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After the year of the Eucharist, the year of Love

After the year of the Eucharist, the year of Love. This is the marvellous initiative launched in October by H.E. Mons. Claudio Gatti, Bishop ordained by God. On December 8, feast of the Immaculate Conception, our community entered into the year of Love, that will end on December 8, 2006. The Bishop of the Eucharist had launched the idea of the year of the Eucharist, then taken by John Paul II; who knows if also this time the Church will make this marvellous initiative its own.

"The Eucharist is God's love addressed to the men, now it is necessary that the love of the men goes to Jesus the Eucharist, to God, to the Trinity. The year of Love is the answer to the year of the Eucharist. Doing the year of the Eucharist without making it be followed by something exacting would be sterile". These are the reasons explained to us by the Bishop of love, as the Mother of the Eucharist called him, that led him to launch the year of charity. We must commit ourselves to love each other as much as possible. Love must be lived inside families and communities. We must succeed in realizing what Jesus told us one year ago, that is uniting all our hearts to make one only big heart united with the Most Sacred Heart of Jesus, with the Immaculate Heart of Mary and with the big heart of St. Joseph that cannot be excluded from this big flame of love, from this heart of love we want to make. Everybody must feel inside of himself the desire of living in this flame of love to be able to infect also the others. There must not be divisions, conflicts, discussions and if they rise, they must be immediately resolved by charity. The year of Love will be the answer we will give, as a community, to God the Father, God the Son and God the Holy Spirit, to God One and Three really present in the Eucharist, this is our answer, our witnessing and commitment.

Without love, without charity, we can go nowhere. If there is not love it means that there is not either a strong eucharistic presence. Only the Eucharist has the power of transforming, changing and addressing people towards the good and only through the life in a state of grace, respecting the commandments, we can believe in the impossible, hope against any hope and love also our enemies. This is the great teaching of Jesus the Eucharist and of the Mother of the Eucharist. A deed of love, a deed of charity one of us does for the other is a help, a smile, or keeping inside oneself a strong word. A deed of love we do for an other member of the community, for a person we know, for a familiy member, for a colleague, has a worldwide resonance. That deed of charity addressed to a brother, a sister, can be taken by God as an occasion to convert other people.

Love is superior to prayer: "First learn how to love and than pray", Jesus taught to us. If we do a deed of love to a brother nearby, an other brother hundreds or thousands kilometres far from us can be saved. Here is why the Bishop encouraged us to multiply the deeds of love towards each other, the smiles, the positive attitudes. We must stop any word or attitude that can even minimally cause suffering to an other brother. This generates in the Church an avalanche of graces, blessings and supernatural helps. The more we will love each other, the more we will show to love God. The conversion of the others depends on the love we will be able to give to a brother of ours, that is a gesture, a deed, a word. "Each crumb of charity is a step of the big stair that leads to the Paradise and that helps your brothers to go up it", these are the marvellous words of a God's letter.