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Text of the Eucharistic adoration of March 9, 2014

Fest of priesthood; 51st anniversary of the priestly ordination of the bishop Claudio Gatti

Hymn: I will be with you

Look, Lord, I am poor and alone,

How will I announce thy will?

Thou, Lord, hast said: I will make you my servant.

How will I shout thy truth?

Refrain: I will be with you, as the light that guides you,

I will be your voice, your strength,

I will be your defense, your salvation.

Closed is my lip, my tongue is awkward,

Open my mouth and I will sing.

Trembles my heart, my strength abandons me,

Extend thy hand and I will fear not.

Refrain: I will be with you, as the light that guides you,

I will be your voice, your strength,

I will be your defense, your salvation.

I feel thy courage, thy strength supports me,

True freedom I will teach thy people.

I feel thy hand to guide me along the path,

A prophet and guide I will be for those who seek thee.

The call

"You did not choose me, but I chose you and appointed you so that you might go and bear fruit - fruit that will last" (Jn 15:16). If it is not fully lived, accepting its suffering, priesthood does not bear fruit.

In the letter of God of March 12, 2000, Jesus said: "Yes, my beloved sons, I am your Jesus and I have come to celebrate with you the feast of priesthood. I am priest for all eternity. I knock the door of the hearts and I call the souls to consecrate themselves to God, woe to those who do not answer the call of God. I am the one who called to priesthood, who gave the Episcopacy to Don Claudio, I love you all".

The consecrated life is the answer to the call of God, it is not a personal or human choice, for you receive it directly from God. At the origin of every genuine call there is our Lord who chooses and invites you to follow him.

"Priesthood is a great sacrament. The priest is called by God, Jesus enters within him and the priest is within Jesus". (Letter of God, May 25, 1996)

Each creature has its own vocation but priesthood, if fully lived, allows man to get as close as possible to the image of Christ on Earth.

The hymn we have heard expresses feelings of weakness and impotence, for which we might feel ashamed enough and have no courage to become aware of them and entrust them to God. When we feel most alone, without a light to guide us, or weak, helpless and defeated then is the time in which the soil is more fertile for the intervention of God who wraps us in His hand, raising and reassuring us.

The vocation to Priesthood sometimes implies fear, sometimes is blurred by a thousand doubts and uncertainties generated by fear. Especially at the beginning of his mission, a priest might fear of not succeeding, of not being up to such a high task he is called, he may feel inadequate in respect of such a great and unique commitment, which is a commitment to the service of God and to our brothers. Our Bishop, Mons. Claudio Gatti, experienced moments of great emotional stress in view of his priestly ordination, and for all of us it was a surprise to know it, as we knew him so steady and strong. In fact, he had a deep realization of the greatness of priesthood and respect towards a sacrament that, if lived according to the will of God, would lead him to give his life completely to Christ and to the souls.

Our Bishop explained that the human being, no matter how smart and powerful, is a creature, and therefore limited if relies only on his own strength. Instead, one must completely surrender to God in order to properly live to what he is called up, thus he can rest assured that his limits will be exceeded because God is at work in him. In this regard, to make us better understand this concept, he frequently quoted the example of the mathematical rule according to which the result of the sum of any number plus infinity is always infinite.

Union with Christ is possible only with the help of Christ himself, through the instruments He has placed at our disposal: the Sacraments and His word. Only by the grace of God man can attain the spiritual and human potential that will enable him to live according to the will of our Lord.

Our Bishop had a path of life full of suffering and struggle, disappointment and dejection, love and sense of failure, but he went ahead without fear, supported by that love and charity that every priest must give to all.

Prayer for Priests

O Almighty God,

Accept this servant of yours,

Let him be always yours,

Let him always offer a powerful testimony

And be a powerful example

For the souls You have entrusted to his pastoral care

And who truly want to change

And want to walk along the path

Marked out by your Divine Son

And enlightened by the light of the Holy Spirit.

Mary, Mother of the Eucharist,

Be for this priest mother and teacher,

Refuge and support,

Consolation and companionship.


The priesthood

From the prayer of the Bishop of the Eucharist recited on March 9, 2008:

"Ninth March 1963, I am prostrated at the foot of the altar, touched and moved while the others sing the litany of the saints, I am communicating with You, my God. I did not know that at that moment the Mother of the Eucharist was next to me and was praying for me with Marisa. On that day You said to me: "You are priest forever after the order of Melchizedek" and to Marisa: "Your vocation is not a sacrament, but is supporting the sacrament"...

In Your plans these sufferings were necessary for the triumph of the Eucharist, for the Mother of the Eucharist and to revive the Church..."

The rite of priestly ordination is full of meaning: the deacon, after uttering before the celebrant his "Here I am", promises loyalty to Christ and the Church. Dressed only with the white vest, he prostrates to the floor as a sign of humility and total surrender of one's life to God and while the assembly is kneeling and the cantor sings the litany of the saints, the Church asks God, through the intercession of Mary and all the Saints, to bless and fill with His gifts the one called to the priestly ministry. It is at this very moment, March 9, 1963, that the Mother of the Eucharist, who was there, was showing Marisa, in bilocation, the priest who will accompany her in the mission that God will entrust them with.

