Eucharist Miracle Eucharist Miracles

The apparitions of the Mother of the Eucharist begin

24th october 1993

The apparitions of the Mother of the Eucharist have been lived for a long period (1971-1993) in silence and reservedness. In these first years the Bishop Claudio Gatti and the visionary Marisa Rossi carried on their mission, guided by Our Lady with love and since 1986 they have formed and made grow a cenacle of few people called to pray and bear witness. But not everybody answered the call and the suffering wasn't lacking, due to fear of the supernatural, incomprehensions, envy, jealousy and slanders, so that, as our bishop said, "Discouragement, bitterness, disappointment and dejection kept us company and the wish of turning everything upside down was strong, overbearing. The grace of God saved us from shipwreck… the brothers and sisters of the cenacle helped us and they squeezed themselves around us with love and faith".

On 20th june 1993 Our Lady appeared to Marisa and she brought a letter that gave rise to fear and dismay: "My children, it is time that groups come to you… God the Father wants this, after twenty-two years of silence and concealing". And also on 27th june: "Come on, if God the Father decided this… his will be done". The bishop and Marisa felt alone, weak, undefended and with anguish they wondered: "How can we withstand the impact and the weight that public apparitions involve?". Immediately they remembered the words that Our Lady had told them in Lourdes in 1973, when they answered "yes" to the Lord who called them to carry out the great mission: "The suffering will consume you. You won't be understood, you will face difficulties and oppositions!". The Word of God gave them peace and security: "The Spirit helps us in our weakness" (Rm. 8,26) and they found comfort in the Words of Jesus of 11th july 1993: "I wanted to come to confirm that my Mother and I want to guide you in the very beautiful and important mission that God the Father, God the Holy Spirit and I, God the Son, have entrusted to you, to repeat that we are always next to you and to give you courage".

So Don Claudio and Marisa said "yes" again to the Lord, decided to face with a spirit of serenity, simplicity and love the new task given to them: spreading the Catechesis of God and the messages, as they were transmitted by Our Lady. On 24th october 1993, after four months of spiritual, moral and psycological preparation of the community, the apparitions of the Mother of the Eucharist were opened to everybody, but first (this fact is unique in the history of the Church) the ecclesiastical authority had been informed about what would have happened.

Since the beginning Don Claudio and Marisa have wanted to work in deep union and cooperation with it, referring to its judgement the supernatural origin of the presumed apparitions: on 24th september 1993 Don Claudio himself spoke at great length and in detail about the apparitions with the Auxiliary Bishop H.E. Mons. Cesare Nosiglia, he left him the manuscript of the messages: "The Catechesis of God" and invited him to read it and point out his comments, in the case this was needed. He also explained to the Auxiliary Bishop the elaborated program: catechesis, prayer, apparition, Holy Mass; everything had to be lived being absorbed in prayer and silence, with listening and participation, in an atmosphere without fanatism; in fact this was always taught to us by Our Lady ("I haven't called you to see something astonishing… put your "I" on the side, your curiosity, bend your head and pray" - Message of 24th october 1993).

At the beginning the ecclesiastical authority didn't manifest any objection about spreading the messages of the Mother of the Eucharist, because it found nothing in them that was in contrast with the teachings of the Gospel, so Don Claudio and Marisa kept on doing what God had asked them.

Since the day in which the apparitions of the Mother of the Eucharist have become public seven years have passed; on 29th october 2000 we celebrated the seventh anniversary (from this year on, the bishop decided the anniversary of the public apparitions will be officially celebrated the last sunday of october) and in this occasion the bishop made us reflect upon how had happened all that had been predicted by the Mother of the Eucharist in Lourdes in 1973 and then in june 1993: "The task of these my two children is very beautiful in the eyes of God and it will be the same for the humble and simple men, but due to the proud and arrogant men it will be very hard".

