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Solemnity of Pentecost XXIII Anniversary of the Eucharistic Miracle of June 11, 2000

May 28, 2023

On this day of celebration we remember the descent of the Holy Spirit on Mary and the Apostles gathered in the Cenacle and its manifestation power. That same power was shown on June 11, 2000, day of Pentecost, when, in the hands of our Holy Bishop, God performed the greatest Eucharistic miracle in the Church history through the Holy Spirit who continues every day to make possible the transformation of the bread and wine in the body and blood of Jesus. The bleeding of the host, which took place in the hands of our Bishop Claudio, marks the beginning of the change in the Church that today we are eagerly waiting for. God has placed His seal of authenticity on the Bishop's Episcopate, attesting to the world His will and confirming His son Claudio as the Apostle of the Eucharist. Today we want to pray to God so that the Holy Spirit may enlighten us to understand more and more the importance of the Eucharist in our lives. Let us pray that every single miracle in this thaumaturgic place may convince us more and more that God is our Father who does not forsake us in spite of difficulties, but invites us to trust in His will to achieve holiness.


Jesús - My dear children, my little flock, now is a great feast and you have invoked the Holy Spirit to descend into your hearts. Have you already received huge and glaring gifts: the greatest miracles, the most beautiful in the entire history of the Church. Even today I say it again: where did these great miracles take place? In a small and poor place, for I was born in a clean stable, rendered really beautiful in my eyes by my dad and my Mom. It was not a stable, it was my kingdom. This is not just a garden, but it is a thaumaturgic place. God chose this little place here and here He donated many graces, but above He accomplished great Eucharistic miracles. Do not worry if people do not accept them, especially men who have studied, theologians and mariologists; do not worry about them. You know that every so often they steal phrases uttered by my and your Mom in the messages and those said by your Bishop; then make it a conference out of it without citing the source, but it does not matter; you remain in humility, simplicity, without fanaticism or worship of the person. Who has God has everything, who puts God in first place has everything... I, Jesus of Nazareth, the son of Joseph the carpenter, am God without a crown; the Holy Spirit is God without a crown, God the Father, the Father of all is without a crown, is the One who created heaven and earth, who created man in His own image and likeness, and despite everything, He is put aside by the big men. They say that we must obey men, not God. Oh no, my dear children! Obey God even if you have to grit your teeth and bear all the suffering. Put Trinity in the first place: God the Father, God the Holy Spirit and Me, God the Son. The Eucharist is the Trinity, the Eucharist makes the Church, my Mother is Mother of the Eucharist, your Bishop is the Bishop of the Eucharist, is the Bishop of truth and love; those who love suffer a lot: the more you love the more you suffer...


On June 11, feast of Pentecost, "the greatest Eucharistic miracle in the entire history of the Church" as it was defined by Jesus, took place in the thaumaturgic site. We call upon Bishop Claudio Gatti to speak, a qualified and privileged witness of the miraculous event. The day of June 11, 2000, feast of Pentecost, while I was celebrating Mass in the church "Mother of the Eucharist" a great Eucharistic miracle took place. I had just finished reciting the consecration rite of bread, when blood from my host began to come out. Time stopped for me. I was bent over the host I was holding in my hand and stared at the divine blood spreading over most of its surface. I remained motionless for a time that seemed endless to the people present, for they thought I was feeling sick because an impressive pallor and strong blush alternated on my face. When I collected myself again, I slowly raised the host. A strong emotion was palpable among the people present, but everything took place in a situation of deep meditation and lively participation. As I lowered my blood-stained host, I saw two other large hosts on the paten that had been saved from desecration and brought to the thaumaturgic place, as the Mother of the Eucharist told us later because "the Bishop, the seer and the community members are very fond of the Eucharist and are ready to give their lives to defend it". After reciting the rite of consecration of the wine and the raising of the chalice I took the paten containing the blood-stained host I had consecrated and the other two hosts saved from desecration and walked along the pews, so that people may see them at close range, ascertain the truthfulness of the fact and perceive the fragrance emanating from the blood-stained host and, in the future, be witnesses of the miracle that took place. When I did the "breaking of bread", the blood continued to trickle before the people's eyes. Regretfully I had to eat my blood-stained host, as it is prescribed by rules 113-116 in Chapter 4 of the instructions for the celebration of the Holy Mass written in the missal. While having the Holy Communion I tasted the sweet taste of Jesus' blood and I felt a strong scent and warmth entering inside me. With this great Eucharistic miracle God has set his seal on all the previous ones that were rejected by the big men of the Church, who demanded to know the name of the priest who had consecrated the hosts that Jesus, the Virgin Mary, the saints and angels carried in the thaumaturgic place, including the many hosts that had shed blood. As John saw the blood and water coming out from the pierced side of Jesus, so I, bishop ordained by God, seer Marisa Rossi and many people who saw blood trickling out from the host I consecrated, say together with the apostle: "He who saw it has borne witness, his testimony is true and he knows that he is telling the truth, that you also may believe"


Jesús - My dear children, I am your Jesus. Yesterday's great miracle must completely bring you to holiness. Those who blindly believed in what they saw must walk on this path which is sometimes tough, rugged and thorny. God wanted to work this great miracle. Every miracle worked by God is great, for He is the One to get involved, but this is the greatest. You cannot imagine, apart from the excitement and fear that you felt thinking that the Bishop was sick, how many people returned to faith at that time. Unfortunately, in the midst of my flock, there is always someone resembling the devil. You have enjoyed and seen with your own eyes the blood, my blood oozing from the host consecrated by your Bishop. When this host was going to be placed again on the paten, two more consecrated hosts appeared, saved from desecration and protected by my Mom. It is right that the host consecrated by the priest during the H. Mass was not preserved because the host of the consecration must be consumed. While I and my Mom were close to the Bishop and the blood continued to flow flushing again my face, the devil lashed out against your sister; he is really angry at her and is torturing her every day because, in the name of God, she takes away a lot of souls from him. Many souls are returning to God; Satan does not want this, so he is trying to prevent it by railing against the person called by God. This miracle should help you to live always in a state of grace and to believe in the Eucharistic miracles, especially in those that occurred before your eyes. One person only escaped me, she did not want to look at me, because the devil entered her, he almost rested on this person. You have to pray for her, so God may give her the strength to start all over again and return to Him. Man is happy when he is with God, even if it is with pain; but he is destroyed and suffers when he is with Satan. How many times I and my Mom have said: "Be careful, because the devil tries to intrude in a small opening and make you fall." Enjoy this great miracle, enjoy it every day. When you feel down, think back to the Eucharistic miracle that took place during the Holy Mass, after the consecration. I promised a long time ago: "One day you too will see what your sister saw". Not everyone knew about it, just a few knew this message. Even if you were not there, you will find this sentence in the book about the messages. That day has arrived and it was the day of Pentecost, the feast of the Holy Spirit who descended in your midst. Rejoice, rejoice, my dear children, rejoice, do not think about those who continue to slander and denig