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Bi-location: reflections and experiences

"My Father is always at his work to this very day, and I, too, am working" (John 5,17).

This assertion of Jesus keeps unaltered its validity along the centuries. God acts freely in His Church and works how and whenever He wants. Nobody can impose limits or prohibitions on God; just thinking this means offending Him and sinning seriously. God must not ask to anybody, nor to the ecclesiastical authority, permissions or authorizations to realize his plans.

Christ instituted the sacraments, but He is not linked to them to get the sacramental effects. Those who affirm that God can neither ordain bishops nor consecrating the Eucharist, they oppose God and become allied of the devil.

Who is man to pretend of imposing on God rules in his continuous working?

The ecclesiastical authority must confine itself to acknowledge and accept God's action; when it is not able to do it means that it is not united with God.

Just who is supported by grace and is led by the Holy Spirit is able to acknowledge and welcome with astonishment God's intervention, anyone it is.

God worked many times and in different ways in the thaumaturgical place and granted gifts and charismas to the Bishop Claudio Gatti and the Visionary Marisa Rossi; one of them is bi-location.

God has ubiquity, that is being present everywhere, while man can have bi-location, that is being present, by divine intervention, at the same time in two places, even very distant from each other.

Bi-location is conscious and unconscious.

Who has the gift of conscious bi-location is aware of what he does in both places, even if in different states: he is at rest where he lives and he works where he is in bi-location. Conscious bi-location is always related with the gift of being visionary. Visionaries are persons who see, listen, touch, that is they have physical, sensible contacts, certified by senses, with Jesus, Our Lady and other persons of the supernatural world. Who has the gift of conscious bi-location is always a visionary, but not all visionaries experience bi-location.

On the contrary who has the gift of unconscious bi-location he is not aware of what God makes him do, but he is informed of it by interior locutions or by persons who have the gift of conscious bi-location.

At this regard the Bishop told us about two meaningful episodes concerning him.

The first one happened many years ago in a shrine abroad. He had finished thanksgiving after the celebration of the H. Mass and he was going towards the exit, together with Marisa, when he was approached by a lady who addressed him showing to know him well, and she started with these words: "What a pleasure to meet you again, Don Claudio, I have to thank you again for the advices you gave me last year, when I met you in this shrine". The Bishop tried to make the lady understand that surely she was mistaking him for an other priest, as he had been in that shrine for the first time. The more Don Claudio tried to repeat that he had never met her before, the more the lady insisted affirming the contrary. The embarrassing situation ended when Marisa whispered in his ear: "On last year God sent you to this shrine to advice this lady and other people in need of help". So for the Bishop nothing remained to do but greeting that lady with a beautiful smile and apologizing for forgetting that meeting.

The second episode happened in Rome. The Bishop and the Visionary had just come out of a shop of religious articles, when they were surrounded by a group of nuns who remembered with a beautiful smile the beauty and depth of the spiritual exercises that the priest at that time Don Claudio had preached to many nuns, belonging to different institutes. The Bishop was astonished again, but this time with a glance he immediately asked Marisa who nodded, so he limited himself to say to be happy of meeting them again and to bring his greetings to the other sisters.

We know that many others times the Bishop went in unconscious bi-location to carry on duties and missions entrusted to him by God.

God sent Marisa in bi-location to many clergymen in Rome and outside Rome. To the honest ones she said words of appreciation and encouragement, to the dishonest ones and hardened sinners, reprimands and calls to conversion. Some of the latter reacted violently and vulgarly.

Sometimes God allowed the Bishop Claudio to listen and record what Marisa said to the clergymen to which she was sent in bi-location. As a matter of fact Marisa, present in her bedroom in an ordinary way, repeated simultaneously in a loud voice what she was saying to someone in bi-location. Who has the gift of bi-location can even not be seen by the persons to which he is sent by God to fulfil missions. This happens for reasons of privacy, prudence and security; for the moment we cannot add anything else.

