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The purification

Since 1990 the Mother of the Eucharist has announced that the times of purification had begun: the Lord intervened in the world to try to convert the man who distanced himself and turned his back from Him, claiming foolishly to affirm his own autonomy.

God keeps on watching over the man, He sent his Mother in all corners of the Earth to redeem him and He is trying to shake him: floods, earthquakes, hurricanes and many other accidents take place in the world, but the man is not yet converting himself. "God is waiting for the conversion of souls, He doesn't want to destroy anything, but as I said many years ago, the purification has started and the man understands it and starts converting himself only when he is personally touched" (Letter of God, 7th October 1997).

The Lord doesn't want to punish the man, on the occasion of the earthquake happened in Marche (region of middle Italy) in 1997 Jesus revealed: "This earthquake is a sign: God, saved many and many people, because the earthquake was so strong that it could have destroyed everything and many people should have died: but once again God was moved with pity. It is true, some people have died, but only those who could save their soul have died, otherwise how many, how many people would have died not in a state of grace! God is not punishing, He is sending the purification and He has been sending it for many years, but have you noticed if anything has changed in the world?" (Letter of God, 28th September 1997).

The purification has begun for man years due to continuous wars, innumerable abortions, discords in families, lack of peace in the Church and in the world; black masses keep on being celebrated and consecrated hosts are trampled down: "The great politicians don't love each other and only aim at power. The great men of the Church don't love my Son Jesus and the souls" (Letter of God, 1st July 1995).

The period of purification is becoming harder and harder, because the man shows to be insensible and hostile to God's interventions of salvation: "The behaviour of the people who don't answer makes me suffer. Why, don't people come here in this place made thaumaturgical by God? Here many miracles happened, the one greater than the other and especially the last one, when the Eucharist poured so much blood. It was my Blood, my beloved children! I poured it for the priests, but also for everybody: neither priests nor sisters, nor laymen are answering. Why this closed-mindedness? Don't you realize how many accidents are happening and how much purification is in the world? The more you go on, the stronger it becomes! What are you waiting for understanding the importance of praying before Jesus Who poured His Blood? But, as my and your Mother said, when everything breaks out, then people will run, rubbing their knees on the floor, to reach Jesus the Eucharist. Why should you arrive at this point?" (Letter of God, 3rd June 1998).

What happened in south-east Asia on last December 26 belongs to purification, on that occasion, in that hecatomb the little, humble and poor ones died, but also well-off people of the western world. The Bishop Claudio Gatti affirmed that it is useless wondering the reason of all that happened, on the contrary we should wonder if it could be avoided.

The men of the Church have a very great responsibility because they did not welcome Christ, his deeds, they did not do his will; if they had listened to God's voice, many accidents and tragedies for mankind would not have happened.