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Text of the Eucharistic adoration of December 8, 2018

Solemnity of the Immaculate Conception

Dear Jesus the Eucharist,

thank you, because once again you have given us the opportunity to be here at Your Divine Presence. How beautiful, gracious and important it is to be before You. It is a gift that is renewed every time, a unique presence bestowing graces of which we are not aware. At times we are distracted, taken by earthly things and we fail to live to the full the mystery of Your presence, but today we desire a wonderful dialogue with You, the triune God.

Daddy God, God the Brother, God the Friend, allow us today, on the day of the feast of the Immaculate Conception, to address some thoughts to Your and our Mother that we have known and appealed as the Mother of the Eucharist.

You, God Creator of Heaven and Earth, wished to shape the most perfect, most holy masterpiece, a candid flower sprouting from Your Omnipotence that you have raised above all creatures, all angels and all saints.

For your wanting, our Mother, besides being immaculate, without original sin, she also has the fullness of grace. This grace, immensely superior to that of all celestial and earthly creatures, raised her to unreachable heights. Thus also the theological virtues, faith, hope and charity which are nourished by grace, have reached full and total fulfillment within her. In fact, in the litanies that our Bishop wrote, we invoke her: "Woman full of grace and immune from every fault, human Creature endowed by God with supernatural, preternatural and natural gifts."

Mary Immaculate, Mother of the Eucharist, in our human weaknesses and frailties we are comforted and amazed by your immense grace. We cling to your maternal mantle; do bring our worries, our worries and our labors to Your Divine Son. Extend your maternal gaze on our community, on our families, on our children.

The Mother of the Eucharist, on several occasions, spoke of the strong bond that unites Lourdes and Rome, in fact she often called the thaumaturgic place "My little Lourdes". During the apparition of February 18, 1996, he ordered Marisa to eat the grass from our garden, as she also did with Bernadette, to show that it is thaumaturgic, that is, a healer of the ills of body and spirit. This bond with the grotto of Lourdes has its roots in 1972, when there was the famous announcement of the great mission entrusted to Bishop Claudio and Marisa. "It is a mission that concerns the whole Church and concerns the whole world ... you are free to accept or refuse, but remember: you will suffer greatly. (...) To save the world, my son suffered a lot and He wants you to join him and Me in the love suffered to save souls" (Letter of God, 6th August 1972).

With time passing, this prophetic announcement has been fully realized up to a complete fusion with Jesus Christ our Savior. He showed us that He loves us not with words, not with teachings, not with miracles, but He made us touch His love through suffering. In the same way nothing has been spared in His two little children in 38 years: awful moral and physical sufferings have consumed them; our Bishop was always next to her, fully participating in her pain even when Marisa shared the sufferings of passion with her Spouse. And, like Christ in Gethsemane, they cried out in their hearts: "My God, my God, why have you forsaken me?"

Our Lady was always close to them, she suffered together with them and never made them miss her maternal comfort, she only could comfort them and give them the strength to go on in this very difficult mission. She was: "Refuge in the pain, support in trials, consolation in hostilities".

Mary, Mother of the Eucharist, Co-redemptrix of the human race, you were the first person who lived the pains and sufferings of the Passion of your son Jesus Christ the Redeemer. The same heavy blows of the Roman scourge that torn the body of your Divine Son, the innocent par excellence, have also fallen on you, immaculate and pure. Your two children also followed the path to the Golgotha, for the spiritual resurrection of men, for the triumph of the Eucharist. Each of us wishes to commit to a life of love and forgiveness as Mary did, as the Bishop of the Eucharist and the Victim of the Eucharist did, thus contributing to the renewal of the world and the Church.

This important feast falls just two days after a very important date for us, December 6, the day when we remember the departure of our Bishop ordained by God. He was in love with the Mother of the Eucharist and with the Eucharist; he loved her very much as "Teacher and example of every virtue". Several times our Bishop disclosed to us that thanks to the apparitions, he received teachings of very high theological value and above all the gift of considering the Eucharist as the greatest, most beautiful and unbounded gift that God has given us. He transmitted these teachings to us, "the little flock", to help us mature spiritually, to be witnesses of Christ, to be the light of the world and the salt of the earth.

The Lord wanted to reward this great love of this son for the Mother by giving him the gift of the spiritual presence of the Mother of the Eucharist at every Holy Mass that was celebrated.

Now let's call upon our beloved Bishop to speak:

“There is another great and wonderful truth I have sometimes talked about and that I wish she would have talked about: beside the King there is the Queen, with the Lord there is Our Lady, next to the Redeemer there must be the Co-redemptrix. God did not need Mary’s huge merits to accomplish His plan of redemption, but He loves and respects the man so much that He wanted, although not necessary, that to His infinite merits were added Mary’s immeasurable merits. He can do what he wants: "I am the Eucharist, you are the Mother of the Eucharist, I am the Redeemer, you are the Co-redemptrix”.

“Mary Co-redemptrix must be a truth that must come into the wealth of faith of the whole Church and I hope this dogma will soon start to be recognized. I hope it will be a Pope in love with the Eucharist and with the Mother of the Eucharist who will place this last gem on Our lady’s head (…) In this H. Mass this very intention will take precedence: may God enlighten the men of the Church, the true, wise and honest shepherds, so they may work to get to this definition and at that point we will then bow before the one we call Mom and thank her who, by the will of God, shared the sufferings of Christ”

(From the Homily of H.E. Mons. Claudio Gatti, 15th September 2007)