Eucharist Miracle Eucharist Miracles

Christus vincit, Christus regnat, Christus imperat

On last January 10 the Mother of the Eucharist gave an unexpected and unforeseen announcement, which can change the course of History.

During an apparition reserved to the bishop and the visionary she told them: "My beloved children, you have gained your victory. You, Excellency, have won for your strength and the courage of fighting against those who don't live in a state of grace. You, little Marisa, have won for your immolation lived in silence and secretly".

Marisa saw in front of herself a big golden inscription reporting the following words of God: "My beloved priest, my bishop, ordained by Me, has gained victory".

Our Lady added: "Many people know this victory, they esteem you and admire your courage". Finally she thanked also granny Iolanda for the sufferings she offers to God for the bishop and the visionary.

A few time after in the apparition for the members of the community she said: "Your prayers have led to victory my beloved son, my bishop, your bishop".

For all the month of January Our Lady has spoken many times about the great victory: "The victory is splendid and embraces all the Church. You know that the ROCK of this victory is your bishop and, I want to add, also your sister who asked to suffer in silence and secretly. Best wishes to the great bishop, best wishes to you, my daughter, best wishes to all of you present here; Our Lady thanks you" (letter of God of January 13, 2002) .

"The bishop fears to say that he is the rock of the Church. He is the rock because he has fought for many years, because he was always alone when he fought and defended the truth and above all the Eucharist. The victory was gained really through his courage and strength" (letter of God of January 17, 2002) .

Since many members of the community had not understood well the meaning of the victory, the Mother of the Eucharist entrusted the explanation to the bishop: "I hope His Excellency explains with simple words in what consists the victory gained above all by him and by all of you who follow him" (letter of God of January 17, 2002) .

On last January 20, the bishop fulfilled the wish expressed by Our Lady and during the Sunday catechesis, that precedes the apparition, he explained the right meaning that must be attributed to the expression: "having gained victory".

The victory took place in two stages.

First of all was not allowed the realization of the diabolic-masonic plan. This plan, carried on for decades by masonic clergymen with obstinacy and determination, consisted in the elimination of the Eucharist and in the suppression of the eucharistic cult.

For these enemies of God and of the Church the Eucharist had to be considered neither actualization and reality of Christ's sacrifice on the Cross nor real presence of the Body, Blood, Soul and Divinity of Jesus, but only a memory and an empty commemoration of an event happened many centuries ago.

In order to succed in their object, these followers of the devil had prepared a plan that had to be realized step by step, with intermediate stages.

From the human point of view this diabolic-masonic plan had every guarantee to be realized, because its supporters occupied very important positions in the Roman Curia, they were bishops of many dioceses of Italy and abroad, they had important duties in both central and peripheral levels of the Church and many of them were present in the vatican diplomacy.

At the beginning this plan provided for the suppression of the first nine fridays of the month and of the first five saturdays of the month. Then it imposed the diminution up to the disappearance of the catechesis and of the preaching centered on the Eucharist. Then it ordered the disappearance of the adoration, moving the Eucharist away from the principal altar into lateral chapels.

Furthermore it favoured the prohibition of celebrating the Holy Mass, in the case few people were present and it replaced the celebration of the Holy Mass with the Word of God, as if they were incompatible.

In the seminars the teachers presented the Eucharist as an empty commemoration of Christ's death and in many parishes the catechists taught the children that the Eucharist "was a blessed bread".

The final goal of this diabolic-masonic plan was the complete suppression of the Eucharist.

The Mother of the Eucharist said that the masonic clergymen wanted to abolish even the 3rd and the 6th commandment.

These hapless people profaned the Eucharist celebrating black masses. Many hosts, with signs of profanation or rescued from profanation, were brought into the thaumaturgical place by Jesus, Our Lady, the angels and the saints.

Since the new Judas could not manifest publicly their hatred towards the Eucharist, they addressed it towards the bishop and the visionary who were entrusted by God with the greatest mission in the history of the Church: to let the Eucharist triumph and be known and loved.

