Eucharist Miracle Eucharist Miracles

H.E. Mons. Claudio Gatti, the Bishop of the Eucharist; Marisa, the victim of the Eucharist

Prayer vigil of June 29, 2004, celebrated for the 5th anniversary of H.E. Mons. Claudio Gatti's episcopate and for the anniversary of Marisa's taking of the vows


Christ, the One who is simultaneously victim and priest, after two thousand years since the foundation of His Church, to bring it back to the origins and give it new strength, chose a humble priest, Claudio Gatti, and a victim, Marisa Rossi: God made use of them to carry out his plans. Through the power issued by the great eucharistic miracles, His Excellency's pastoral action and the sufferings of the victim of love, the Church is bringing the Eucharist back to its central role: "God made use of you, little priest and now great priest and of the victim who is close to you to help the Church" (Letter of God, 27th June 1999).

The letters of God brought by the Mother of the Eucharist, who loves defining herself His "mail-carrier" often speak about this spiritual triumph, that could become reality by the deep union between these two simple souls. The fullness of priesthood, given to our Bishop directly by God, helped him to support the truth, to defend Jesus the Eucharist and to resist many attacks. The passion suffered daily by Marisa is bringing back into the sheepfold many beloved children, who had abandoned the way traced by Jesus.

In this vigil we will meditate upon the Bishop and Marisa's relationship with Jesus and the Mother of the Eucharist, upon the eucharistic miracles happened in the thaumaturgical place and the mission the Bishop and Marisa are carrying out in the Church according to God's plans, which are becoming reality by them.

Many members of the community have cooperated in writing out the text that, consequently, presents different styles of narration. We want to keep this difference of style, being aware that, as St. Paul says: "God arranged the organs in the body, each one of them, as he chose. There are many parts, yet one body. God has so composed the body, that there may be no discord in the body, but that the members may have the same care for one another" (I Corinthians 12). Our Bishop, in one of his catecheses, said: "The differences have to be put together to create harmony, not uniformity, but harmony".

The Bishop and Christ: Christ speaks through the Bishop

Less than one month ago, after a catechesis that had enchanted us, meeting our Bishop I gave him my congratulations. Actually I always had and wished to give him my congratulations in so many years of catecheses and homilies for his extraordinary capability of deepening the Gospel, of digging inside one single verse during all the time at his disposal and "making a poem", as the Mother of the Eucharist says. Our Bishop is able to widen wonderfully the links of the words, to extract from them incredible and surprising explanations, which are felt as right and present within the text because completely corresponding to reality, but also so hidden that only who lives the Gospel and meditates the meaning of each verse is able to give it as a precious gift. Many times not only I, but all of us felt to be dragged as if, paradoxically, we were living inside the life of two thousand years ago, as if we were witnesses of that moment: the preaching of Jesus, the roads of Galilee and Judea, the multiplication of breads, the crowd shouting hosanna to Jesus entering in Jerusalem… a peculiar sensation and nevertheless so conscious and clear, to remain astonished and wonder how such a wonderful thing can happen, which is not a dream, but reality. Or we felt pushing ourselves so high, to taste a moment of intense, inexpressible, blessed joy: moments of Paradise, all of us could say, and this is really the right definition, the nearest one to the feeling of so much interior joy. Marisa often told us that during the holy Mass or the apparitions, she saw Jesus behind the Bishop or even Jesus Himself officiating and talking to us through His priest. Our Bishop affirmed many times: "It is not me who speaks, everything is suggested to me from on High". In the letter of God of April 13, 2003, the Mother of the Eucharist riveted: "Your Bishop tells the truth: he speaks as a wise man, as a prophet, he speaks in the name of Jesus, because Jesus is in him". So we cannot feel but privileged if we add to so much what on Thursday before Easter of 2003, Jesus Himself confirmed with His words: "During the holy Mass the Bishop and I form one only thing, we are one only person".

Marisa and the Mother of the Eucharist: the fruits of the apparitions

The apparitions of the Mother of the Eucharist opened a window towards the Paradise. She is a careful, solicitous Mother who participates in the life of her children and she let herself be known to mankind through the relationship with a simple creature. Marisa always turned her eyes, her heart and all of herself towards that heavenly creature who came towards her, cradled, comforted and guided her along the path chosen for her by the Lord.

The Mother of the Eucharist taught to all the men how a Christian should turn to her, not like to an indifferent queen, but with Marisa's vivacity, simplicity and spontaneity.

Through the Mother of the Eucharist, the Lord addressed his grief-stricken appeal to his children to redeem them, to make all of them participate in that mystical body that takes strength union and nourishment from the Eucharist. The letters of God are an aid to walk towards holiness, they brought great spiritual fruits: conversions, reunion of families, birth of priestly vocations, recovery of consecrated souls in crisis, new impulse of priestly commitment and especially many young people have rediscovered the beauty of living in a state of grace.

