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Text of the Eucharistic adoration of November 23, 2014

Solemnity of our Lord Jesus Christ, King of the Universe
Memory of the Eucharistic miracle of November 26, 1995


Today, Jesus, we celebrate you as King of Heaven and Earth. You are the center in the history

of every man, of every one of us and all mankind.

In a few days we will remember the Eucharistic miracle that took place on November 26, 1995, a miracle belittled by men who did not understand; they wanted you to show in a striking way, as all kings on Earth are used to do, but in accordance with Your style, you used a humble priest and a simple creature to make everyone understand that you do not follow the logic of the world but, as you showed as a King born in a simple cave, so you wanted to show your kingship in a small and simple place that received you with love.

To You Jesus we entrust everything: our joys, our sorrows, our life. On the cross the repentant thief said to you: “Remember me when you come into your kingdom” (Luke 23:42). And we in the intimacy of our heart we dare say: “Have mercy... remember me, remember us!” Have mercy, Lord, for those who are sick in the body and in spirit, for those who suffer because of injustice, for those weeping in loneliness and neglect. We all need Your Love and we want always to hope.

My kingdom is not of this world

From the Gospel according to John. (Jn 18:33b-37)

“At that time Pilate said to Jesus: «Are you the King of the Jews?» Jesus answered: «Do you say this of your own accord, or did others say it to you about me?» Pilate answered: «Am I a Jew? Your own nation and the chief priests have delivered you over to me. What have you done?» Jesus answered: «My kingdom is not of this world. If my kingdom were of this world, my servants would have been fighting, that I might not be delivered over to the Jews. But my kingdom is not from the world».

How many times our Bishop invited us to reflect on the enormous difference between the way of human reasoning and the path Jesus taught us to be part of the Kingdom of God. The Kingdom of God does not follow human logic, is not a political institution, but as St. Paul says: “…is righteousness, peace and joy in the Holy Spirit, because anyone who serves Christ in this way is pleasing to God and receives human approval”. (Rom 14:17-18)

The Kingdom of God that each of us can attain on Earth is made of the love coming from our actions, from our deeds. We can be part of His kingdom if everything is worked in the love and grace of God.

If we look around we realize that we live in a world far from the Kingdom of God, running in the opposite way to what He wants, because instead of peace we have divisions, wars and corruption, fruits of the presence of mortal sin in the soul.

If we men reject the Kingdom of God, we can never have true peace in our heart. The only way and solution to attain on Earth the Kingdom of God has been given once again by Jesus, on the occasion of the Eucharistic miracle in 2001, when he brought two particles on a wooden sculpture of two hands holding the chalice and the host. He said: “Only if men will come to Me, Jesus the Eucharist, will get the gift of peace, otherwise a terrible war will break out that will sow many dead, dead, dead people”. (October 4, 2001)

If men, like the big politicians and clerics who rule the world, would try to bring the kingship of Jesus in their work, the wounds in the hearts would slowly heal and starting from a soul, then two, three, five, ten, one thousand, it would lead to a world of peace and love to build the Kingdom of God in the earthly life.

The grace and sacraments are building the kingship of Christ within us and it is the only thing that can make us truly free, free to love and fill the jar of love to bring to Jesus in Heaven. Jesus taught us: “Very truly I tell you, everyone who sins is a slave to sin. Now a slave has no permanent place in the family, but a son belongs to it forever. So if the Son sets you free, you will be free indeed”. (Jn 8:34-36). Those who, then, on the contrary, reject Christ and use their freedom for power or money becomes their slave, and his soul is like a pierced jar. Spiritual freedom is one of the greatest gifts that Christ makes of his kingship, he makes us free if we make him King in our soul.

Jesus Christ, King of minds, hearts and truth

From the encyclical letter Quas Primas of Pope Pius XI

“It has long been a common custom to give to Christ the metaphorical title of King, because of the high degree of perfection whereby he excels all creatures. So he is said to reign in the hearts of men, both by reason of the keenness of his intellect and the extent of his knowledge, and also because he is very truth, and it is from him that truth must be obediently received by all mankind. He reigns, too, in the wills of men, for in him the human will was perfectly and entirely obedient to the Holy Will of God, and further by his grace and inspiration he so subjects our free-will as to incite us to the most noble endeavors. He is King of hearts, too, by reason of his charity which exceeds all knowledge. And his mercy and kindness which draw all men to him, for never has it been known, nor will it ever be, that man be loved so much and so universally as Jesus Christ.

Reading these words of Pope Pius XI, we can recognize that they are in perfect harmony with what we have been taught by our dear Bishop during the many Bible classes and homilies he gave us during his earthly life; In fact, he always told us that true freedom for man consists not in doing what you want but to do all the way the will of God. Only when Christ reigns in each of us we can be sure not to fail and take the right path that is the life of grace nourished by sacraments. To do the will of God, even if it means suffering and sacrifice, is the goal that we have to achieve and that will take us to holiness. We know that in this corrupt world, chasing only its own economic and political interest, this mentality exposes us to face difficulties and obstacles that sometimes seem insurmountable, especially if the people closest to us are hindering us most, in pursuing the indicated path. Christ the King wants to reign in our hearts to bring fruits of peace and charity, and if all men would understand this, our planet would be an oasis of peace and there would be no more conflicts to dominate and destroy it as it is happening now.

In John’s Gospel, Jesus is saying to Pilate: “You say that I am a King. In fact, the reason I was born and came into the world is to testify to the truth”. (Jn 18:37) To accept and understand the truth Jesus is showing us means not to be deceived by what corresponds to the truth according to human canons, but to pursue through the teachings of public and private revelations an absolute and different reality. Pilate’s question to Jesus: “What is truth?” (Jn 18:38) Pilate himself escapes, flees away, does not want to know the answer because he is living only out of human concern to lose his power. Even the history of the Church is full of so many “Pilate” who liked to hold on their chairs rather than affirm the truth against those who have come to defend it to the point of martyrdom. Only with the eyes of true love and true faith we come to discover true freedom, in fact, by acceptance and abandonment to God’s plans we can achieve serenity by uniting us to God and sustaining us in times of misunderstanding and conflict with those who hinder our progress. Let us pray that we are the first to honor the truth by always doing the will of God even when everything else is collapsing on us, committing to ensure that by our example and testimony we may infect other hearts where Christ can dominate.