Eucharist Miracle Eucharist Miracles

On Christmas Eve of 1999, God decided to grant the Jubilee plenary indulgence to the chapel "Mother of the Eucharist"

The Holy Door at the thaumaturgic place is another great gift for the salvation of souls  At the end of 1999, God asked Bishop and our sister Marisa a great test of faith and a total surrender to his divine will for the conversion of millions of souls.

In fact, in previous years, the Mother of the Eucharist more than once announced that 1999 would have been the year of the triumph of the Eucharist, of the truth and of our Movement, but God decided to postpone his intervention.

The acceptance of this great trial became fertile ground to achieve the Triumph of the Eucharist: "Your love for Jesus the Eucharist, your great suffering, especially that of my two little children and even more so that of my Bishop, have meant that churchmen talk now more often about Jesus the Eucharist. I rejoice in this, but I suffer with you, for the trial God has asked you is very great. Have faith in God. This sacrifice of yours, this great love of yours for Jesus the Eucharist, will insure that men talk and will keep on talking about the Eucharist... You cannot say: "What is God doing?". Who are you? God knows what He is doing, God does not betray, He does not disappoint even if today He is asking the big test that will cause great suffering. But if you think that today they talk a lot more about Jesus the Eucharist, this should give you joy. Take courage, at the end you will triumph. God does not betray, if He loves those who do not believe, more so He will love you who believe and love Jesus the Eucharist" (Letter of God, December 23, 1999).

On the eve of H. Christmas 1999, the Lord reserved a big surprise for us.

A few minutes before the start of the prayer vigil in preparation for the H. Midnight Mass, Our Lady told Marisa, with an inner locution, that God had granted the Jubilee plenary indulgence to the chapel "Mother of the Eucharist" and therefore He would have ordered Bishop Claudio to open the chapel Holy Door.

Marisa was deeply disturbed by this announcement because of the negative reactions that the opening of the new Holy Door could have caused in the Church authority, but the Mother of the Eucharist added: "Fear not, little Marisa, surrender to God, refer to the Bishop the decision of my All and prepare only a little hammer".

On the eve of the apparition our Mother announced: "In the letter of God is written with golden words that in this little chapel, the Basilica of the Mother of the Eucharist, God wants the Bishop to open the Holy Door... Now please, do what Our Lady tells you to do; do not be afraid of the cold, because Jesus will warm you up. Go out from this little chapel, go down the hall entrance and follow the shepherd. All along I will tell you what you must do. The holy Bishop will open the Holy Door of this small, but great chapel".

The people present, astonished and touched, did what the Mother asked and gathered in prayer around the Bishop who, in order to open the Holy Door, knocked at the chapel door with a simple carpenter's hammer with the words: "Open the doors to Christ".

Thus, during the holy night of 1999, the Jubilee began with the opening of three Holy Doors: in St. Peter's Basilica in the Vatican and in the Church of Nativity in Bethlehem according to men's decision and in the Basilica of the Mother of the Eucharist according to God's decision.

A year later, while in the whole Church many holy doors were closed with some sadness because the period of grace was over, only the Holy Door of our little chapel was left open to God's command.

In fact, on Christmas Day 2000, the Mother of the Eucharist proclaimed: "God has delayed the closing of your Holy Door which will be closed when He will decide" (Letter of God, December 25, 2000). Our Lord willed that this gift would remain here in our little chapel, forever.

Below we show how you can gain indulgences.

When man sins he is offending God. Through the sacrament of Confession the fault is erased, but the penitent remains indebted to God. The debt is terminated by the temporal punishment that is carried out with small sacrifices, fasting, charity works and pilgrimages or gaining from the indulgence. If a man does not extinguish his debt during his earthly life he will have to extinguish it in Purgatory.

In the catechesis, our Bishop explained to us what the necessary conditions to gain the plenary indulgence are:

1) receive the sacrament of Confession;

2) go through the Holy Door, recite the Creed, Our Father, Hail Mary and Glory Be and pray for the Pope and the Church;

3) attend in the same day the H. Mass and receive the Holy Communion;

4) perform acts of charity.

During this social year, we will gain the plenary indulgence as a community, every fourth Sunday of each month at the end of the H. Mass.