Thereafter, the celebrant, silently, lays his hands upon the head of the future priest, who is kneeling before him and soon thereafter reads the prayer of ordination, in which he asks the Holy Spirit to intercede for the new priest. The minister of God is then helped in wearing the sacred vestments. It is the symbol of official endowment: from now on his life will be shrouded with new nourishment and will be the mediator between God and men. The bishop anoints the hands of the priest with the holy chrism and soon after delivery to each ordained, kneeling before him, the paten with the bread and the chalice with the wine that will be consecrated during the celebration of the Eucharist, and says: "Accept from the holy people of God the gifts to be offered to Him. Know what you are doing, and imitate the mystery you celebrate: model your life on the mystery of the Lord's cross".

None of us were present on the day of ordination of priest Claudio, but if for a moment we open our hearts, we can almost feel the emotion, joy and fear of this young man aware that from now on his life will not be longer his, that the promise he just made will be the anchor that will never allow him to be wrecked. Our Lady of Trust, in front of whom Don Claudio during his seminary years prayed and to whom he would turn every day, will become his Mother.

Hymn: To serve is to reign

We look at Thee, Master and Lord:

Bent down to earth Thou art, Thou show us that love

Is to gird the apron, is to know how to kneel,

Thou teachest us that to love is to serve.

Refrain: Let us learn, Lord, from Thee,

That the greatest is the one who knows how to serve better,

Who humbles himself and who knows how to bend

For only love great is.

And then we see Thee, Master and Lord,

Washing feet to us Thy creatures;

Girded with the apron, which is Thy royal mantle

Teachest us that to serve is to reign.

Refrain: Let us learn, Lord, from Thee,

That the greatest is the one who knows how to serve better,

Who humbles himself and who knows how to bend

For only love great is.

Jesus high and eternal priest

The Fifth Luminous Mystery, written by Mons. Claudio Gatti, reads: "Jesus, as he sat at table with the apostles, thought of the bloody sacrifice which, in a few hours, he would have offered to his Father on the Calvary. Jesus is God, and for him there is no difference between past, present and future. The future he rendered current and instituted the Eucharist, a mystery that includes his passion, death and resurrection. Equally he renders current what is past and we can say that Jesus suffers, dies and is resurrected in every H. Mass that is celebrated in different epochs and in different places. Mary was certainly present at the Last Supper, when Jesus instituted the Eucharist and the Holy Order, two sacraments that are a function of each other".

To fully live the call to priesthood means to choose to be as similar as possible to Jesus the Sweet Master. In the last hours of his life, before opening, with His death, the gates of Heaven, our Lord fulfills the immense act of love towards the whole of humanity because from that moment the Most Holy Trinity will be present until the end times.

Jesus is God and, as such, is fully aware that he came into the world so we would be no longer alone, so the ancient promises would come true. Let us imagine for a moment the heart of Jesus, the excitement in giving all of Himself to the apostles. They had not yet received the gift of the Holy Spirit, they were fragile, but He knew it and gives them the power to forgive sins in His name and allows, through consecration, bread and wine to become in their hands His Body and His Blood.

From there, in a few hours, they will leave Him on His ow. Peter will deny him but Jesus knows their future, he knows they will offer their lives in martyrdom to be faithful to the teachings received. Christ has confidence in them, loves them, and will love all those who will take their place in the centuries to follow. Jesus spends His last hours of his life with His disciples, wants everything to be done, wants the teachings to be acknowledged: "Having loved his own who were in the world, he loved them to the end" (Jn 13:1). Jesus loves all the priests, the Mother of the Eucharist is the mother of priests, so it is her duty to correct, console and encourage her beloved children. How many times have we heard from Our Lady utter the word "beloved" when referring to priests? We must not forget that God the Father, on Mount Tabor, said: "This is my beloved Son, in whom I am well pleased, listen to him" (Mt 17:5). It is a term God gives to the Son. Every priest should feel honored to be a beloved Son, a man chosen from among men, to love and to make people to love God.

The heart of Jesus is always full of love: before giving all of Himself, He washes the apostle's feet. The Bishop pointed out, in the Bible classes, that Christ performs this gesture also with Judas. The Divine Master wants to save all souls, He is seeking the opportunity to make it clear to the traitor that he can still convert. Still today Jesus washes the feet of his priests: He has sent His Mother, has chosen the Bishop of the Eucharist who, with his lifestyle, his priestly example and his martyrdom, has enabled the triumph of the Eucharist. He also asked the Victim of the Eucharist to sacrifice her life since her young age for the salvation of all His servants.

Rome, 9th March 2003 - h.10:40 a.m.

