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Text of the Eucharistic adoration of October 29, 2017

Feast of the Mother of the Eucharist

The Mother

As usual, every year we are going to celebrate the Mother of God, the one who, here in this place made thaumaturgic by God, has come to be known as the Mother of the Eucharist. She presented herself with this title that she often said, is the one dearest to her and most beautiful. Over the centuries many different titles have been attributed to Our Lady, all equally strong and important, but the title Mother of the Eucharist encloses everything. As our Bishop explained, Mary is Mother of God, Mother of the Church, Mother of Jesus and therefore Mother of the Eucharist.

"By invoking Mary with the title Mother of the Eucharist we want to highlight her mission, which is to bring us, sinful children, to the redeeming Son, because we are saved because of his passion and death, purified and enriched by his sacraments, sustained and enlightened by his words and guided by his hierarchical Church".

These are the wonderful words of our Bishop explaining the beauty of this title. But now we want to dwell on the importance of the word "Mother" and notice how Our Lady, with her life and her actions, has sublimated this appellation to become a perfect model of motherhood.

Being a mother, in its pure meaning, is to give love without expecting reciprocation, is to provide for the well-being of one's own children by renouncing everything. Mother means sacrifice, patience, perseverance, forgiveness, dedication, help, guidance, acceptance and understanding.

Her love for God prompted her to pronounce that "Yes" that would change the course of history; her love for the Son makes us understand, even before his passion, death and resurrection, that a life dedicated to God combines love and suffering. The beauty of Mary's motherhood and her mission as Mother is explained by Jesus by addressing her, as mentioned in the book on Our Lady, with these words: "I entrust men to you: they are weak, inclined to sin; you are their mother and teacher, for this I have prepared your soul; for this you have cultivated the virtues of piety, fortitude and humility. Without these virtues you would not have been able to overcome the harsh trials of these years, nor could you overcome the even more atrocious ones of the years to come. You are a teacher and an example of every virtue".

From the cross Jesus entrusts all men to his Mother, but this act of entrusting had already been anticipated to Mary; in fact she already knew, even before the crucifixion of the Son, that she would become the Mother of all men, even of those who would have been the cause of suffering to her Son.

The way to salvation

A categorical refusal to know and get closer to God lives and exists in our society. Our Lady said to Marisa: "this society does not want to know God, if it does not know God there is no hope, no conversion, no salvation. So the world falls." We are witnessing daily the slow and continuous destruction of humanity increasingly distant from God, where evil is unleashed and destroys the weak and the defenseless. Wars, continuous violence, suffering and persecution are multiplied in what is now a war in pieces, as Our Lady said a few years ago, a war entered forcefully into men's heart. We wholeheartedly wish to celebrate our Mother of Heaven with a happy heart, but unfortunately we cannot deny that our heart is weighed down by the ugliness occurring every day in every corner of the planet and from the sufferings that accompany the life of the weakest and defenseless people and this leaves us heartbroken, constantly undermining our hope and puts our faith to test. To her, who is our Mother but also Mother of every virtue, we humbly ask to help us to pray, never forgetting hope and never abandoning faith, its life companion.

Today we wanted to bring in the procession the miracle of November 11, 1999, to remember the meaning of this great sign that Our Lady explained to us in the letter of God of November 14, 1999: "This outpouring of blood is not a good sign, my dear children because the world continues to drift apart. What hurts my Son Jesus most is that man kills each other as if it were fun, and this is bad. When bleeding is in the great host, it is for all priests, from the Pope to the smallest priest, when it bleeds in the small particle it is for all men. You know that men are not able to love and then kill". Almost twenty years have passed since this extraordinary event and the world is getting worse and worse, humanity is more and more divided into persecutors and victims, sufferings are multiplying and seeing all this, all that remains for us to do is to turn to God and cling, as children, to the mantle of our Celestial Mother. To whom could we turn except to our Mother in a moment of such great suffering for humanity?

The story of the miracle of November 11, 1999

On November 11, 1999 a new great Eucharistic miracle took place. A host that had previously been placed by Our Lady on the chalice of the white statue of the Mother of the Eucharist bled; for the ninth time the Eucharist bled in the thaumaturgic place.

The host bled at three different times. We quote the testimony of Mons. Claudio Gatti, the Bishop ordained by God, who was the first to see the Eucharist bleed: "It was about 1:00 pm when I went to pray before the particle that had been left by Our Lady on November 3. On the chalice of the white statue. I immediately saw in the inside of the particle a patch of blood of circular shape and the drops that gurgled and spurted out from it. I quickly called the people who were in the house so that they too could see and witness the Eucharistic miracle. We prayed and sang, then everybody returned to their normal activities".

