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The meeting with Mons. Claudio and Marisa: personal memories and testimonies of the community members

Prayer vigil of May 14, 2005


Each one of us can surely witness that, since he has known Mons. Claudio and Marisa and started to attend the apparitions of the Mother of the Eucharist, his life has changed; life has acquired a particular meaning, value and sense that would not have had otherwise. Together we heard sounds never heard, tasted flavours never tasted, picked flowers with scents never smelt before. We tried to love with an intensity we would have never imagined, we felt sensations we never felt in any other place, we rejoiced, but also suffered for the events that involved the whole community. The Lord presented us with many moments of Paradise during these years. We got free and free we must give. In this vigil we will try to let our heart speak, offering personal memories or testimonies that should make understand that life without God, without Jesus the Eucharist, does not fulfil the man's wish of improving more and more his existence.


When I enter in the thaumaturgical place, I remind the first time I smelt a stirring scent, a sensation I will never forget. It is the same scent I smell next to Marisa, sign of her union with the Eucharist. The memories inside my heart are many and I hope they will always remain alive, to give them to the others. Thank you for all, my Lord.

Franco and Lina

Mother of the Eucharist, who always thank us for our presence at every meeting, allow us to thank you so much for all that you did for us, for always feeling your presence next to us, prompt, vigilant, for supporting us by your great motherly love. The Bishop and Marisa led our spiritual regeneration, succeeding to fill all our gaps and to make us accept that the true peace is obtained only when we are in a state of grace. The knowledge of the Word, dosed and explained with so much love, led us to meet Jesus the Eucharist every day.

We felt helped, supported and led in the role of parents in the most difficult moments. If today we have some joys, it is also due to the Bishop and Marisa, to their patience, to their love, but especially to the strong and piercing words of the Bishop, who always supported and encouraged us. We thank you for all this in the day of your feast, we are next to you and we support you with our prayers.

Maria Carta

Consecrated host, source of life and light for all of us. Most Holy Trinity who are always ready on the sacrificial altar to give us your love, to be given to the people next to us, exhorting us to be an example and testimony for everybody. You fill our heart with your infinite love, giving us a measureless joy. Thank you, Lord, for giving us the life of two blessed souls, the Bishop and Marisa, to whom we address all our affection, devotion and best wishes.


Being next to you I experienced suffering, incomprehension and bitterness. I understood that only through the cross we gain the salvation. This truth is lived only by those who are united with the crucifix. I always want to look ahead, I want to be next to you to fly on high. The strength, courage and perseverance come from the Eucharist, attached to the tabernacle not to feel loneliness.


Thank you, Lord, for putting along our path two headlights that enlighten our life, support us when we meet some obstacles and reprimand us when we are wrong. Together with them we go along a way that leads us closer and closer to You. Sincere thanks gush out of my heart to you, my dear Bishop, for all that you do for us. Your suffering makes us sad, but we are next to you and we are fond of you. We want to be next to you, dear Marisa, who gifted all of yourself to the Lord offering your suffering for all of us, for the Church and the Bishop, even if we will never succeed to show you the gratitude and the affection we have for you. We are fond of you. Thanks.

Giovanna Ruggiu

Emotion, thanksgiving, hope alternate in the heart of the people on the way in this feast day. There is much trepidation in our hearts, but when we approach the table of love, it seems that God wants to tell us: "Why are you in a hurry? Am I not with you? So don't worry, follow the Bishop ordained by Me, his hands picked up my blood". He loves us and our fears disappear; we keep on praying so that your episcopate is acknowledged by everybody. To Marisa we address all our gratitude and affection and even if this evening you are not physically in our midst, your love reaches and warms up our heart.

Maria Teresa

What a joy meeting you, Marisa! For me you are the bridge uniting Heaven and Earth, because together with the Bishop you helped me to understand the deep relationship between the Mother of the Eucharist and redemption. Fruitful is your consecration! Your life is an endless childbirth, in which joys alternate with more and more intense and strong pains. Bishop of the Eucharist and Victim of the Eucharist, how much this renaissance of the Church is costing to you! Holy souls, who support each other and who are supported by the grace of God. The words pronounced by God on mount Tabor sound like this in my heart: "This is my favourite Bishop, listen, follow, love him". Thank you, dear Bishop, for your divine intuitions, suggested by the Holy Spirit, that you gift to us as precious gems in your catecheses. Always give us, Lord, the capability of astonishing before your gifts and to accept them with joy. Cheer up, brother and sister, this desert, that now seems suffocating you, will finish and we, under the cross with you, wait for the renaissance of the Church and the triumph of the Mother of the Eucharist, and with theirs, your triumph. Thanks for all.


Sometimes the spiritual walk is slow, uncertain, imperfect, but goes on until a certainty is glimpsed: we are not alone and discover that God loves us with upsetting love and leads us through ways which are inconceivable for us.

