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Text of the Eucharistic adoration of November 25, 2018

Our Lord Jesus Christ King of Universe

Today the Church celebrates Christ as King of the universe and we join these celebrations and recognize of the Second Person of the Holy Trinity. Such royalty and sovereignty does not show with a crown, but with the beauty, grandeur and above all with the Mercy of His heart.

In so many years where, thanks to the presence of our sister Marisa, we have been able to enjoy listening to Jesus speaking to us, we have learned to recognize the humility of His royalty; in several letters of God he defined himself or loved to call himself King without crown. In fact, in various apparitions He stressed and reiterated this concept and it is the same where the Gospel of Mark says: "Whoever wants to become great among you must be your servant, and whoever wants to be first must be slave of all. For even the Son of Man did not come to be served, but to serve, and to give his life as a ransom for many" (Mk 10:43-45). In the letters of God, Jesus says again: "I am Christ, King without crown; and your servant, I am servant of all and you are my servants" (November 23, 1997), or: "I Jesus, today I am here as Christ the King, not with the crown, but as a servant who wants to help his children". "Do not say Christ the King, but the servant of men, Christ the friend of men, Christ who dies for men" (November 21, 1999), and again: "Christ has no crown, or has a crown of thorns" (November 24, 2002). God the Son, the second person of the most holy Trinity, talks to us and, when listening again to his words, we are astonished today as at the time, by His infinite humility. Our Sweet Master never stops guiding us, admonishing us, teaching us to follow his path and how we must follow it: clothed with the armor of faith, warmed by the love for the Eucharist, reassured by His words and protected by the mantle of His and our sweet Mother, the Mother of the Eucharist.

Many were the teachings of our Sweet Master: He was Master in the priesthood of our Bishop, in fact, in his style we find the principles of Christ. Our beloved Bishop embodied all the characteristics of a true minister of God: strong, firm in faith, deeply balanced. Even at times when the suffering was such as to cloud the mind of any other human being, he managed to remain lucid; he was a lover of truth at any cost and deeply in love with the Christ and the Eucharist. He always put God first with courage and determination, but also with simplicity and humility. This is evident from his life, led in an exemplary manner, with simplicity and humility at the service of the King of Kings.

But today it is also right and proper to recall the Eucharistic miracle of November 26, 1995, the "announced miracle", which saw the presence of many faithful and several priests who had come here, to the thaumaturgic place. Where are now all those faithful and where are the priests? Those who have moved away showed that they did not understand God's style at all, always manifesting in silence, in concealment and not with the clamor and noise of striking facts. The child God became man, wanted to be born in a crib not in a solemn palace, he led a humble and simple life, not rich and opulent, and so those who expected shocking events were disappointed because He showed according to His style, certainly not in the style of the world. God does not obey the expectations of men, but are men who must adapt and obey Him, as our Bishop and our dear Marisa have always done and knew how to see the hand of God in the signs of events.