Eucharist Miracle Eucharist Miracles

Text of the Eucharistic adoration of June 22, 2014

Feast of Corpus Christi

Dear Jesus, today is Your feast, the feast of the whole Church that You founded and are sustaining and enlightening with Your light. Here, in this thaumaturgic place, You have realized Your triumph that has spread throughout the Church and the world, for the effects of the Eucharistic miracles cannot be limited by time and space. Your victory was possible thanks to the "Yes" of the Bishop of the Eucharist and our sister Marisa. We know, for You God told us, that all of the third millennium will be intensely Eucharistic, that Christian churches will gather and that other religions will look at the one in Rome. This is due to Your actions and Your intervention. Dear Jesus the Eucharist, today we are here to pay homage and to tell You that we are fond of You. Ideally we want to give You a crown of flowers to express our love. Flowers, before each adoration, will be placed under the altar by our children because You said that unless we become like children, we will not enter the kingdom of Heaven. The children, with their purity and innocence, remind us that all those who live in a state of grace are united to You and make up the mystical body of the Church.


"I was chosen to become the Mother of God, ever present in his mind, I was created perfect, spotless, without the stain of sin and without flaws. God lavished on me the gifts for which you beseech me: Woman full of grace and free from blame, creature endowed by God with supernatural gifts, preternatural and natural". It is Our Lady, as we read from this passage of her life that was dictated to our sister Marisa, explaining and communicating to us God's plan for the Incarnation of the Son. God chooses Mary, "full of grace", and in this way the Mother of the Eucharist becomes the co-redeemer in the plan of salvation of mankind. She is the root of the Eucharist, the first tabernacle in history: in fact in her womb she keeps Jesus the Eucharist and offers Him to all humanity, knowing that He will suffer a lot. "I am the Mother of the Eucharist, not everybody will accept this name that closes the whole history. Envy and jealousy will arise and because of these you will suffer, but men cannot prevent God from implementing his plan" (Letter of God, February 11, 1992). "My dear children, I was given many titles, all of them beautiful, all wonderful, but the greatest and most beautiful all-embracing title is the Mother of the Eucharist" (Letter of God, May 24, 1994). The moment of Incarnation changes the history of mankind forever and we have had the privilege to have known this crucial step by the direct words of the main witness, our heavenly Mother. "So when it came to my "Yes", when I uttered my "Fiat", saying:" Behold the handmaid of the Lord, be it done to me according to your word", the angels began to sing with joy, praising God and giving him glory. My dear little Marisa, at that time the Word came into me and I became the living tabernacle of God. My All was mine and I was totally his. Then Archangel Gabriel knelt in front of me because God was already within me: bowed his head and worshiped the Almighty, then went away. I remained ecstatic before the great mystery of Incarnation. So the salvation of mankind, from a promise, became a reality" Our Bishop, in the explanatory notes of the book on Our Lady's life says: "God wants the Incarnation to be fulfilled by Mary's free acceptance, so God and man are reconciled, they meet and love in the heart of the Virgin Mother. Man is returning to God who adorns him with the most beautiful dress, the grace, and is admitted to God's banquet: the Eucharist, thus man becomes table-companion of God the Father, God the Son and God the Holy Spirit".


When Jesus Incarnated, our Lord could have certainly chosen a luxurious and rich place, but he wanted to give birth to His Son in a stable, a simple place, devoid of any comfort, but made clean and cosy by Saint Joseph who, with hard work and an immense love for his bride, allowed the Mother of the Eucharist to deal with childbirth in a dignified manner.

In the same way God the Father, when selecting this place, wanted it simple, devoid of pomp and riches according to human concept, but certainly very rich and above all precious to his eyes, to the point of declaring it thaumaturgic.

In fact, in this place so dear to the Lord, the Bishop and Marisa have sustained for many years the suffered and very important mission that God had entrusted them with, in Lourdes in 1973. Bishop and Marisa in that year, with suffering and love, uttered their "Yes".

The very hard mission of his two beloved children was certainly supported not only by the suffering and sacrifice of Marisa, victim of the Eucharist, but also by the Eucharistic miracles, those pearls with which our Lord has chosen to adorn and embellish his beloved thaumaturgic place.

We firmly believe that the Eucharist is truly present the Body of our Lord, in fact at the moment of consecration we recite together: "I believe that you are One in nature, Trine in Persons, equal in divinity....", yet, in this holy place, our Lord wanted to make visible to our eyes this wonderful spiritual reality, working multiple and extraordinary Eucharistic miracles; among these, the most important in the whole Church history is the one that took place on 11th June 2000 in the hands of our Bishop, as a seal of his episcopal ordination worked by God on June 20, 1999; in this way God has unequivocally confirmed that, after St. Paul's ordination, this was the only episcopal ordination of Divine origin.

We have learned from the letters of God brought by the Mother of the Eucharist that many Eucharistic miracles have occurred for the conversion of sinners, in some cases, in particular, for the conversion of priests.

We can therefore declare that the Eucharistic miracles that occurred in the thaumaturgic place have become a miraculous source of grace that has strengthened and supported not only the Bishop, Marisa and our community, but the whole Church, bringing the Eucharist at the center of Christian life, getting eventually to the triumph of the Eucharist that took place on 10th January 2002.

On that day, the Mother of the Eucharist made a declaration, unexpected and unforeseen, capable of changing the path of history.

