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The stone that the builders rejected has become the cornerstone

On April 1, 1998, the future Bishop ordained by God, was unjustly suspended a divinis by the ecclesiastical authority, only because he obeyed God's order to celebrate the holy Mass on March 8, 1998, anniversary day of his priestly ordination, in the thaumaturgic place in via delle Benedettine. After ten years, this illegitimate and invalid decision and the following ones, as much unjust as the other, are backfiring against God's enemies: Jesus the Eucharist and the Mother of the Eucharist have triumphed all over the world. The stone that the builders rejected has become the cornerstone. On April 1, 2008, exactly ten years after the unjust sentence, the Bishop ordained by God, H.E. Mons. Claudio Gatti, has disclosed very important details that add to the already known story of those events, which are part of our history that in the future will also become, as Jesus said, history of the Church.

On the first April 2008, exactly ten years after his unjust suspension a divinis, the Bishop ordained by God, His Excellency Monsignor Claudio Gatti, has acquainted the community with some details that, for several reasons, was not yet proper to totally disclose ten years ago. Only in a second moment our Bishop understood the whys of those events so painful for him and he wanted to share them with us. To better understand how the events unfolded it is proper for the reader to take a little step backward, with a brief summary as well. The vicar cardinal Camillo Ruini, on December 8, 1994, prohibited Don Claudio Gatti to celebrate the H. Mass in the thaumaturgic place in via delle Benedettine with the alleged reason to examine the activity of the Movimento Impegno e Testimonianza and to study the apparitions of the Mother of the Eucharist. For that purpose he set up a committee that would have had to question the witnesses and to check all the facts, as well as analyze the numerous hosts that have bled in the thaumaturgic place (up to today there have been a total of 185 Eucharistic miracles). Nothing of all this was ever done. If Don Claudio Gatti himself, in charge of the Movement, then still a simple priest, would not have encouraged some community members to go to the Vicariate, these clerics would not have met any community member. If the future Bishop ordained by God would not have gone in person to them, to report from time to time, the men of the Church would have known very little about it. The committee task was to verify, but, after three years and a half, nothing was done because the line of conduct was already outlined: just wait for a pretext to get the priest sentenced. A pretext they would have never found in Don Claudio Gatti's exemplary behavior, as he always practiced the priestly office wholly in accordance with the precepts and laws of the Church.

It was God himself, who knows the intentions of men, to let his enemies to come in the open by ordering Don Claudio to celebrate the holy Mass, and pointing out the date of March 8, 1998, thirty-fifth anniversary of his priestly ordination. "I, Jesus, want here the holy Mass. I, Jesus, want here the Eucharist consecrated by my priest". (Letter of God, 22nd February 1998). In those days, Don Claudio Gatti was torn between the obedience to God and his love for the Church and started to ask himself several questions that tore him, and his suffering increased as the date of March 8 was approaching. For many years Don Claudio did not know the answers to these questions. "Why God is leading me in an open contrast with the ecclesiastical authority - the priest wondered - why must I place myself in a situation of open rebellion, just me having always preached obedience and docility? Why must I be considered as the one splitting the Church unity?" To these questions the Bishop only recently has found an answer, but we will talk about it later.

Confronted with God's order, Don Claudio bowed his head and said: "I am ready to be sentenced", for he was certain that out of this obedience to God, the men would have found the pretext to sentence him. Our Bishop is in good company, indeed, even against Jesus the doctors of the temple, having not found any charge, were forced to track down two witnesses who had had heard him saying that He would have destroyed the temple of God and rebuilt it in three days.

On February 27, 1998, Don Claudio delivered to cardinal Ruini a letter where he asked, in the name of the Lord, the permission to celebrate the holy Mass on March 8. The celebration was requested "una tantum" and only for the circumstance of the priestly anniversary. Don Claudio attached to the letter also the message of Jesus of February 22, where our Lord was asking to celebrate Mass on March 8. On March 5, the Vice-director, Monsignor Cesare Nosiglia, phoned Don Claudio to tell him the definite refusal of cardinal Ruini concerning the request for the celebration of that only holy Mass. "The cardinal has received your letter - explained Nosiglia on the phone - he does not grant you the faculty to celebrate on March 8 and he asks you obedience to his directives". Don Claudio answered firmly: "I could not obey you as I would disobey God" and again: "Confronted with an order from God I am even prepared to lose my life, so I may comply with it".