The bishop reminded us that in the first year of the public apparitions there was a great enthusiasm on behalf of many people: laymen, priests, nuns and also bishops went to the thaumaturgical place and cooperated with joy for the realization of God's plans. But in some apparitions the Mother of the Eucharist put her two children on their guard, advising them that the men were trying to destroy God's work and in fact, yet in july 1994 rumors were spread that the thaumaturgical place would have been closed definitively and nothing would have remained. This didn't happen because in no way man can win against God's will, but evil, envy and jealousy of men who don't love the Eucharist have destroyed physically and spiritually the bishop and the visionary; today from the human point of view they seem to be defeated, but Don Claudio taught us that reality must be seen with God's eyes without stopping at the appearance.

According to the human logic also Christ on the cross is defeated, nevertheless he feels to be winning and triumphing because he is going to be glorified by the Father: "Father, the hour has come; glorify thy Son that the Son may glorify thee" (John 17). The glory asked by Jesus is the glory of the cross, because through his whole immolation is realized what God Himself has decided since the eternity: the death of the Son, so that man can be reconciled with the Father. So the glory derives from doing God's will. In these seven years also the bishop and Marisa have fulfilled the work entrusted to them by God, so this way they are experiencing the glory of God. The bishop explained us that the scene of Christ on the cross on Golgotha lends itself for marvellous similitudes with our current situation: at the foot of the cross was Mary who could have said: "Father, why don't you save your Son?", so Don Claudio in front of pain and atrocious Marisa's suffering could exclaim: "Lord, why don't you intervene?".

On Golgotha next to the dying Jesus with Mary there was only one bishop, John, and few women; even today in front of the Eucharist that bled there is Our Lady, only one bishop, Claudio, few young people and grown-ups.

During his life Jesus had spoken to thousands of persons, had been acclaimed, had performed great miracles, but in the moment of his death he was abandoned by everybody. Also in the thaumaturgical place there have been eucharistic miracles, graces, spiritual and physical healings, nevertheless Don Claudio and Marisa also have been betrayed and now thay are alone.

But nobody would have been able to imagine that Christ, dying on the cross, would have resurrected and defeated the men who were killing him, also the bishop can say with joy as well: "I fighted the good battle and I want to keep on fighting it being certain of winning. It is in this so painful moment that we are most similar to Christ"; on the other hand in an apparition also Our Lady said: "The battle of people against your priest continues, but you and I will be strong; we'll protect him and the same will be done by my spouse Joseph. I always go to intercede with God for the priest" (God's letter of 26th march 1994).

Also St. Joseph said: "I, humble servant of God, address you, Don Claudio, so that you are always strong to face all painful situations" (God's letter of 19th march 1994).

All necessary strength and the hope of victory come from the Eucharist in which, as our bishop taught us, show themselves the voluntary weakness and the omnipotence of God: the voluntary weakness is visible in the Eucharist which consignes itself to the men care, is profaned, hurted, burnt, received in a state of mortal sin. The omnipotence of God emerges in the eucharistic miracles: the Eucharist was taken from the tabernacles, disappearing from them opposing the laws of nature and bled, remaining intact for many years, without decomposing itself. The omnipotence of God shows itself also in the renewed love to Him on behalf of many people, in conversions, in spiritual fruits.

Still on the occasion of the feast of the seventh anniversary of the beginning of the public apparitions, His Excellency the Bishop Claudio Gatti announced that, even if in this moment there aren't other priests or bishops next to the Eucharist that bled, the Pope will go to the thaumaturgical place many times; cardinals and bishops will go as well. Moreover he riveted that only who blindly believes in the realization of God's plans, he can give such an announcement with certainty. The bishop concluded saying: "God's plans were that Christ died and God's plans allowed us to pay a contribution of blood and maybe also of death. We must accustom ourselves to look at reality with God's eyes; the enemies of these apparitions are exulting and ironizing, we entrust them to God's mercy and to Our Lady's love, so that at least someone of them can save himself and, as Jesus said, he can repeat: "My people, what are we doing? We are killing those who truly love the Eucharist!".