Later the Bishop came back again before the Eucharist and noted with surprise that the outpouring of blood not only did not stop, but continued copiously. In fact, while previously the blood had stained only the central part of the particle, later it began to overflow, staining the upper part and, partially, the chalice foot. Furthermore, a drop fell on the base of the statue. "I called the people again - goes on Mons. Claudio - and adored the Eucharist and found that the blood had kept coming out of it. Then we went to eat; it was a quick lunch. At 2:45 pm I went back to pray and I noticed that in the meantime the effusion of blood increased a lot until it wet the hand, the chalice, the dress, Our Lady's foot and several drops had settled on the base of the statue".

During the afternoon a Bible class was scheduled, so the community members who came to via delle Benedettine to hear the Word of God were impressed to see the great miracle worked by our Lord. The whiteness of the statue contrasted with the living blood of Jesus. Moreover, as the minutes passed, the particle rose in front of the people, as if to show itself above the chalice.

We, members of the movement, wondered about the reason for this great sign of God, but above all why, we wondered, when a statue of Our Lady cries or sheds tears of blood all are rushing but when Jesus the Eucharist is bleeding a few come to worship him? Who is collecting the divine blood? The Mother of the Eucharist during the apparition that took place on the same day answered these questions and, addressing Marisa, said: "Today I told you that the world is getting worse and worse; I must defend my son Jesus from men who hate him and hate you. Blood is a gesture of love for you and of suffering for those who do not believe. As long as the world does not change my Heart and Jesus' heart will bleed".

Never in the Church history happened that in the same place so many and important Eucharistic miracles have taken place and that the Eucharist bled nine times. If Jesus Eucharist bleeds is not a good sign for the men on Earth, especially for those who call themselves Christians and continue to offend God. This is the hardest and most difficult time in the whole Church history and the Lord who is merciful is still waiting for the conversion of souls, but in the end he will be just and it will intervene with justice. The Lord asks to welcome him, to love him, to adore him and keep him company before all the tabernacles on Earth. On the following Sunday the community members were gathered to pray before the Eucharist that kept constant a particular perfume and showed that the blood had not undergone any decomposition.

During the apparition the Mother of the Eucharist spoke again of the great Eucharistic miracle and urged the faithful of the community to spread the news of this very important event: "Do not keep this miracle for yourself; it must be spread everywhere: at home, in squares, in neighborhoods and in churches. Bring and show the photos reproducing the Eucharistic miracle without fear. The situation must burst because the miracle is great; once again Jesus has bled in the host. When he bleeds in the big host it is for all the priests, from the pope to the smallest of priest and when he bleeds in the little host it is for all men. You know that man is unable to love, does not love and kills".

Will we be able to respond to this maternal call, so sad and so dramatic? About 6 months later, on May 18, 2000, the same host bled a second time. After celebrating Mass, while the Bishop was about to return home, was stricken by a strong scent, coming from the room where the hosts that bled are kept. He opened the door of the room and his gaze was attracted by the white statue, on which the Eucharist had bled, placed by Our Lady on November 11, 1999. Mons. Claudio muttered: "My God!" And prostrated to adore the divine blood that was coming out, for the second time, from the same host. The scene before the Bishop's eyes has always remained unforgettable in his mind and in his heart. The living red blood contrasted with the whiteness of the statue. Moreover, unlike the first time, when a few drops of blood had stained small portions of the chalice and Our Lady's dress, this time the blood was so abundant that it completely covered part of the chalice; so a thick and long rivulet was formed extending from the chalice base to the pedestal of the statue. In some places the fresh blood covered the previous and by now dark blood and in others undertook a different path.

The following day the Mother of the Eucharist spoke about this last Eucharistic miracle: "My dear children, a host laid on the little white statue has bled again. The miracle speaks clearly and says that men do not convert. My poor Jesus who was persecuted, slandered and killed 2000 years ago, today finds himself in an even more horrendous and sad conditions. It is not a good sign that blood and water have escaped from a host that has already bled." After these words, and to add more words would be superfluous, we close this adoration by praying before that miracle and asking God that men, soon, may turn to Him and understand that the world without Him is doomed to ruin, that He is Everything, that the Eucharist is salvation, that the road leading to God is true freedom.