The following day, March 6, he was paid a visit, without any warning, in via delle Benedettine, by the vicariate chancellor, Don Giuseppe Tonello, who wanted to see Don Claudio immediately. Don Tonello read him Ruini's decree, where the cardinal threatened the suspension a divinis if the priest would have celebrated the mass on March 8. Once the reading of the decree was over, Don Claudio folded it up and placed it on his desk, saying: "Now let this decree have a rest, as you well know since I am objecting to it, I ask for a new decree". In fact, according to the code of Canon Law, during the ten days starting from the moment of the delivery of the first decree, to the delivery of the second, the given order is suspended. It was March 6 and Don Claudio clearly demonstrated his intention to object to the decree. Hence the H. Mass celebrated by Don Claudio on March 8 was out of the prohibition of the decree, because for ten days, that is from March 6 to March 16, 1998 the decree was suspended. He was then punished for an action committed during the suspension of the decree. A priest was suspended a divinis just because he has done what every priest should do every day with love: the Eucharistic celebration, the cult action most important and most pleasant to God. Don Claudio has then finalized the objection to the decree, within the limit of the prescribed 10 days. In fact the appeal, where he asked for the decree repeal, was sent on March 14 to cardinal Ruini. The high prelates even clinched to the fact that on the letter written by the priest there was no date, thus forgetting that the postal stamp warrants it, giving clear evidence of the date of March 14.

On March 8, 1998, the Bishop, in obedience to God, has perhaps celebrated one of the most suffered holy Masses in his life and he even cried during the consecration. The priest did not fear the consequences of his action, but he knew he would have been instrumental to strike the apparitions, the Eucharistic miracles and deny its supernatural origin.

On March 21 a Vicariate envoy left a packet in via delle Benedettine where there was a notification for Don Claudio to attend in the Vicariate at 1 p. m. on April 1. On March 27 the Vice-director, Mons. Nosiglia, called again Don Claudio to confirm the summoning.

On April 1, 1998, Don Claudio went to the Vicariate, he was very peaceful and brought with him the Eucharist that bled on March 22, placing it on his heart to get the courage to face "the rapacious wolves in sheep's clothes". Don Claudio was then met and led in a room where were present Mons. Nosiglia, Don Tonello and the vicar judicial, father B. Martinello. To Don Claudio was read Ruini's letter, who was not attending the meeting, containing the sanction notification of the suspension a divinis, a letter that the bishop of the Eucharist will answer point by point. Mons. Don Claudio Gatti confided to us that Nosiglia was very tense, he, instead, was very peaceful. Soon after the minutes was drawn up, Our Lady was next to Don Claudio and helped him; the priest corrected the minutes, he got them to write what he wanted, practically he himself dictated it. Don Claudio was then worried about Mons. Nosiglia's spiritual situation and asked to talk with him alone because he knew where Mons. Nosiglia was heading to by denying God. At that moment Don Tonello and father B. Martinello went out of the room, but they were not aware that in the anteroom there was a member of the community who was with the priest and clearly heard father B. Martinello saying to Don Tonello: "Don Gatti has very clear ideas". Anyway, when Don Claudio was left alone with bishop Nosiglia, he said to him: "What are you doing? Before God, the church and history you have taken some serious responsibilities, your work will be disavowed and your decisions will be declared invalid and illegitimate". In an attempt to help and save Nosiglia, Don Claudio affirmed: "If you want to save yourself, leave Rome, ask for a diocese, flee from Rome". The priest, grown to the school of Our Lady, added: "For us it is a source of pride to suffer for the Eucharist, soon the triumph of the Eucharist and our triumph will take place, but what your fate will be?" Don Claudio then took the Eucharist that bled on March 22 and kneeled in deep adoration, hoping that the brother would have a spiritual motion, a moral upsurge, a moment of lucidity. The hope was that the presence of Jesus the Eucharist would help him to shake his conscience and would help him to admit he was making a mistake. Nosiglia, in that moment, could have decided to be on God's side or against Him. Don Claudio, even if he did not see the Vice-director's face, understood that he was fighting, and prayed that he may be able to carry off a victory, but the fear of cardinal Ruini was stronger, and then, with a hard look, using a strong expression, said: "What did you bring to me? For us that is a chunk of bread, throw it away!" The Bishop of the Eucharist confided to us that only later he understood that Nosiglia's hard look was not addressed to him, but against the one who led him in that ugly situation: Ruini.

