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On August 8, 2009, Marisa, our spiritual sister and mother, flew to Paradise

On 11th August 2009, in the thaumaturgic place we took our Marisa's farewell, our spiritual mother and sister, who flew to Heaven on August 8. After a final period of unspeakable suffering offered for her dear brother the Bishop, Marisa closed her eyes in the arms of the Father and went to rejoice in Heaven. Silence fell all around her, but we are sure that a big feast has welcomed her in Heaven, as was often announced by the Mother of the Eucharist.

On August 11, in the thaumaturgic place, moved and still bewildered by the speed with which Jesus called His bride to Himself, we closed ourselves in prayer around Marisa. The Bishop, with great strength, calmness and serenity began to speak about her, he urged us not to see her lying in a coffin, but on a holy paten because she offered God all of herself. The priest raised to God the victim, the host, and while performing this liturgical act, all of the Heaven, beginning with his mother, grandmother Iolanda, with a sweet and motherly voice, were praying and singing praise to the Lord.

The Bishop reminded that he and Marisa lived thirty-eight years next to one another in love, respecting the candor of soul, purity of heart and rectitude of feeling. If it were not for them, today, in the Church, the love for Jesus the Eucharist would be poorer, weaker, and instead it burst with such a power that the angels themselves are astonished and amazed. Marisa lived fully what St. Paul says in the letter to the Philippians: "For me to live is Christ and to die is gain, but if to remain on in the flesh is good for you, despite the suffering, I remain". This has allowed the realization of millions of conversions, the reunion of families, the birth of children predestined not to be born, fatal accidents avoided and new vocations matured and grown; God granted all these graces due to Marisa's suffering and incessant prayers. Now that she is in Heaven, we know that she will come to visit us at our home and if God allows it, we shall see her, not exhausted and with tears in her eyes, but happy and joyful to bring her brothers to God.

Thus The Bishop hailed his sister Marisa: "Go, little sister, run in the Heavenly space, follow and play with the children of all races whom you have helped and followed. I know you will generously shower on Earth true love that will change the life of the people accepting it. My little sister, thank you for what you did for me, your last great act of love you have consumed silently for me. You shall say to me whether through unconscious bilocation God allowed me to be near you, for everything was changed, all plans were adapted to the new situations, new demands, and now I see you smiling in my soul, I see you happy, I see you ready to accept the prayers of these brothers, each of them will have graces to ask. Let me tell you about a sentence that was addressed, at that time, to John Paul II and humbly, I think, you have the right to hear: "Saint now", for we have to thank God for giving us people like you and not to cry because they were taken away. And now, on behalf of the whole community, I lay a kiss on this coffin - paten, and in this kiss there is all the gratitude, all the love and whatever beautiful, great, honest and clean we did together. I do not say "Goodbye" but "Bye-bye", meaning "I'll see you soon", and every time that I will celebrate Mass you will stand next to me, every time I will pray, you will be next to me, every time I will suffer to bring forward the mission God entrusted me with, you will be next to me, hence mine is a brotherly, affectionate, friendly and certain "bye-bye". Bye-bye, little Marisa, may God bless you and take you to the highest of Heaven, where together with all the angels and saints, you will sing: "Holy, holy, holy is our Lord, God of armies". Bye-bye, see you later, dear little sister".

On September 8, 2009, at the thirtieth of Marisa's departure to Heaven, the Bishop offered her a H. Mass where the whole community was present, and invited all the people present to live it not as a commemoration, but as a vibrant and living encounter with our spiritual mother and sister.

She is not far from us and from Heaven she is saying to us: "I went before you to prepare a place for you, and in the meantime, while living on Earth, I will help you". Now Marisa's mission is to help the Bishop, so that the Church rebirth may accelerate and may support us who have loved and continue to love it.

The Bishop invited us to turn to her to obtain those graces that we need because we now have, close to God, the intercession of two major mediators: Marisa and Grandmother Iolanda, who are praying for us, love us and keep us united. The latter summer time was full of difficult situations, but we found out that pain unites just as much as the experience of joy. All this was possible thanks to Marisa, who tried to avoid divisions and abandonment, just as a hen protects and gathers her brood of chickens under her wings.

Another important task that God has entrusted Marisa is to protect all children, particularly those in our community, who she loves very much; she will always accompany them and will defend them against the evil that they may encounter in the world.

Most likely in the future we will miss even more our spiritual mother and sister, for we shared with her many years of our life and she gave us all of herself, but the Bishop has assured us that we can meet her, together with Our Lady, S. Joseph and Grandmother Iolanda, at each H. Mass that he celebrates. Marisa will gather our prayers recited in the chapel of the Mother of the Eucharist and will spread the benefits throughout the Earth, where the need is greatest, so the world will be better, and smile may return where there is weeping, hope will flourish where there is despair and love will be born where there is hatred.

The Eucharist was for Marisa the only reason to live for, and when attending the H. Mass, even when she was very sick, she was on the cross, but now she is in Heaven, in joy and happiness.

The Bishop has thus concluded the September 8 meeting: "For a year after Marisa's departure, every eight of the month we will gather for the Holy Mass, because the bonds of love between us and our sister shall not weaken over time, but will get stronger and really become a golden chain uniting us and above all uniting us with God and with the Mother of the Eucharist".