Letter of God

Jesus - Praised be Jesus Christ, my dear children. I am your Jesus; with my and your Mama and my daddy Joseph I came, surrounded by all of the Heaven, to give my wishes to your Bishop, who has given all of himself to the souls. You are waiting for something great, something beautiful, but until the war does not quieten, until terrorists continue to destroy men, how can the Great and Supreme give you what you are waiting for? But you had already the greatest grace, the greatest gift that I confirm today: the triumph of the Eucharist, the spiritual Victory, by now this is what counts.

Even I, Jesus, went through many tribulations, I was waiting for the decisions of my Celestial Father; I bowed my head and said: "I let myself go to you, God" and I cried. You have received more than I did, you have received the most beautiful gift that God could have given you: the Triumph of the Eucharist and the Triumph of the Truth. Many priests know where the truth is, but as they are men not full of God, they are not brave, they don't fight for the truth, they don't recognize they are getting it all wrong and that the Church is collapsing. Be not deceived when you see many people gathered in churches, especially when the Holy Father arrives. The priests are the ones inviting the believers to go to church, at least when the Pope arrives. You need not these invitations to go to church, because, from the spiritual point of view, you are very high.

Did you notice that at every little fault of yours, your Mama is ready to reproach you? With the others she doesn't do that, for God has asked more from you and will give more. What is it on Earth greater and more beautiful than the triumph of the Eucharist? The Eucharist triumphed and is triumphing every day, for you are receiving it in a state of grace.

Perhaps, Excellency, this is not the gift you have been waiting for, as you desired much, much more and you are right, you are quite right. But you have to blame the powerful people, the big men of the Church that think only to their own and become wealthier and more powerful, if what God has promised is coming late.

Remember: you are with God, the others are not with Him: they live for themselves, they pretend to be friends and children of God, but in fact they speak badly of each other, because they feel envious and jealous. Here the more beautiful gift became reality: the Triumph of the Eucharist and the Triumph of the Truth. Don't ask God again that the truth may triumph all over the world, because little by little it is triumphing. Men know very well where the truth is and if they pretend to know not this truth, it will be worse for them.

I want again to send you my wishes you probably will not accept, but I beg you, let all of Heaven send you their wishes. Would you rather have preferred to be as the others? Would you have preferred to be as those people that in front of you speak in a way and behind they betray, slander and defame?

Be happy and satisfied with your flock. I told you that God's enemy would, little by little, fall one after the other as skittles and the truth will also triumph on men that did not believe.

There are four, five people that continue to destroy your flock, but mainly you and the seer, by saying very grievous and offensive sentences about you. She knows it, as I already told her who they are. This morning instead of showing suffering for what they have said, she is happy and is smiling. It doesn't matter what they say, the only thing you have to worry is to live in God's grace, the rest doesn't matter.

Excellency, give me the opportunity to send you my wishes, even if at this moment, in your heart, probably you are not going to accept them. Perhaps I did not explain myself properly, perhaps you have not well understood who you are before God and before men who believe and know very well you are in the truth and that the powerful people got it all wrong. One day your sister said to you: "Don Claudio, up to now you have been a cancer for the big men of the Church, especially for Ruini who got rid of this cancer". But cancer may revive again, not the one due to illness, of course. When yesterday evening you sung "The desert will bloom" I thought about this revival. Every day that goes by you wait for the great day. No, let yourselves go to God and say: "Thank you, my God, thank you for you have given us faith, for you have given us charity towards everybody and you have given us hope that one day all will triumph".

Our Lady - I am Mary, Mother of the Eucharist and I agree with what my son Jesus has said. Don Claudio, I am, as a mother, very close to you and I suffer with you. I read in your heart many thoughts you would like to say, but you are not talking for everybody's sake; I thank you for this.

Saint Joseph - My very dear Excellency, I am your beloved Joseph. If you would only know how much we love you and how much we consider what you are doing for the Church and for men! Today God makes my statue thaumaturgic, first of all for you. Perhaps in your heart you are thinking: "What will I do with this thaumaturgic statue?" The same as you did with all the others.

My dear children, my little flock, do not repeat every day the same complain, do not harass your Bishop with questions, you just make him suffer. Live every day what God shows you; when you wake up in the morning thank God you are still on Earth, that you enjoy the Sun, the moon, the stars and that you are still able to be in the middle of this flock much loved by God, even if it is struck by many tribulations.

I advise you to never get tired of praying. When little Jesus was in the crib and I went back home, I got on my knees before him and prayed and prayed. I would not wonder about anything, I did not ask anything, I prayed and adored that little being in the crib, that at times was silent and at other times was whimpering. He was a little child but was God, for this I went to adore him. You do the same, continue to pray when you have time, pray before Jesus the Eucharist, adore Jesus the Eucharist, because He has triumphed with you, and you have triumphed with the Eucharist. The Eucharist has triumphed and will triumph again. For this I, Joseph, am united with you, I pray with you and with you I love Jesus the Eucharist.

Our Lady - With my and your Bishop I bless you, your dear ones, your sacred articles. I hold all of you tight in my heart and I cover you with my maternal mantle. Go smiling in the peace of God the Father, God the Son, God the Holy Spirit. Praised be Jesus Christ.

Make a big and loving applause to your Bishop.