Eucharist Miracle Eucharist Miracles

Anniversary of the great eucharistic miracle happened during the Holy Mass celebrated by the Bishop ordained by God

In June 11, our community remembers the sixth anniversry of the great Eucharistic miracle happened during the Holy Mass celerated by the Bishop ordained by God. On that day the Eucharist bled in the Bishop's hands. We report here about that important intervention of God.

During the eucharistic celebration, as soon as he finished saying the formula of the consecration, the face of His Excellency Mons. Claudio Gatti suddenly became pale. Many of the people present thought that the celebrant was feeling sick. The Bishop, visibly moved, has kept on staring at the consecrated host for a long time, that seemed to be an eternity. Then the Bishop confirmed in that moment the time had stopped for him. As soon as he started lifting the big host, the people present realized that it had bled; the blood from the center of the host had nearly reached the borders. The Bishop, during the genuflexion, noticed that two big hosts had been put on the paten by divine intervention, as Our Lady explained later, they were subtracted to profanation. After the consecration of the wine the Bishop passed among the pews of the Basilica so that everybody could see to witness in the future the great God's intervention. All the faithful smelt the scent coming from the blood-stained host while His Excellency showed the three hosts to the members of the community. Jesus told us that the miracle of June 11, 2000 is the most important in the Hisotry of the Church and it is the "seal" put by the Lord on all the eucharistic miracles happened in the thaumaturgical place of via delle Benedettine.

"All is done" affirmed God the Son after this great eucharistic miracle. As a matter of fact, this was the last one of a series of miracles in which many hosts bled and some of them more than once. Nevertheless, many clergymen, instead of acknowledging these God's interventions and accepting the episcopal ordination of Mons. Claudio Gatti, whose divine origin was confirmed by the miracle happened in his hands, they kept on slandering and defaming, devoured by envy and jealousy. This miracle, together with the other ones, is changing the face of the Church because all God's actions are infinite and are not limited in time and space. The Lord wanted to underline that He called Claudio two thousand years after calling Peter and Paul. Many hosts that bled are kept jealously in the seat of our Movement. After several years the blood does not show any sign of decay, opposing the laws of physics and chemistry. No clergyman ever wanted to examine these hosts, while they hurried to condemn unfairly the Bishop and the Visionary. The high-ranking clergymen neither ever interrogated the numerous witnesses of the eucharistic miracles and they never attended the prayer meetings. Nobody can arrogate the right of forbidding the faithful to go and pray wherever he wants, neither the Holy Father. But the wickedness of men got also to this.