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Text of the Eucharistic adoration of September 14, 2015

20th Anniversary of the first eucharistic miracle
16th Anniversary of the Bishop’s 1st vestiture
15th Anniversary of the signature of episcopal decree in recognition
of the apparitions of the Mother of the Eucharist to Marisa Rossi, of the eucharistic miracles and of trinitary teophanies happened in the thaumaturgical place

"Now is the Son of Man glorified, and God is glorified in him. If God is glorified in him, God will also glorify him in himself, and glorify him at once" (Jn 13:31-32).

September 14 represents for us, in this thaumaturgic place, a very important date: 20 years ago, on September 14, 1995, our Lord wanted the first great Eucharistic Miracle to occur here; on September 14, 1999, took place the first vestiture of our Bishop after his Episcopal ordination, of divine origin, which occurred on June 20, 1999. Finally, we remind the signature affixed by our Bishop, the following year, on September 14, 2000, on the decree recognizing the apparitions of the Mother of the Eucharist. In our memories the images related to these events and what our heart experienced under those circumstances are still vivid and clear. The day when our Bishop was ordained directly from God will remain engraved in our memory for the magnitude of the event and for the humility and love with which he accepted the Lord's command to exercise "FULL POWERS". The difficult path that led him to receive this great gift from God is made of love and self-denial, but especially of pain and suffering, in a nutshell the way of the cross. When our bishop spoke to us of the cross, we could read in his eyes, in his actions, even in the tone of his voice, the love transpiring from his entire being to the cross of Christ. He repeated that if we want to be united with Christ we must love the cross, considered scandal by fools, but salvation for those who believe. He and our dear Marisa lived every day for the cross, sweet and fierce companion during the days, but mostly during the nights. We can only imagine how much heartbreaking for Bishop Claudio to see the Church, which he loved so much, horribly torn inside, to see the great works of God not recognized or, worse, mocked, to see Marisa’s daily suffering and feel helpless in the face of so much pain. More than once, during meetings or Bible classes, he would say: "believe me, in the face of so much suffering, the mind wavers", and his smile would die out, his lips would bend, exhaustion would transpire from his face, but soon after he would speak of the cross and explaining to us how victory would come right through it. The Bishop showed us that faith and love for the cross were the only way forward. We remember his words in the Homily of September 14, 2008: “The cross should not make us afraid, for the cross speaks to us about the love suffered by God; the cross speaks of the incarnation of God among men finalized to the sacrifice on the cross. The cross reminds us that if we can enter Heaven, we owe it to the cross alone. I can honestly say that when we will be before God for our personal judgment after death, He, in order to admit us to Paradise, wants to see the cross engraved on our soul, wants to see if it is present and if this cross gives light, warmth and love, for we have the grace, only then we will be allowed in; but if this cross is faded or erased, then the judgment of God will show us purgatory or, even worse, hell. It is the cross that we have in our soul that opens the doors of Paradise, is a sign of belonging to God, allegiance to God, is a sign that we bow before Him, that we accept the redemption and the cross. The cross is life, the cross is victory, the cross is triumph. Love the cross”.

"And I, when I am lifted up from the earth, will draw all people to myself". (Jn 12:32)

How many times our Bishop would say to us that it was normal for the cross to arouse fear, but at the same time He would remind us that this was the only way forward for salvation. He explained how the cross was the only way for Christ to save us. Let us not forget the important words that during consecration are uttered by the priest: "He freely...” In fact, Christ freely subjected to the torment of passion and death. The first gift given by God to every creature is to have the freedom to believe or not to believe, to operate for the worse or for the better. Freedom is the prerequisite for being "imprisoned" in the heart of Christ, the freedom to want Him in our lives, the freedom to choose His will that we want to follow or not, freedom to long for Him. With this freedom, we also have the awareness that by choosing Him freely, we choose the cross. Through His death on the cross, Christ did not only indicate the way ahead, he also pointed out how we should do it, with love and total freedom. The whole passion of the Christ is rich in signs, symbols, each of them is for us a source of salvation, as embracing the cross, to bear patiently the insults and accusations in silence, to be slandered and treated worse than a thief and murderer, to be mocked, crowned with thorns, stripped bare and tortured, to suffer in the Gethsemane because of the sins of mankind, to feel abandoned by the closest people, to suffer by seeing His Mother's pain, pure and perfect creature, while he was nailed to the cross. The Bishop, in the Way of the Cross he expounded, tells us and makes us relive all these moments and in every word we see his love for Christ and Christ's love for humanity. How can we feel insensitive before so much pain? If Christ, with the sacrifice of the cross, gave all of Himself for us, for each of us, how can we not love Him? By embracing the cross is like Christ embracing every one of us, whispering: "Behold, I am prepared to die for you." Here are the words of the Bishop, taken from the splendid Way of the Cross he expounded, that we want here to faithfully mention and must reflect our warning, our intention: "the Lord is on the cross and turns his glance around: He sees His Mother, John and the other women and feels consoled, but He also sees the others and feels the suffering. We must not forget that Jesus is God and his glance pierces the time, reaches through the ages and up to our time. Jesus sees us too at the foot of the cross, scrutinizes our looks, reads our hearts. Let us ask ourselves what He finds in them: love or hostility or indifference? Lord, we will never thank you enough for saving and redeeming us, to be delivered to us in the Eucharist and giving Your Mother as our Mother. But we can only stutter a few words, because our hearts are so small. Right now we want to take refuge in Mary's heart that is always close to the Tabernacle and to feel it throbbing full of love. As in that time You felt comforted in seeing your Mother at the foot of the cross, so now You will rejoice in seeing us, locked in Your heart. We offer you not our love, so much lacking and insufficient, but the love of Your Mother in order to get the spiritual graces to love You and to be loved, to serve You and to be served, now and forever".