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10th January 2002: "My Bishop, ordained by Me, carried off the victory"

The Bishop's and the Visionary's history is in tune with the history of other souls that went before them in time and that brought in the Church new spiritual vigor and were instrumental for the introduction in it of great theological truths.

St. Mary Alacoque, humble seclusion nun, set the Church ablaze with the devotion to the Sacred Heart of Jesus and introduced the practice of the first nine Fridays of the month; all alone she had to fight against great theologians and bishops who used to speak with detachment and refusal of this "useless muscular theology", as they would define it. For them the heart was a simple muscle; while we know, in accordance with Jesus promises, that a lot of souls have reached the Heaven because they did the practice of the first nine Fridays of the month.

"I am the Immaculate Conception": this was announced by Our Lady in Lourdes in 1858 to Bernadette, a young shepherdess with no culture and sick, and thanks also to her that this dogma has been received and understood in the Church and nowadays is part of the faith heritage.

In 1917, Our Lady appeared to three simple children and by means of those supernatural revelations, the new devotion to the Immaculate Heart of Mary burst out in the Church and the practice of the first five Saturdays of the month was introduced.

Sister Faustina, a very sick Polish nun, who died at a very young age in 1938, met several obstacles, but she was successful to bring in the Church the concept of the merciful love of Jesus. She drew Christ, full of compassion and mercy, turning to all men and showing the torn heart from where two rays are radiating, a white one and a red one.

Our Lord used two simple and humble souls, the Bishop Claudio Gatti and the Visionary Marisa Rossi, to realize his great plan, which included the triumph of the Eucharist, announced on January 10, 2002, the triumph of the Mother of the Eucharist, officially declared by Jesus in June 2003, and the triumph of the Church, which is being implemented through intermediary steps and will reach its full manifestation when the Visionary will go up to the Father and the Bishop will reach the stupendous high grounds. They have carried out their mission with silence and concealment; with love and suffering they have fought the good battle and Our Lord has declared their victory with a big writing in golden letters that Marisa saw during the apparition of January 10, 2002.

Shortly before that the whole community received this announcement, Our Lady had already spoken about it, in an unexpected and sudden way, with the Bishop and the Visionary in a confidential message that only after six years, in January 10, 2008, was made public:

Our Lady - My two beloved little children, you have not yet understood that you have carried off your victory, everybody know that the two of you have carried off the victory, especially you, Excellency, with your strength and your courage to fight those people who are not living in a state of grace. You have won your battle, you know that this winning battle will bring you first to the stupendous high grounds and then to Heaven.

You know that for those people who do not believe in the Eucharist, hell is already opened and I know this makes you suffer a lot. When your spirit is down think that you have carried off your victory. I don't want to hear any longer that you are a failure and you do nothing. There is no need to do big things, there is no need to gather a large crowd in big places and to shout as many people do. No, in silence and concealment you have won your battle and We are with you.

Very Right Excellency, my beloved son, for this you must be strong and give courage to this creature (Marisa, editor's note) who is suffering night and day all the sufferings of Heaven and earth; you must understand that she needs you. God has written with big letters that you have carried off your victory for the sake of God the Father, God the Son, God the Holy Spirit, for the sake of the Mother of the Eucharist, the meek and humble souls, the docile souls and even for the sake of those people who say they understand everything and understand nothing, those who feel in order and instead are arrogant and haughty. Before you, even if you don't see it, there is the writing: "My beloved priest, my Bishop, ordained by Me, carried off the victory". How many, how many people know this victory!

Would you like to be like those cardinals, those bishops and those priests putting up a scene when they celebrate Mass before TV cameras? No, stay as you are, for We want you to be like that.

You have carried off the victory. This has to give plenty joy to you and to your sister, but unfortunately you are not enjoying it because there is a lot of suffering in you and you are suffering because you know that many brothers and confreres of yours are going to hell. You know that hell exists and you know how many people go there, but now let us just talk and think about your victory, for you have won, you have been ordained Bishop by God because you are the Bishop of the Eucharist.