We were witnesses of extraordinary miracles, I wonder how all this happened even to me. In my unworthiness I was present with great emotion at each eucharistic miracle, expression of God's love towards us and all mankind. We remember the suffering of the Bishop and Marisa, Victim of the Eucharist, that have not jet come to an end. We remember their anxiety of bringing all of us towards holiness. We love you much and would like to come always to this thaumaturgical place so loved by God and still to listen to his letters. We love you much and you will be always in our heart.


When I came to this place for the first time it was October 1994. I had just begun a path of conversion for some years and I remember that I tried to get into a community, not to be alone along this path. I remember that our Bishop, Don Claudio at that time, did the catechesis in the chapel and I listened to each word of his with great interest, always keeping my attention high up to the end, just like it still happens now, notwithstanding ten years have passed, during which I had the privilege of listening to homilies, catecheses and comments never repetitive and always illuminating. Coming to this holy place I felt inside myself a great change, I felt joy and serenity I had never felt before, that kept constant during all these years. Excellency, today I want to thank you for all your teachings that made me grow up spiritually, for your example and guide of good shepherd, that illuminates, supports and leads the souls towards the true conversion. I thank you, Marisa, as well because by means of you, you led me to have a more intimate, confidential, concrete and sincere relationship with Jesus, Our Lady and St. Joseph. A bridge with the divinity, a communication with the transcendent, that assumed, by means of you and by divine will, a simpler face, more accessible to our human condition. Thank you also for your prayers, your suffering, your example of simplicity, courage, serenity and happiness that you always show, notwithstanding everything.


If I turn back and look at what I was, I see a person I nearly cannot recognize anymore. Since I met two angels along my path, and about ten years have passed since that meeting, I have seen the light, the true one that illuminates the heart and always shines, because they issue light. I felt joy, the one that is felt deeply, because they transmit joy. I felt the peace of the heart, because they give peace. I learnt how to love, because they love much. I did not feel alone anymore, because I felt over and around myself the love of a father and a mother, united with the Mother of the Eucharist's one. Thank you, Lord, because all this is a work of yours.


I thank you, my God, because your truth and your light led me to your holy mountain. With great joy I share my heart with my dear ones and this big and humble family that carries on the mission God entrusted to it. I also can say: "The Almighty has done great things for me and holy is his name". I bring impressed in my eyes and in my ears the power of Your works and words that I could not describe in a few minutes. To my great Bishop, to my sister Marisa I ask to forgive me if sometimes I have not been up to the situation, but one thing is certain: I am fond of you! Oh Lord, look at my weakness and help me, because I can do nothing without You.


In my heart there is a huge thanks to Jesus, to the Mother of the Eucharist and to his two angels, who offered their suffering for me and accepted me with much love and charity. My thanks are also for the community that surely prayed for me.


The first time I came to this thaumaturgical place was on November 26, 1995, when a torrential rain fell on all of us. I remained until afternoon, all wet, but happy because finally I had found Our Lady, who I had been seeking since I lived in my country. To find her I had gone to Lourdes and Medjugorje, but I found her just here, where I saw Jesus the Eucharist bleeding in the hands of Our Bishop during the consecration. In the same way his disciples saw Him bleeding on the Cross two thousand years ago. Then I really understood that Jesus is living in the Eucharist, it was a greatest emotion and gift I received, even if I am not worthy. Since then, I felt myself more tied to Jesus, to the Mother of the Eucharist, because I understand that the Body and Blood of Jesus are our food and drink and they are our salvation. I have many memories in my heart, but time is few and I cannot speak about all of them. Thanks to God, to the Mother of the Eucharist, to the Bishop and Marisa.


Overloaded by serious family troubles, I entered into this place on tip-toe, a bit sceptical, about incredulous. I had difficulty to amalgamate, but then the holiness of the place, the exceptionality of the events reshaped my life. In front of Marisa and the Bishop's suffering and their whole immolation for the salvation of the souls, I understood that my suffering was unfruitful. I understood that the spring giving a true sense to life is only love. I thank God for giving me the opportunity to know this place. I thank the Mother of the Eucharist for her constant help. I thank the Bishop and Marisa to whom I address again my feelings of esteem and admiration.


After many years of spiritual research, I found in this place what I had always wished: prayer and silence. Christian life is a commitment and in the Bishop and Marisa I found the guide that changed my life. I feel spiritually stronger and more able to face who wants to put me in difficulties. I pray God and the Mother of the Eucharist that they may help me to never betray the Bishop and Marisa, because it would be the same as betraying Jesus and Our Lady.

Anna Ferruti

In a sorrowful moment of my life I met the Mother of the Eucharist, who healed my wounds. My spiritual path started in this way under the fond guidance of the priest Don Claudio Gatti, the headlight that enlightened the path leading me closer and closer to God. The eucharistic miracles and the letters of God in this place increased continuously my wish of getting closer to the Eucharist every day. I pray the Lord to give our Bishop the gift of languages. Thank you, Excellency, thank you, Marisa, for your great love for everybody.

