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Feast of the Mother of the Eucharist and
29nd anniversary of beginning of the public apparitions

October 24, 2022

From 1971 to 1993, the apparitions of the Mother of the Eucharist took place in silence and confidentiality. In those years, the Bishop Claudio Gatti and the visionary Marisa Rossi were formed and led in the mission by Our Lady and since 1986, by God’s will, has been formed a cenacle of few people called to prayer and testimony; some of them were also allowed to participate in the apparition.

On June 20, 1993 Our Lady brought a message that caused fear and dismay: "My little children, it's time to get groups of people to you (...) God the Father wants it, after twenty-two years of silence and concealment". Even in that occasion our Bishop and Marisa completely abandoned themselves to God’s will, although they were aware of the sufferings, the criticisms and nasty they would have faced, as announced by Our Lady. "The task of my two children is very beautiful in the eyes of God as it will be for humble and simple people, but because of the proud and arrogant men it will be very tough". (Letter of God, 27th June 1993)

On October 24, 1993 the public apparitions of the Mother of the Eucharist began, an extraordinary gift willed by God for the good of souls. Our Bishop, a few months before, had informed the ecclesiastical authority, that is unique in the history of the Church, presenting a first collection of the messages of the Mother of the Eucharist. The title Mother of the Eucharist, unknown in the Church for twenty centuries, began to be known and spread only after the apparitions and revelations of Our Lady to the visionary Marisa Rossi.

Just ten years later, in May 2003, Our Lady herself announced the triumph of the Mother of the Eucharist in the Church and in the world: "Everyone knows the Mother of the Eucharist, everybody knows the Bishop ordained by God, Mons. Claudio Gatti, and the visionary Marisa Rossi. Who is silent, or those who say they do not believe, they do it only out of jealousy. (...) Your greatest joy must be this: together with the Mother of the Eucharist you are known all over the world. Jesus the Eucharist is loved more, many, many people have begun to do Eucharistic adoration, to adore my Son Jesus". (Letter of God, May 29, 2003)

By God’s will, the feast of the triumph of the Mother of the Eucharist is celebrated every year by our community on October 24, the day of beginning of the public apparitions, a date that assumes a great importance also in the history of the Church.