A few moments later the other two priests were back, they read the minutes, Don Claudio signed it and, while greeting Nosiglia, said to him: "Pray for me, not because I have made a mistake, but because I may have the strength to accept peacefully whatever bad and ugly you have done". Nosiglia answered: "You too pray for me". Don Claudio, raising his eyes to the sky, added: "I hope and wish we will find both of us together on the other side". Don Claudio then went out of the Vicariate and went to San Giovanni square, where Marisa, almost all the young people and many adults of the community were waiting for him. They were warned of his arrival. They had been in adoration, in the Lateran basilica, for the whole length of the meeting. Our Lady was both with the people who were praying and with Don Claudio who was fighting to defend Jesus the Eucharist and the truth. Many members of the community, on seeing the serene and smiling priest, thought that the meeting had a good ending. Marisa, who was in bilocation with the Mother of the Eucharist for all the time next to the priest, knew how the facts unfolded, cried: "No, the meeting did not go well, they have crucified him!" Don Claudio, on the same evening, was in the situation to comfort his spiritual children who had reached him in via delle Benedettine from San Giovanni square: "Wipe away your tears, let the smile come back on your faces, open your heart to hope - were Don Claudio's touching words to his younger children - because this is a day of victory and triumph. Jesus gave you the honor to suffer something for Him and to me and Marisa has asked to sacrifice for Him. Today I feel more of a priest, more similar to Christ, because I too am a victim, I can say with Jesus I am priest and victim. To the early Christian was asked not to adore Jesus and on account of their refusal they were persecuted, flogged and killed. They shed their blood cruelly, we shed it bloodlessly, by loving the Eucharist, for which we are ready to give our life. Now let us sing "Come, Oh Mary", let us invite the Mother of the Eucharist to come in our midst and, as sign of victory and rejoicing, I wish you welcome Our Lady by waving your handkerchiefs as if they were flags and standards". The youth at once waved the handkerchiefs waiting for the apparition. The utmost secrecy on this letter of God was kept for 10 years, until when His Excellency Mons. Claudio Gatti, on April 1, 2008, was liberated by the order of silence because he was commanded by High above to disclose the content. We herewith publish some extracts. The Mother of the Eucharist has praised Don Claudio's behavior and courage: "Your priest has fought the battle, he has done an action of great heroism that no priest on earth would have done out of fear, on the contrary, he would have denied the Eucharistic apparition, just to feel in order, just to have everything from the big priests". Our Lady has then added: "I understand, my dear beloved priest, your great suffering, but also your great heroism, you can say: 'I hold the palm of martyrdom', you have done whatever you were able to do, little priest before men, but great in the eyes of God, you have loved, you love, you know how to love… your priest has sustained the martyrdom".

The Mother of the Eucharist, filling with joy the hearts of the people present, has then declared: "You, my dear beloved priest, you are great, really great, for this God the Father has sent me to say: we declare you a saint!" and again: "This decree is not valid, in it there is insincerity, even all the other decrees are not true". "You did everything, you even tried to save the Vice-director - the Heavenly Mummy went on - now it is up to him to decide which side he is going to be", and then another maternal caress still addressed to the priest: "Be strong, hold the palm of martyrdom and let the others see and know your holiness". Then Jesus came, and He said: "God the Father has declared you a saint, God the Father has called each one of Us and said: go in that thaumaturgic place because today God has sanctified Don Claudio Gatti, then it will be little Marisa's turn" (as it actually happened on May 2, 1999 - editor's note).

Don Claudio Gatti, in the following days, wrote to Ruini disproving point by point his entire letter of condemnation. Don Claudio knew that from the juridical point of view, the letter of the Vicar General had no value, and tried to go up against it, turning to a Rotal legal expert, expert on Canon Law, who stated: "Look, in the Vatican there is an unwritten law saying that the superiors are always right, do not expect anything good for you. No Roman congregation will ever question the bishop's authority". Don Claudio, anyway, encouraged by Our Lady, just to leave a testimony, wrote a letter appealing to the Congregation for the Clergy where the prefect was cardinal Dario Castrillon.