Mrs. Giulia

What I will speak about is one of the most beautiful and spectacular gifts the Lord wanted to give me. Marisa had come down into the chapel on her wheelchair, I was sitting next to her at the first pew, in front of the tabernacle. The Mother of the Eucharist appeared to Marisa, she told her to stand up, to take a rose and a lily from a little vase placed on the altar and to bring them towards the tabernacle. Just after, from the flowers issued hosts abundantly. The Bishop ran not to let them fall down onto the ground, but Marisa, with an authoritative and regal catch, stretched her arm and stopped them. It was a eucharistic cascade, a river of living water, my heart beat strongly. Thank you, Lord.

Maria Poggiolesi

The spiritual path that the Mother of the Eucharist indicates to us enriched me so much that I cannot do without continuing along this difficult path, because it involves also a physical sacrifice for me. One of the greatest teachings I received is that of loving more the neighbour, even if it is difficult to put it into practice. I thank you for your great generosity and I feel next to you in the suffering.


The Lord had already called me in different manners, but when I got to via delle Benedettine, the spur to love Him was stronger, also due to the deeper knowledge of God that I got through the catechesis. Thank you, Excellency, thank you, Marisa, for all that you have given to us.


In the first period of my attendance I could not understand the great Marisa's suffering, as I always saw her joyous and serene. In the same way I was always astonished by the Bishop's humility, who always puts himself at our level. Their reprimands helped me very much to improve and the hope of being listened by the Lord became certitude thanks to their teaching, example and witness. Best wishes for this so important recurrence and thank you for the total devotion.


More than ten years ago, as soon as finished the first apparition, that I attended, taken by one thousand sensations, I ran to Marisa and asked her to pray for my children, who were adolescent at that time, and she replied: "But you must pray!". I already was praying, but that was a healthy shake that, united with the fatherly help of the Bishop, made clarity in my life and it became a more and more necessary daily life plan that slowly bore fruits of peace and abandonment to God. Thank you, Marisa, thank you, Excellency, for so much love and suffering you gave also for me.

Maria Viola

Ego Claudius Episcopus totus sum vester. You are priest for love and you always lived it up to immolation, together with Marisa, Victim and Heroine of the Church. Among many memories, those that hit me most concern the courage, the humility and especially the apostolic anxiety of the Bishop. I am grateful to the Lord for answering His call, because in this thaumaturgical place grew up my love to Jesus the Eucharist and through the Visionary I love Our Lady as Mother of the Eucharist. None more than you is living with more fidelity the promises made to God, fought against in all ways by the men of the Church. In the message of July 11, 1993, Jesus said: "I Myself have wanted to come in order to confirm to you that my Mother and I want to guide you in the very beautiful and important mission that God the Father, God the Holy Spirit and I, God the Son, have entrusted to you, in order to repeat to you that We are always near and in order to give you courage". I unite myself with all Paradise and address my wishes of holiness to the two columns of the Church that will revive pure and spotless.


An atmosphere of joy and happiness accompanied, about ten years ago, an apparition I had attended. The festive and familiar atmosphere made be born in me this prayer: "If you, Our Lady, wish other people of my region, Sardinia, to enjoy your presence, I open happily the doors of my house to these two children of yours". I would have never imagined that Our Lady would immediately take me at my word. As a matter of fact, after just fifteen days, Marisa and the future Bishop came to Sardinia, exactly on June 18, 1995, fest of Corpus Domini. Since then also the people of Sardinia could enjoy the apparitions of the Mother of the Eucharist and then also the eucharistic miracles that took place in the sea, on the roads, in houses. The future Bishop was tireless in giving his teaching and advices, but especially he did his best unceasingly to transmit to everybody his great love for Jesus the Eucharist, about which he spoke with such a transport that people were attracted and involved. In fact many converted and in particular restarted to live in a state of grace and to receive the Eucharist those who had no more done it for many years. To the dearest Mons. Claudio and Marisa, two precious jewels in God's eyes, I want to express, from the deepest of my heart, my thanksgiving for spending a part of your history in our midst, edifying us. You left many beautiful memories of your presence on the island, but the one which is dearest to me is the little statue of the Mother of the Eucharist that God made thaumaturgical by a eucharistic miracle that took place in my house. To her we entrust our sorrows and joys and, when we gather in prayer, each time you also are present to continue along that path traced by the Mother of the Eucharist. Thanks for your commitment and witness and testimony. Best wishes to the little community of Sardinia that always remembers about you, is fond of you and will never be able to forget you.


I am sorry for not being present to pray with you and especially I regret not being able to hug the Bishop and Marisa. During these long years of suffering and trouble I always saw you praying and praising God, I saw you crying, suffering, but I always saw love in your eyes. In no other place people pray as in the thaumaturgical place, in no other place people pray for those who do not love God and nobody goes on with faith and hope as our Bishop. Every day Jesus the Eucharist talks to me about you, there is no night that I fall asleep without the image of the Bishop sending me his blessing. Your great love lighted also in Sardinia many little flames that the Mother of the Eucharist keeps with affection and care. When your trouble and suffering are too strong, your tears get as far as our soul and the deep relationship uniting all of us with the Eucharist becomes stronger. Neither your smallest suffering was lost.