Our Bishop confided to us that the apparitions of the Mother of the Eucharist helped him to understand and live better the celebration of the holy Mass and from the letters of God he got teachings of very high theological value.

Truths never known in the doctrine of the Church have been revealed: Our Lady, Coredemptrix of mankind; St. Joseph, the Caretaker of the Eucharist and patron of the world; St. Paul, ordained bishop directly by Christ. The Mother of the Eucharist gifted us with the narration of her life and revealed us the suffering her Son Jesus and she feel when they come down on the Earth.

The thaumaturgical place has welcome the Paradise and each time God the Father, the Trinity, Jesus Sweet Master and the Mother of the Eucharist made themselves present, the whole creation got benefits. A lot of spiritual and physical graces were given by the Lord and tragedies that would have upset mankind were avoided by the prayers and sufferings asked by Our Lady to the Bishop and the Visionary.

The apparitions of the Mother of the Eucharist allowed the realization of the great God's plan: the triumph of the Eucharist, which is more known and loved nowadays all over the world. Priests have started to speak about it again, eucharistic congresses have been organized and many churches have reopened their tabernacles to adore the Most Blessed Sacrament. All this has been the fruit of what happened and was taught in the thaumaturgical place; also the latest initiative launched in the Church by the Holy Father on last Thursday before Easter: the eucharistic year, during which we pray that finally the figure of the Bishop of the Eucharist can shine.

The Bishop of the Eucharist: witness of the eucharistic miracles

It was July 1, 1995, when Our Lady announced: "My Son Jesus and I have announced that, when the Eucharist is visible here to everybody, His triumph will start".

On September 14, 1995 don Claudio Gatti, humble and simple priest chosen by God, is witness of the first great eucharistic miracle happened in the thaumaturgical place. On that day, during the procession for the feast of the Exaltation of the holy Cross, the priest sees settling on Marisa's hands the holy host, consecrated by Jesus Himself and come out of the torn chest of the crucifix brought in procession. It is the beginning of a so great series of eucharistic miracles as had never happened in the history of the Church: in the thaumaturgical place innumerable hosts are brought by Jesus, the Mother of the Eucharist, the angels, the saints and placed in the tabernacle, in the ostensory or on statues, on the Mother of the Eucharist's standard and even on flowers, issuing a marvellous scent. These hosts are taken from tabernacles of the churches or from places where had been or were going to be profaned and, what is even more sorrowful, many times priests profaned them. On many occasions the hosts poured blood. Our Lady herself explained us the reason: "Blood is a deed of love for you and of suffering for those who don't believe. Until the world doesn't change, my heart and Jesus' heart will bleed" (Letter of God, 11th November 1999). Our Bishop was witness of all these eucharistic miracles. He is the martyr of the Eucharist, he suffered many injustices on behalf of the men of the Church, but he never betrayed Jesus the Eucharist, he never betrayed the truth, always obeying to God rather than the men and he was always ready to welcome with love and sorrow the divine blood poured by the Eucharist due to the betrayal of many beloved children.

His mission is great and for this reason God Himself ordained him Bishop. This episcopal ordination is a marvellous God's gift of love for His Church. On it and all the other eucharistic miracles God the Father put His seal on June 11, 2000, feast of Pentecost, by the great eucharistic miracle happened while our Bishop was celebrating the holy Mass. At the moment of consecration, the host bled in his hands and all of us were witnesses together with him, so, like John, we can say: "I saw and I believed". As with Pentecost the Church was born, so with the great eucharistic miracle of June 11, 2000, feast of Pentecost, the renaissance of the Church began, because God promised to Peter: "You are Peter, and on this rock I will build my church, and the powers of death shall not prevail against it" (Matthew 16,18).

Considering this sentence of the Gospel, strikes us remembering the words, we quote here, of God's letter of December 10, 2000: "After St. Peter, God chose don Claudio".


Claudio Gatti, humble, simple priest chosen by God

and refused by the men.

You, priest more and more similar to Christ,

you, priest and victim,

always ready to welcome with love and sorrow

the divine blood poured

by the Eucharist.

You, Bishop ordained by God as Paul,

whose strength and combativeness are similar to yours,

you are our great Bishop

who finally we would like to be loved and acknowledged by everybody.

We thank you, Lord,

because you gave a so great gift

to a mankind that needs it very much,

but still has much difficulty to recognize it.

Thank you, Excellency, Bishop of the Eucharist,

who defended the eucharistic miracles,

with much strength, dignity and humility,

even at the cost of your own life.

