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Text of the Eucharistic adoration of October 28, 2018

Feast of the Mother of the Eucharist

Today is the feast of the Mother of the Eucharist, the Mother of God, who for many years has been waiting for us, listening to us, guiding us in this thaumaturgic place. We remember the silence and recollection that descended among us every time we gathered around Bishop Claudio and Marisa waiting for the Celestial Mother, then the song that called her and suddenly the ecstasy, the joy and the wonder on Marisa’s face: "You are so beautiful!" Then each one of us, kneeling down, was immersed in that supernatural reality, removed his thoughts and enjoyed those moments of Heaven. Every time Our Lady came to us she used to call us: "My dear children" to remind us how much she loved us and how much she cared about us. What great grace we have received! The Mother of the Eucharist called us by name, one by one, to be her apostles: "Be an instrument of salvation and peace for your neighbor through prayer, sacrifice, example and love" (letter of God, February 2, 1991); then we were very young and unwary boys, we did not know exactly what our path towards Christ would have been, but we decided to follow the Bishop and Marisa’s footsteps and we too pronounced our "Yes" to God.

Through the Mother of the Eucharist, our Lord has asked our collaboration to convert souls: "My little children, worry, pray and act for the salvation of your brothers’ soul, if you cooperate in the salvation of one soul, you will be precious in the eyes of God who will reward you with Heaven" (Letter of God, February 5, 1989).

Our Lady has always covered us with her maternal mantle, that is, she followed every step of ours and gave us many precious teachings leading us to holiness: "You do not see me, but I am with you and I have chosen you because I want to bring you to holiness" (Letter of God, January 1, 1993). We recall her continuous exhortations to put God first and never forget the daily Mass and pray at every opportunity during the day: "My dear children, what I said at the beginning may seem difficult, but then you will find that everything will become easier and you will feel the great desire to pray every day for up to three hours as my Son Jesus wants. I repeat, pray slowly and with your heart; reserve the first place to God. If you do not grow in spiritual life it is because you do not want it" (Letter of God, October 2, 1988).

As a mother tries in every way to preserve her children from evil, so the Mother of the Eucharist has always tried to protect us from the devil: "My greatest desire is to protect you against the dangers of the devil who tries in every way to infiltrate inside you and destroy you. I do not say this to scare you, but only to warn you" (Letter of God, October 7, 1990).

Our Lady has always shown to be very close to our group and has always invited us to remain united, not to be discouraged by the difficulties of life and to help each other: "You all must be united as are the points forming a circle. Give each other the good example in order to walk in the spiritual life. If you see a soul advancing in the spiritual life, go behind him or rather stand by his side, if one does not advance, do not criticize him, but try to help him with prayer and love" (Letter of God, July 31, 1989). "My dear children, you must love each other, never forget it. To love each other means you must rejoice with those who rejoice, suffer with those who suffer, cry with those who cry and smile with those who smile" (Letter of God, November 4, 1990).

Today it seems that we are left alone and that the Mother of the Eucharist is no longer present in our lives, in reality she has never forsaken us; she is still guiding us on our path, even if we do not notice it and with her maternal mantle she is protecting our families: "I pray with you when you pray to my Son Jesus, I am with you when you are with God" (Letter of God, July 4, 1992). "I, your Mother, do not want to leave you, I cannot forsake you and, if you allow me, I will take you with me before my God, your God" (Letter of God, December 5, 1992).

We remember with nostalgia the words of our dear Bishop Claudio: "When the Bishop is no longer there to give you a tap on the shoulder or sometimes a kick, slap or caress, you will have to walk with your legs, think with your head, you will have to work hard because the Kingdom of God is gained with commitment. Souls are converted with hard work, prayer and suffering. You have learned in these years how much God loves the souls and how much He makes other souls pay contributions, so that everyone can rise to Heaven. Do not be dependent on anyone, just depend on Christ. You must not feel lost thinking: "But who is going to follow us tomorrow?" Christ will follow you, as He knows how to do it better than any other person. Never bind to people, bind only to Christ, to the Mother of the Eucharist and when you are in their company, who is going to harm you? What could you fear? Nothing, because it is the best company [...] Do not be afraid of anything, do not be afraid of anyone: do not fear the devil because the one who is in a state of grace is stronger than the devil, do not fear men, because they can only do what God allows them to do. You must not fear anything or anyone, but live peacefully and trustfully and since the Lord [...] calls you to bear testimony of Him, you must give it in a strong, courageous, sincere and joyful way [...] each of you and all of you together may bear testimony and be missionaries and apostles, to the praise of God, for the salvation of souls and for the rebirth of the Church" (From the prayer vigil, May 14, 2005).