Mauro and parents

A great regret is that of not knowing you before, so not to feel guilty for doing so many errors, even if unfortunately, but surely in lower amount, we still do them. Dearest Bishop ordained by God, Mons. Claudio Gatti and Visionary Marisa Rossi, you are a greatest example for all religious men and laymen who take care of their own and the others' soul. Lord, notwithstanding our smallness make us able to understand, help and love them. Infinite thanksgiving for the spiritual path and the richness of the spiritual graces we got. Thank you for making rediscover the centrality of the only material and spiritual good: the Eucharist, deserving of being known, loved, contemplated, adored more and more, the only way for peace in the world, prelude for the souls that in the future will be present at the unimaginable beauties of the eternal Paradise.


During my spiritual peregrination, I arrived here on October 24, 1994 for the first public apparition of the Mother of the Eucharist. Since then I have no more gone away from this thaumaturgical place. With Jesus the Eucharist, the Mother of the Eucharist, St. Joseph, Caretaker of the Eucharist, St. Padre Pio, I thank everybody for all and I ask the gift and grace of the full conversion for me and all my family. Thank you, Excellency, thank you, Marisa for the love you have given to me and all of us.


To Mary, Mother of the Eucharist, we want to express all our thankfulness for the singular experience of life, love and faith we have lived in these long years of assiduous attendance to the Movimento Impegno e Testimonianza. For this we thank all our fellow travellers, particularly our Bishop Claudio, the dearest Visionary Marisa, to whom we are linked with great thankfulness, also for the unprecedented, but precious daily suffering sustained with so much love and admirable example. Mary, Mother of the Eucharist, keep on guiding us, together with your Jesus, along this extraordinary path of love and let the triumph of the Eucharist bring into the heart of all men that joy and deep peace that originate from the union among people and from sharing deep values. For this we pray you.


Ten years of presence in the thaumaturgical place are full of such an unimaginable experience that all my previous life, in comparison, discolours and becomes little, just like an image observed through an inverted telescope. I often wonder of what and how I lived before coming here, because I have changed much since then. This change took place in different moments that, by jumps and jerks, often led me to fly in a rarefied atmosphere, understood just and only by my heart, not by reason and, especially in the first times, caused conflicts within myself of enigmatic intensity, even painful. The Mother of the Eucharist came towards me and supported me, starting with her name, surprisingly sweet, true and complete. I had never heard it before and to me it seemed not only a suitable title, but a revelation, as it had been for Bernadette the Immaculate Conception. I remember that, at first glance, the mosaic in the chapel appeared curious to me: Our Lady with one hand calls smiling and with the stretched arm indicates the Holy Spirit; a new and particularly intuitive meaning, a sort of program. As a matter of fact, during all these years the walk done with her through her messages was dense of emotions, I really flew on high. Each correction was a step forward, by each message I saw more light and approached more and more the First and Third Persons of the Holy Trinity who then manifested themselves here marvellously. Mary really indicated to us the way to get to the Holy Spirit. By making my heart speak today, I feel to address to Him with confidence from the deepest of my soul the strongest and most urgent prayer to ask for his intervention. Nothing is impossible for God, so I wish with all my heart that you, Holy Spirit, manifest your power soon, for the exaltation of your two beloved souls: Marisa and our beloved Bishop.


How many memories are in my mind! The first one is when I attended an apparition for the first time. Moved and curious, I saw Marisa's face lighting up with a light I had never seen before in my life. And through the first catechesis I listened I understood that Don Claudio was not a priest like all the others I had met before. That strange sensation I could not define at that time, I see today to be his union with God and his passionate love for the souls. It is impossible to forget the first time I introduced myself to him and when I told him that I had heard people speaking very good about him he replied, joking: "All lies!". Instead the first time I talked to Marisa I addressed her in the third person and she said: "What are you saying? I am Marisa, don't try once again to address me in the third person". Excellency and Marisa, how many times I remember your sweet eyes talking to me with firmness and love, advising and reproaching, but also consoling and encouraging me.


My first meeting with the Bishop took place the first time I went to the thaumaturgical place. What struck me positively was that finally I had met a priest who, differently from the others, had not a permissive behaviour. He was firm and sweet at the same time. His right words were calling me to a life without compromises, the one I was looking for. I memory about Marisa inside my heart dates back to when I saw her for the first time. Her face lighted up, in her eyes there was the expression of the one who had been waiting for meeting me for a long time and when Marisa smiled to me, I felt a deep joy; disappeared the vacuum and loneliness I had inside. Just in that time I decided not to go away anymore.

