Eucharist Miracle Eucharist Miracles

God can do everything

In this article we have tried to develop the reasons that make unjustified struggle, opposition and refusal by the men of the Church towards the interventions that God performed in this thaumaturgical place.

The great God's interventions are: the apparitions of the Mother of the Eucharist, the eucharistic miracles and the episcopal ordination of Mons. Claudio Gatti. The first two ones underwent first an insulting refusal and then a partial accceptance by the men of the Church, while the third one keeps on being an object of irony and slanders.

In 1988 Don Claudio asked and obtained by the Vicary Cardinal Ugo Poletti the authorization to celebrate the Holy Mass, to keep the Eucharist and to do all the activities which are necessary for the spiritual formation of the members of our community.

On 20th june 1993, during a private apparition, God asked the apparitions of the Mother of the Eucharist to be made public and opened to everybody. So on 24th october 1993 began the public apparitions of which the Vicariate was informed one month before. The attendance of the faithful to this thaumaturgical place began to multiplicate and the Vicariate began to move a strong opposition fed by irritation and envy of the parish-priests in the district. Since the ecclesiastical authority could not prevent the faithful to come to the thaumaturgical place, because it is private property, it forbade Don Claudio to celebrate the Holy Mass. This decision was accompained by this affirmation: "We have nothing against Don Claudio who we admire and estimate very much, but we must investigate". These investigations were never done.

In 1995, one year after the prohibition of celebrating the Holy Mass, there have been the first eucharistic miracles and the men of the Church affirmed that, while they had nothing against Our Lady's apparitions, they could not accept the eucharistic apparitions were miracles, because they caused confusion about the eucharistic doctrine. At the beginning they affirmed that Marisa was "mad", because they believed she only saw the Eucharist brought by Our Lady, Jesus, the angels and the saints. As soon as they understood that also the people present were witnesses of the miracles, they defined them tricks, booths of the fair phenomena, satanic interventions. Our community, sure that these affirmations were unfounded, asked for the intervention of exorcists, but the Vicariate didn't send them. Moreover the men of the Church pretended to know the identity of the priest who had consecrated the Eucharist that appeared in the thaumaturgical place, affirming: "As soon as we know who has consecrated the Eucharist, our point of view will change".

On 11th june 2000 the Lord put the seal on all the eucharistic miracles: the Eucharist, consecrated by our bishop, bled under the eyes of many believers and of videocameras. The ecclesiastical authority was informed, but it didn't answer, feigning to know nothing. In front of this event many priests, for fear of retaliation objected: "We were going to believe in the eucharistic miracles, but we can't accept that Don Claudio was ordained bishop by God. To these priests, fundamentally honest, but afraid of the reactions of the Vicariate, we can answer so. Not recognizing that the host consecrated during the Holy Mass is Eucharist is a heresy, affirming that the Eucharist bleeds due to an intervention of the devil is a sin against the Holy Spirit and a profanation that involves the excommunication (Can. 1367). So what happened during the Holy Mass celebrated by the Bishop Claudio Gatti is an authentic eucharistic miracle and we spoke at length of this in the previous issues of our newsletter.

The evidence of the events compels the priests to accept the authenticity of the eucharistic miracle, but these priests show they don't have a so great love, faith and courage to accept the episcopal ordination of Mons. Claudio Gatti. God would not have performed the eucharistic miracle if Don Claudio had not been bishop, because God can't reward who lies and can't be on the side of who deceives. "God ordained him bishop and this bothers much, because if he was recognized by the Pope, all the clergymen would have to run here, but they will run when it will be too late" (God's letter of 21st november 2000).

In fact the episcopal ordination is an intervention of God, who performed the eucharistic miracle. This miracle, defined the greatest in the history of the Church, was performed in the hands of the bishop of the Eucharist, dressed with the episcopal insignia: the pastoral staff, the ring and the cross. Can God perform miracles in the hands of a priest who ordained himself bishop? No, He can't! This confirms that God wanted him to be bishop to realize his plans for the renaissance of the Church.

So it would be enough appealing to logic and rationality to accept the authenticity of the episcopal ordination of Mons. Claudio Gatti.

Moreover let's remember Jesus' words: "Woe betide those who will dare to slander my bishop, woe betide, hard and painful moments will arrive for them. […] Woe betide, woe betide those who will refuse my bishop" (God's letter of 28th august 1999) and Our Lady's words: "There are no excuses to refuse Don Claudio's episcopate and any excuse found by men is wrong" (God's letter of 21st november 2000).

This article was developed indeed to make these doubts disappear and to shed light upon the truth. Now we'll discuss this subject from the theological and historical point of view.

In the last supper Christ ordained the apostles bishops, telling them: "Do this in memory of Me". He is the supreme priest (Hb 5,5) and for this reason He needed neither rythes, nor to lay his hands, but the manifestation of his will was enough.

Up to now the episcopal ordination was done through the laying of the hands over the head of the concerned person and the consecrating bishop recited the formula. This ryth guaranties the link with the first ordination made by Jesus to his apostles and it transmits the apostolic succession. Paul wrote to Timothy: "Hence I remind you to rekindle the gift of God that is within you through the laying on of my hands" (2 Tim 1,6).

To fulfil so great tasks the apostles were enriched by Christ with a special effusion of the Holy Spirit (At 2,4; John, 20, 22-23) and the apostles themselves transmitted the gift of the Holy Spirit to their cooperators through the laying of the hands (1 Tim 4,14).