In fact they organized conspiracies and attacks to kill Don Claudio and Marisa, they fought fiercely against the marian apparitions and the eucharistic miracles happened in the thaumaturgical place, they directed campaignes of slanders and defamations against the bishop and the visionary, they forbade the people to come and pray to the thaumaturgical place.

Furthermore they stopped TV programmes and newspaper articles that expressed respectful opinions about the events of Via delle Benedettine and they payed journalists to spread slanders towards Don Claudio and Marisa.

The victory of the bishop and of the visionary does not consist only in having not allowed the realization of the diabolic-masonic plan, but also in having generated a strong boost, a renewed attention, an ardent faith and an extraordinary love towards the Eucharist in the Church.

In fact now priests, bishops and cardinals speak about the Eucharist much more and more frequently than in the past. They make clearer and more deepened catecheses, so the believers have begun to understand the centrality, the importance and the need of the Eucharist in the life of the individual, of the family, of the religious community, of the particular Churches and of the Universal Church.

The participation of the believers in the Holy Mass is more and more conscious and convicted not only on the feasts of obligation, but also on week-days. The eucharistic adoration has been intensified with success and more and more numerous young people gather around the Eucharist.

The night eucharistic vigils have been restored too. Eucharistic congresses have multiplied, eucharistic processions are more and more frequent and debates, round tables, seminars about the Eucharist are more and more attended.

In the ecclesiastic universities where the priests-to-be study, the teachers give less cold and elaborated lectures about the Eucharist, but more heart-felt.

Finally was realized what Don Claudio defined "the masterpiece of God". In fact the masonic priests, bishops and cardinals, in order not to be recognized, were compelled to align themselves with the defenders of the Eucharist and to show attention and attachment towards the Eucharist.

In order to show that the reproaches of the Mother of the Eucharist were not addressed to them, they changed into preachers, animated by zeal and eucharistic fervour.

Even if they don't love the Eucharist, they organized eucharistic days, they were present at eucharistic congresses, they spoke and wrote with conviction about the eucharistic mystery. For their homilies and writings they used the messages of the Mother of the Eucharist and the thoughts and meditations of the bishop's catecheses, but never mentioning the source.

When these clergymen, for whom the word "hypocrites" is well suitable, are on TV they assume devout and pious attitudes, that surely cannot deceive God, but can induce the believers to be gathered in prayer.

Don Claudio confessed to us that when he sees on TV these wolves disguised as lambs or he reads their homilies on newspapers, he cannot hold back a smile of satisfaction, because only God can make use of his enemies to spread the knowledge and the love towards the Eucharist.

On last January 20, Don Claudio said all this during the catechesis.

The Mother of the Eucharist, appearing after the catechesis, said: "My beloved children, what the bishop said is very important. Try to understand and put into practice what he said".

Finally the most intensely eucharistic period in the History of the Church has begun. Let us pray God so that the new shepherds of the new Church share, continue and intensify the action sprung out of the bishop and of the visionary's hearts.

Our Lady also told us that the battles and sufferings have not finished: "Surely the devil will keep on tempting and some clergymen will keep on scourging, because the last stroke of Satan has not arrived, unless your prayers, adorations, fasts and acts of mortification can succed in avoiding it" (letter of God of January 13, 2002) .

For this reason Don Claudio urged upon us not to rest on our laurels, but to defend the truth and to protect the Eucharist, even at the cost of honour, fame, health and, if needed, of life itself.

We are ready to keep on fighting and suffering, because we are supported by the certitude that "Christus vincit, Christus regnat, Christus imperat (Christ wins, Christ reigns, Christ rules)".

We want to conclude this article quoting the words that the Mother of the Eucharist told us on February 7, 2002: "The victory you have gained is a supernatural victory, but it will become also a human victory, because everywhere it is heard of the victory of the bishop ordained by God, of the visionary and you who are always present here to pray. Don't celebrate the victory with sumptuous banquets and big profane parties. Christ's victory leads you to marvellous high grounds, to dizzy heights and leads you to enjoy God. You owe all this to your bishop for his courage in facing everybody and everything and in carrying on the mission alone. You know very well that some priests came to take his place, but since they did not succed they withdrew, indeed someone behaved very badly. I still ask for help for my beloved priests" (letter of God of February 7, 2002) .