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The Year of the Eucharist

Mons. Claudio Gatti, Bishop ordained by God, Bishop of the Eucharist, last year, during a biblical catechesis, launched the idea of celebrating a year entirely dedicated to the Eucharist, a "Year of the Eucharist", as Our Lady reminded to us: "You know that one year ago your Bishop, while speaking about the spiritual triumph of the Eucharist, launched the initiative to set up a eucharistic year, opened to the whole Church" (Letter of God, 12th June 2004). His joy was great when on June 10, 2004, feast of Corpus Domini, the Holy Father announced a "Year of the Eucharist". It is not the first time that the Church takes the hint from our Bishop's catecheses or from God's letters that the Mother of the Eucharist, who keeps on appearing to the visionary Marisa Rossi in Rome, brings to the thaumaturgical place of via delle Benedettine. In that same apparition it was confirmed by Our Lady as well: "Somebody is recording what Don Claudio says and then brings it back to whoever is above. Every reflection, idea, inspiration your Bishop tells you about is also known at once outside this place". We, members of the community, are happy that from the place chosen by God the Father, where many eucharistic miracles happened, ideas keep on be taken to let Jesus the Eucharist triumph, which are to advantage of all the Church.

The most important and beautiful mission that God could entrust to some souls is the one of making Jesus the Eucharist and the Mother of the Eucharist be known, loved and triumph in the heart of men. The Lord entrusted this mission 33 years ago to two simple creatures: Don Claudio Gatti, future Bishop, and the visionary Marisa Rossi, victim of love, because she keeps on suffering the passion every night and often also in the day for the conversion of men. The Year of the Eucharist announced by John Paul II is a further confirmation of the authenticity of the Mother of the Eucharist's apparitions, of the eucharistic miracles happened in Rome and of the triumph of the Eucharist in the Church. Thanks to the Bishop and Marisa's work, love and sufferings, Jesus the Eucharist has come back into the heart of the Church, the place which is due to it. As a matter of fact, in the apparition of January 17, 2002, Our Lady announced the success of the mission, the triumph of Jesus the Eucharist: "The victory is splendid and embraces all the Church. You know that the rock of this victory is your Bishop and, I want to add, also your sister who asked to suffer in silence and secretly". After Jesus' triumph, Our Lady, in the apparition of May 26, 2003, announced that also her triumph has become reality: "Everybody knows the Mother of the Eucharist". Our Lady had predicted this event on February 11, 1992: "I am the Mother of the Eucharist and slowly everybody will come to know me by this name".

The Lord has won. As a matter of fact, by God's work, from the thaumaturgical place issued such a strength to let revive a strong love in the Church towards the Eucharist and the Mother of the Eucharist. All of us have been witnesses of this great event. Eucharistic adorations have multiplied, also the perpetual ones. Prayer vigils, eucharistic processions, eucharistic congresses were organized. Priests speak about the Eucharist much more frequently. Pope Wojtyla himself wrote the Encyclical letter "Ecclesia de Eucharistia", published on April 17, 2003, in which are reported theological concepts previously expressed many times in God's letters and in the Bishop Claudio Gatti's catecheses.

The Year of the Eucharist opened by the Pope on Sunday October 17, in concomitance with the eucharistic congress in Guadalajara (Mexico), will end in October 2005 with the synod of the bishops, whose subject will be: "The Eucharist: source and summit of the life and mission of the church". Together with all those who love the Eucharist, we hope that the one who fought with strength, courage and love to defend the truth from the enemies of God, Who is the author of this renewed eucharistic love in the Church, will be present at this eucharistic synod.