Eucharist Miracle Eucharist Miracles

Text of the Eucharistic adoration of September 14, 2016

21st Anniversary of the first eucharistic miracle
17th Anniversary of the Bishop’s 1st vestiture
16th Anniversary of the signature of episcopal decree in recognition
of the apparitions of the Mother of the Eucharist to Marisa Rossi, of the eucharistic miracles and of trinitary teophanies happened in the thaumaturgical place

"Start the day with the sign of the Cross do it slowly and every time meditate what you are saying. Recite the morning prayers, pray slowly, very slowly, with no rush, and above all, pray with your heart". (Letter of God, October 2, 1988)

The Mother of the Eucharist taught us to start our days with the sign of the cross, so we start by talking to God, asking him to accompany us in our daily actions.

The cross marks the life of every Christian; everyone has their own to carry, more or less heavy, based on the ability to bear it, and only when we accept it with love we truly follow Christ because we become like Him.

"We adore You, o Christ, and we bless You because by your Holy Cross You redeemed the world"

We cannot imagine Christ without the cross, we remember the comment to the seventh station of the Cross written by Bishop Claudio:

"Let's try for a moment to close your eyes and open our heart to contemplate a moving scene: some men are bringing a cross, awful instrument of torture and death, Jesus sees it approaching; He looks at it and his eyes fill with tears of love, for he knows that by means of this cross He will conquer death, and embraces it. Guards, tormentors, executioners are around him and none of them understands our Lord’s gesture of love in embracing the cross. Only Mary understands it. Do we feel love for the cross? Of course it is natural that the cross, as symbol of suffering, arouse fear in us, but we must keep in mind that if we want to save our loved ones, our sons, our friends, this is the only way. Don’t you think that if it were possible to follow a different path away from suffering and the cross wouldn’t Christ have preferred it? If He chose it, it was because this is the only, valid and just way to defeat evil and the sin of the world. We thank our Lord embracing, loving and cuddling the cross and from now on we can better understand what St. Paul says: "I preach Christ and Him crucified" (1 Cor 2:2), for salvation comes only from the cross. Let us not feel restrained to just have an image of the cross at our home, let us turn frequently our eyes to it and pray before it so that in our home, our family, our community it may not remain just as a symbol, a sign, but a reality of salvation".

"If anyone would come after me, let him deny himself, take up his cross and follow me" (Mt 16:24)

By his death on the cross Christ has reopened the Heavenly door and his sacrifice has infinite value because with it the world, which was living in darkness, was flooded with a huge amount of light and grace; God is back talking with man, showing him the only way forward to be united again with Him for eternity, the narrow way, the more tortuous and difficult one, the way to Christ.

The way to Christ does not lead to human recognition or earthly satisfaction, but it is the only one that allows us to reach holiness: "The Mother invites you to love the Cross. You must not be scared by it, but you have to love and live it; without the cross and suffering you will not reach holiness". (Letter of God, March 16, 1997)

On this path we will never be alone, not even in the darkest moments of our lives, for Christ will take us in his arms when we feel we will not make it with just our strength. If we carry our little crosses with Jesus we will become the salt of the earth, we will be those little flames bringing the love of God among men, we too will become small instruments of salvation and God will reward us a hundredfold: "My dear children, I ask you to give your testimony in everything for the Lord. It is my great desire that you help me to save souls that are close to you, with humility and charity. I have repeated many times that if you help to even save one single soul, Heaven is yours for sure. To you, my dear young people, I recommend to do apostolate, to make my Son Jesus known, your Jesus, love him and let others love him". (Letter of God, April 4, 1992)

The Mother of the Eucharist will watch over us and will lead us to her Son: "I'm not on the cross, I see your cross, I am next to you, I love you all; perhaps you are feeling more the weight of the cross than my presence. No, my dear children, you must first feel my presence and then the cross, your Mom helps you to carry it. Embrace it". (Letter of God, July 5, 1996)

"The suffering will pine you away" (Letter of God, June 27, 1993)

If we think of the cross it immediately shines in our memories the very big one that our spiritual parents carried: Bishop Claudio who represented "the sweet Christ on earth", as so many times used to call him the Mother of the Eucharist, and our sister Marisa, chosen by Jesus as his bride, calling her to intimately live united with Him in a state of grace, and in the immense pain of Passion.

Marisa - Soul of Christ sanctify me, Body of Christ save me, Blood of Christ fill me with joy, water from the side of Christ wash me, passion of the Christ comfort me, O good Jesus hear my prayer, inside your wounds hide me. (Letter of God, May 25, 1996)

In times of great suffering the creature was mixed with the divine, and together they became instruments of salvation for the souls.

Marisa - The cross is heavy, very heavy...

Jesus - Bring me, bring me, bring me many souls; my heart needs many souls and especially many priestly souls. Do not leave me, take on your shoulders my cross, which today is heavier than ever. Bring me many souls! Take courage, my bride, the transverberation, the passion is not over for you; On the other hand you sacrificed for your spouse and I am your spouse. (Letter of God, November 16, 1997)

Our Bishop Claudio has always been close to his sister Marisa, their souls have always been united, for this reason they shared every moment of their earthly life, flying wing to wing with God. When Marisa was in great suffering, our Bishop was pining away next to her, trying to support her with unceasing prayer. They are the ones who lived through the great tribulation, walked together on the path of Gethsemane and up to Calvary, and together they died embracing the cross, always accepting the will of God. Their cross shone on this earth, it is high above all pettiness and human wickedness and triumphed, because the suffering experienced for Christ is never sterile, but brings great fruit because "the cross is life, is salvation, is resurrection, is joy". (Letter of God, September 14, 2007)