The congregations, in the appeal, would examine papers and procedures to see whether there are some flaws, a vice of form and, if everything is in order, give reason to the superior. Cardinal Castrillon, forewarned by Ruini, made use of a false testimony and pointed out a date for another. The false testimony is the one from Don Claudio Cazzola, then priest in the parish of Our Lady of Guadalupe, who stated that Don Claudio Gatti had celebrated the H. Mass on March 8, 1997. Actually, Don Claudio celebrated the mass on March 8, 1998, and not on the previous year, besides, Don Claudio Cazzola was not present at this Eucharistic celebration. The Congregation for the Clergy used a false testimony and pointed out the wrong date. Don Claudio wrote to the Congregation for the Clergy underlining this obvious falsehood, but no one has ever answered him, in spite of the evidence about the unfair and illegitimate sentence passed on the priest.

We have already spoken about the lacerating questions that Don Claudio Gatti endured in those days, at a time when Jesus asked him one thing and the ecclesiastical authority was asking him exactly the opposite. Our Lord let the Bishop of the Eucharist understand, in the following years, the reasons why He brought the priest to the condition to be bitterly confronted with the ecclesiastical authority. The Bishop has disclosed the reasons on first April last, exactly ten years after his suspension a divinis. This condemnation, thereafter followed by the reduction to the lay state, both of them unjustly imposed, have a precise meaning. The first is to expose these people because in the future it will be clear to all that they were in bad faith and will be condemned, besides, all their acts will be declared void and not valid. People will then understand that they were wolves in sheep's clothes, that they were mercenaries and not shepherds, for they will be condemned by their own actions. In fact, one of the tasks of the great mission that God has entrusted the Bishop and the Seer is the one to expose the enemies of the Eucharist. Besides, the suspension a divinis and the reduction to the lay state have given the Bishop that full and total freedom that before, as a priest based in the diocese of Rome and dependent from it, could not have had. It was just for this freedom that the Bishop of the Eucharist was able to write all those many letters and above all to address them to all the Catholic hierarchy. Letters where he is defending the truth, the 185 Eucharistic miracles that took place in the thaumaturgic place, the numerous Trinitarian Theophanies, the apparitions of the Mother of the Eucharist. Besides, he is denouncing the injustice and "abuse of power", as Jesus defined them, by the top ecclesiastics against him. The men of the Church could no longer say anything, could no longer give orders and could no longer ask the Bishop's obedience.

Their bad, unfair and wicked actions are turning against them and the truth, which is disruptive on its own, is emerging and coming out as a spring flooding the surrounding ground.

We have been able to freely print the letters of God without asking permission to the ecclesiastical authority, we print them on our house organ and publish them on our community internet site. It was possible to spread the teachings, help and encouragements of Jesus the Eucharist and Our Lady, precious pearls that some people would have liked to see them censored, as they have censored Pope John Paul II when, in a Wednesday audience said: "May Mary, Mother of the Eucharist, protect you all". These clerics have understood that their behavior, their unjust sentences are like a boomerang or own goal that is turning against them. They are aware they made a mistake, but for their haughtiness and pride they will never admit it. The Bishop of Love has had from God the confirmation of all these thoughts of his in one of the recurrent early-morning talk between him, the Seer Marisa Rossi and God the Father. "God has given me the answer and told me that they are in despair for what they have done because it is turning against them, but they can no longer stop anything". They could do it only if they would call the Bishop and recognize that his Episcopal ordination is of divine origin. Addressing Mons. Claudio Gatti, God added: "Be not deceived, for they are still strong, they are like a powerful wall that is facing you and threatening you". Saint Paul, in the first letter to the Corinthians, wrote: "If the powers of this world would have known God's plan, they would not have crucified the Savior" (Cor. 2, 8). If the powerful men of the Church would have thought that by condemning the Bishop of the Eucharist, they would have favored him and disfavored themselves, they would not have done what they have done. This doesn't mean that these sentences have not caused an enormous suffering to the heart of Bishop Claudio Gatti. Even in this respect, the Bishop ordained by God is similar to the Christ in the Gethsemane whom he loves so deeply and feels Him particularly near because he is participating in His suffering and in his heart resounds the cry: "My God, my God, why have you forsaken me?" He makes his own words also the other words of the Redeemer: "Oh Father, if it be possible, let this cup pass from Me, nevertheless not as I will, but as Thou wilt"