Eucharist Miracle Eucharist Miracles

Feast of January 10: the Triumph of the Eucharist

On January 10, 2002 the Mother of the Eucharist gave an unexpected and unforeseen announcement, which can change the course of History. During an apparition reserved to the Bishop and the Visionary she told them: "My beloved children, you have gained your victory. You, Excellency, have won for your strength and the courage of fighting against those who don't live in a state of grace. You, little Marisa, have won for your immolation lived in silence and secretly". Marisa saw in front of herself a big golden inscription reporting the following words of God: "My beloved priest, my bishop, ordained by Me, has gained victory".

For all the month of January Our Lady has spoken many times about the great victory: "The victory is splendid and embraces all the Church. You know that the ROCK of this victory is your bishop and, I want to add, also your sister who asked to suffer in silence and secretly. Best wishes to the great bishop, best wishes to you, my daughter, best wishes to all of you present here; Our Lady thanks you" (letter of God of January 13, 2002). "The Bishop fears to say that he is the rock of the Church. He is the rock because he has fought for many years, because he was always alone when he fought and defended the truth and above all the Eucharist. The victory was gained really through his courage and strength" (letter of God of January 17, 2002).

The victory took place in two stages.

The first stage consists in not having allowed the realization of the diabolic-masonic plan, carried on for decades by masonic clergymen with obstinacy and determination, which consisted in the elimination of the Eucharist and in the suppression of the eucharistic cult. For these enemies of God and of the Church the Eucharist had to be considered neither actualization and reality of Christ's sacrifice on the Cross nor real presence of the Body, Blood, Soul and Divinity of Jesus, but only a memory and an empty commemoration of an event happened many centuries ago.

The second stage of the victory consists in having generated a strong boost, a renewed attention, an ardent faith and an extraordinary love towards the Eucharist in the Church. In fact now priests, bishops and cardinals speak about the Eucharist much more and more frequently than in the past. They make clearer and more deepened catecheses, so the believers have begun to understand the centrality, the importance and the need of the Eucharist in the life of the individual, of the family, of the religious community, of the particular Churches and of the Universal Church.

The participation of the believers in the Holy Mass is more and more conscious and convicted not only on the feasts of obligation, but also on week-days. The eucharistic adoration has been intensified with success and more and more numerous young people gather around the Eucharist.

The night eucharistic vigils have been restored too. Eucharistic congresses have multiplied, eucharistic processions are more and more frequent and debates, round tables, seminars about the Eucharist are more and more attended.

Finally, the most intensely eucharistic period in the History of the Church has begun. Let us pray God so that the new shepherds of the new Church share, continue and intensify the action sprung out of the Bishop and of the Visionary's hearts.