Great deals of people in the world esteem you and admire your courage, but many other, unfortunately, are afraid to show their esteem and trust. Courage, go forth, please do not feel disheartened because if you are disheartened, your sister is depressed, the youth and the adults in the community are depressed and all the souls all over the world who are fond of you would walk back and collapse.

You are the rock of the Church, you are the rock that God has chosen; even you, little Marisa, you are a big rock, unfortunately with a lot of suffering, too much suffering I would say, but this is God's will.

My regards and my thanks to grandmother Iolanda who keeps on praying and suffering for these two children of mine. You have to think that you are a lucky grandmother because you have two holy persons next to you, the Bishop and your daughter who love you and help you as much as they can. My dear children, off with the discouragement, now I am saying it in the plural to all three of you, you have carried off the victory, you have carried off the victory.

Marisa - Will you let us understand how?

Our Lady - The Bishop well understands what I say. Now let us pray together with the others... I have still to say that your prayers have brought to victory my beloved son, my Bishop, your Bishop.

The Masonic devilish plot, contemplating the destruction of the Eucharist centrality in the Church, has been defeated. During the presentation of the tenth book collecting the letters of God for the social year 2001-2002, the Bishop has already explained in details what that plot was about.

The false shepherds of the Church who have betrayed Christ, as they were unable to attack Him, have thrown their hate against the Bishop and the Visionary, organizing plots and attempts to eliminate them; they have fiercely fought the eucharistic miracles and they succeeded to stop television services and journalistic articles that spoke positively and with respect about the great facts of Via delle Benedettine. Nevertheless the Bishop and the Visionary won over them and came to fruition what the Bishop has defined as "the masterpiece of God": the priests, bishops and freemason cardinals were forced, lest they would be discovered, to side with the defenders of the Eucharist and to show attention and attachment towards the Eucharist. Besides, in order to show that the reproaches of the Mother of the Eucharist were not addressed to them, they transformed into preachers, enlivened with zeal and Eucharistic fervor. Even if they do not love the Eucharist, they have organized Eucharistic days, they have attended Eucharistic conferences, they have spoken and written about the Eucharistic mystery, pretending to honor and love it. For their homilies and their writings they have used the messages of the Mother of the Eucharist and the thoughts and reflections taken from the Bishop's catechesis, but never quoting the source.

On December 8, 2007, the Congregation for the Clergy, directed by a good and honest cardinal, Claudio Hummes, issued a document, approved by Benedict XVI, where it asked for the Eucharistic adoration in every church and diocese of the world and the adoption of a priest by the consecrates souls. The proposal has been launched by inviting all the bishops of the world to promote the Eucharistic adoration, in reparation for the pedophilia sins committed by priests and above all for their sanctification. We read in the document: "…we intend to start a spiritual movement that in order to always maintain a greater awareness of the ontological bond between Eucharist and Priesthood, and the special maternity of Mary for each priest, would originate a chain of perpetual adoration for the sanctification of clergymen and for a new commitment by the consecrated female souls so that they may spiritually adopt the priests and help them with their self-offering, prayer and penance, following the typology of the Blessed Virgin Mary, Mother of the Eternal Supreme Priest and Helper in His work of Redemption".

The invitation issued by the Congregation for the Clergy was immediately received by the whole world and the diocese of Rome was among the first ones to answer the call: on 29th December last, in a letter signed by the cardinal vicar Camillo Ruini was asked to give life to a chain of perpetual eucharistic adoration: "…there where the eucharistic adoration - as in many churches of Rome - is already practiced, I ask you to introduce, among the various prayer intentions suggested by the believers, the one proposed by the Congregation for the Clergy…".

The Mother of the Eucharist has more than once underlined that by now we do eucharistic adoration all over the world and all this has happened not because of human merits or apostolate, but because of God, who intervened by reaching those far away places that men could not have reached. The eucharistic message has been brought to millions of souls with a human accent, that of the Bishop ordained by God, for this reason Our Lady six years ago declared: "Many, many know you, Excellency, and esteem you in every corner of the world".