The eucharistic miracles happened in Marisa's hands

Marisa, the vows you took, your call, is not a sacrament, but supports the sacrament. This was repeated to you many times by the Mother of the Eucharist. To these words I link an image impressed on my memory, the one of your hands stretched to sustain the Eucharist brought to you by Jesus, Our Lady, the angels or the saints. Who saw, today still remembers that first eucharistic miracles happened in your hands, when nobody knew what to do, due to a so great emotion. You stood up, walked towards the cross we were carrying in procession, you took in your hand the Eucharist that came out of the chest of the statue placed on the cross. We saw that little host settling on your hands. Many more eucharistic miracles followed in the months of October and December 1995, in January, April and May 1996. The great eucharistic miracle of November 26, 1995, so defamed by the men, brought particular graces, like the one of saving Rome from a terrible earthquake.

God chose you, He took refuge by you, when He rescued from profanation some hosts on February and April 1996. The people present saw the signs on the hosts, felt the Paradise suffering by God's letters, saw your suffering, but also your love while you made amends for profanations. On June 29, 1997, all the people present saw a new eucharistic miracle happening in your hands, when from the chest of the thaumaturgical statue of Jesus a host came out, passing through the protective box without breaking it and then it settled on your hands.

Greater eucharistic miracles followed: the hosts appeared with visible signs of blood. The first one of them happened on February 6, 1997, to show: "to the men of the Earth, especially to priests, that (…) Jesus is really present in that little host with his Body, Blood, Soul and Divinity" (Letter of God, 10th February 1997).

To symbolize the indissoluble union between the divine victim and the human victim, many times Jesus settled on you, on your heart and once also on our Bishop's heart. Our Lady spoke about this and said: "It can seem strange for you that the Eucharist settled on the Bishop's body or on the Visionary's one. Why did God do this? Because he wanted to lean his body on yours, tormented by everybody, my beloved two children" (Letter of God, 7th April 2000).

The last eucharistic miracle happened on January 15, 2004 and it is the seal of the union of Christ's passion with the one you live every day.

By God's will and you full acceptance, you keep on living the passion and, in the morning of that day, had happened the nth issue of blood from the stigmata of the hands, of the forehead and from the chest in an abundant and sorrowful way. In the afternoon, Our Lady came and you sang with her very high notes. She told you that no other mystic or saint of the Earth suffered as much as you and then she put on your forehead a host, that remained there, because it was put on the blood that was coming out of your forehead. The host remained there until the early morning of Saturday 17, when suddenly it came off. Many clusters of blood were visible on it. The day after from the host stained by Marisa's blood some drops of divine blood came out. Our Lady confirmed it to us the following day: "My children, also Jesus' blood has come out of the host I brought on Thursday".

The divine blood and your blood united, a unique event in all the history of the Church.

Dear Marisa, we thank you for all the times that, by allowing God to lead you, you made yourself a docile instrument in his hands. He made use and keeps on making use of you to realize his plans.

The Bishop and his mission in the Church

It was July 26, 1998, when Jesus announced: "Dear don Claudio, you will be the apostle, the prophet, the Bishop, the leader of the new Church".

The apostle. The apostolic anxiety always characterized our Bishop's life, who gave all of himself to let the Word of God be known and the Eucharist be loved, to let people understand the importance of living in a state of grace without half-measures, giving the example of how the true shepherd must be. For us he is a beam of light, a sure and fond guide, but the echo of his teachings, of his catecheses inspired by God, has crossed the borders of this little thaumaturgical place and spread all over the Church, especially concerning the centrality of the Eucharist in the christian life. We remind the eucharistic year proclaimed by the Pope, that will start in October, his encyclical letter "Ecclesia de Eucharistia", the next synod of bishops whose subject will be: "The Eucharist, source and top of the christian life", just to mention the latest events.

Today in all the Church has reflourished the love to Jesus the Eucharist.

The prophet. The prophet is the one who speaks in the name of God and makes His will be known. Our Bishop always let be known what God communicated through his letters, even when this caused great moral sufferings to him, but also these great sufferings, offered with love and abandonment, contributed to the plan of God, who wants to save as many souls as possible.

