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Text of the Eucharistic adoration of January 13, 2019

17th anniversary of the announcement of the Triumph of the Eucharist

On January 10, 2002, the Mother of the Eucharist gave an unexpected announcement. During an apparition reserved for the Bishop and the seer, she told them: "My dear little children, you have gained your victory. You, Excellency, have won for your strength and courage to fight those who do not live in grace. You, Little Marisa, you won for your immolation lived in silence and concealment".

On another occasion, always during the month of January of the same year, the Mother of the Eucharist spoke of the great victory in these terms: "The victory is great and embraces the whole Church. You know that the rock of this victory is your Bishop and, I want to add, your sister’s too who asked to suffer in silence and concealment. Congratulations to the great Bishop, best wishes to you, my daughter, best wishes to all of you present here, Our Lady thanks you all" (Letter of God, January 13, 2002).

The victory of the Bishop and the seer consists in having contributed to the "Triumph of the Eucharist" because, thanks to their immolation, they prevented the diabolic-Masonic plan with which the Eucharist was to be set aside, relegating it to a simple commemoration cult.

In the document of the Second Vatican Council "Presbyterorum Ordinis" it is written: "The Most Blessed Eucharist contains the entire spiritual boon of the Church, that is, Christ himself, our Pasch and Living Bread, by the action of the Holy Spirit through his very flesh vital and vitalizing, giving life to men”. Although the Council clearly speaks of the Eucharist as the living Christ in Body, Blood, Soul and Divinity, Eucharistic worship, however, held a secondary and marginal role in the Church, but thanks to the apparitions of the Mother of the Eucharist and to the Eucharistic miracles occurring in the thaumaturgic place, the Church has restored the centrality of the Eucharist in its magisterium. All this happened thanks to God, who intervened by re-establishing what was in His will. As the birth of Jesus took place in concealment and in the presence of two simple and humble creatures such as Mary and Joseph, the triumph of the Eucharist took place in silence thanks to the contribution of two souls who said "Yes" to God: the Bishop of the Eucharist and Marisa, the victim of the Eucharist. Our community is a witness of all this and therefore we feel privileged, as were the shepherds in Bethlehem in seeing the Infant Jesus.

We are here before You, Jesus the Eucharist, and we thank you because we know that Your Triumph has taken place, but often in our parishes we see so much lack of respect for you. Often, people enter the Church out of habit and do not look for you, are distracted or, worse still, talk to each other creating confusion. Sometimes we happen to witness Eucharistic adorations made without love and with little meditation and we suffer from this, because we perceive that you are put aside. We want to pray to You that the Church and in particular the priests may love You so as to transmit to the faithful the love and respect towards You and your mother, the Mother of the Eucharist, the one who was the first living tabernacle. We want, O Jesus, that our Churches may be transformed into small "Bethlehem’s", so that people may come and worship You with the same spirit that moved the Magi coming and looking for You. We were privileged because our Bishop taught us the respect and attention we must have when we are before You, Jesus the Eucharist. We pray that we may see Your Triumph to be fulfilled as described in the foreword of the book "L’eucaristia Trionferà": "the Eucharist will enter powerfully in Rome and in the world and all its children will welcome it with renewed and vigorous faith. Mary saw Christ's triumphal entry into Jerusalem with sadness because she knew that Crucifige will follow after the Hosanna. The Mother of the Eucharist will participate with intense joy at the entrance of the Eucharist in Rome, in the Church and in the world because she knows that men, at last, will welcome Jesus the Eucharist in order to be interiorly renewed by his power of love. The Eucharist will become the heart of the Church".