Eucharist Miracle Eucharist Miracles

If the grain of corn falling onto the earth doesn't die, it doesn't produce any fruit

In this last period the biblical catecheses of our community have concerned Christ's death and resurrection. The bishop has described these extraordinary events revealing to us a lot of details that can be learnt only reading the gospel with attention and being inspired by God's grace and he made us understand how the Word of God enters to be part of our life.

Christ's death happened in a human scenario of failure, abandonement and incomprehension, but it was the beginning of life for billions of people; it represents the supreme example of how the spiritual life of some people is achieved through the death of others. This concept can be symbolized by the image of a wide field of ripe corn where each ear was born through the death of a grain. As St. Paul wrote, Christ died and resurrected and also every christian must die and resurrect in order to generate life around himself.

The bishop explained that it is not a physical death, but a mystic death, that is, living closely united with Christ by the grace and being one and the same with Him in immolation, suffering, struggle and renunciation. The christian must refuse evil and cultivate good and he must transform his negative attitudes into opposite virtues. In St. Paul's writings we read: "Renouncing the sin you are almost of an other one, of the One who resuscitated".

Our community was called to pass through the different phases of Christ's life. God asked us for prayers, sacrifices, masses, adorations, but he asked much more to the bishop and the visionary, in fact for decades they have lived closed in the Gethsemane, in loneliness and incomprehension of the others; they ran along the painful path that led them to be condemned without proofs, neither witnesses, nor respect of the Canon Law. They climbed the Calvary together, sometimes the mission was too heavy for their shoulders and they didn't want to set out again, but as Mary invited Jesus to get up again in order to continue on the painful way, the Mother of the Eucharist encouraged her two beloved children to go on because the top was near. Now on the Calvary their cross stands out, but it is not scandal and dishonour, it is "power of God" as St. Paul affirms; the cross is victory, triumph and life comes from it.

The mystic death of the bishop and the visionary and to a much smaller extent the one of our community, is not sterile, but it is fertile and full of life. In fact in God's letter of 15th february 2001, Our Lady announced that, altogether, thirty millions of people were converted.

But the only prayers and sufferings of our community would have had scarce efficacy if God had not shown his power through the eucharistic miracles happened in the thaumaturgical place; they have no space-time limits and even if they happened in the past, they have efficacy in the present and future of mankind.

From the human point of view a nonsense appears evident: a lot of souls have come back to God and all the same the bishop and the visionary, defamed and slandered by everybody, seem to have failed in their mission, but we should look at reality through God's eyes. In fact can't be considered a failure those who, united with the Lord, have become instruments of salvation, renewing continuously their "yes" to the Lord who called them.

Many falsehoods were told against the bishop and the visionary, who met with every sort of threat and were made promises of advances in the carreer to the bishop who never drew back and affirmed: "We go on not because we are strong, but because, as St. Paul said, God's grace toiled for us".

By now for more than three years no priests have been cooperating in the ministry with our bishop. Only few of them, all coming from abroad, have adored Christ's blood that came out of the Eucharist. There are many priests who accept in secrecy all that happens in the thaumaturgical place and priests who at the beginning refused the eucharistic miracles, now they begin to believe in them. They are like Joseph of Arimatea who didn't manifest his faith in Christ for fear and many times Our Lady repeated that the true christian must not fear of defending the truth and what he believes. The bishop remembered that there is God's tribunal, He is omniscient and omnipotent and nothing evades his judgement.

At Jesus' death at the foot of the cross there were Our Lady, John the apostle and few women; today Christ keeps on dying for the men and at the foot of his cross there is the Mother of the Eucharist, only one bishop, one visionary and few youngsters and grown-ups called to bear witness.

The bishop encouraged our community to keep on bearing witness especially of the eucharistic miracle of 11th june 2000. For those who won't accept the eucharistic miracle the divine judgement will be tremendous. In fact God the Father in the letter of 1st november 2000, shouted to all mankind:

"Woe betide those who offend this thaumaturgical place; woe betide those who destroy the bishop; woe betide those who don't believe the eucharistic apparitions".

When Christ died, also his teachings in the eyes of men seemed to disappear with Him. The apostle Peter denied three times his Master; the apostles were frightened closed in the cenacle and the women disciples of Jesus were discouraged and dejected. But after three days through Christ's resurrection the situation changed completely. Peter became the first Pope, Thomas who at the beginning had not believed in Christ's resurrection, fell on his feet, invoking Him as his Lord and God; the apostles were full of Holy Spirit. Through all this the divine power manifested itself.

The bishop made us reflect upon the current situation of our community and of all those who love and are ready to defend the Eucharist: "Today in the Church we are living the same situation of Christ on the cross, we are called to resemble Him. I don't know how much time will pass before the situation changes, but we still have to stay on the cross. Our human nature makes us cry and feel tired and discouraged and we can't still say that we have resurrected. The Lord is working in silence and discretion, but maybe as there was an earthquake when the angels turned over the stone of Christ's sepulchre after his resurrection, when the dawn of the resurrection of the Church will begin, there will be such external events that will call our attention and won't pass unnoticed. Then we'll be united with Christ's triumph. In fact the Lord, if and when He wants, can put on the candelabrum those who now are under a bushel, so that they give light to all those who are in the house. Blessed be the death because without it there wouldn't be resurrection. If the grain of corn falling onto the earth, doesn't die, it doesn't produce any fruit. Thirty millions of souls were converted in these years, because we have died".