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Second appeal of God the Father to mankind

1st november 1999

On 1st november 1999, on the occasion of the Feast of All Saints, God the Father had addressed a grief-stricken appeal to mankind: "I am God, and there is no other God. I want the conversion of my favourite children (priests, bishops and cardinals); I, God, want their conversion". And addressing our community He had said: "You are waiting, you would like to know the moment of my intervention and you are right, but I don't see conversions yet, my beloved sons, I just see men who love power, nominations and the mean and dirty money. I can't accept that the planet Earth stays bathed in the mud; I can't accept that my Son Jesus, the Second Person of the Holy Trinity, uselessly died for men who I created and called children, because they are my children".

After one year, on 1st november 2000, God the Father renewed his appeal; the visionary Marisa Rossi saw the Paradise coming down into the thaumaturgical place and the Mother of the Eucharist, the angels and the saints bowing before God who was speaking: "I, God, spoke to you one year ago and what I said has arrived almost everywhere…". During public apparitions and also private conversations with the bishop and the visionary the Lord and Our Lady revealed that the messages of the Mother of the Eucharist are known all around the world, through human and supernatural media.

God's letter continues with a severe warning: "Woe betide those who offend this thaumaturgical place; woe betide those who destroy the bishop; woe betide those who don't believe the eucharistic apparitions".

The bishop pointed out that "woe betide" of God must not be taken lightly; up to now the Lord has not intervened in the world only for his mercy and infinite love; He asked to some devout and faithful children to wait with patience, praying and suffering, for the conversion of many people, but the moment in which his divine arm will come down onto mankind will be very hard for those who will have undervalued his reprimands.

We heard God the Father affirming again his authority: "I am God and I can do whatever I want"; the Lord had said this in november 1999 and He repeated it after one year. In front of this statement how can the ecclesiastical authority oppose all that happens in the thaumaturgical place? The Church is founded by God, God is the Head of the Church and we must obey to Him.

In his letter God the Father made us understand that for Him have no value the great meetings, the gatherings of millions of people if the grace is not present in them ("I could destroy the world and make it again with few souls and few priests; few, but saint").

In the centuries inside men rooted the commonplaces that the souls called by God are always tried, but God doesn't want this; in fact referring to the bishop and the visionary, He affirmed: "I don't want the suffering caused by the men to keep on persecuting you" (1st november 2000). The suffering of the called souls is caused by human wickedness and opposition, which are not wanted by God. Men neither can nor must cause other men sufferings unjustly. It is against the human and supernatural logic thinking that God calls a soul to accomplish a mission in the world and then He puts some obstacles to make more difficult the realization of the divine plans.

The Lord continued his appeal: "I alone can convert the people who say they believe"; the bishop explained to us that it is easier to convert an atheist or a sinner than those who feel to be good and successful. Jesus had defined them "sons of the pharisees", who feel to have a clear conscience, but they kill their brothers and only God can change their behaviour.

Then God the Father addressed the community with sweetness and He spoke to us about all our human limits, our weaknesses and incomprehensions, but these are not offensive towards Him because they are not voluntary, but characteristic of the character: "I have come to thank you for the good you try to do, even if there are still some little things that are not going right, but these things don't offend me".

After these words full of fatherly encouragement the tone of the letter became very sad: "The great men offend me continuously. Before starting my great interventions in the world, I said that at least half of the men had to be converted, but the conversions are still few". The bishop declared that the men of the Church don't give the example, there is not their engagement and wish of converting the souls and he repeated Jesus' words: "If we the priests are not the salt of the Earth and the light of the world, how can we guide the others?".

The Lord revealed to us that the great clergymen feel to be good and perfect because in the Holy Year they have been able to gather in Rome all categories of people, but they disregarded the true meaning of the Jubilee, that is conversion which passes through Confession, participation in the Holy Mass, Holy Communion and doing good deeds.

In his letter God the Father affirmed: "Today the great men of the Church… are far from Me, because thay have continued to keep steadily the power in their hands and to accumulate money, the mean money that destroys man". A lot of times the Mother of the Eucharist complained for this reason! In the Holy Year have been spent billions, which could be used for charities towards who really is in need and for the poor people who, unlike the others, were not invited for the Jubilee.

Then from the Paradise the Lord looked at us delighted: "I, God, am happy to see you gathered under a shed". Like Bethlehem grotto where Jesus entered the world, our basilica is a little, simple and silent place, but the Lord made it precious because into it came down God the Father, Jesus, the Holy Spirit, the Mother of the Eucharist and a lot of saints, as St. Joseph, St. Peter, St. Paul, St. Padre Pio, St. John the Baptist and St. John Bosco.

The mission entrusted by the Lord to the bishop and the visionary is very hard and heavy, also in the great suffering they are able to infuse strength and enthusiasm to our community, but sometimes the human discouragement get the upper hand due to tiredness and protracting of the wait for a divine intervention; but the Lord will never abandon his two dear children and He keeps on showing his presence and his action in the thaumaturgical place: "If I had left you, the Mother wouldn't have been with you so often. Also St. Joseph, St. Padre Pio, all the angels and the saints are always with you. When St. Padre Pio was beatified, where was he? Wasn't he with you? When the great men made spectacular feasts, weren't the angels and the saints with you? Wasn't the Mother of the Eucharist with you?" (1st november 2000).

In his appeal the Lord riveted that the Mother of the Eucharist appears with this title only in the thaumaturgical place to the visionary Marisa Rossi and to nobody else. In no other places of the Earth Our Lady appears so frequently; God gives no importance to the number of people present or to the greatness of the place, also the Mother of the Eucharist said: "Even if in this place there wasn't anybody anymore because everybody had gone away, I would keep on coming all the same, only for my two children". This is God's will. The bishop pointed out that the greatness and importance of an apparition are not qualified by the number of people present, but by the Lord's judgement. If He affirms that the apparitions that take place in the thaumaturgical place are the most important in the history of the Church, man can only take note of this.

Many clergymen took possession of the title "Mother of the Eucharist", this is the confirmation that our community is a living cell that emits energy, absorbed by others without they ask for permission. However many of them make believe of neither knowing nor believing all that happens in the thaumaturgical place. The priests of Rome are those who fear most. Knowing and denying the truth is an enormous assumption of responsibility before God, because this way they loose the Paradise, because they are against God for fear and cowardice.

In his letter the Lord affirmed: "I am God and there is no other God, but not for this reason the hebrews, the muslims and the members of all the other religions won't come to enjoy the Paradise. They also will enjoy it if they love their God, who after all is always Me". The bishop explained to us that the spiritual salvation is everywhere, God loves everybody and goes beyond the limits of the human rules, but for those who scandalize even only one of his children very hard times will arrive, because if one arrives to cause scandal, that is he puts an other person in the situation of not doing good, it means that his life has been rooted in evil for a long time: "Woe betide to those who kill, woe betide to those who scandalize one of my children. As the Gospel says, it is better for them that they attach to their neck a big stone and throw themselves into the sea, because there is nothing to do for them" (1st november 2000).

Finally the Lord ended his letter addressing all his fatherly love to our bishop, laying emphasis on the validity of his episcopal ordination: "Excellency, come on. Like Jesus, you also seem to be a failure, but you are not. Like Jesus won the world, you also will win and arrive where I have promised to you".