The Bishop. On June 27, 1999 Jesus said: "God ordained you Bishop, He gave you the fullness of priesthood. God didn't say: you are free of accepting or refusing, God said: I ordain you Bishop" and on September 13, 1999 Our Lady affirmed: "Being ordained Bishop by God is a very great gift that only you, don Claudio, could have, because your love for the souls is great". She said also that we had not yet understood the importance of this God's choice. After five years surely we have not yet understood thoroughly the greatness, unicity, singularity and exclusiveness of this God's intervention. Why the episcopate? The answer was clear: "So that don Claudio could have the fullness of priesthood, because only as a Bishop he can accept all difficulties and carry on the great mission" (Letter of God, 14th September 1999); "Because he has suffered for all his life, but he never betrayed God the Father, God the Holy Spirit and Me, God the Son, he never betrayed the Eucharist that poured blood and never betrayed the Mother of the Eucharist" (Letter of God, 26th September 1999). And more: "To help the Church and unmask the men who are not in order, who are not in a state of grace; there will be hard moments, but from this suffered work will originate the new Church, the new Pope, the change of everything" (Letter of God, 25th April 1999). Through this direct intervention, God lets us understand how much the behaviour of some men of the Church is in contrast with His will. Our Bishop's courage is clear, because he accepted and fulfilled this great gift, even if he suffered very much due to the men who refused this work of God.

The leader of the new Church. We know that in the future our Bishop will have a task and an important role in the Church that is returning to life. The triumph of the Eucharist has already happened and with it was baffled that diabolic-masonic plan that had to reduce the Eucharist to a simple symbol and remembrance. As a matter of fact, for many years in seminars the Eucharist has been presented as an empty commemoration of Christ's death; moreover in the churches, some catechists taught the children that the Eucharist was a blessed bread. On January 13, 2002 Our Lady said: "The victory is splendid and embraces all the Church. You know that the rock of this victory is your bishop and, I want to add, also your sister who asked to suffer in silence and secretly". But in order the Church to return to life, there is much to do yet. The Church God wishes must be holy and poor, because only a poor Church is a believable Church, which is able to engrave the society and to lead consciences, so that its shepherds, far from any attachment to power and richness, can be authoritative guides and bright examples, salt of the earth and light of the world.

Marisa and her mission in the Church

"Little Marisa, you cannot understand how important your suffering is for the Church. Your mission consists in immolating yourself for those priests who don't love my Son Jesus and fight against the Eucharist" (Letter of God, 15th July 1995).

In the letter of God of April 14, 1996, Jesus completes the Mum's words by adding: "Your mission also consists in unmasking the people who don't love Jesus the Eucharist".

Through these words God allows us to know Marisa's mission. The sufferings she offers daily are not only of a soul chosen by God, but also of a woman and of her big heart, that beats for God, for her All, beats for the Bishop of the Eucharist, for the Church, the priests, the sick and the poor. Her role in the renaissance of the Church is determinant: many times she has lived the passion for this purpose; in the seriousness of her physical conditions, in same cases God saved her life: "Not for her, but because there is need of her. Need her the men of the Church, who keep on occupying places of power and accumulating money" (Letter of God, 14th March 2001).

The numerous sufferings she has lived in all her life, whose first witness is the Bishop, are terrible and are endured with patience and love. Moreover, what strikes of this extraordinary woman is that, notwithstanding the weight of the mission, she shows herself to us serene, smiling, very sweet and her eyes always pay attention to the needs of the others, forgetting herself: we, the members of the community, are witnesses also of this. Her simplicity, her humility is before everybody's eyes, to such a point that Our Lady told her: "Little Marisa, do you think to be a useless person? Oh no, you are not useless at all, you are very important for us" (Letter of God, 30th January 2000). That same simplicity she expressed with a feeling of fear when, on February 12, 1998, Jesus told her: "God entrusts to you a second mission: you will have to write to all presidents". It is just God's style, as the Bishop repeated us many times, to make puzzling and disarming choices in the eyes of the world, just like choosing a so simple and humble creature to write to the powerful men of the Earth a so important message that speaks about peace and unity. The words said by Marisa to the Bishop about this matter reflect her nature: "I am not good for writing to these people"; our Bishop's reply was: "Don't worry" and he added: "It is always like that in the history of the Church, the little ones write to the great ones". So are perfectly apt Our Lady's words pronounced in the hymn to love: "He has scattered the proud in the imagination of their hearts, he has put down the mighty from their thrones, and exalted those of low degree" (Luke 1, 51,52).

The great Marisa's love, that love about which it will be impossible to speak enough, is expressed also secretly when, present in bi-location in war places, she assisted to terrible scenes of violence, suffered especially by children, women, elderly, victim of the fierce hatred of the men. She suffers a lot when she sees these heart-rending scenes; notwithstanding this, in Kosovo, Jugoslavia, Africa, Asia, Marisa helped, with Our Lady, the people who were dieing, she fed children and took care of the sick. The love full of suffering that we read in Marisa's eyes when she told us about these scenes, is that tender and merciful love we would like to read in the eyes of the powerful men of the Earth when, with indifference, they speak about wars and terrorism. We should always keep in mind Our Lady's words said on the occasion of the triduum for Marisa's consecration in 2002: "None understood thoroughly how great is the suffering she offers for you all, for the Church, for the conversion of priests".