Giulia and Fabrizio

A very beautiful common memory of ours is surely the one of our weddings, the joy of seeing it celebrated by our beloved Bishop, the one who now, like at that time, helps us and teaches to us, notwithstanding her suffering, to keep the doors closed to wickedness. Our Bishop's bright face, Marisa's presence, their joy of seeing us together, what we felt in those moments, our and their happiness we can see yet now by viewing the photos of that day, but we do not forget how much suffering was in those smiles of love and if we are together it is due to their help. Dear Bishop, dear Marisa, in these years we saw you suffering, sometimes suppressing the tears, we got corrections, sweet words and strong sometimes, but the most intense memory does not date back to a particular moment, but to the one we have now inside of our heart. You loved us, you gave time, worries, prayers, suffering, you were close to us even when your love was not requited by ours, we can say nothing else but thank you and forgive us, but what we want is to stay next to you. We realize that each time we are next to you we get many helps and teachings. We wish you all the best and we tail after the Paradise to celebrate you, we thank God for the great gift of meeting you.


I would need a book to contain all the memories I have with you. When I think about the moments spent together, I remember them detached from the world and when I came back home, to the daily life, I felt the difference because with you the time has another taste, another intensity. I like remembering the first time I met you, Excellency, I remember the strong sense of freedom and strength you transmitted to me, as if there was not a separation, but closeness even to me, whom you did not know. I had the joy of listening to you speaking about Jesus in a living and involving manner and you accepted, in the dialogue, my provocations with welcome. About you, Marisa, I remember particularly when I had come for the Mass in 1995, but I had not yet decided of coming habitually and, as soon as the celebration ended, looking me firmly in the eyes, you told me: "Change dress". I remember I wondered what you were saying, but I was struck so much that I did nothing but thinking about the meaning. I don't know if today I have understood it, but I think it was related to my conversion in some way, to changing mentality and behaviour. They are those phrases that change your life, just like changed my life meeting two persons like you. Speaking about memories I have a lump in my throat, so I prefer speaking about how the more time goes by and more I am fond of you, about how beautiful and visible is your love for life and people, no matter who they are. In this there is all for me, there is the sense not only of life, but also of my job, in which it is needed so much to put into practice all this. For me every day is a challenge trying to transmit to those who are suffering a bit of your style, which is God's style and there is nothing more beautiful to see a person who lives in discomfort opening himself to hope, trust and wish of seeing his way ahead. I will never forget this, it will be always a fixed point from where starting every day.


I remember an afternoon when I went to the Bishop's house to attend the Mass. It was a period in which I was a bit bent down on myself. Marisa suffered the passion during all the Mass, she was in bed, she was suffering very much and with difficulty she could follow the celebration. When the celebration ended, she recovered a little, she looked at me and, addressing the Bishop, said: "What do you think, will we be able to convert also him?". I was shocked by the love and strength of putting her suffering aside to think to the others, to encourage, help and correct us. This was the spring for recovering and going ahead. Each time we are with the Bishop and Marisa, we see extraordinary examples of love, strength, courage and equilibrium in all situations, even the most painful. It is a great example for us, who are preparing ourselves to the weddings, seeing how much respect, simplicity and promptness flourishes in each one of their words, attitudes and glances and no clouds of harshness and division ever flies over their relationship.

Antonella and Massimo

Speaking in a few words about all the love you, Marisa gave us is difficult. If we close our eyes, our heart opens to your nearly celestial smile, we see in it an immense sweetness and the certitude that God loves us. We have never seen anything of the wonders of the Paradise, but through your glance in ecstasy we contemplate their reflection. Many times we were disarmed by your tenderness when you take the children in your arms, your eyes light up before so much candour, maybe they remind you the little Jesus. Our little suffering never escaped your motherly glance. When your pain was very strong, your face smiled, you always tried to be funny, to hide all and give us strength and serenity. You fought at your best to wring us from the devil and we were neither realizing it. You warned us many times about the danger of falling, with the same sweetness and firmness the Mother of the Eucharist talks to us. Through your immolation we got many big graces without which we would not be here today. Tears us to pieces the living memory of your moans, sometimes suffocated, sometimes exploded with all your humanity, when you live the passion. You strike us when, with all the love you have inside, you ask for help to God for your Bishop, your big father, brother and friend. Astonishes us the great charity with which you recommend to the Lord every time the sick and those who are in need. Too many times we saw you silent, but serene, signed by Jesus' stigmata all over your body. Gives us the shudders listening to you singing, even if now God asked you to give it up, but your melodious and angelic voice, getting to very high notes, is about supernatural; we do not need to understand the words, it is an uninterrupted prayer, a continuous dialogue with the Divine. Our faces, a bit childish and thoughtless of the first years in this thaumaturgical place, have become more mature. Soon the Bishop will get to marvellous heights and you, Marisa, will accompany him and our paths will divide, but we know that, until we are united with Jesus, the detachment from you will be only material. All that we lived in this thaumaturgical place will always remain in our heart.


