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Text of the Eucharistic adoration of October 25, 2015

Feast of the Mother of the Eucharist

The apparitions of the mother of the Eucharist have opened a window to Heaven. An attentive and caring Mother participating in the life of her children has become known to humanity through the relationship with a simple creature: our sister Marisa has always turned her eyes, her heart and her whole being to that Heavenly creature coming to her, rocked, comforted and guided by Our Lady on the path that the Lord had chosen for her.

Marisa describes Our Lady:

"Our Lady is standing up, arms outstretched and gesticulates a little when she talks. Fully Kneels down in adoration when there is Jesus or the Most Holy Trinity. She is more and more beautiful every time I see her leaning on a snow-white cloud, really white. She is quite young, for what my eye could see, she is 18-20 years old. 165-168 cm height (5.4-5.5 ft); her face is sweet, oval, with a natural color typical of her country; She has rosy cheeks; lips are normal, very nice, rosy. When she smiles she is even more beautiful because two dimples form in her cheeks. Her eyes light up and are between blue and black, quite big and deep. The nose is in harmony with her face; to me it is really beautiful. She has dark eyebrows, as the eyelashes. I see Our Lady’s face and neck, not the ears. I also see her long and dark hair, a bit on the head and a bit on the sides. Her hands are free and outstretched to the sky when she speaks of her Son Jesus and spread towards me when she talks with us. Her hands are never clasped, but crossed on her heart when saying the "Our Father", "Glory Be" or the "Magnificat". She bows her head as a sign of reverence when saying the "Glory Be". By order of God the Father, she also recites the "Hail Mary" with us. Our Lady looks at me when she gives the message. When she comes with the Eucharist she wears a white veil on her head and a blue cloak starting from the shoulders and ending at the cloud. She has an ivory white dress running down loose to the cloud. When she comes without Eucharist she has no white veil, but her cloak starts from her head and down to rest on the cloud. Our Lady is such a beauty and sweetness that is impossible to describe properly".

We members of this community never saw the Mother of the Eucharist, but we have known her infinite sweetness, we enjoyed her company, we heard her perfume, we were warmed and heartened by her motherly love, overwhelmed by the indescribable supernatural atmosphere, far removed from any earthly experience.

Many of us were just more than boys when we started learning about the Mother of the Eucharist and today we remember the silence and concentration descending among us when we gathered around Bishop Claudio and Marisa, waiting for the coming of the heavenly Mother.

Song: Come Mary

Today we too want to imagine the mother of the Eucharist in our midst, kneeling in deep adoration before her Son Jesus. Together with her we see our spiritual parents who always walked alongside her, finally joyful and still present in our lives.

At the heart of us all shines Him, Jesus the Eucharist, which is our strength when we feel weak, our light when we don't know where to go, our refuge when we feel tired, our hope for the future.

The real presence of Christ is a lush presence. Whenever we stop to adore the Eucharist, our Lord pours into our heart beams of light that increase the soul beauty, transforming and making us more and more like Him.

The Bishop used to say:

"Jesus is thirsting for us, each of us must be filled with Christ. I will never get tired to urge you to a strong life, united with Christ. Only through the Eucharist we can be united with Christ, the more we are nourished by the Eucharist the greater our capacity to love and reach out to others. Love is a gift, we love if God puts his love within us".

For this reason the most beautiful and complete title, with which Our Lady loves to be called, is "Mother of the Eucharist", this allows us to understand how great her desire is to take us to her Son. The first one to call her by that title was Jesus on the day of his circumcision, as we read in the book that recounts Our Lady’s life: "I am God, you are the Mother of God. I am the bread of life. I am the living bread coming down from heaven; I am the Eucharist; you are the Mother of the Eucharist!"

Song: I love you my Lord

The letters of God we have received are an immense gift for all men, they are an aid to walk towards holiness, they are the quintessential spirituality gushing from the love of God. To synthesize these concepts two sentences are sufficient: "Know Jesus the Word. Love Jesus the Eucharist". This is the safest road to get to Heaven.

The letters of God have given great spiritual fruits: conversions, reunited families, birth of priestly vocations, recovery of consecrated souls in difficult moments, outburst of priestly commitment and especially many young people who have rediscovered the beauty of a life of grace.

The letters of God spread prodigiously to the point that numerous prayer groups were formed dedicated to the Mother of the Eucharist. Our Lady has triumphed as "Mother of the Eucharist": she is known, loved and venerated all over the world, even among people of religions other than Catholicism.

This could not be realized just with human means at our disposal, in fact in one of the last bible classes Mons. Claudio Gatti told us that, miraculously, the Lord had sent him and seer Marisa Rossi on bilocation in every corner of the world to be acquainted with the Mother of the Eucharist.

Our Lord has sent the Mother of the Eucharist in the world because he loves us with an infinite love and would like to save all people to welcome them in his embrace and into the joy of eternal life.

If every man would open to God's love, he would discover an immense joy, would feel stronger because he would be sustained and assisted by the divine grace and might say, as St. Paul: “when I am weak, then I am strong” (2 Cor 12:10).

When there is God among men then there is love, peace, hope, union and sharing, that is, in one word, love reigns.

Song: Children of love