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24th October: Feast of the Mother of the Eucharist

October 24 is a very important occasion for our community and also for the Church History.

Seventeen years ago, 24th October 1993, began the public appearances of the Mother of the Eucharist, an extraordinary gift willed by God for the good of souls.

Furthermore, on this occasion our Bishop and Marisa surrendered completely to the will of God even if they were aware of the sufferings, criticisms and malignity they knew they would encounter. "The task of my two children is very nice in the eyes of God and it will be also for the humble and simple man, but because of conceited and arrogant men it will be very tough" (Letter of God, June 1993).

Our Bishop, several months before the beginning of public appearances, had informed the ecclesiastical authority by presenting an initial collection of messages form Our Lady; at first the authorities had taken no objection to spreading the messages of the Mother of the Eucharist, for in there was nothing in them contrary to the doctrine of the Gospel.

This Marian title, unknown to the Church for twenty centuries, began to spread and be known only after the apparitions and revelations of Our Lady to the Seer Marisa Rossi.

The Mother of God said many times: "I am the Mother of the Eucharist. Men have given me many titles, but the greatest, most beautiful and most important title is Mother of the Eucharist." (Letter of God, May 24, 1994).

This title is also the only one given to Our Lady by God, while all others were given by men: "The title Mother of the Eucharist is the greatest. God wanted to give me this name and delivered it to you" (Letter of God, August 18, 1996). This occurred when, during the rite of circumcision, the Child Jesus turned to his mother thus: "I am God, you are the Mother of God. I am the bread of life, and I am the living bread coming down from Heaven, I'm the Eucharist, you are the Mother of the Eucharist!" (From the book on the life of Our Lady).

The title "Mother of the Eucharist" is already in the Church of the fourteenth century, when Gerson, famous French theologian and mystic, in the" Tractatus super Magnificat" devotes an entire section to the relationship between the sacrament of the Body of Christ and the Virgin, defined as the "Mother of the Eucharist." In the letters to God, however, the title takes on a deeper theological meaning.

God the Son became incarnate for Mary's "Yes", hence Mary was the first living tabernacle.

The Eucharist is Christ, Christ is the son of Mary, it follows that Mary is the Mother of the Eucharist.

Despite the hard fight against the thaumaturgic place, against the apparitions and against his two little children, God's plans have gone ahead and have given many fruits which would be humanly impossible to achieve, including the triumph of the Mother of the Eucharist, announced in May 2003.

"Everyone knows the Mother of the Eucharist, everyone knows the Bishop ordained by God, Mons. Claudio Gatti, and the Seer Marisa Rossi. Those who are silent, or those who say they do not believe, do it only out of jealousy. Now slander and defamation against my two little children are decreasing. (...) Your greatest joy is to be this: together with the Mother of the Eucharist you are known throughout the world. Jesus the Eucharist is loved more, many, many people have begun the Eucharistic adoration, to adore my Son Jesus". (Letter of God, May 29, 2003). "As I have already said many times, my name, Mother of the Eucharist, is now known throughout the world. Those who say Woman of the Eucharist, Lady of the Eucharist or Virgin of the Eucharist are wrong; they say it to hide the real name: I am a Mother of the Eucharist." (Letter of God, May 31, 2003)

According to the will of God, the feast of the triumph of the Mother of the Eucharist is celebrated every October 24.