most sorrowful, because he had realized it was a particular hair and he exclaimed: "Let's hope that somone lets us know to whom that hair belonged".

While everybody was going to take a seat in the car, the bishop exclaimed: "Here it is"; in fact on Marisa's chest the hair had appeared again. Don Claudio, since he had nothing else at his disposal, wrapped up the hair with a paper handkerchief and put it in his poket.

When they arrived at home the bishop and the visionary checked the hair with great attention and realized that its color had changed in some parts.

Later Our Lady appeared and said: "I wanted to present with a hair of mine my son, the bishop Claudio Gatti. At the beginning the hair was completely black, then some parts cleared up assuming the colors of the hair of the little Jesus and of my beloved spouse Joseph".

This gift is unique and exclusive, because the Mother of the Eucharist said that "nobody has ever been presented with it".

The bishop put the hair in a reliquary made up on the spur of the moment: a little box of carton. When he came back to Rome he spoke about it to the entire community and he promised to show it on the Feast of the Immaculate Conception.

The hair was kept in a secure place that only the bishop knew and sometimes he went to check the precious relic.

On December 7, Don Claudio decided to transfer the hair from the little box of carton into a more appropriate container.

He went where was kept the little box that contained the precious relic, but he could not find it. He was assailed with the question: "What has happened to the hair?" and helped by Marisa and some young people he searched all the possible places where, by mistake or inattention, he could have put provisonally the little box of carton.

The more time passed the more any research showed to be useless; the hair and its container seemed to have volatilized.

Finally, exhausted and high-strung, Don Claudio had to surrender and exclaimed with suffering: "It's useless continuing the researches. But who has taken the hair?".

In order to console the bishop Marisa said: "Never mind. Let's hope Our Lady brings an other one". As soon as she finished to say this phrase, Don Claudio smelt strongly Our Lady's scent, that was smelt soon afterwards by Marisa.

The bishop and the visionary looked at each other in the eyes without breathing a word.

Don Claudio thought: "Maybe has Our Lady put an other hair in the new reliquary?". For fear of receiving a bitter disappointment, the bishop did not open it immediately, but since the scent persisted he was compelled to open the box of carton that protected the reliquary. Through the glass of the reliquary he saw what it contained and exclaimed: "The hair".

The cry was so strong that the people who were in the house rushed and the bishop showed them the hair with joy and emotion.

On December 8, Our Lady spoke about the hair.

"I want to explain you something about my hair. The bishop will tell you all that he and little Marisa lived due to my hair first outside and then in Rome. This is my only relic all over the Earth.

Nobody has a relic of mine, nobody has a hair of mine, a hair fused with the one of Joseph and of the Child Jesus.

Someone took property of the other hair, maybe the devil, but I can't say anything else. Your bishop will explain you everything".

Don Claudio told the story of the hair in detail and at the end he said: "It is the only relic not only of a person who lived on the Earth, but also of the only body, besides Jesus' body, which is present now in the Paradise".

All the faithful kissed the reliquary, held by Marisa, that contained Our Lady's hair and they smelt the sweet and pleasant scent emitted by it.

Now the precious relic is kept jealously by our bishop. In the future it will be exposed in the basilica that will rise in Rome to welcome the numerous pilgrims, coming from all over the world to the Eternal City, in order to adore the Eucharist that bled, to venerate Our Lady's hair and visit the thaumaturgical place sanctified by the presence of the Most Holy Trinity, Jesus, the Mother of the Eucharist, the angels and the saints.