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Text of the Eucharistic adoration of October 27, 2013

 Feast of the Mother of the Eucharist

20th anniversary of the beginning of the public apparitions

"Get up, mama, take me in your arms, so I feel protected and safe. I am God, you are the Mother of God, I am the Bread of Life, I am the living bread which coming down from heaven, I am the Eucharist, you are the Mother of the Eucharist" (From the Book on the Life of Our Lady) .

"I hold you close to my heart and I cover you with my motherly mantle!"

This sentence has always ended every letter of God that our heavenly Mother, his "post woman" as she liked to be defined, brought us. "I cover you with my motherly mantle", was the assurance, the assertion of her closeness, her protection, but it was also a caress, a hug as to cover her children with her wings so they may be not only protected, but also feeling as such. Love is the key to everything: the love of God for this great creature, the love she gave to her All. That same love she received from God, she gave it completely to her son Jesus, and when, under the cross, she became Mother of all mankind, she gave her love to all of us, her children. Just as she used to protect baby Jesus from the cold with her mantle, so now she is protecting us from evil with her mantle. The virtues of the Virgin Mary are countless and all start from a common denominator, love. Her obedience to the will of God, her silence, her patience, even the greatest pain of a mother seeing her son's death on the cross, she experienced all this without moaning, supported by an unconditional faith in God. God the Father, through his most exalted creature, the Mother of the Eucharist, gave us a very great gift: the private revelation. His numerous letters have allowed the world's dedication to the Eucharist to be reinvigorated, have created the conditions for the flame living within us, coming from Him and returning to Him, to be fueled by faith, so we may always bring the lively light of this flame forever and everywhere with us. The title "Mother of the Eucharist" is uniting human love and divine love, the one from the perfect mother, Mary, and the love of God, the Eucharist. Standing in Mary's footsteps is a sure way to stay all together united in the love of Christ. We always follow Mary, Mother of the Eucharist, as we have been taught and shown by our spiritual parents with their example. Let us by her mantle to be wrapped, and she, softly, taking our hand, will lead us to Jesus.

Private Revelation: what greater gift to mankind

The apparitions of the Mother of the Eucharist, started when Marisa was two years old and becoming public in 1993, are a gift from our Lord, and along with the story of her life, they are an invaluable asset to all humankind.

Our spiritual father, our Bishop Claudio, has taught us that at the foundation of our spiritual growth there is the knowledge of the Word of God and the nourishment with Jesus the Eucharist. As he often used to say, his relationship with Jesus, the Mother of the Eucharist and St. Joseph became increasingly close and personal the more he increased the knowledge of them, in fact, the more we know a person the more we can love that person. Often he used to point out that his love for God and the Virgin Mary had grown up and had changed shape thanks to the private revelation. If one of the criteria to recognize the supernatural origin of the messages is the harmony of private revelation with the Word of God, then the letters of God and the book on the life of Our Lady would represent the most beautiful example!

The teachings present in both complement each other and are a unique and precious stone enriching our soul and inspires us to be guided with docility by our Mother toward Jesus, as she said in a letter of God: "You cannot walk a path of Christian growth and holiness if you do not put into practice the teachings I have given, they are the same that my Son Jesus preached and that are contained in the Gospel" (Letter of God, February 5, 1989).

If we read the pages on the Life of Our Lady, we immerse ourselves in a spiritually elevated world, but it is told in a simple and direct way that makes us understand that we too can follow her example. Our Lady calls God "My All", as Marisa did and this is the most beautiful invitation to learn how to put God in the first place. If we manage to do it, everything takes on a different flavor and warmth, reaching and involving everyone we meet every day. As Our Lady said: "The divine law is the only one which, if observed, can lead the souls to an unparalleled spiritual greatness and beauty. What sustained me and accompanied me in my every action was an immense love that kept me always united to my All" (From the book "You are Mother of the Eucharist"). If we can change our thoughts and actions directing them toward God, then we will live in a deep inner harmony that can only come from the love of God. How many times in her apparitions, Our Lady invited us to address every day a prayer, a litany, however small, to Jesus, at work or during the household chores or during playful moments, to guide and bring to him the meaning of all our actions. In the book on her life, she says: "When I prayed to God, my All, I felt to be nothing before God, but his love came into me, flooding and working my soul". (From the book "You are Mother of the Eucharist")

We always hold in our hearts the recommendation that the Mother of the Eucharist made to us and that our Bishop would often repeat to us: to do every little thing with all our love because God does not look at how many things we do during our day but how much love we put into them, thus impressing in our soul the words she said to us: "Please put into practice the messages, I'm sure I am not asking big things. You can become saints by doing little things, ordinary things, simple things" (Letter of God, November 2, 1991).

The relationship between God and the Virgin Mary: the best example to be imitated

In the pages of the story of her life, the Mother of the Eucharist takes us on a wonderful journey where she holds little Marisa's hand and takes her back in time when Our Lady was small, to give us the example of her life.

As a child, Jesus' Mother lived an intimate and exclusive relationship with God, so much that she would says: "When I entered the temple, I changed completely, showing seriousness, participation and respect because the thought of the greatness of God filled me with an indescribable joy" (From the book "You're Mother of the Eucharist "). Our Mother, by her example, is showing us how we must relate to God and that is in a unique, total way with no reservations or distractions, giving him all our heart.

When the Virgin Mary, as a child, pointed toward a dove to her mother Anna, she would tell her that she had to be simple, pure and white as a dove, so she could have loved God, her All in an exceptional way. We can see in the image of the dove the presence of the grace within us; if we have within us the grace then our soul is clean and pure as a dove. While sin makes us live in selfishness, the grace of God leads us to love and peace. Our Bishop too taught us that the greater the grace within us, the more we can raise ourselves to God as told by Our Lady to Marisa: "My dear little Marisa, I would like you to understand the beauty of raising ever closer to God, to your "All". The more you raise to God, the more you feel like a little, little flower, but it is this little flower that God loves..." (From the book "You are Mother of the Eucharist").

S. Joseph and his spouse would pray, sing and praise together to God, and Our Lady would say she had so much joy in her heart, because she had the grace of God in her soul. If we have the grace in our heart, we succeed in letting our soul to be shaped by the Holy Spirit to reach a deeper union with God.

In her apparitions, the Mother of the Eucharist said that to love God and to convert there is no age, and in the book on her life she says: "This love for God will grow more and more, will burn within your soul, will bring you to love your neighbor, will illuminate your path, will support and comfort you in the midst of the difficulties, trials, and sufferings of life". (From the book "You are Mother of the Eucharist") This is how Our Lady is showing us the way to learn to love God.

Today, after 2000 years, the Mother of the Eucharist is always in our midst, we can read her letters or her book and never feel alone, but each day we are followed by her and our spiritual parents because where Our Lady and Jesus are, so they are next to them, as it happened on Earth. The wonderful relationship between Our Lady, Bishop and Marisa is written in the letters of God, full of love and suffering, each one for each other. The strength of this love and suffering will remain forever etched in the many printed books, as well as in our soul. This is the path along which we must walk to put God in the first place, to talk with Him, to love the others, to appreciate the gifts we receive, to enjoy life and deal with the suffering and hardship that we encounter on our journey.