I photographed in my mind my first meeting with the Bishop and Marisa, it is an image I will bring for ever inside my heart and will never fade. My first meeting was with the Bishop. I was told about a priest, called Don Claudio, who had a special capability to understand and help the youth. I remember I was excited, I was just 16 and I shook my hand with his shyly, but immediately I noted that his hand-shake was strong and reassuring at the same time, but what particularly struck me were his eyes whose colour was deep, difficult to be defined, a deep blue, a glance full of love that immediately penetrated my heart. I had never felt such a sensation, he had a reassuring glance, the one of who loves, like the good shepherd who welcomes the sheep into his sheepfold. I was immediately struck by the first biblical catechesis I attended, because he showed me the Gospel under a light different from the one I knew before. It was not a simple reading that narrates Jesus' life, but it was living, palpitating. It was a story that concerned me and in which I always felt to be an active part. Then little by little I discovered what would have changed my life: the Holy Mass. Before that time I attended it on Sundays, but it was not so important because I had not understood its meaning. Seeing how Don Claudio celebrated the Mass, especially during the Consecration, I was struck by how he handled the eucharistic species, with how much delicateness he touched them and put them back on the altar. I noted a particular light in that moment, his face was illuminated, in him there was something that then I understood to be the intimate and deep union with Jesus, with whom, in the moment of the Consecration, he was fused in a unique reality. I met Marisa later, because in that period she was in the hospital. Don Claudio had told me she suffered very much, I still did not know she was a visionary, I knew she was a consecrated layman who belonged to the community. The first time I met her she was sitting on an armchair, because she could not move. She had very sweet eyes and seemed a bit shy, but at the same time I could see a lot of suffering in that glance, but also the interior greatness of a beautiful and pure soul. I admired her sympathy and I felt she was a special person. She taught me how to pray and especially how to turn singing into prayer, she made me understand that singing is praying. At first I sang so that the others could listen to me, but with much patience she reproached and corrected me, she made me understand where I was wrong, she taught me how to modulate my voice to praise God. Her example was important to prepare in the details all that is needed for the eucharistic cult. On the occasion of feasts and recurrences she was always ready to give her contribution to organize everything in the best way. Her example and witness will always remain in my heart, her abandonment to God and to his will, also when suffering overwhelmed her and did not leave to her either the strength for speaking. In all her life she said yes and at the beginning I did not understand, but along with time I understood that only who truly loves God, who loves like the Bishop and Marisa, denies himself and gives himself completely to God and the brothers. Thank you, Excellency, thank you, Marisa, for all that you taught to me. Thank you for making me know God, for all the years of patience and love and for the suffering you had due to me. When you will go to the Paradise, many people will renew this thanksgiving for all the eternity because, if they will be there, it will be also due to you. It is the contribution God asked you to cooperate in His redemption.


In 1994 I came to this place, especially for curiosity and doping to receive a grace for my health problems. I remember the first apparition I attended, there in the garden, in front of the white statue of Our Lady. I remember the first meeting with the Bishop, our first dialogue, but at that time I could not understand the importance of this place and especially the spiritual beauty of the eucharistic and marian path that the Bishop would have taught to me later. In that moment I was looking for the physical healing, not the most important one, the spiritual healing and I did not stay here. Three years had to pass before I had an other occasion to meet the Bishop and the Visionary. In spring 1997 I got to know that Marisa was in the hospital San Raffaele, next to my house and I went to pay her a visit. In the hall of the hospital I met the Bishop and that meeting changed my life. He looked into my eyes with love and with so much intensity and in depth, that I had the neat sensation in that moment Jesus was speaking. He told me: "You have suffered, you need a spiritual guide", and it was just what I needed. It seemed he knew exactly what I needed. IN the Gospel is written that when Jesus called the apostles, they left all that they were doing, family, occupations, and followed Him. I think the Lord had a magnetic glance, deep, full of love irresistible for any soul who had the courage to follow Him. The Bishop is the Sweet Christ on Earth, I think he has the same glance of Jesus. After this meeting I met Marisa in her hospital room. I started asked her an infinite number of questions, so many that Marisa, sometimes, teases me, reminding this episode. What struck me about Marisa was her simplicity, genuineness and love for the others. Marisa never misses the occasion to help and correct us even in the little things. Once in her hospital room I was reading the newspaper and she told me it is not good to read it when there are other people. I cited this little example to say that for me she has been a teacher of life, an example of how the christian life must be lived, of how the suffering must be faced. Even when she lives the passion, she often thins to the others, she would like to see everybody happy, she would like to help everybody, she would like to have for herself the suffering of all the world. I think God fulfilled this wish of hers, because the victim of love is on the cross day and night and through her life she tells us, together with our Bishop, that the cross is life, is victory.


I have a little picture on the wall of my flat, with water-green gradations and many little orange crosses in the middle forming the initial of my name, a name engraved in your heart, Marisa, with the same working of that cross-stitch. I am sure you would like to engrave in the same way in my heart your testament you wrote behind that picture, because I will never forget your sorrowful glance and I will neither forget how you loved me and wanted to save and give me to the Bishop, who, with as much love, opened his arms and hugged me. Thank you.