Today the election of the bishops is up to the Pope, even if it has never been so in the history of the Church. But we must recognize to Christ an authority which is superior to the Pope's authority, who is and remains the vicary. On all the books of theology is repeated that He is the invisible head of the Church; this means that He exercises the authority, but is not visible. In fact Paul writes that Christ's priesthood never comes to an end, so he always has all the priestly powers; He didn't abdicate his role of head and, indipendently of the priests, He can acquit and remit sins. In fact if a man at the end of his life is in a state of sin and in that moment there are no priests who can confess him, it is enough that he asks God's forgiveness.

Moreover Christ can consecrate the Eucharist and ordain bishops. Denying this to Christ means not recognizing in Him the authority of first and ethernal priest and putting Him in a position which is subordinated to the Pope and the bishops. All this is blaspheme. From the theological point of view, confirmed by professors of dogmatic asked by our bishop, we must recognize that God can do everything, so He can ordain bishop a priest. Who affirms the contrary, he doesn't know the Holy Scripture, or even knowing it, he lies.

There are no passages in the Holy Scripture in which is affirmed that God has not the power of administering the sacraments, on the contrary affirming this means to be heretic. The Church can't be nailed to the Canon Law, because Jesus is the invisible head and founder of the Church. Christ, in an invisible but real way, ordained bishop Claudio Gatti, as in the Eucharist He is invisibly, but really present. We don't see Christ in the Eucharist, but we know that He is present with his body, blood, soul and divinity.

In the first centuries of the history of the Church, all the christian faithful contributed in the election of the bishop. Symptomatic was the episcopal election of St. Ambrogio, layman, catechumen, so not baptized. Ambrogio, imperial civil servant, was able to soothe an uproar raised between two groups of faithful for the election of the new bishop. He was so skilful that everybody wanted to elect him bishop by acclamation. For centuries the episcopal election has been done by the faithful; then powerful families, princes, kings and emperors reserved for themselves this right and elected the bishops in their territories. In these last centuries this power was subtracted from the civil authority and the Pope claimed it exclusively to himself.

In God's letter of 16th december 2000 Our Lady asked a question that She herself answered: "Between the bishop ordained by God and the Pope elected by men who is greater?" […] Who is ordained by God is much greater than who is ordained by men". This doesn't mean that the authority of the bishop ordained by God is greater than the Pope's authority, but simply that the ordination by God is more important and greater than the ordination by men. An election wanted by God is not subject to human calculations, but it is a certain and direct expression of God's will and not of the men.

In the Church people keep on repeating always the same things without understanding them. It is continuously repeated that the Pope is elected by the Holy Spirit. Indeed it is said that also the bishops are elected by the Holy Spirit. This last affirmation leaves us interdicted. In fact in the past there were many bishops who we can't think have been elected by the Holy Spirit because they behaved immorally and they did crimes and dishonest actions. Also some Popes were not a model and an example for their faithful.

Nevertheless in the election of the Pope sometimes the Holy Spirit is present. Our Bishop prayed and asked for enlightenment about this subject and he found the answer. The Pope is elected by inspiration of the Holy Spirit, but this inspiration is limited only to those electors, that is those cardinals who are in a state of grace.

Only if the majority of the cardinals electors live in the grace of God, we can recognize that the Pope was elected by inspiration of the Holy Spirit.

Can there be a man who is in a state of sin and has the Holy Spirit in himself? Surely not, because grace and sin can't coexist. Also in the midst of clergymen there are those who live in a state of grace and those who don't live in a state of grace: only for those who live in a state of grace, there is an inspiration of the Holy Spirit, but not for those who are not in a state of grace.

So in the history of the Church there were Popes elected by human calculations and Popes elected by inspiration of God.

Our Lady explains the particular election wanted by God: "When St. Peter was ordained Pope by Jesus he became a great man" (God's letter of 16th november 2000). Peter became great not because he was a martyr, but because he was chosen by God. Mons. Claudio Gatti was ordained bishop by God, but he is not considered a great man by the men of the Church. Accepting the episcopal ordination means recognizing the importance of the election wanted by God. Who refuse the ordination, they don't offend only the bishop, but offend also God Who wanted it. Since they can't oppose directly God, they fight against the weak people.

Everybody must bend his head in front of God's will who can choose also the last person of the Earth, the weakest, poorest and most ignorant and He can put him in the place of greatest responsibility. "Bishops and cardinals don't want to understand that who is ordained by God is much greater than who is ordained by men. […] How did the bishop reach this greatness? Through the obedience to God. He could not answer no to God" (God's letter of 16th november 2000). In fact Don Claudio could not answer no, Jesus didn't ask him his consent, but He said: "I ordain you bishop" (God's letter of 27th june 1999). Many times Our Lady said that nobody understands this great gift of God. The bishop himself affirmed that he has understood gradually this gift that manifested itself to him progressively as a diffuse light.

The victory and the triumph of truth have become reality. The eucharistic miracles, the marian apparitions and the episcopate given to Don Claudio are true and immense gifts of God, in front of which man can't hide himself behind vain affirmations. Jesus, appearing to Marisa in the thaumaturgical place, said: "Everything was done by Heaven and Earth!" (God's letter of 16th june 2000).