During an apparition reserved for the Bishop and the seer she said: "My dear little children, you have gained your victory. You, Excellency, have won because of your strength and courage to fight those who do not live in a state of grace. You, little Marisa, have won for your sacrifice lived in silence and concealment". Marisa saw before her a large sign reproducing in gold the following words of God: "My beloved priest, my Bishop, ordained by Me, has gained victory". In this day of celebration we pray You, our Lord, through the intercession of the Bishop of the Eucharist and Marisa, so that these Eucharistic miracles that You have worked can be quickly recognized also by the ecclesiastical authority, so they may become patrimony of Your Church, thus helping more and more believers to grow in the love for Jesus the Eucharist and fortify their faith.


"You are Bishop ordained by God, Bishop of the Eucharist". Two days ago, our community recollected an important event that will remain engraved in gold letters in our hearts and in the Church history. On 20th June 1999, our Lord, by His free and sovereign initiative, ordained Bishop our spiritual father, Don Claudio Gatti, without asking the party interested neither his opinion nor his agreement. God himself, after He gave the episcopate to our spiritual guide, unique and unrepeatable event, gave him the most beautiful and important title, the "Bishop of the Eucharist". It is a title that is fully deserved because no-one else more than Don Claudio loved Jesus the Eucharist to sacrifice his life to defend it. The Eucharist, the reason of his life, thanks to the painful pastoral activity, combined with God's action, has returned to the center of the Church and of the believers and the spiritual life of the community. Our Bishop, spiritually speaking, quenched Jesus' thirst and answered His sorrowful cry: "I thirst for love, peace, forgiveness, suffering. I thirst for you, my dear children. I thirst for my dear beloved priests who, either out of fear or because they do not believe that I am present here, would not come to worship me. I thirst for my brides. I thirst for the seers, but many of them would not answer. I thirst of the laity who say a lot of words just to talk, but do not know how to love" (Letter of God, 13th September 1998). Nothing and no-one, but a sickness, has ever prevented him from celebrating his daily Mass and the weekly explanation of the Word of God to the community, through the Bible classes. Our Bishop has always explained us that the more we know a person the more we love such a person. And he made us fall in love with the Eucharist, explaining the beauty of a life of grace, the importance of remaining attached to the tabernacle as a lifeline against the storms of life. With the example and testimony of his life he made us understand that without Jesus the Eucharist there is no true life, no joy and no strength to face the difficulties of our existence. Jesus the Eucharist and Bishop, Bishop and Jesus the Eucharist, a wonderful and inseparable pair that brought light into the Church and made her go back to her origins. God has no need of men, but chose a simple and humble priest for the return of the Eucharist at the Church center. In fact, we believe that the election of this new Pope and his subsequent cleaning action, spring from the suffered work, from the suffering and prayers of the two children called by our Lord for the great mission. Sometimes, when we think of Jesus and Bishop, we like to imagine them on the banks of the Jordan talking about the problems of the Church and the life of our community that Don Claudio so much loved and keeps on loving. When we think of Jesus the Eucharist, we cannot but place next to Him the face of our Bishop, often marked with pain, but always ready to fight for the salvation of souls and for the defense of truth.


Our Lady - Praised be Jesus Christ, my dear children.

Today is the feast of my Son Jesus, of his body and his blood that you receive when you get the Holy Communion. It is so beautiful to make Jesus triumph, being next to Him and receive Him every time you have the chance. When you cannot receive Jesus, have the spiritual Communion and say: "My Jesus, I love you and I long for you in my heart" and Jesus will come within you. I know this, I am his Mother and I can assure that Jesus comes within you. Today is a very great feast. Even if you are just a few, you made wonderful decorations for your little Basilica decorated with flowers, with beauty and with meaningful symbols.

Last Thursday they held the diocesan Eucharistic procession and I, the Mother of the Eucharist, was badly hurt to see that when Jesus passed, not even a little prayer was said by the people, and when, after a little while, the Holy Father went by, everybody clapped their hands and shouted: "long live the Pope!" And Jesus? Jesus, who is everyone's leader, the Supreme and Eternal Priest, Who gave us his body and blood, has no importance? Men have to make Jesus the Eucharist triumph, adore Him, love Him and pray Him. This is what the Pope, bishops and priests have to teach.

Your procession was simple and beautiful. You were united in prayer singing hymns to Jesus, who was always in your midst, as in this moment when He is back again.

Marisa - Jesus, you are back! May I ask you please, to forgive those persons who have not yet understood the importance of the Eucharist? It is not their fault, but it is because of the priests who don't teach them how to love and to adore Jesus the Eucharist. They kneel down in front of the Pope, they clap their hands to the Pope, and you, Jesus, who are present, see and suffer.

Jesus - How come that after so many centuries, Christians still don't recognize Me? You, instead, thanks to your holy Bishop, have learnt to know and love Me. Put into practice the Bishop's teachings, never forsake him. I am Christ, I am Jesus the Eucharist and Our Lady is the Mother of the Eucharist. Rejoice, my children, always rejoice even if you have some sufferings, for they will never leave you behind, as long as you live on this planet Earth. Someone has big sufferings and someone has small ones, but you all have to pass through the tunnel of suffering.

Thank you for your attendance, thank you for the beauty you created in this little Basilica, Mother of the Eucharist. Thank to those who cooperated to get things ready, someone in a manner, and someone in another. I, together with my holy Bishop, want to bless you: in the name of God the Father, God the Son and God the Holy Spirit.

Marisa - Bye-bye. How handsome you are!

He has gone away, handsome He was, handsome.