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The link that unites the apparitions of Lourdes, Fatima and Rome

We are in 2005 and we are still in the situation of defending the great God's gifts: the apparitions and the eucharistic miracles happened in Rome are a God's gift and the most important in the history of the Church. The apparitions of the Mother of the Eucharist will continue until the death of the visionary Marisa Rossi, then, maybe, there will not be marian apparitions anymore in any part of the Earth. If we look at the three great apparitions of our times: Lourdes, Fatima and Rome, we can notice that there is a link and an amazing development of the work and action of God.

In Lourdes (1858), the plan of God begins to manifest itself. Our Lady says to Bernadette: "I am the Immaculate Conception". In Rome Our Lady presented herself to Marisa as "Mother of the Eucharist". "The Immaculate Conception opens the history, the Mother of the Eucharist closes the history" (Rome, letter of God, 11th February 1995). As was explained to us by Mons. Claudio Gatti, Bishop ordained by God, this means that no other title that will be given to Our Lady in the future will be more important than the one given to her by Jesus at the moment of his circumcision, when He told her: "You are the Mother of the Eucharist". In the little French village of Lourdes the most frequent exhortation is: "Convert yourselves", that is, get closer and closer to God by changing your way of thinking through penance. Without penance, without life in a state of grace one cannot get to God. In Lourdes, Bernadette makes a deed that will be asked by Our Lady also to Marisa: eating the grass, to make us understand that place is holy. Our Lady often called the thaumaturgical place of via delle Benedettine "my little Lourdes".

In the apparitions of Fatima in 1917, the plan of God concerning the triumph of the Eucharist begins to manifest itself. The three little shepherds, who had not yet received Communion, receive the Eucharist by the angel. The angel brings the consecrated bread and wine and makes his bow in adoration before Jesus the Eucharist, imitated by the little shepherds. The Eucharist begins to occupy again in the Church the dominant place which is due to It. In Fatima begins the plan of God to make the Eucharist come back into the centre of the heart of the faithful. This marvellous plan of God is brought to an end in Rome, with the announcement of the triumph of the Eucharist, given in the letter of God of January 10, 2002: "My Bishop, ordained by Me, gained the victory".

Our Lady said that the true apparitions can be recognized as authentic if they treat two subjects: the Eucharist and the Church, that is the triumph of the Eucharist: faith, love and knowledge of the Most Blessed Sacrament; and the renaissance of the Church, its return to the origins, through the change of the men of the Church. The Mother of the Eucharist said many times that the third secret of Fatima was not revealed, but also the first and the second ones were not completely revealed. From this comes out that there is a splitting inside the Church. There are two opposite groups who are in conflict concerning the Eucharist: cardinals, bishops and priests who love and defend the Eucharist and those who on the contrary are God's enemies and keep on fighting against It. In the future this splitting will be much more evident. The Bishop of the Eucharist, Mons. Claudio Gatti, who will know the secret one day, thinks it was not revealed because it concerns just this fight inside of the Church

These three apparitions and their protagonists have the great suffering in common. As a matter of fact, Marisa keeps on suffering the passion every night and also during the day, for the spiritual renaissance of the Church. John Paul II in Fulda (Germany), on November 1980 prophetically said: "The Church will be born again through the blood of her children".