God sent Marisa in bi-location to the latest Popes. In fact she was sent to the Apostolic Palace, seen only by the concerned persons and not by their co-workers, to meet Pious XII, John XXIII, Paul VI, John Paul I and John Paul II, to which she communicated messages entrusted to her by God; for the moment we cannot report the content of her conversations with these Popes, but the Bishop assured us that at the suitable moment they will be made known and spread.

Together with Our Lady and St. Joseph, Marisa also accompanied and protected Paul VI and John Paul II during their apostolic journeys. The Mother of the Eucharist revealed that at Manila the visionary prevented the stab stroke, dealt by a deranged man, to injure him dangerously. In St. Peter she lowered Alì Agca's weapon to deviate the trajectory of the blow so that it could not hit John Paul II's heart.

Moreover she assisted, not seen by his co-workers, John Paul II during the last days of his life. Just the Pope could see her and talked to her by his mind. Marisa knows perfectly what John Paul II thought and tried to pronounce. He repeated many times while clasping weakly her hand: "Pray and suffer for the Church. The Church will be born again through the blood of its children and particularly through yours and through the one of the Bishop ordained by God, whom I was always prevented from meeting". Marisa accompanied John Paul II into the Home of the Father together with Our Lady.

Many times Marisa, always in bi-location, was next to members of the community. This happened when she went to support them while they were undergoing delicate surgical operations or they had to face a risky childbirth. Moreover she was next to many persons at the point of death; in these cases she limited herself to pray with Our Lady, so that the concerned person could die serenely.

God makes use of those who have bi-location in a free and sovereign way and makes them fulfil missions of highest value and importance for the Church.

The Bishop and the visionary were in bi-location in many countries, especially in those ravaged by war and severely proved by anger, thirst and lack of medicines.

They both fulfilled the tasks entrusted to them. Monsignor Claudio baptized children and adults, blessed marriages, gave the Confirmation, listened to confessions, celebrated the H. Mass and distributed the Eucharist to people who were not assisted by priests. Marisa assisted dying persons, fed children, consoled mothers and took care of injured persons.

Sometimes God allowed the Bishop and the Visionary to reach the Jordan river, at whose banks Jesus, Our Lady, St. Joseph and grandmother Iolanda were waiting for them. Jesus took the fishes from the river by the hands and gave them to Our Lady and grandmother Iolanda who cooked them on an improvised brazier.

The Sweet Master moved easily big stones, smoothed their asperities and made comfortable seats.

Finally, hugging the Bishop, Jesus went away with him to talk to him in an isolated place.

Also Marisa took advantage of the time necessary to cook the fish to talk to the heavenly guests and especially to sing with them. Their voices amalgamated in a marvellous way. When fishes were ready Our Lady called Jesus and Claudio to make them come back. Before eating, Jesus blessed the food and the people present sang hymns and psalms.

To fulfil one of Marisa's strong desires, sometimes Jesus allowed her little nephews: Jacopo, Samuele, Emanuele, Sara and Mariasole to be present at the Jordan in unconscious bi-location. The kids first played, throwing stones into the river and then, at the moment of prayer, they prayed with clasped or opened hands and looking at high.

They all moved frequently from the Jordan to other places of the Holy Land, related to the memory of the private and public life of Jesus. One of the most visited places was the Gethsemane.

The Bishop and the visionary love particularly the Gethsemane, where Jesus inflicted to Himself the great trial of not feeling loved by the Father, He experienced loneliness, was betrayed by Judas, made prisoner by the enemies and abandoned by the apostles. Monsignor Claudio and Marisa keep on living the same sorrowful experiences, waiting for the situation changes by God's intervention.

The Visionary Marisa has the gift of conscious bi-location and the Bishop Claudio the one of unconscious bi-location.

God Daddy said that the Bishop will start realizing, seeing and feeling what he does in bi-location at Marisa's death, when she will fly to the Paradise, accompanied by Our Lady, St. Joseph, grandmother Iolanda, other saints and the angels.

