Eucharist Miracle Eucharist Miracles

Singing is joy, singing is glory, singing is prayer

Eucharistic Adoration of June 29, 2012

"When you sing you express all your love, do not think to give your voice only, but ponder what you are saying and you will find many hints for a meditation" (Letter of God, June 15, 2002)

Marisa loved to sing, her voice was soft, sweet, and had the gift to sing along with Our Lady; she would tell us that everyone in Heaven is singing to give glory to God, and she suffered a great deal when in the latter times she would no longer be able to sing, but she made a gift to many of us of her natural talent because she taught us to love singing and to enrich the Mass with music. The Bishop too, after each sung Mass, would say: "How most beautiful are Masses when you sing and play". Thus today, before Jesus the Eucharist, we try to build on the songs for worship and meditation.

Song - You are, O Lord, our bread

You are, o Lord, our bread, food you are for us. Risen to new life, you are alive in our midst. In his last supper, Jesus gave himself to his disciples: "Take bread and wine, my life for you. Eat this bread, those who believe in Me will live. Those who drink the new wine with Me will rise".

Christ is true bread, shared among us: we form one body and God will be with us. If you take up his cross, with Him you will rule. If you die united with Christ, with Him you will be reborn. The new Heavens will come, the earth will flourish. We will live as brothers: the Church is charity.

Church is Charity

We are the Church and Charity is one of the three theological virtues that does not cease when man loses his human condition and gains that fully spiritual one. As the Bishop said many times, the Charity we have shown in our lifetime is the key parameter with which our Lord will judge us; the love that we have nurtured in relation to those in need of just one of our gaze and not great heroic deeds, will be the presentation page that will take us to Him. We young people how many times we had to fill out a resume and submit it to strangers in order to give a good impression and maybe we improved it a little by enriching it with activities not belonging to us.

You cannot lie to the Lord, we can not tell Him about works that are not our own but, on the contrary, He will tell us about those situations where we did not realize the good that we bestowed and will not fail to point out, however, all those occasions when we did not do any good in spite of being able to operate. Therefore, we must improve our level of concern for the others and it should be proportional to what we have received and we, as part of this community, should have a global view as the one who is living on the top floor of a building.

Let it be one only body, and God will be with us

How many times were we rebuked by the Mother of the Eucharist because we were not united among us? What is the community for us? The term 'community' comes from Latin communis, which in turn derives from the words cum and munio meaning a feeling or an obligation for someone. Here no one is forcing anyone, but we must feel obliged at least in relation to God whom the Bishop has taught us to call Friend and Brother, but we have not always treated Him as such. Let us recall what Marisa wrote in her last will: "I will not forget anyone, because you have been close to the Bishop and me in the many painful moments of our mission... Do not try to be a prima donna, you must be like the last one, because the last shall be first, and you must be first. Do not say something behind someone's back, do not argue, but love each other, learn to love, then pray. I bring with me the face of each of you because, somehow, you could be before God the Father, God the Son, God the Holy Spirit". She did not say this for herself or for any of us, but she thought about the whole community and the mission that the Lord has entrusted us. How can we deal with even the smallest problem from the outside world if we are not united among ourselves? This must be our strength and the demonstration of respect that we owe to the work carried out by the Bishop and Marisa who continue to watch us from Heaven above, not as two judges, but as two souls full of love for the community and the mission.

If you die united with Him, with Him you will be reborn

Those who die united with Christ are martyrs. The Church history is full of martyrs who sacrificed themselves and in 2009 were joined by two great names: Bishop Claudio and seer Marisa. On many occasions we have recalled their suffering they offered for the Church spiritual situation. We are not asked for any sacrifice, but to offer our daily small or large crosses, and testify that we face them with the company of Jesus and the Mother of the Eucharist.

Our living according to Christ's teachings must be visible in every place that we visit: office, school, district parish, our relative's homes, vacation spots; even going against the schemes of this society where the basic values are no longer respected.

The example we give our children is far more important than any catechesis we can tell them. Let us find the time to tell stories when we spent the time together with our spiritual parents, the way they grew us up and the way they took us to Jesus and Mary's path.

Song - Praised Jesus the Eucharist

With you, Jesus, I will always live, with all my heart I will love you. You are for me the true King, You are for me the heavenly bread.

With all my heart I will beseech you and with our Mother I will sing to you: the Eucharist will triumph, the Eucharist is the Trinity.

Praised Jesus the Eucharist, He is the love filling my heart. True love, great love, holy love, love of God.

Always with you we wish to stay and then enjoy you for eternity.

Praised be Jesus, praised Mary who is the root of the Eucharist.

Praised Jesus, praised Mary who is the root of the Eucharist

In nature, each flower, plant or tree in order to be lush, colorful and fragrant must have roots in good health, firmly in the ground and able to catch the water and minerals needed for nourishment. Imagine Jesus to be the tree: the tree of life giving to us humans the oxygen we need to live, giving the animals a safe place to build a nest, to hide from dangerous predators or shelter from the weather. The root of this tree is no other than his Mother who, in silence and concealment is operating her mission of co-redeemer. Jesus cannot be separated from Mary and Mary from Jesus. She gave him life with all the love and He spent his earthly life always close to his mother.

When at school the teachers explain the children the process of 'photosynthesis', they shown that for the chlorophyll to become food for the tree it needs the sun action and then the oxygen propagates into the air from the leaves stomata. Now is coming to completion the framework we are presenting: it is not difficult to imagine that the sun is God, and the leaves on the branches are the saints who followed Jesus and sacrificed themselves for Him. Without God's action there could be no sign of life on Earth. In nature He is essential so much for men as for all other living beings.

We humans give everything for granted and do not realize that God is essential for our life and in our life. So the Bishop taught us: "Every day, when you leave home to go to work, do your errands or take your children to school, raise your eyes to the sky, greet and thank our Lord for all the gifts He granted us, do not start the day without ever saying a word to God and do not end it without a prayer to Him, just a simple "Hello, Jesus, hello God, help me on this day"".

For me you are the true king, for me you are the heavenly bread

During a youth spiritual retreat with Don Claudio we had many years ago, the Bishop asked us what Jesus was for us. It was not an easy answer; few of us spoke about it. The question was apparently simple, but perhaps until then we never wandered about it. I have in my mind Marisa's answer, who was attending these meetings with us, she said: "For me, Jesus is everything!" Our Lady, jokingly, reproached her a little bit because we were supposed to answer, not her, but no answer was more explicit and we are not able to say anything else.

Today, in front of all these Eucharistic miracles we can give a new, more complete, more detailed, more sincere and heartfelt answer because over the years we have had the opportunity to learn more about Jesus.

We must not stop at the words, but we must live each day as Jesus wants us to, that is in the grace of God, so that every time we receive Him, the grace increases and give us the strength we need.

Let us remind the prayer words: "Jesus, I thank you because you love me, I know that you accept me as I am, change me as you want". Let us teach it to our children or recite it with them before going to bed. They are simple but meaningful words: I recognize, Jesus, your love, I know my limits, but I always want to improve with your help; this should be the sense of it.

The Bishop told us that the true Christian has no easy life, his choices will condition him and he is undergoing opposite forces in the society he is living in. But the true Christian knows Jesus the Eucharist, he knows that He is the Church spirit, and if he would love Him all the way he could never do without.