The first time I saw the Bishop and Marisa I was young, just born. Laura and I have many memories to tell, as we are the nephews and we live with them. There would be many moments to speak about, moments of joy, sorrow and suffering concerning especially this last period. So I prefer to speak about the times in which many of you did not yet belong to this community. At those times Marisa's health allowed her to go out and sometimes we made some trips with the group of the young people. They were very beautiful trips that enriched us because they always concluded with the apparition of the Mother of the Eucharist and the Holy Mass. It often happened that during the apparition, whose character was more familiar than now, Our Lady gave personal advices, little spiritual directions to the youth present or she dictated messages to Marisa that then the Bishop gave to the interested persons. I miss those moments, especially because now the letters of God concern unpleasant subjects, the situation of the Church and their suffering. I remember with joy also a ten-day holiday spent with the Bishop and Marisa in Sardinia. One day, while we were going to recite the Rosary in the sea, a eucharistic miracle took place and the host, falling into the water flaked off, we tried to take all the pieces, aware of Jesus' presence in each one of them. Just afterwards Our Lady came as she had seen with joy our tentative to rescue the fragments. An other moment I remember with joy is a trip to Rieti. On that occasion Marisa, who usually cannot walk, has walked without our help for a long time along the roads of that city, then in a church that we had entered for praying, the Mother of the Eucharist gave the Bishop in details all the necessary information to build the new Basilica entitled to her. These are very beautiful memories, but I think it is right to speak also about moments of suffering of this last period and seen by no members of the community. They are the moments in which Marisa suffers the passion. On these occasions, it happened that when she recovered a little or Our Lady intervened to make her feel a little better, all Marisa's love came out: a list of petitions and prayers for the Bishop, the family, the nephews and the community, but never for herself. During those moments it often happened that Marisa called the Bishop Jesus, because she was really seeing Jesus and a dialogue between them started in this way. Even if preceded by an indescribable suffering, these are very beautiful moments, because there is all her love in them. Thank you.


I think I am the one who has been next to the Bishop and Marisa for the longest time, a sort of dean. I would like to speak about memories far away in the past, the ones filling my heart with joy, melancholy and longing for them. The moments of my childhood I spent with the Bishop and Marisa were surely the most beautiful. They brought me anywhere, with great despair of my father, who would have preferred to have me with himself. They brought me to the sea, on the mountains, to camping and to other places where surely they carried on their mission, while for me they were simple trips. The most beautiful moments are surely the Holy Masses. The Bishop often repeated to me: "Remember that these Holy Masses will be ones you will regret most in your life". I must admit that it is like this. The Messes of today are beautiful, living, but animated by such a suffering that was not present before. Before we were even three who attended the Holy Mass, now we are more numerous. Before we could be more concentrated, now we have to think about the altar, the songs and many other things to prepare. I remember when I was young and in the car Rosaries were frequently recited and, although I did not understand the meaning of "Ora pro nobis", together with them, faithfully, I repeated it. We met many people and I did not understand why, all that we did, was done at the maximum and I did not understand why. Now I begin to understand it. I saw this place growing up, when there was not yet the Basilica, but in this garden there were trees when we played football and I could have never thought that in this place eucharistic miracles could happen and Holy Masses be celebrated. I saw building up the chapel that was a garage before and the mosaic behind the altar, piece after piece. I think all these memories will accompany me for all my life, they taught me much, I will never forget them. I know it is a necessary renounce, but before these memories were mine and now they also yours and of the world. Without them I would not have had my family, without them I would not be the one I am. I never said great things to Marisa, but the most beautiful thing I told her in my life is that I see her in the eyes of my patients. She answered that she is really there, in each suffering man and it is not said that she has to be only on a little bed. Thank you, because I will always have these memories within myself. Thank you.

Alessandro, Paola and Maria

My sister, our mother and I have come to this thaumaturgical place in different moments, with different experiences and expectations. Each one of us keeps in the heart a particular memory binding him to the Bishop and Marisa: a word, a phrase of encouragement, a smile, a hand-shake, but we all three want and feel to thank them for their unceasing prayers that accompanied us in the moments of trial, for the great teaching of christian life and for the immense witness of love that is continuously before our eyes by just looking at them. Thank you, Excellency, thank you, Marisa, for giving us the possibility of knowing and getting closer and closer to the only, real and living source of love: Jesus the Eucharist. Thank you.


Dear Excellency, dear Marisa, I have been knowing you for many years and many things have happened during all this time, so I can say I have a many memories of the past years and some of them left a seal in me. I do not try to speak about anyone of them because it would be like diminishing all the others. They are situations in which there was a correction, a reprimand, a caress, or simply being together for joking and praying. They are as a branding iron mark that remains forever, undeletable and well engraved in the soul. These memories often have in common that you are simple, humble persons who do not need big words, big deeds, but simple smiles, glances of agreement, little winks, to make understand situations, express emotions, transmit teachings and show feelings. Yes, dear Excellency, dear Marisa, it is just this simplicity of expression, simplicity of the mind that shocks, attracts me and makes me meditate, allowing me to taste your way of being creatures who love God and everybody indiscriminately. You donate yourselves to God for the salvation of the souls, this is a great proof of love resounding in our hearts and feeding daily our wish of walking towards holiness.