Also Bishop Claudio will join this heavenly procession and will accompany his sister to the Paradise, where he will see and hear what God will want.

After enjoying the experience of Paradise, the Bishop will kiss Marisa and come back to the Earth to fulfil the last mission entrusted to him by God: the renaissance of the Church.

For the renaissance of the Church Monsignor Claudio will need honest co-workers, full of love to God and the souls, ready to sacrifice, detached from money and not loving power. Since a long time God has indicated to the Bishop the names of the cardinals and bishops who will help him in the great mission. Moreover he communicated to him the names of some Italian and foreign priests to whom the Bishop ordained by God will give the episcopal ordination.

On May 28, 2007, God Daddy, during a trinitary teophany reserved to Monsignor Claudio and Marisa, announced that in the Church a great event had happened and History will speak about it.

This was the announcement: "Excellency, my son, in bi-location you have ordained 51 bishops and 77 priests. These ordinations have been done in all continents. The Mother of the Eucharist will tell you about the details of these ordinations".

On the following May 31, the Mother of the Eucharist spoke about these episcopal and priestly ordinations to those who were present at the apparition: "Today I have gone to see the Bishops and priests that you, Excellency, have ordained in bi-location; they are so many. They were all happy, shiny and bright. They were singing, giving Glory to God and praying for you. When the time comes, you will see them again, and you will realize the great beautiful thing you have done".

Before Our Lady spoke publicly about these episcopal and priestly ordinations, the Bishop ordained by God had not spoken about them to anybody, but after the public announcement by the Mother of the Eucharist he told us about some details of this great event, unique in the Church and happened by divine intervention.

The Bishop told us that were ordained:

- in Brazil 4 bishops and 6 priests;

- in Argentina 5 bishops and 11 priests;

- in the rest of Latin America 5 bishops and 11 priests;

- in the Democratic Republic of Congo 3 bishops and 5 priests;

- in Central Africa 4 bishops and 5 priests;

- in other countries whose name was not told us 1 bishop and 1 or more priests.

He specified that in Italy he ordained neither bishops nor priests.

Monsignor Claudio Gatti doesn't know if these ordinations will be followed by other episcopal and priestly ordinations, done in bi-location.

All celebrations of these numerous sacred ordinations took place in the presence of the local populations, who drew with affection close to the Bishop ordained by God and to the shepherds, on which he imposed his hands.

The ordained bishops and priests know very well who Monsignor Claudio Gatti is and which missions in the name of God he carried and is carrying on inside the Church.

They are ready to reach him when he will call them to Rome.

In the meantime they exercise their functions among the populations entrusted to them, keeping in mind the teachings and advises given to them by the Bishop ordained by God. We can conclude that between Monsignor Claudio Gatti and the bishops and priests he ordained in bi-location was established the same fond and respectful relationship that characterized the one between Paul and Timothy and Titus.

In our Bishop's voice we always hear a bit of emotion when he recommends to us: "Pray for my bishops and my priests".

These bishops and priests are the first shepherds who in the future will lead the Holy Church and represent the realization of God's promise: "Then I will give you shepherds after my own heart, who will lead you with knowledge and understanding" (Jeremiah 3,15).

There have been many more occasions in which the Bishop and the Visionary worked in bi-location, but for the moment we are not able to report all of them. It will be our duty to update and complete this writing, so that men may reach the certitude that God Daddy is much closer to them than the shepherds of the Church teach.

What we have written was taken from the catecheses and the confidences of the Bishop Claudio Gatti and of the Visionary Marisa Rossi who were authorized by God to lift the veil over a world unknown to men.

Rome, 29th June 2007

Feast of the Apostles Peter and Paul, protectors of the diocese of Rome.

Celebration of the VIII anniversary of the episcopal ordination of our Bishop, done directly by God.

Edited by the Cultural Committee of the Movimento Impegno e Testimonianza - Madre dell'Eucaristia