From the space of memories come out those moments of summertime lived with Marisa, the Bishop and the guys in the midst of the sea swimming and praying together. How strange is reciting the Our Father, the Hail Mary, the Glory, while you are engaged to move arms and legs to keep afloat! Or when we lived together the last day of the year, a few minutes before midnight we gathered in prayer, while outside we could hear the pyrotechnic celebrations of the neighbours. Simple moments of life, that none had taught me to live in a so full way. When Marisa talks to you, she always tries to give you advices and sometimes, thinking about her words, you realize that she knows things about you even too much well, so much that you start thinking that in the moments of discouragements and loneliness of the day, i.e. during a long trip by car, you have not been so alone after all. The Bishop gives you advices even in the most difficult moment that there may be between a child and his parents. Maybe you do not understand or not accept immediately, but that advice will result to be necessary in the future, just like knapsack and mantle are necessary for the one who still has a long way to go. Thank you for all.

H.E. Mons. Claudio Gatti

It is not easy to speak after listening to so many interventions that made me remind living and strong memories. It is not a sign of weakness being moved, because who has got a heart he has to allow it to express also through the emotion. I have remembered an Our Lady's comment, so I have decided to make a short speech. The Mother of the Eucharist said: "You have to behave like adult persons, because now you are attending the University". You know that to exercise a job one has to attend University, take the degree and finally pass the exam of State. We are going through these three steps, but I think I can affirm that this evening you have finished the University. This evening I give you the degree, you gained the degree and showed it, not through the interventions, but through what was in them. For me it is a particular joy being able to affirm that the community is made of responsible, aware, illuminated persons, who wish to live their christian vocation in the best way. This means that you have finished the University. Do you think that the Lord called you to be only here? Error. After the degree you cannot exercise the job immediately: you are doctors, engineers, advocates, but you have to prepare yourselves more. There are more exams to pass. Now you are going to pass the exam of Heaven, the exam of State. Why the exam of Heaven? Because the Lord called you to send you, in the future, as catechists, ambassadors, witnesses of the greatness of all that He did in this thaumaturgical place. You will have to go, like the apostles, where you will be called. Someone could think: "None is calling us"; it is like this for the moment, but will arrive the moment in which you will be called to bear witness. When the truth will shine with all its brightness, when your Bishop will go where God decided to send him, the situation will be completely different. I won't be able to go everywhere in the world, even just in our city. You will have to go, not to bring yourselves, but to bring Christ, not to bring your word, but His Word. That's all. This evening you have to start preparing yourselves. I give you the degree, but you still have to improve. When there won't be the Bishop anymore to give a little knock on your shoulder and sometimes also a kick, a slap, or a caress, you will have to march with your legs, to reason with your head, you will have to labour, because the Kingdom of God is gained through your commitment. The souls are converted through fatigue, prayer and suffering. During these years you have learnt how much God loves the souls and how He makes other souls pay contributions, so that all can go up towards Heaven. Do not depend on anybody, do depend only on Christ. You do not have to feel lost when you think: "But who will follow us tomorrow?", because Christ will follow you and He does it better than anybody else. Never bind yourselves to the people, bind yourselves only to Christ, to the Mother of the Eucharist and when you are with them, what may damage you? What may you fear? Nothing, because it is the best company. It is the same company that, now for decades, Marisa and I have been experiencing. Two days ago Jesus told us exactly this: "If I had not been with you, now you also would have not been here", neither physically, nor spiritually. Physically, because incurable diseases or dangers caused by men or car accidents would have destroyed and carried us away, but also and especially spiritually. I heard with joy and emotion that many of you said: "I am different from the one I was before coming to this thaumaturgical place". Believe me, this filled me with joy and I think it filled with joy also Marisa, who is physically far in this moment, but she is seeing us through the technological media and so she could participate too. While you were recognizing to be changed, we were thanking the Lord saying: "Lord, here is the fruit of our work, the fruit of so much suffering, the fruit of witnessing, the consequence of the fact that every day we have given you this love, always bathed by tears and blood". We gave you them with joy, without complaints, because knowing that the fruits of our work come out and make themselves present, makes us happy. Do not fear anything, do not fear anybody: do not fear the devil, because who is in a state of grace is stronger than the devil, do not fear the men, because they can do just what God allows them to do. You must fear nothing and nobody, but live serene, faithful and as this evening the Lord is calling you to bear witness for Him, you have to give it with strength, courage, sincerity and joy. Today I will ask this to Jesus during the Holy Mass. I donated the Mass of yesterday to Marisa, today I offer it for the community, so that each one of you and altogether can really be witnesses, missionaries and apostles, to praise God and save the souls and for the renaissance of the Church.